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How Hiring Logistics make compliance simple


Temporary workers are entitled to all the same protections of their safety and well-being as any other employee. Staffing professionals have a responsibility to ensure these individuals are working in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Staffing software offers a way to streamline these processes, making them a simple and intuitive part of the routine. Why compliance matters. "Agencies

How To: Search the New LinkedIn Search Interface (Properly) Using Field Commands

Social Talent

So you’ve now received the new user interface and it’s new search bar. You’re annoyed that you no longer have an Advanced Search feature and individual search fields, where you could search for candidates by job title, zip-code, radius and company. New Additions to Search. For example: title: sales. company: “social talent” school: harvard.

Why Every Hiring Manager Needs an ATS

ClearCompany Recruiting

In the recruiting world there has long been a division among HR professionals: they either praise the time-saving properties of an ATS or they believe an ATS doesn’t catch all suitable applicants. Applicant tracking systems have come a long way in recent years and new technology allows products and tools to be more competitive.

What HR Managers Need to Know About Hiring Millennials


What HR Managers Need to Know About Hiring Millennials. Contributed by Sophia Beirne. Millennials seem to have a bad reputation when it comes to working in an office environment. As with most stereotypical representations, this is undeserved. Millennials are the people who will carry your company into the future with their innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. All you need to do is give them the tools to succeed. As an HR professional, there are a few things you should understand about millennials that will allow you to utilize their talents to the fullest possible extent. Let them.

Employer Branding Ebook

With tips and real examples from companies that have mastered their employer brand, this Ebook is a must-have for talent execs. As a bonus, we’ve added a free audit at the end to help you score your employer branding activities. Download the Ebook now.

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31 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring Nice People

Recruiting Blogs

Hiring people with the right technical skills? That’s becoming routine, if never easy. But hiring people who are going to do right by my clients and employees? That’s even tougher. A great question will force the candidate to think, get them out of their comfort zone and can reveal things that aren’t on their resume. Afraid to conduct multiple interviews? Ask follow up questions. Describe. How so?

Which Comes First: Employment Brand or Candidate Experience?


Is a strong employment brand important? Yes, it can be. Is candidate experience important? Yes, it can be. Branding Candidate Experience Featured

It’s Not the Recruiter, It’s the Role

ERE SourceCon

A recruiter’s job is tough. With the power in the job seekers hands, a recruiter has to dig deeper and think of innovative ways to fill a role with the perfect candidate.

A Basic Recruiting Compliance Checklist

ClearCompany Recruiting

Federal and state laws require employers to maintain a number of specific records relating to the company’s hiring and employment practices. Failing to collect and retain the necessary records can result in fines, exclusion from government contracts and other sanctions. Recruiting & Sourcing

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing an applicant tracking system should be exciting, not confusing. We've developed a quick guide to everything you should look for while going through your selection process, to free you from the stress often associated with choosing a new ATS.

7 Eye-Opening Statistics About Women and Minorities in Tech

Recruiting Blogs

It’s not a secret that the technology sector has massive gender gaps between men and women, even though women make up the vast majority of the working force, the gap is nowhere near closing. It doesn’t appear to be an education issue either, as women hold more Bachelors and Graduate degrees than men. You can look at the stats below to decide for yourself where the problem lies. of the jobs.

How Ping Pong (and 4 Other Tactics) Can Predict Job Performance Better Than a Traditional Interview

Linkedin Talent Blog

Richard Branson doesn’t shy away from disrupting the status quo. And recently, he admitted that he has tried to shake up interviewing as well. After all, why stick to the same old interview format - one that makes it easy for candidates to present an unrealistically polished picture of themselves. Why not figure out a way to really see candidates’ true personalities? The goal? Interview Questions

The Secret Sauce of Candidate Engagement

ERE SourceCon

Candidate engagement is one of the most difficult things to master. Recruiters and sourcers have different takes on what makes a good candidate engagement program and several different best practices have worked. While candidate engagement isn’t a one size fits all, being privy to various types of best practices only helps the profession as a whole.

Between The Lines: What Facebook Jobs Really Means for Real Recruiters.

Recruiting Daily

If you’re in recruiting, I’m sure that by now you’re probably aware of the fact that as of last week, Facebook officially announced that they would be rolling out the ability for employers to post jobs on their Company Pages. While this feature has been in beta for some months now, last week’s long awaited […].

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

10 Job Advertisements That Ooze Creativity & Wit

Social Talent

When you set out about writing a job advert, you have to look at it from the reader’s perspective. The more it engages the reader, the more applicants you’ll have flying in through the door. There are too many job advertisements out there that are filled with jargon and repetition, leaving the applicants shouting “NEXT!” ” Alas, all hope is nt lost! Source: AdShots. #6

How to Beat Weak Hiring Managers When You Interview

Fistful of Talent

If you’re like me, you’ve routinely got friends, family and colleagues asking you for career advice. When it comes to the topic of interviewing, I’m on record as saying that you should let the person interviewing you for a job talk as much as they want. The more you let the interviewer talk – even encourage her to talk (that’s the key) – the more you win.

How Slack will change recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

It’s going to happen faster than you think. In fact, it’s already happening. Most of the innovative HR and recruiting tech companies have Slack apps. If they don’t, they’re most likely designing and building them right now. Including my team at Drafted. But most of these Slack apps are being designed as a small “value add” to the existing service these tech companies provide. This one is easy.

