How To Write An RFP For Recruiting Software [+ Template!]


Writing an RFP for your new recruiting software? Check out what needs to be in there and download an RFP template to make your work easier! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

5 Steps To Successfully Engage Talent During The Recruitment Process


Engaging talent right from the start of your recruitment process is crucial in the candidate-driven job market. Follow these 5 steps to succeed! Recruitment Recruitment Inspiration


Your Ultimate New Hire Checklist For Successful Onboarding


You hired a new employee. So what's next? Follow this 10-step checklist to make sure that you give your new hires the best start at your company! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

9 Tips For Hiring (And Retaining) Top Performers For Your Business


Top performers are 4x more productive than average performers. How do you identify and hire the top performers for your company? Check out these 9 tips! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

Candidate Screening Simplified

Speaker: Allen Samuel, Senior Sourcer & Serial Entrepreneur

When it comes to finding the right candidates for your company, you want to ensure that they are a good “fit.” By having an understanding of the job description, accurate skillset criteria and a short conversation with the hiring manager, you will be armed with the resources to quickly and effectively convert potential candidates to new hires. Join Senior Sourcer & Serial Entrepreneur Allen Samuel to learn the steps you should be taking in your candidate screening process.

11 Employer Branding Metrics To Measure Success


How do you determine how successful your employer branding efforts are? Discover these 11 employer branding metrics to help you measure that! Recruitment Inspiration Data-Driven Recruitment

5 Proven Practices for More Inclusive Recruitment


Creating an inclusive work environment starts with inclusive recruitment practices. What are those and how to implement them? Learn more in this article! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

7 Things To Know About Recruiting Millennials


Millennials will soon become the largest generation in the workforce. Check out these 7 things you need to know about recruiting and retaining them! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment


7 Strategies To Improve Recruitment For Diversity In Hospitality


Diverse companies perform better. How do you improve the diversity recruiting efforts for your hospitality business? Implement these 7 strategies! Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Recruitment

9 Ways To Build And Maintain Your Talent Pool


With 67% of large companies having difficulty filling roles, building and maintaining a talent pool is a great help for successful recruiting. Start now! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment


Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are rapidly changing the way many recruit and hire talent. Read Dice's first-ever Recruitment Automation Report to discover how you can employ new, cutting-edge technologies to source and hire tech talent faster.

7 Steps For Successful Strategic Workforce Planning


How do you prepare your organization's workforce for the future? These 7 strategic workforce planning steps will help you get ready for what's to come! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment


11 Must-Have Recruiter Skills To Succeed In 2019


Succeeding as a recruiter requires certain skills. Which ones are those? And how to improve them? Check out this article and excel in recruiting! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

6 Best Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies


How to attract the right candidates to your company? By adding these 6 innovative recruitment marketing strategies into your talent acquisition process! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

10 Ways To Manage Your New Hires’ Job Expectations (And Improve New Hire Retention)


28% of new hires quit within first 3 months of employment. How do you manage your new employees' job expectations and improve new hire retention? Read on! Recruitment Recruitment Inspiration

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Even the most experienced recruiting professionals face challenges filling critical roles in their organizations from an inability to establish, nurture and grow a sustainable talent pipeline. Download this eBook to get a jump on sourcing and learn how to build a high performance recruiting pipeline.

6 Predictors Of Job Performance To Look For In Your Candidates


Are you wondering what characteristics are truly predictive for job performance? Check out these 6 common predictors of job performance and hire better! Recruitment Inspiration Data-Driven Recruitment Recruitment

7 Effective Ways To Combat Contact Center Attrition


Contact centers are notorious for high employee attrition rates. In fact, as many as 26% of contact centers have a. Recruitment Inspiration Contact Centers


How To Choose An ATS That You’ll Actually Love


ATS is the backbone of your recruitment efforts. How to choose an ATS that will fulfil the needs of your company? Check out this guide! Recruitment Inspiration Data-Driven Recruitment Recruitment

ATS 85

11 Steps To Develop A 21st Century Recruitment Plan


Recruitment in 2019 has to be efficient and candidate-focused. Develop a modern recruitment plan with these 11 steps and always stay on top of the game! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment


Newton’s Guide to OFCCP Compliance

For federal contractors, keeping up with OFCCP regulations can be a major challenge when recruiting and hiring. Download our guide to OFCCP compliance and learn the major regulations that you must adhere to.

