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Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week. I wish I was able to attend, but am glad that many of my clients have the opportunity to go. The conference is held every two years, and is always.

Marx Not Dead Thanks to Staffing Industry?

Staffing Talk

Marx seemed dead for a decade or so, but here's an Argentinan political operative opining that temporary agencies and Manpower in particular exploit the proletariat for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. And imagine, those evil staffing companies are trying to make a profit too! "A A cambio de estos servicios prestados a otros capitalistas, las agencias de empleo reciben una parte de la plusvalía que estos últimos extraen a sus obreros." As usual, leftist rhetoric dies on its own vine.


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Not Your Father's Candidate Portal

Staffing Talk

Benefits, career opportunities, time card submissions, and notifications get communicated from the same portal as the initial recruitment site. Today, nearly every recruitment-related company vaunts some kind of online recruitment presence dubbed 'candidate portal'. This term has become so over-used and to mean so many things that it has become meaningless. Some companies use the term 'candidate portal' to refer to a generic website.

Client Wins Service Award from AT&T

Staffing Talk

My client The Plus Group has consistently pushed the envelope on service and technology, especially in delivering their clients the benefits of our Vendor Management System (VMS). Recently, they won an outstanding service award from AT&T

Another Reason to Use Recruitment Software That Respects Privacy

Staffing Talk

If you pay to generate interest from candidates, you should be the one to benefit from that. Monster theft runs rampant. But it's not just theft by hackers that should scare you. When you post a job on Monster, you draw attention to anyone who may want to profit from it. That could be a hacker, or that could be a recruiter down the street waiting to poach the candidates your ad attracts. Staffing software should respect privacy.

Tidying Up

Staffing Talk

Sholes benefitted greatly from the core R&D provided by the Scientific American article that coined the term 'type-writing'. I promised to tell my Paul McCartney story a while back. So here it is along with another promised follow up on one of the first typewriters invented. Paul and Me As Paul I'm sure has written extensively on his blog, he met me on a train ride from Dover to London in 1982.

The Arithmetic of Staffing

Staffing Talk

Whoops, we forgot employee benefits. When my Dad taught me the arithmetic of staffing some 30+ years ago, it didn't take a CPA to understand. Gross Profit (GP) Calculation 30 Years Ago Bill - Pay = GP Back then we enjoyed profit margins large enough that we didn't sweat the twists like employer taxes and worker comp whose rates were so low we could count them as overhead.

The Creative Benefits of Embracing Boredom


Carr was inspired to write the book in 2007 when he noticed that the past 10 years he had spent on the Web had significantly impaired his ability to read and absorb long articles. The benefits of boredom for creativity.

The work-abroad dream: 4 benefits of remote working for employers


Sure, there’s the standard, flexible remote work and full-time remote work, but there are also benefits of remote working for employers – particularly when placements are temporary and short-term. Here are four reasons why the benefits of remote working for employers can be significant: 1) Boost your talent attraction. You can’t compete with the recruitment marketing of the Googles and Amazons of the world — but this is one benefit where you can get ahead.

The work-abroad dream: 4 benefits of remote working for employers


Sure, there’s the standard, flexible remote work and full-time remote work, but there are also benefits of remote working for employers – particularly when placements are temporary and short-term. Here are four reasons why the benefits of remote working for employers can be significant: 1) Boost your talent attraction. You can’t compete with the recruitment marketing of the Googles and Amazons of the world — but this is one benefit where you can get ahead.

The Benefits of the Temp-to-Hire Recruitment Model for Employers and Employees


Job seekers, meanwhile, experience myriad benefits from this recruitment strategy that lessens the impact of accepting an offer from an incompatible employer. Joor, an early adopter of Temp-to-Hire, experienced a 60% drop in its annual attrition rate to under 10% from 2005, when the company began using this recruitment model, through 2007. The post The Benefits of the Temp-to-Hire Recruitment Model for Employers and Employees appeared first on AkkenCloud.

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Why Customers Are Looking at Your Glassdoor Profile

Glassdoor for Employers

Since Glassdoor was founded in 2007, our customers have seen a lot of benefits from building a vibrant Glassdoor profile. From leveraging. Featured How To Use Glassdoor Manage Your Brand Customers Employer Brand Glassdoor Glassdoor Profile

Why Use A Recruitment Agency - Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency for Employers

Recruiting Blogs

The bottom line – whether you are a small or large organisation, using a recruitment agency to find good employees has multiple benefits. What are the business benefits of using a recruitment agency. There are a number of reasons why a employers may decide to outsource their recruiting process, but the main benefits that a recruitment agency provides to businesses are discussed below. BENEFIT 1 - Ability To Identify Talent. BENEFIT 6 - Expert Sector Knowledge.

