Why Social Media Is Important When Recruiting


Written by Alex Roland The current unemployment rate has almost all recruiters concerned. When there are more jobs than there are available workers it means you must begin to differentiate your recruiting tactics. This can READ MORE ».

Why Video Job Ads Can Combat The Global Talent Shortage


The talent shortage that we are currently facing has been difficult for companies across the globe. Unfortunately for many industries, this talent shortage has no real end in sight. A recent study indicates that by READ MORE ».

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Employer Branding on a Budget


With the current talent shortage that we are facing, employer branding is becoming more and more important to companies, every day. This means that your brand, as an employer, is just as important as your READ MORE ».

Winning the War on Talent with Perks, Benefits, and Video Job Ads


Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern The current war for talent has been difficult for many HR professionals to fight. With so few potential job candidates, how do you attract people to your company when READ MORE ».

Live Webinar: Train Like a Boss – Close the Skills Gap and Boost Employee Retention

Recruiting quality employees is no easy task. With unemployment at an all-time low, it's now more crucial than ever to engage and retain the employees you've hired. A demonstrated investment in employee development can set you apart and help attract more quality candidates. According to a recent report from Linkedin, over a fourth of HR professionals expect to be increasing their budgets in learning and development. Join us on 8/30 for a live webinar with Greg Goold, Director of Learning and Development at Paycor.

Leveraging Video Job Ads in Your Email Recruiting Campaigns


Video is one advertising platform that is quicker and more effective at getting a message across than any other. Email marketing has become commonplace among marketers and as the influence of online video grew, so READ MORE ».

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Will Make or Break How You Attract Top Talent


The Importance of Your EVP to Prospective Candidates The low unemployment rate is on the minds of staffing and recruitment professionals. So is what the talent acquisition world refers to as “the war on talent.” READ MORE ».

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How to Navigate Facebooks Ad Policies when Recruiting


Most of us are aware of Facebook as an outlet to advertise and reach niche target markets. As a user, you may notice that there is so much advertising on Facebook and likewise, it is READ MORE ».

Using Instagram as a Strategic Recruiting Tool


Written by Lauren Streba With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram has dramatically increased in popularity within the social media niche. Instagram now boasts impressive statistics as the platform with the most highly engaged READ MORE ».

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Newton’s Guide to OFCCP Compliance

For federal contractors, keeping up with OFCCP regulations can be a major challenge when recruiting and hiring. Download our guide to OFCCP compliance and learn the major regulations that you must adhere to.

How to Leverage Retargeting to Attract Potential Job Seekers


Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern Using basic marketing principles has been a long-standing practice for recruiters. When trying to find qualified candidates for a job no marketing tool is off limits. We see recruiters READ MORE ».

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Recruit on Twitter and Attract More Candidates


Written by Allison Sima, Interactive Marketing Manager Here at Digi-Me, we like to share our success stories and educate the recruitment community on current trends along with the power of digital video technology. We are READ MORE ».

How to Sell Your Company’s Jobs with Video


When recruiting, we often think that we are letting people know that we have a job available and then candidates will sell themselves to us. But those times have changed and are for the most READ MORE ».

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Digi-Me is Disrupting the Global Talent Acquisition Market


NAPERVILLE, IL Digi-Me, a digital video HR technology firm that has revolutionized the talent acquisition industry with trackable 60-second dynamic, professional quality video job ads, has exciting news to announce. The organization’s video job ads READ MORE ». The post Digi-Me is Disrupting the Global Talent Acquisition Market appeared first on Digi-Me Video Job Ads - Create Amazing Job Posting Videos - DigiMe. Press Releases

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6 Reasons Being a Job Hopper is a Good Thing


Written by Allison Sima, Director of Marketing, Digi-Me Job searching is evolving at a much quicker pace in the past few years than it has in the past 50 years. The way we learn about READ MORE ».

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Applicant Tracking System Vendor Comparison Matrix

Trying to decide which ATS is right for your company? Newton is the only ATS built by recruiters, for recruiters. Download the comparison matrix to see how Newton compares to other ATS vendors.

5 Ways to Deal with Talent Acquisition Challenges While the Unemployment Rate is Low


Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern Finding qualified candidates to do the job we need has never been the easiest process. With the way the world is evolving, every company is competing against each other READ MORE ». The post 5 Ways to Deal with Talent Acquisition Challenges While the Unemployment Rate is Low appeared first on Digi-Me Video Job Ads - Create Amazing Job Posting Videos - DigiMe. Digi-Me Articles

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Video and Job advertising go together like PB&J


Over the years, the way we do business has changed rapidly. No longer is business a slow pace where small changes are made over time. Everything moves rapidly, and major changes happen nearly every year. READ MORE ». The post Video and Job advertising go together like PB&J appeared first on Digi-Me Video Job Ads - Create Amazing Job Posting Videos - DigiMe. Digi-Me Articles

3 Steps to Improve Employee Retention


Turnover at many companies is extremely high, and you want to make sure that this is not true of your business. You want to retain as many of your star employees as possible. Turnover is READ MORE ».

Digi-Me is Proving to Reduce Cost Per Hire and Provides Added Revenue Stream for Employers, Staffing Firms, and RPOs


Naperville, IL – April 3, 2018 – Digi-Me, a digital technology company that is revolutionizing the talent acquisition industry with 60-second dynamic, professional quality video job ads, has announced new findings that not only are READ MORE ».

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There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

Your search for the perfect candidate has resulted in zero perfectly skilled applicants. What’s going on? Enter…the skills gap. This report, ‘The Employment Skills Gap and What To Do About It’, breaks down the issue with solutions you can apply now.

