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Best Practices in Social Recruiting


Using Social Recruiting to Build Your Candidate Pipeline. For those of you recruiting passive candidates regularly, this may seem like a no brainer, but social media can be a recruiter or HR manager’s best friend. New to social media? Let’s talk about the major recruiting social media outlets and how you can use them to your advantage.

Social Recruiting – The Value of Facebook In Talent Acquisition


Facebook is still the largest social media platform with almost three times as many users as other platforms including LinkedIn , Instagram and Pinterest. LinkedIn has become the go-to tool for social recruiting, specifically social talent acquisition. How can you not embrace Facebook for recruitment when 84% of all social media users ONLY use Facebook?! Real-time focus group: If you’re not using social to listen to your candidates, competitors and current employees, you’re missing out on valuable, free research. We want to engage with it.

Top 5 Social Recruiting Tools

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Last week we showed our readers how to build a successful recruiting strategy , but with any good strategy you need the perfect set of tools in order to hit deliverables and obtain results. Social recruiting could be - and sometimes is - a job in and of itself because of its constant evolution. Recruiters understand the importance of leveraging social media but they’re also busy. With the advancements in social media and recruiting, figuring out how and where they intersect can be complex. It’s also a great social listening tool.

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Social Recruiting Strategy Guide


What is social recruiting and why is it important

Social Recruiting Survey Reveals How Recruiters Are Changing Strategies to Overcome Hiring Challenges

Check out our 2016 Recruiter Nation Survey to learn all kinds of hiring trend data In a highly competitive job market, information is power.

The Deadly Sins of Social Recruiting.

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There’s been quite a bit of hype about social media. Social media is self perpetuating; networks are echo chambers that magnify their own importance. This is why no matter how successful you feel social media has been for your recruitment efforts, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself a few critical questions. Pride. Always build to last. Sloth.

How to Use Facebook for Social Recruiting Messaging

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When it comes to sourcing and recruiting, you should not ignore the potential of Facebook given that it has 1.38B monthly active users and 890M daily active users. Also, you should know that according to Jobvite’s 2014 Job Seeker Nation Report , 76% of social job seekers found their current position through Facebook. Messaging Potential Candidates on Facebook. Gmail).

Why Social Recruiting Is Everyone’s Job.

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If you’re like most employers, you’ve probably already set up some sort of social media presence dedicated to careers and hiring. A recent study showed fully 94% of recruiters reported using at least one social network for sourcing or talent attraction in 2015, evidence that this emerging technology has already moved from the recruitment margins to the mainstream.

7 Social Recruitment Myths and Why They’re Not Actually True

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Social recruitment first emerged around a decade ago and has been gaining quickly importance ever since. It is the intersection between social media and recruitment – allowing companies to utilize data, which potential employees share online. Moreover, companies often create their own social media profiles which are focused on recruitment.

Social recruiting is more crucial than ever


Workplaces increasingly rely on social platforms for candidate sourcing. Job boards work as a way to bring in new talent into the pipeline, but posting jobs to social networks is an important alternative and may open up a wider talent pool. LinkedIn's 2015 Global Recruiting Trends report also noted the rise of social sourcing. Post directly to social.

Social Recruiting: You’re Doing It Wrong.

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Here’s the thing about being a recruiter. That’s why when I tell a story, I always feel like I have to point out that it’s true – as a recruiter, some things are just too weird to put out there without putting out a disclaimer. But I’m not going to lie to you – even though, I am a recruiter, as we’ve established. The world makes me sad.

Social Recruiting: Start Somewhere!

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Recruiters are pretty social beings by nature. Good thing that, because being social is a big part of the job. Recruiters connect people with opportunities and to do this, they rely on their solid network which they build and fine-tune. Social Recruiting: Start Somewhere! Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. View Article.

How To Boost Your Social Recruiting With Videos


How To Boost Your Social Recruiting With Videos. Today’s job recruiters are well aware that social media is a candidate gold mine. But job recruiters also know that converting qualified social media users into actual applicants requires a bit of wooing. Partly this is because different social media platforms will call for different lengths. Another reason to always consider the length of a video is because your audience may not watch the entire thing if it goes beyond their social media attention span. Tell a story. Add subtitles.