9 Tips To Build A Winning Recruiting Team


When to hire the first recruiter for your growing company? How to build a recruiting team that will perform excellently? Check out these 9 tips! Recruitment Inspiration Hyper Growth Recruitment

7 Steps To Build The Best Recruitment Tech Stack In 2019


Wondering how to build the best recruitment tech stack? Follow our detailed 7-step guide and supercharge your recruitment efforts! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

13 Best Career Pages Of 2019


One of the first impressions a new hire has of your brand is likely your career page. Career pages have. Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

10 Tips To Improve Your Tech Recruiting Strategy Backed By Industry Data


Want to improve your tech recruitment strategy? Try these 10 actionable tips for a better recruitment strategy. Visit our blog now! Recruitment Inspiration Data-Driven Recruitment Recruitment

Data 86

Why All the AI Research You’re Reading is Dead Wrong

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

While we may be “people” professionals, it is part of our job to understand AI and how this technology can enable us to make smarter decisions and develop more efficient processes. Join Lighthouse Research & Advisory Principal Analyst Ben Eubanks where he will discuss how AI can be used for HR and recruiting processes, including how to create more human interactions and engagement through the strategic application of technology.

9 Best Employer Branding Examples For Hospitality Businesses


A strong employer brand for your hospitality business gives you a competitive advantage on the candidate-driven market. Check out how others have built it! Hospitality Recruitment Inspiration

7 Essential Tips For Hiring Top Remote Employees (Who Fit)


Hiring remote employees is different from recruiting in-office workers. How to make sure you hire the best of the best? Follow this guide! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

9 Sourcing Tools To Supercharge Your Recruitment


83% of companies source proactively regardless of current vacancies. You can easily strengthen your recruitment efforts with these 9 sourcing tools! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

Tools 77

5 Reasons Why Inboarding Matters As Much As Onboarding


How to keep your employees engaged and your organization productive? Invest in inboarding and provide your workforce with everyday learning experiences! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

Applicant Tracking System Vendor Comparison Matrix

Trying to decide which ATS is right for your company? Newton is the only ATS built by recruiters, for recruiters. Download the comparison matrix to see how Newton compares to other ATS vendors.

8 Proven Strategies To Tackle Mass Hiring


Opening a new location or recruiting for the holiday season? Mass hiring is no easy feat but you can tackle it with these 8 strategies! Recruitment Inspiration High Volume Recruitment Recruitment

8 Tips For A Successful Digital HR Transformation


Technology has disrupted just about every industry. In the 21st century, people shop online, make reservations through apps, and even. Recruitment Inspiration Data-Driven Recruitment Recruitment

9 Inventive Contact Center Recruiting Strategies


Hiring great people for your contact center isn’t an unfulfillable dream. Check out these 9 contact center recruiting strategies and start hiring right! Recruitment Inspiration Contact Centers Recruitment

7 Ways To Optimize Your (Large) Enterprise Recruitment Process


Enterprise recruitment comprises many challenges such as hiring for a number of different roles in multiple locations. Get better results with these 7 tips! Recruitment Inspiration High Volume Recruitment Recruitment

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

A vital step to becoming more inclusive is first understanding how inclusive your culture is right now. Dice’s Diversity and Inclusion Report highlights how tech pros currently gauge their industry’s progress – and how frequently they've experienced discrimination based on gender, sexuality, age and political affiliation.

Your Guide to Hiring Temporary Workers That Are Right for the Job


How do you make sure that you hire temporary workers that are right for the job? Follow these 6 steps and improve your recruitment process! Hospitality Recruitment Recruitment Inspiration Retail

Where To Find The Best Retail Employees?


Sourcing candidates for your retail business seems like a tough task. But it doesn't have to be. Check out these 11 places to find great retail employees! Recruitment Inspiration Retail Recruitment

9 Tips For Hiring First-Class Restaurant Employees


You need the best restaurant employees to provide excellent experience to your guests. How do you find and hire them? Follow these 9 tips! Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Recruitment

7 Steps To Develop An Ideal Candidate Profile


You need to know who you're looking for when searching for the best job candidate. Developing an ideal candidate profile in 7 steps goes a long way! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment


3 Best Practices to Engage Employees During Onboarding

Speaker: Lilith Christiansen, VP of Onboarding Solutions, SilkRoad

Join SilkRoad's Vice President of Onboarding Solutions Lilith Christiansen where she will explore how to create a strategic onboarding process that will engage and retain your employees.