Why Diversity Sourcing is so Hard

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Promoting cultural diversity via talent acquisition has been an initiative we’re all writing into our strategic goals. Diversity Niche Searches Outsourcing Recruiting & Sourcing Types Source the Web Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured

Powerful Ways Technology Helps With Diversity Recruiting

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Diversity hiring is beneficial to both your colleagues and your company. If you want to increase engagement, productivity ( inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80% ), and even profits ( 6% greater revenue ), diversity is the answer.

70+ Expert Insights into Diversity Recruiting

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An increase in revenue, better job performance, a trusted employer brand and increased customer base are just a few of the benefits of a diverse workforce. Did you know 67% of current job seekers said that a diverse workforce is an important factor when seeking out an employer?

How To: Conduct a Diversity Assessment

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When it comes to diversity, it is a truth universally acknowledges that more diverse companies perform better than their less diverse competitors. However, the path to a successful diversity hiring policy is not as straightforward. Source: McKinsey & Co.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

agencies sourcing talent on their behalf. in 2017 were Research & Development, Sales & Marketing. AS SOURCE 49% SOCIAL. candidates as a sourcing. Some top benefits seen by those respondents that worked with this sourcing option before: Hiring Managers were split.

It’s Time to Have a Genuine Discussion About Diversity


When I discuss diversity recruitment, someone always asks, “Why should I use diversity sites?” Why take the extra time to try to source specifically for diversity candidates?”. Diversity

Building Your Talent Bench Before You Need It – Sourcing For Pipelines

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The end of a company’s fiscal year is often the time where organizations go through headcount review and strategy forecasting.

The Definitive Action Guide For Minimizing Bias and Increasing Diversity Hires (Part 2 of 2)


This is the second part of a two-part article covering action steps on how to minimize biases that negatively affect diverse recruiting. The first part of this article was published on June 26, 2017. It explained the two types of biases that can reduce diversity hiring.

Diversity Sourcing: We Are In A Time Of Sourcing For SHE

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Since then, I’ve always looked for a better way to source women for the companies I work for. Times have changed and I don’t just source women at an entry level, now I’m looking for female executives. Tag this onto my favorite sourcing strings of the season.

What your organization can learn from companies that receive top marks for hiring diversity


Diversity is an important element of every workplace. In addition, McKinsey & Company has found that ethnically diverse companies are 35 percent more likely to outperform companies in the bottom quartile of diversity. Does your business need to improve its diversity?

Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

2017 In addition to those previous data points. and findings, our 2017 report took into. to fill critical, difficult-to-source, direct- hire positions via third-party search. lofty respect for culture, diversity, and a passion. In 2017, the BountyJobs marketplace.

Recruitment of Women: Rethinking Gender Diversity

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What a surprising surge in women executive hires reveals about companies’ reactive approach to gender diversity. In the last quarter of 2017, we saw a significant uptick in the number of female senior executives hired by U.S.

Are Your Candidate Sourcing Efforts EEO Compliant?


Diversity & inclusion Applicant Tracking SystemRecruiters have enough on their plates without having to learn the ins and outs of complex EEO compliance laws. With Lever’s EEO and OFCCP compliance support, they don’t have to worry about forgetting a step or making a mistake.

5 Key Trends That Recruiters Need to Know to Succeed in 2017

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LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 and Global Staffing Trends 2017 reports are here and with them are 5 must-know takeaways about the state of the recruitment industry in 2016 and the trends you should be paying close attention to in the year ahead.

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7 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017

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Start your 2017 the right way by following some great people on Twitter and adding their knowledge to your daily feed. Here’s our comprehensive list of the 7 Best Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017: 1. You name the role, Stacy has sourced for it!

6 Unconventional Sites for Sourcing Talent

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Savvy recruiters need to find more creative and find unconventional ways to source and engage that talent. Recruiters work tirelessly day in and day out to find the best talent to hire and sometimes they need to diversify their sourcing strategy and look at different and unconventional sites in order to fulfill very specific or unique job requisitions. With a mission like that it only makes sense that sourcing candidates from various meetup groups would be ideal.

Embrace Talent Diversity in Your Sourcing Strategy


It's no secret that many companies struggle to nurture and promote diversity. As we see time and time again, diversity and its advancement are goals without easy solutions. By doubling your diversity, you could increase earnings by 8 percent or more.

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: September 13 - 19, 2017


Why diversity sourcing is so hard. Diversity5 ways to create a more inclusive workplace.