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6 Social Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid


We outline the most common social recruiting mistakes that plague today’s employers and how to correct them

The Big Cost of Social Recruiting Inaction

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If you’ve been avoiding the use of social media in your recruiting, the potential impact on your hunt for top tech candidates is simple to explain: By limiting your exposure to the most talented technical talent, you’re hampering your chance to provide hiring managers with a high-quality set of candidates to consider. based recruiter WinterWyman. “I’m

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New Year, New Goals – Is Social Recruiting on Your List?

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What I find so interesting about it is the challenge of creating strategies and processes that capture the personal, social nature of the company and how they need to recruit. It’s easy for us as recruiters to think about macro measurements like headcount and req loads, but I like to make it more personal. The post New Year, New Goals – Is Social Recruiting on Your List?

30 Indispensable Social Recruiting Tools (Infographic)

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Looking to add a little “ oomfph ” to your social recruiting efforts? Then check out 30 of the best social recruiting tools including CRM tools, Search tools, Social Media solutions, Interview tools and Mobile Recruiting tools. The post 30 Indispensable Social Recruiting Tools (Infographic) appeared first on Social Talent.

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What Has Become of Social Recruiting?

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His exasperation with social media is something surfacing more and more in our own recruitment circles too. In-house recruiter Rachel Kemp has admitted to tuning out of LinkedIn , while HR dude Richard Westney has questioned the impact and cut-through of blogging now social media is seemingly reaching saturation point. The post What Has Become of Social Recruiting?

Are You a Social Recruiting Guru? Take This Quiz.

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The post Are You a Social Recruiting Guru? Employer Resources Industry Insights Hiring Hiring Manager Recruiting social recruitingTake This Quiz. appeared first on Dice Insights.

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Social Recruiting: How to Find an Expert

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Social Recruiting: How to Find an Expert. Social recruiting is here to stay. HR professionals who have embraced Employment Branding principles and some claim “expert status” in social media strategy. Have them describe the audience makeup on each social platform and how they have approached each audience in the past. Mira Greenland, VP of Sales, CareerArc.

Social Recruiting Round-Up: September 2015

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Hello and welcome to the September edition of our Social Recruiting Round-Up – a selection of the best, most shared blogs, infographics, webinars and recruitment news stories from the Social Talent blog in the last month. It’s not to be missed, so enjoy it, share it and have a very Happy Thursday recruiters! 32 Weirdest Objects Sent To Recruiters Ever!

Supercharge your LinkedIn efforts for better social recruiting


LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms to harness for social recruiting. It's clear that LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters seeking to fill open positions. However, a lot of recruiters still don't make the most of this site. Here are some tips to empower your LinkedIn recruiting and find better talent: Improve your profile. Get personal.

Social Recruiting 101: Utilizing LinkedIn to Find Passive Job Candidates


someone who has a job, but would be open to new opportunities) are in high demand in the recruiting world. The answer is simple : social media. Build your network from the ground up and prove that you’re someone worth knowing in this social space. And for more information on how to find the best candidates, check out Hyrell’s Online Recruiting Guide. The result?

Beautiful Struggle: Why Social Recruiting Shouldn’t Be Easy.

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Social Recruiting Just To Get By. Or even worse, just adding #Jobs to the end of a tweet and hoping some qualified candidate happens to see it aren’t going to help you with anything other than looking like you still don’t get how any of this social stuff works. There’s an inverse relationship between how easy something is to do on social and how useful it is to do.

Social Recruiting Round-Up: October 2015

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Welcome to the October edition of our Social Recruiting Round-Up – a selection of the best, most shared blogs, infographics, webinars and recruitment news stories from the Social Talent blog in the last month. So, enjoy it, share it and have a very Happy Friday recruiters, we’ll see you next week! The Most Hated Words Among Recruiters.

How To Build a Social Recruiting Strategy

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A fly by the seat of your pants approach might work for some things, but social recruiting isn’t one of them. In fact, successful social recruiting requires the complete opposite. And the foundation for it is a strategy that answers the questions of how, when, where and in what way you’ll reach potential candidates through social. Not only does it push your team to think through the practical tasks required for social recruiting, but it also provides a space for considering what image and message you’ll present to the world, and what success looks like.

Can Social Recruiting Work for Your Office Space? (Infographic)

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A full 94% of professional recruiters use social media to attract talent, and 59% of employees say a company’s social media presence was part of the reason they chose their workplace. Clearly, there are plenty of good things about social recruiting. For a full guide on how to get started with Periscope for recruitment click here. Source:

Why Candidate Personas are Essential to Social Recruiting


Andy Headworth is one of 37 contributors to SmashFly’s 2016 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook. In this guest blog post, he expands on his recruitment marketing best practice for 2016: leveraging social profiles to better target communication to candidate leads. Whoever thinks that recruiters have it easy with. Continue Reading → The post Why Candidate Personas are Essential to Social Recruiting appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Read more from Andy on his award-winning blog, Sirona Says.