Mobile-Friendly Job Ads are a Must When There is a War on Talent


Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern With a seemingly ever decreasing number of potential candidates available, it becomes extremely important to find new and innovative ways to reach talent pools. The entire hiring process has READ MORE ». The post Mobile-Friendly Job Ads are a Must When There is a War on Talent appeared first on Digi-Me Video Job Ads - Create Amazing Job Posting Videos - DigiMe. Digi-Me Articles

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Naperville, IL – March 6, 2018 – Digi-Me, a revolutionary digital recruitment firm specializing in video job ads loaded with proprietary tracking technology for the modern-day employer, announced today that it has launched a new READ MORE ».

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How to easily build a powerful talent acquisition sourcing program


While confusion appears to reign in recruiting leaders on how to create a secure talent acquisition techniques, our organization can build a robust set of analytics over the recent few years. This way it will READ MORE ». The post How to easily build a powerful talent acquisition sourcing program appeared first on Digi-Me Video Job Ads - Create Amazing Job Posting Videos - DigiMe. Digi-Me Articles

13 Talent Acquisition Strategies You Should Know


Technology has long been utilized by HR professionals for acquiring talent. Technology continues to play a major role in all aspects of the acquisition. Here are 13 techniques you can use to attract the best READ MORE ». The post 13 Talent Acquisition Strategies You Should Know appeared first on Digi-Me Video Job Ads - Create Amazing Job Posting Videos - DigiMe. Digi-Me Articles

17 Features Every ATS Must Have

What should an ATS do for you? With so many applicant tracking systems on the market it can be hard to find the best one for your organization. Check out our list and learn the 17 crucial features every ATS must have!

10 Must-Read Employee Experience Articles for HR Pros

ClearCompany Recruiting

We’ve carefully curated this list to include unique articles covering the different facets of employee experience; including, why employers are investing in it, what it truly is, how to build the strategy, questions to ask, how to measure and so much more!

5 Tips to Make Text Messaging an Effective Recruitment Channel

ClearCompany Recruiting

Mobile-focused, generational groups like Millennials and Gen Z are taking over candidate pools in full-force. They want to feel connected to their employers, and they want faster means of communication and they want to work for businesses that care about their preferences and needs.

Are You One of LinkedIn’s Most Predictable Recruiters?

Social Talent

There’s no second chance to make a good first impression. Recruiters pour a lot of time and effort into investigating and prepping candidates. They pour over resumes and sift through the keywords to try and tease out the most eligible candidate. However, this is a two-way system.

Company & Candidate: The Candidate Experience

ClearCompany Recruiting

We all know that candidates bring their A game to the. recruiting process , so why should it be any different for the company? Starting long before the interview, candidates begin to form their opinion about employment with your company.

Beyond the Buzzwords: Using Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning to Inspire Authentic Human Conversation (and Power Higher Response Rates)

Speaker: Susanna Frazier, Innovative Talent Acquisition and Management Leader

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a machine’s ability to have human-like intelligence, and Machine Learning (ML), a type of AI that provides a machine with the ability to learn from inference, continue to dominate the headlines and integrate into our daily lives. It’s natural to question how our jobs (and job security) may be affected. Well… Good news, Y'all ? AI doesn’t replace you, it empowers you!

6 Signs You Need a New Applicant Tracking System


Applicant tracking systems are an incredibly useful asset for HR leaders. The software not only saves time and resources, but also gives stakeholders the ability to more easily identify high-quality candidates.

4 Tips for Hiring, Training and Managing Seasonal Employees Effectively


Hiring seasonal workers is a challenge because they often have the least experience yet work in the most hectic environments. Here are four tips for maximizing the potential of your seasonal workforce: 1. Hire seasonal employees in advance of the seasonal peak.

Create the Performance Management of Your Dreams with the Best of ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities.

Why Building an End-to-End Candidate Experience Should Be Priority #1

ClearCompany Recruiting

Creating a great candidate experience used to be nice to have.

What Employees Really Think About Their Benefits Package

Employers invest a lot of time and money crafting a benefits mix they hope will attract and retain talent. But are you offering what employees actually want? We asked over 1,200 professionals how they feel about their health and wellness benefits for our 2018 Annual Employee Benefits Survey.

10 Recruiting Trends That You NEED To Implement In 2018 (Infographic)

Social Talent

As we all know, the recruitment industry has come a long way. Especially when you look back at old-school techniques that were used by recruiters in the past. The day’s of scrummaging through large piles of paperwork is almost a thing of the past.

Disruptive Interview Tactics to Improve Quality of Hire


As new technologies arise and become standardized, employees need to keep up. Indeed, the very nature of work changes with each new technological development. As a result, the interview tactics HR leaders use to identify top performers also need to change.

The ‘M’ Word

The Whiteboard

I was mortified recently to discover that I am a millennial. I always thought of millennials as kids, but it turns out that millennials (also known as Generation Y) are simply people born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s.

By the Numbers: August 17, 2018


BountyJobs Bites. Worker Pay in 2019 Forecasts as Slight Increase. The Numbers: A Willis Towers Watson survey found that slightly larger pay increases are on the horizon for 2019 – 3.1% increase, compared to 3.0% in 2018. Pay raises have stuck around the 3% mark for the past 10 years.

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Attracting & Retaining Superstar Talent

Speaker: Ryan Turnbull, VP, Wellness Practices Leader at Tolman & Wiker, & Bryce Eddy, SVP Employee Benefits at Tolman & Wiker

Ever wonder how companies differentiate themselves to attract and retain superstar talent? Join us for a panel event featuring thought leaders from Tolman | Wiker, voted '2017 Best Place To Work' by the Pacific Coast Business Times, as they share insight on the strategies used by top employers to win the war for talent.