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15 Funny Interview Questions

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So you’ve got a candidate sitting in front of you for an interview. Large companies like Google are renowned for their out-of-the-box interview questions. We have gathered 15 funny interview questions that help you get to know the person behind the CV so you’re in for no nasty shocks when you hire someone: 1. What would your autobiography be called?

Top 10 Job Interview Questions (with Answers)

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The saying goes: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, and one of the important aspects of doing well in a job interview is proper preparation. For the most part, many job interviews will be composed of the same common questions, with a few unique extras thrown in depending on the employer.

How Video Interviewing Helps Your Recruiting Process


At HarQen, our schedules are filled to the brim with discussions, strategizing, planning and implementation of optimized Interview Processes for our clients around the world; all with the common denominator of a Need for Speed, Quality and Candidate Experience. The market gives ‘it’ many names: Online Interview Digital Interview On-Demand Interview Virtual Interview Automated [.].

7 Things Interviewers Must NOT Say During an Interview

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Are you currently interviewing candidates for the first time? Maybe you’re worried about how to phrase a particular question without overstepping the mark or perhaps you simply want to make sure that your company’s interview questions aren’t too imposing? Whether you are interviewing for the first time or would like a point of reference – View Article.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

members carrying out interviews, ATS users run the gamut. candidates and the internal staff that interviews them. applicant tracking software will include the following features: • Tools for requesting and approving jobs and job offers • Interview scheduling that integrates with your company’s email system. managers allowing for easy collection of interview notes and feedback.

What’s in a Question? A Second Look at Interviewing


Boost your interview skills by giving a second thought to what you are asking. Interviewing is the bottom line method across industry for vetting potential hires. Whether via phone, video, or in person, there is usually an interview involved at some point in all hiring processes. Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the modern job interview. Where is platinum found?

5 Steps to Second Interview Success

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This is your second time in with the same company and an interview is an interview, isn’t it? Historically, you’d have had an interview and then fairly promptly afterwards either received an offer or a “You were great, but …” note. 5 Steps to Second Interview Success. Interview Tips candidate hiring managers Interview preparation prepare Second Interview

7 Interview Mistakes Every Employer Makes

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Another noteworthy finding from the Brandon Hall study is that 69% of the companies surveyed identified the interview process as having the greatest impact on the quality of the hire. This means employers need to optimise their interview process so that they can not only improve productivity and performance but save costs as well. Unstructured Interviews. Standard Questions.

Let’s Not Go There: Interview Topics to Avoid


Let’s Not Go There: Interview Topics to Avoid. Whether you are an experienced or brand new hiring manager, it is important to understand the interview topics and questions to avoid asking job candidates. However, when interviewing a job applicant, asking inappropriate questions could spell legal trouble for an employer or a recruiter. While it might seem easy to avoid these interview topics in an everyday interview situation—it is not. Trouble interview topics—know what to avoid . Recruiting Software Blog ATS brightmove interview interview topics

Employer Branding Ebook

TO WORK, ASK YOUR EMPLOYEES QUESTIONS LIKE: Whether it’s at the monthly staff meeting, in one-on-one interviews, focus. Journey 1 2 3 27 When we schedule an interview at The Muse, we share links to our articles. featuring interview tips that they can read to prepare beforehand. During the interview, give candidates a tour and point out things. interview committee?

How to Ace a Skype Interview

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The interview process isn’t always the traditional face-to-face method anymore. How to Ace a Skype Interview. Uncategorised Interview Tips phone interview skype interviewThe world is more connected today than it’s ever been. Thanks to travel and technology, you can patch into almost anyone, anywhere at any time. What does this mean? View Article.

Are You Making the Most of Video Interviews?


Using video interviews helps you meet more applicants and reduce the cost of your recruiting cycle. Video interviewing has come a long way. While poor quality technical support remains a bane of online interviews, the benefits of video capabilities outshine the problems. Video interview: The advantages of video interview are similar to video response.

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We The Best: 3 Job Interview Questions Every Recruiter Should Ask.

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The things you can do when answering job interview questions to stand out and get hired. Blog Posts News Technology Trends candidate experience Hiring Manager HR Interview Tips job interview questions Job Seeker matt charney Recruiting Recruiting Advice Tips

How to: Impress in an Interview with 10 Easy Tips

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Interview etiquette is extremely important. The post How to: Impress in an Interview with 10 Easy Tips appeared first on Social Talent. Infographic Job Seekers Interview Preparation interview questions interview techniques interview tips job interviews Here’s 10 easy tips to help you “WOW”!: Source:

How to Interview a Rock Star Recruiter

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Here at, we have over the years developed and refined a successful and repeatable process for screening and interviewing corporate-side, contract recruiters that has served us well. We use the following behavioral style interview questions to assess what we feel are the important take-ways from the Leadership IQ survey: Coachability. Step 1: BOOLEAN SYNTAX.