3 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Employees to the Gig Economy

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The gig economy offers younger generations the benefits and flexibility they have been searching for while still providing the workforce with plenty of employees. A major benefit of the gig economy is its flexibility. Offer Competitive Benefits. Although the gig economy offers flexibility, it doesn’t offer reliable benefits or job security. Tip: To attract and retain your top employees, offer a competitive benefits package to offset the attraction of a gig lifestyle.

The Power Shift That Killed The American Dream

Staffing Talk

Instead we get companies demanding wage freezes, lowering health benefits, cutting their workforce, all while posting record profits. Princeton economist Alan Krueger says in Smith’s book the wealth chasm has been “mind boggling,” as the top 1% reaped two-thirds of the entire country’s economic gains from 2002 – 2007. Why an employment crisis now when there’s no shortage of capital? Why indeed?

Is There a Skill Gap or a Wage Gap in Hourly Hiring?


It now takes about 28 workdays to fill the average job vacancy, compared to about 24 days, on average, in 2007. Finger pointing on both sides… Businesses want to place the blame on the under-qualified applicant pool for being unable to fill their openings, while the job seekers want to place the blame on the underwhelming pay and benefits employers are offering as the reason for them not applying.

3 Ways Modern Web Apps Give You A Competitive Advantage


Some benefits of modern web applications compared to legacy software are improved speed and flexibility, enhanced compatibility and software integration, and higher cost-effectiveness. .

Partner Q&A with JobAdder

Spark Hire

Utilizing the upcoming integrated solution, JobAdder customers can reap the benefits of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions from within their applicant tracking system. JobAdder started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. JobAdder then launched in 2007 as a job board posting solution, and has since grown into a comprehensive recruitment management platform. We’re very excited to announce that a Spark Hire and JobAdder integration is coming soon!

Nearshoring, Offshoring & Onshoring: Outsourcing Examples and Definitions


What Are the Benefits of Nearshoring? . 66% of the customers polled in the PWC Global Outsourcing Survey 2007 indicated a clear preference for nearshore versus offshore outsourcing. . Source: PWC Global Outsourcing Survey 2007. What Are the Benefits of Offshoring? .

68% of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees


percent, with most of the growth taking place between 2006 and 2007. If salary can’t be increased, consider other ways – benefits, flexible work arrangements, unique corporate culture – to differentiate yourself from the competition. While the economy has been slowly improving since the end of the Great Recession, the recovery hasn’t been perfect. One major setback has been wage growth, but a new study from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.

Young and Savvy vs. Older and Wiser: Workplace Ageism in the Spotlight

Recruiting Daily Advisor

In 2007, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg raised a furor when he was quoted as saying, “I want to stress the importance of being young and technical.

Why Women Are Still Struggling to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

From 2007 to 2018, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 58%. It’s also a gendered issue: Men often benefit more from networking activities at work, and sometimes these activities are centered around a “bro” culture that doesn’t always welcome women.

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in People

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The added benefit is individual growth and job satisfaction in a time when businesses cannot afford to lose key talent. This background, plus working with a coach since 2007, is what led Stricker to gain her professional development ICF coaching certification in 2015.

Infusing Creativity into the New Workplace?It?s Easier than You Think

Recruiting Daily Advisor

This nonintrusive approach is a great benefit because it alleviates employees or teams to improve their productivity at their own pace without having to wait for IT or risk causing a problem. through its 2007 IPO.

Have I got news for you…Ed Hendrick, Founder & CEO of Sonru Video Interviewing


Back in 2007 I founded Sonru to solve the pain points of the early stages of the recruitment process largely experienced by my friends and fellow graduates. We have some exciting news. We are delighted to announce that Sonru is now part of the Modern Hire family.

5 Ways To Increase Productivity In The Workplace


The current challenge the UK faces is that it not only has a productivity gap in comparison to its global and European counterparts, but the rate of UK productivity is also at its lowest since 2007.

Knowledge Transmission and Engaging Expert Collaborators


Multiple benefits for your company and your employees The benefits for companies are plural. 2017 Transmission de savoir-faire, Réciprocité de la relation éducative Expert-Novice, Jean-Louis Boutte, Université de Provence, 2007. In a global economy facing constant competition and ever-increasing challenges, companies must ensure the transmission of knowledge and know-how internally in order to move forward and progress.

Create a More Seamless, Secure User Experience with Single Sign-On (SSO)


in 2007). What’re the benefits? You’re breezing through work and navigate to a software platform you need to use. Then, it hits you – you can’t remember your password.