The Recruiting Reel Episode 9: Top Qualities of Social Recruiters

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In this episode of The Recruiting Reel, special guest, Katrina Collier of Winning Impression offers her top 3 qualities of a great social recruiter! And this is The Recruiting Reel, a video series where we discuss real recruiting challenges with prominent recruiting experts to provide you with actionable tips you can apply to your own recruiting.

7 FREE Twitter Products for Serious Social Recruiters

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Twitter is now the second most popular social network among recruiters and sourcers the world over. However, when asked what they thought of recruiters/employers efforts on the popular micro-blogging site, job seekers were less than impressed! Twitter Analytics is one of the most comprehensive free analytics products associated with a social network on the market.

6 Metrics for Measuring Social Recruiting Wins

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Although measuring rising followers and engagement scores is a first step when getting into social recruiting, a recent survey by Gallup found that these soft metrics can prove misleading. As your social recruiting programs mature, it’s important to dig a little deeper to see how your efforts are impacting your business goals. Applications Submitted via Social Networks.

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10 Social Recruiting Ideas to Try on LinkedIn


Welcome to the first in a three part series on using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for Social Recruiting. According to Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation Study , 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. Are you utilizing LinkedIn to its full recruiting potential? Why should they make contact with you rather than any other recruiter in your market?

Why You Should Stop Wasting Your Time With Social Recruiting

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There’s nothing new – or even remotely interesting – about the concept of social recruiting, yet for some reason that doesn’t seem to stop this industry from discussing and dissecting this passe, seemingly passing fad incessantly. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve been talking about social recruiting since 2007 – if not even earlier.

5 Essential Tools To Boost Your Social Recruiting Effectiveness


In our series on social recruiting effectiveness , we’ve talked a lot about ways you can attract and engage candidates with social media. We’ve looked at specific approaches you can use on the various social sites. But we haven’t yet tackled what can often be the biggest challenge recruiters face when trying to leverage social media. You guessed it. Sydney.

5 Signs You’re Doing Social Recruiting Wrong


There’s something fascinating about talking to recruiters regarding their experiences with social recruiting. If you conduct dozens of social media consultations each month, you tend to start encountering a lot of the same shortcomings and challenges. They will put themselves forward for roles being handled by companies and recruiters they like and trust.

The Short Half-Life of Your Social Recruiting Posts

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Much like groceries in a supermarket, social media posts have shelf lives that expire. Now, make no mistake; despite this natural expiration date, crafting great social media posts is still vital to a successful social recruiting strategy, particularly for recruiters looking to attract a high quality candidates. How to Extend the Life Span of Your Social Posts.

How To Create Content for Social Recruiting Purposes

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As Recruiting and HR professionals, our main objective is to find qualified, valuable job candidates to fill the hiring funnel. Content ideas for social recruiting. There are three main types of content that can really help bolster your recruiting efforts – company, team and thought leadership. At Sprout Social , we’ve been recognized with awards for our growth, culture and product and my team discusses them with nearly every candidate during the recruiting process. Promoting your recruiting content. Company news. Awards. Guest blogging.

A Fantastic Social Recruiting Case Study


I''ve been following Maersk Drilling''s excellent Facebook recruitment work ever since I met their Head of Communication, Marketing and Branding Fredrik Tukk when we were both speakers at the Onrec Conference in Denmark last year. They have recently made a video case study about their social recruiting work, it is a must watch for anyone involved in talent attraction

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The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

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At the start of June we decided to dedicate most of the month’s blog content to helping you guys make the most of all of the excellent recruitment/HR conferences that were taking place around the world in June (and the months to come). It’s not to be missed so enjoy it, share it and have a very happy Friday recruiters! The 6 Deadliest Networking Mistakes a Recruiter Can Make.

7 Ways To Attract Star Hires Using Social Recruiting Best Practices


Has your business fully embraced social recruiting? Here are 7 ways recruiting teams are adapting to the social world to attract talent and win candidates over. Boost your recruiting brand + attract hires using social media. There are two powerful reasons you ought to have a strong recruiting or employer brand presence on social media.