The One Question You MUST Ask Candidates in Every Interview

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Because any recruiter from Dublin to Darwin will be able to tell you that recruitment is what can only be explained as ‘predictably unpredictable’ Sometimes the candidate that you figured was a shoo-in for the job completely blows it at the on-site interview stage. Do you ask candidates this question in your interviews? ’ at the end of an interview.

How to: Answer the Top 35 Job Interview Questions (Infographic)

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Got an important job interview coming up or know someone who has? This infographic highlights the 35 most frequently asked job interview questions and details how best to go about answering them. The post How to: Answer the Top 35 Job Interview Questions (Infographic) appeared first on Social Talent. Bookmark material if ever we saw it! Source:

Oh the Horror! Scary (and Amusing) Interview Stories


Most people would agree that job interviews can be nerve-racking, stressful & downright frightful. In honor of Halloween, the spookiest night of the year, we have compiled a list of cringe (and laughter) inducing stories of interviews gone wrong. Shake It Off : I was flown to Florida for a 2-day job interview. Then the interviewer told me that the professor was his wife.

Job Interview 101: How to Avoid Mistakes

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It can be a long process, but there’s no better feeling than landing a job interview. Job Interview 101: How to Avoid Mistakes. Interview Tips interview mistakes Job Interview mistakesJob hunting can be hard. The endless emails, the countless rejections and the insane amounts of cover letters saved in your documents. Resume Writing Lab have. View Article.

How to: Keep Calm and Beat Job Interview Nerves (Infographic)

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It doesn’t matter how many job interviews you undertake, every interview is still a nerve-wrecking experience. Heck, we’re recruiters and HR professionals, and we still get a little nervous when faced with the prospect of interviewing someone! Top Takeaways: A massive 96% of job seekers find it hard to relax the night before an interview.

10 Tricky Interviewers to Watch Out For

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No matter how much preparation you do for your job interview, there’s no guarantee you won’t get an absolute shock in the form of an interviewer with a totally uncomfortable style about them. 10 Tricky Interviewers to Watch Out For. Interview Tips candidates Interviewers InterviewsSound negative? No, it’s called being realistic.

How to: Interview Remote Workers (Infographic)

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Recruiter) will need to (if you’re not already) start interviewing candidates who will be spending the majority, if not all, of their working week at home. It includes everything you need to conduct a successful interview with a remote work candidate including: The qualities you should be looking for in a remore worker. The interview strategies you can use. Enjoy!

Interview Prep 101: Back to Basics

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Your CV has received great feedback, you’ve passed the telephone screening and finally been invited to interview. Job interviews can be stressful and nerve-racking but good preparation will make the process much easier. Interview Prep 101: Back to Basics. Interview Tips Infographics Standout CVView Article. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

3 Interview Questions You Should Ask That Will Predict Job Performance

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Ahhh the interview! And we get it – the interview is a critical stage in the recruitment process so it makes sense for writers to generate floods of content on this topic. It’s time to take a look at the interview questions you ask and determine if these are actually telling you something about your candidate. You are looking for an answer that goes way beyond this.

Interviewing Shy Candidates (and How Video Interviewing Can Help)

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While some people have no problem walking into an interview and answering questions rapid-fire style, others find this totally daunting. Some managers don’t realize this, and unknowingly put shy candidates into a high-stress situation when they bring them in for a job interview. Many hiring managers are now utilizing video interviewing technology.

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8 Essential Items to Take to Your Interview

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By now we all know that preparation is key if you want to succeed at interview stage. When it comes to interview day, you will have most likely researched the company extensively and studied the job description thoroughly – but there’s still a little more preparation to be done in order to boost your chances of. 8 Essential Items to Take to Your Interview. View Article.

Recruiters Reveal The Most Ridiculous Job Interview Answers Ever.

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If you’ve ever spent any time as a recruiter, you know that there’s nothing more painful than having to sit through a terrible job interview. That is, unless you’re the one being interviewed. Let’s just say that even in the best of times, interviews are never exactly a walk in the park. More often, it’s […].