11 HR Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Glassdoor for Employers

If you are part of the Human Resources (HR) world, looking to grow your network, and stay up to date on industry. Industry Trends HR Human Resources professionals Recruiting Twitter

Social Recruiting Survey Reveals How Recruiters Are Changing Strategies to Overcome Hiring Challenges

In a highly competitive job market, information is power. Check out our 2016 Recruiter Nation Survey to learn all kinds of hiring trend data.

It’s Tech And Tools In This Week’s Recruitment News

Social Talent

Every Monday we bring you the latest trending news in the recruitment industry. This week, we focus on the how Ph.Attraction’s new innovative tool, Feebee, can help enhance your company’s brand. Also, we take a look at Deloitte’s extreme recruitment tactics, as well as how chatbots can increase productivity within the workplace. Attraction Launch Feebee. The team over at Ph.

Tools 37

Recruiters & Sourcers Need to Stop All This NOW For 2017

ERE SourceCon

As a long time part of the recruiting and sourcing community, there have been a lot of things that I have seen come and go, tools, products, promises, lies, stories, and people just to name a few. The one thing that has been constant (please know I am looking directly in the mirror on this one) is that we whine and complain when something is not working just so.

Tools 35

Recruiting, Employing and Retaining Skilled Laborers


Hundreds of construction companies from around the United States are taking advantage of the BirdDogHR Talent Management System to find qualified candidates and develop their skills. In this competitive industry, here are some great strategies to recruit and keep your talent: Keep things simple. In the construction industry, safety and deadlines are important. Provide opportunities for growth.

8 Things to Consider Before You Start Scheduling Interviews

Spark Hire

There are a seemingly endless amount of factors that come into play when conducting a job interview. Was the candidate being truthful when they described themselves on their resume? Was the job description accurate and thorough enough to attract the right batch of candidates? Are those in charge of hiring actually clear on what they’re looking for as they expand their team? Think again.

5 Recruiting Key Performance Indicators

How many phone screens are required for each new hire? How quickly do candidates move through your hiring process? What recruiting data is meaningful to your company's senior leadership?

How to Start a Successful Recruitment Agency Blog

FireFish Software

You've heard all about blogging. You know it's important. And you want to join in. where do you begin? With so much information available online, and everyone telling you to do different things, it's not easy to know what to do, or even how to get started. Marketing Online Reach

eBook 33

Why Companies Are Searching For Employees With Grit

Social Talent

If a company is to be successful long-term, it needs to fill its ranks with the best candidates on offer. The right hiring decisions need to be made and HR executives must keep an eye out for employees demonstrating qualities that are reflective of strong organisational values and work ethic. Consider the time and money at stake. This characteristic is known in HR circles as ‘grit’.

What Are Job Aggregators and Why Are They Important?


Job aggregators are perhaps the most valuable tool a job seeker has at their disposal today. That said, when something is that important to job seekers, employers, staffing agencies and job boards need to take notice. So, what exactly are job aggregators? It’s really quite simple. Job aggregators are to jobs, what Google is to information. They’re a one-stop-shop for job seekers.

5 Ways to Use Emojis in Recruitment

Undercover Recruiter

Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to send a text, instant message or email without using an emoji ever since they exploded in to our digital worlds in the late 90s. The man behind them is Shigetaka Kurita, who as an employee of NTT DoCoMo back in the day, sought to revolutionize Japan’s means of communication. And the. View Article. 5 Ways to Use Emojis in Recruitment.

Get the Definitive Guide to Recruiter & Hiring Manager Partnerships

We've teamed up with Glassdoor to bring you the 10 steps you need to take to build an effective partnership with hiring managers.

Why Should Companies Prioritize Diversity? Glassdoor Asks Leaders at Pinterest, IBM and Gi…

Glassdoor for Employers

There’s no shortage of coverage on the topic of diversity and inclusion. And it goes way beyond complying with laws or “doing. Employee Engagement Featured Company Diversity github IBM pinterest

Global Placement Activity Strong for NPAworldwide

NPA Worldwide

From time to time, prospective members ask what industries or occupations are hot in our network. Below is a summary of 2016 global placement activity for NPAworldwide members: Total placements increased by 23% in 2016 compared to 2015. 2016 was our first full year of integration. Manufacturing/supply chain placements increased by 43%, from 63 deals in 2015 to 90 in 2016. Global Recruiting

Candidate Experience: The 10 Commandments


With employment at a record high and a growing skills shortage across many sectors, providing a positive candidate experience is more important than ever. As competition for talent increases, jobseekers can be more selective about the roles they apply for and the companies they choose to work for. But what makes a positive candidate experience and how can you improve yours? Great!

Candidate Experience ROI


Improving candidate experience ROI can be an effective way to increase hiring efficiency and get more of the right candidates. It's just a good idea all around. But dedicating time and resources to candidate satisfaction requires a dollars and cents return on investment (ROI). candidate experience

The Biggest Trends in Recruitment and Retention: PI Worldwide Survey Results

Learn about recruitment and retention from respondents in business support and logistics, education, finance and financial services, and healthcare and manufacturing.