5 Recruiting Tips To Increase Diversity In the Workplace


A new Deloitte survey finds companies’ interest in diversity in the workplace is focused on bias in recruiting and the use of new tools to reduce this bias. 68% of companies they surveyed measure and monitor diversity and inclusion in their recruiting.

5 Trends That Will Impact Talent Acquisition in 2017


‘Tis the season to reflect on what happened this past year and ponder what lies ahead for Talent Acquisition in 2017. Recruiters are expecting to hire more with the same budget in 2017. Prepare for these trends in your 2017 recruiting strategy, and you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

How a lack of diversity hurts profits


The verdict is clear: If you’re not a diverse company, you’re going to fall behind. Research shows that diverse workforces are intricately linked to the overall success of an organization, including its profits. When it comes down to it, non-diverse companies stagnate.

Lip Service: Do Recruiters Really Care About Diversity and Inclusion?

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Diversity is a big deal. But if you check out the sheer density of diversity related posts on recruiting and HR focused […]. And it’s just not our industry, either.

6 Recruitment Conferences You Need to Attend in Q1 2017

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So if you’re planning on attending a recruiting conference in early 2017, make sure it’s a good one! Strategic Sourcing. If you are a sourcing or resourcing professional, the In House Recruitment Expo is designed specifically for you, so be sure to attend!

The 28 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2017


To narrow down the list, I’ve created this guide to the 28 top recruiting software tools of 2017 summarized in the infographic below. Job boards and job aggregators are a crucial part of the recruiting software ecosystem because applicants make up the biggest source of hires at 50%.

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Global Stats Shaping Recruiting Trends in 2017

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Global Stats Shaping Recruiting Trends in 2017. Recruiting AI diversity Global Recruitment Mobile sourcing Social Recruiting Thiswayglobal

MOS Deaf: Veteran Recruiting and The Diversity Double Standard.

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As I talked about in the first post in this two part series, the fact is, “veterans” are a pretty huge and diverse population. Employers often approach veteran recruiting as a one-size-fits-all approach, but the fact is, there’s no such thing as a “typical” veteran.

How to Ensure Gender Diversity: Lessons From High-Tech Firms


How do these companies fill their jobs and ensure gender diversity in the process? Lesson: Encourage More Applicant Diversity. Stopping interviewers’ potential bias against women or increasing the diversity of the applicant pool?

Common Hiring Practices That Are Terrible For Diversity – And What To Do Instead


We can all agree that good intentions aren’t enough when it comes to hiring practices that increase diversity. Here are 4 common hiring practices that are terrible for diversity and what you can do instead. The tech industry faces a lot of criticism for its relative lack of diversity.

Boost Diversity: Tips From Top People Executives at Visa, Pinterest and More


As we wrote about earlier this year, diversity is one of those topics we all talk about, but practically speaking, much harder to shift. The post Boost Diversity: Tips From Top People Executives at Visa, Pinterest and More appeared first on 1-Page Blog.

How to Nail the Top 5 Talent Acquisition Trends of 2017


We’re over halfway through 2017. One of our most popular and viewed posts this year was, 5 Trends That Will Impact Talent Acquisition in 2017. It seems like now, more than ever, companies are desiring to build teams that are diverse in their backgrounds, thinking, and experience.

4 Insights On Diversity Hiring From A Expert


Even though I live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto, I admit I didn’t give workplace diversity serious thought until I started working in recruitment tech. Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion at Whirlpool.

Finding Female Engineers on LinkedIn

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Diversity LinkedIn Niche Searches Outsourcing Recruiting & Sourcing Types Social Networking Sourcing STEM Searches Talent Acquisition Twitter FeaturedShout out to Jim Stroud for sparking this bit of creativity.

4 Promising Ways AI Is Helping Diversity In Recruitment


The role that AI plays in diversity in recruitment is still being debated. Supporters believe AI can help us avoid unconscious bias and increase diversity in recruitment. Here are 4 promising ways in which AI is being used to help diversity in recruitment.

Recruiting for Diversity: 3 Key Takeaways


Diversity can be defined in a multitude of different ways. The benefits of a diverse workplace are clear – McKinsey research indicates that gender diverse teams are 15% more likely to do better than the market, while ethnically diverse teams are 35% more likely to outperform.

What You Need To Know About Blind Hiring

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Companies that employ blind hiring are more likely to hire women and minorities and to interview candidates with diverse educational backgrounds, including those who attended community colleges, according to data from GapJumpers , a company that facilitates blind hiring procedures for employers.