CEO Robert Hohman Talks About the Glassdoor Mission

Glassdoor for Employers

We started Glassdoor in 2007 with the mission to help people everywhere find a job and company they love. When there’s a good match, and a person ends up at a company that’s a good fit, everyone benefits. Back then, the world had given us Yelp to find restaurants and TripAdvisor to find hotels. But people were making one of the most important decisions of their entire life—where to go to work—with almost no information. Our mission.

Hotels 131

The Latest and Greatest in Recruiting: Visual Storytelling


According to Business Insider , 300 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded to the site every minute in comparison to the eight hours uploaded each minute in 2007. For all of the benefits of visual storytelling, it is definitely a trend worth investing in. Recruiters are always on the hunt for the best talent, and one of the trickiest parts of the process is connecting with quality candidates once you find them.

Above & Beyond the Degree: Students Need College Alumni Mentoring Programs


percent in 2007), and the underemployment rate is 16.8 percent in 2007).” Students will gain real world experience, be able to ask questions based in reality and discover more about their own abilities and preferences—not to mention already have a foot in the job market door that may be closed to their counterparts who haven’t had the benefit of a mentoring program.

What the Heck is Programmatic Recruitment Advertising?


According to PandoLogic – a “talent acquisition solutions” provider that ha s been “pioneering programmatic recruitment advertising since 2007” – in 2018, 83 percent of organizations embraced programmatic recruitment and invested over $46 billion in the approach.

Working Remotely: Is work From Home Good for Everyone?

Transformify - Recruiting

I started working remotely as a freelancer back in 2007, and then became a digital nomad in 2012, traveling to/living in over 120 cities in 50 countries since then. Our guest today is Neville Mehra who runs Nampora , an all-remote digital marketing and strategy firm.

Blogger: Taxpayers Subsidize Temp Agency

Staffing Talk

Because ACI has a contract with the city of San Leandro to process its recycling, it is covered by the city’s Living Wage Ordinance, passed in 2007. with health benefits valued at least $1.50 Blogger @TempEmployees writes that it’s the fault of “ taxpayers subsidizing temp agency profits ” that workers at a garbage collection facility make so little. "So "So where's the money going? Not to the workers, clearly."

7 Tips for Effective Mobile Recruiting


Mobile recruiting was introduced in 2007 and as it continues to rapidly evolve, job seeker behaviors are changing quickly too. Leveraging the benefits of mobile technology can help you avoid massive drop-off rates and increase candidate conversion rates. Automated messages are an instant and effective way of leveraging the benefits of mobile technology by acknowledging applications, updating candidates on their progress and scheduling interviews.

Why Successful Job Posts Start With Content


Now consider this: 2015 saw the most job openings in the United States since 2007 , with more than 5 million jobs opening up in February of last year alone. Companies spend a lot of money trying to get job seekers to their open positions. Unfortunately, regardless of what you spend generating greater traffic, if your job descriptions are poorly written then you’re not going to see the conversions you’re hoping for.

Women in Trucking: How They’re Disrupting the Industry


A plentiful job market may sound like great news for everyone — but while low unemployment benefits job seekers, it can actually hurt industries facing worker shortages, such as trucking. Voie founded WIT in 2007 aiming to promote gender diversity, celebrate accomplishments and minimize challenges for women in the trucking industry. There are many benefits of trucking and transportation careers that women may not be aware of, Voie says.

Ken Coleman Named 1st Quarter Winner for KNF&T’s 2019 Staffing Employee of the Year Contest

KNF&T Staffing Resources

For example, he is currently creating a workflow chart for reporting procedures – a project he does in his free time that benefits all employees.”. Ken is from West Roxbury, MA and graduated from Syracuse University in 2007. KNF&T Staffing Resources is happy to announce that Ken Coleman has been named the first quarter winner for KNF&T’s 2019 Staffing Employee of the Year contest.

The Future of Recruitment is Retention - Part 1


Putting theory to practice We saw this theory clearly put into practice during the 2007 recession. This impacted salaries, benefits, workload and so much more. Fast forward to 2015 The recession of 2007 may not be that far behind us, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the job market today. Companies have quickly increased their workforces, brought back perks like unlimited vacation, excellent training and some benefits that were unheard of even before the recession hit.

5 Examples of Recruitment Videos Done Right


In 2007, popular fitness chain Life Time Fitness was having a hard time recruiting for key vacancies. The video then goes on to talk about the unique benefits Google gives to its employees as well as the several projects that potential candidates could be a part of. That’s when they turned to using recruitment videos to fill in these positions. The results were positive.