Raising the Bar – The Unconventional Interview Method That Really Works

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We’re going to look at an interview method that Amazon has been using for years called ‘Raising the Bar’ which optimises the chance of hiring long-term employees. The whole idea behind it is that ‘bar raisers’ get involved in the interview process is to make sure that every new hire is as good as (if not better than) the one before. Tell Me More.

What Questions Should You ACTUALLY Ask Your Interviewer?

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If you’ve bagged yourself an interview – congrats! You should ensure you’re prepared for all the questions they may ask you in the interview, but there’s one more part of an interview that you need to make sure that you’re ready for; the end of the interview when the interviewer/hiring manager asks you if you have. View Article.

How to Successfully Close Your Interview

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How many times have you left an interview wondering where you stand with the hiring manager or what the next steps were? How to Successfully Close Your Interview. Interview Tips Job Search FGS Recruitment job searchThis post is sponsored by FGS Recruitment, a boutique recruitment agency within Digital Media, Learning & Development and Business Information. View Article.

9 Interview Experiences to Make You LOL

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Prepping your candidate to help them nail the interview for THAT dream job is hard enough – especially if confidence isn’t their strong point. 9 Interview Experiences to Make You LOL. Interview Tips candidates Interview nerves RecruitersYou’ve told them to do all the prep beforehand to make sure they’re as ready as they’ll ever be.

10 Interview Questions You Should NEVER Ask a Candidate

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As a recruiter, you could unknowingly be exercising bias through the types of questions that you are asking in interviews. Now, you may read over the interview questions that we’ve listed below and think to yourself ”Thanks for that, Captain Obvious”, but the cold hard facts surrounding these questions will actually shock you. ’ is completely off-limits. WRONG!

8 Things to Consider Before You Start Scheduling Interviews

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There are a seemingly endless amount of factors that come into play when conducting a job interview. Beyond these basic components, there are a number of other factors that can impact the success of an interview. While it may seem like a small detail, the time of day during which you choose to conduct interviews can have a significant impact on how the conversation plays out.

How to Use Behavioral Interview Questions in a Technical Interview


During a job interview, digging into a candidate’s technical depth is just as important as determining cultural fit. Interviewing Tech Searches Featured

This is How You REALLY Sound When You’re Interviewing Someone

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Be careful when interviewing candidates for a job. They gathered some of New York’s finest comedians ( Dan Hodapp , David Ross & Becky Yamamoto ) to show what you might say versus what your candidates really hear when they’re being interviewed! The post This is How You REALLY Sound When You’re Interviewing Someone appeared first on Social Talent. Funny Video add video to your linkedin profile friday funny funny funny job interview stories funny recruitment videos job interview job interview jokes job interviews

Interview Topics: Rethinking Salary Questions


Interview Topics: Rethinking Salary Questions. These legal components make the recruiting and interviewing cycle more complex. During interviews, do not inquire about current pay or salary history. The post Interview Topics: Rethinking Salary Questions appeared first on BrightMove. Recruiting Software Blog brightmove interview questions salaryHow much are you paid? Employers and HR in Massachusetts can no longer ask applicants this question—and the trend may gain national momentum. Salary questions banned before hire.

How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions


So you’ve made it past the resume bots and screening stages to land an in-person interview. To help you nail your interview, we’ve put together a short list of the most common interview questions and how to answer them so you’re prepared for the big day. In this situation, the interviewer wants to make sure you’ve given the opportunity some thought. Let us know!

5 Words to Ruin a Job Interview

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The post 5 Words to Ruin a Job Interview appeared first on Social Talent. Funny Job Seekers Tips Twitter awkward job interview job interview job interview tips job seeker advice job seeker tips It’s become one of the runaway hashtag success stories of the past couple of months (even some celebrities have had a crack at it!) Dean carter (@deancarte) March 22, 2015.

Top 4 Secrets for Acing Your Next Interview

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In the third episode of our graduate podcast series, we reveal the secrets of job interview success. The interview is the final hurdle in landing that all important job. The problem is, when it’s your first job interview, it can be hard to know what to expect. Top 4 Secrets for Acing Your Next Interview. Interview Tips body language Interview secrets

Five Tips for Getting the Most from Your Phone Interviews


Five Tips for Getting the Most from Your Phone Interviews. Phone interviews save time and can quickly help you develop your short list of top candidates. Lining up phone interviews with promising candidates helps you and your applicants. Relatively easy to schedule and conduct, telephone interviews give both parties a chance to ask preliminary questions to determine fit, qualifications, and the advisability of pursuing the job or the candidate. Phone interviewing further refines your list. Our ATS parses and provides a pool of potential hires.