6 Best Workplace Diversity Trends For 2018


A big focus in recruiting in 2017 was workplace diversity. Workplace diversity is defined as: understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations, as well as differences in personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases. Here are the 6 best workplace diversity trends for 2018. Adopting a more diverse definition of diversity.

Guest Blog: The Three Step Approach to Long Term Diversity


In response to this pressure, many have employed a number of different diversity programs with varying degrees of success. But what result characterizes success for a diversity program? diversity efforts, it’s commonplace for businesses to choose diversity programs without researching their effectiveness, and furthermore fail to track the progress of the programs they’ve implemented. How To: The Three Step Approach to Long Term Diversity. Diversity Task Force.


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4 Trends That Hold The Key to Successful Recruitment in 2018 (LinkedIn Report)

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This year, when LinkedIn interviewed industry experts about the state of hiring, four trends rose to the top: diversity, new interviewing tools, data, and artificial intelligence. Diversity. This came in as the top trend, with 78% of talent leaders, globally, finding that diversity impacts how they hire. Companies are prioritizing diversity for many reasons – the top two are to improve culture (78%) and to boost financial performance (62%).

Webinar Recap: Six Steps to Better Diversity Hiring


Even today, there is quite a bit of confusion over what diversity hiring really is. There is a mistaken perception that the goal of diversity hiring is to increase workplace diversity for the sake of diversity. On February 28 th , JazzHR’s Product Marketing Manager, Lyla Rozelle, was joined by Diana Younts from First Advantage Consulting Group to talk through best practices around diversity hiring and how to remain compliant. . Webinar Recap.

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What does diversity in the workplace actually mean?


Diversity in the workplace: We hear a lot about it, but what exactly does it entail? The term gets thrown around a lot, but it’s often the case that companies think they have a diverse workplace when they really don’t. Let’s take a closer look at what diversity in the workplace actually means: Equal opportunity for every individual. Diversity in the workplace starts with the hiring process. Inclusivity and diversity go hand in hand.

25 Things to Know About Tech Recruiting as You Plan for Q2


How are you doing on your 2018 goals? 1: Dice’s own 2018 Salary Report showed how specialized skills are driving up the salary market. #2: Obviously, you want to make sure the candidate is technically vetted, but hiring managers are more and more trying to assess fit, makeup during stressful periods, and the broader context that the person would bring to a team. #5: will increasingly fade out in 2018 and beyond. Diversity on the Rise. #16: Wow, January blew by.

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Workable partners with culture fit assessment tool, ThriveMap


Studies show that diverse teams build stronger, more creative businesses. It enables better hiring decisions by objectively assessing how your candidates like to work, and comparing that to your team culture. Each assessment is bespoke, based directly on what your teams do day-to-day. Having assessed culture fit, ThriveMap’s software outputs easy-to-use analytics.

How To Set Your 2018 Recruiting Goals


Although 2018 is still several months away, it’s never too early to take a look at some of the goals you should consider setting for the year ahead. Increasing the quality of your hiring assessments should be priority number one. Perhaps you need to increase the amount of time you spend assessing candidates for cultural fit during interviews. Focus on diversity. By now we all know that fostering a diverse workplace makes good business sense.

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Diversity and Inclusion- Not in my backyard!


Diversity. Diversity and Inclusion is a buzz term that is being heard across all sectors of society including that of employment. As a result of this, there has been a particular focus on the development of diversity and inclusion programmes within companies. HR personnel and associated managers are unsure of the true meaning of ‘diversity and inclusion’ and how to implement this on a practical level. The post Diversity and Inclusion- Not in my backyard!

Kimberly Gatling on Making Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Sustainable

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Kimberly Bullock Gatling understands the importance of support from the top when working to make an organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts sustainable. She has the energy and drive to take on both facets of her job: diversity and inclusion and client work. “My

Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment At RBC: An Interview With Vivian Li


RBC is one of the largest banks in the world, with more than 79,000 employees serving 16 million clients in over 200 languages and 40 countries, and an industry-leading reputation for their diverse workforce. Vivian is passionate about her role as it creates innovative win-win solution to bring diversity of thought to the organization she is proud to be part of. What are the unique strengths in financial institutions like RBC when it comes to diversity recruitment?

Guest Blog: 5 Powerful Tips For Guaranteeing Diversity In Your Hiring


When we don’t prioritize recruiting and obtaining a diverse group of employees, we lose the benefits that diversity carries – a variety of viewpoints with equally varied ideas for innovation, strategic familiarity with more representative populations of society at large, a positive reputation, and perhaps even happier customers. Diversity in the workplace is a positive variable in the effort for long-term organizational sustainability and prospects for growth.

5 Important Lessons Learned at Social Recruiting Days 2018


asked Anna Ott and Robindro Ullah as they welcomed audiences to the main stage of the Ellington Hotel in Berlin for the final day of Social Recruiting Days 2018. Discussions about what’s next in recruiting were the major focus of the day’s schedule, which featured interactive sessions that armed recruiters with new tools to do their jobs better, explored topics of diversity and inclusion, and took a deep dive into the challenges of being human in a digital industry.

Why Internal Mobility is Key to Building a Diverse Workforce

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Ensuring people from diverse backgrounds have a fair shot at C-level positions is crucial. Below are some questions you can ask of your workforce data to foster internal mobility, retain diverse talent, and ward off skills gaps: Step 1: Investigate bias. Diversity & Inclusion

Check out the 24 Workable integrations in 2018


Assessments. Indeed Assessments offers both ready-to-go and custom candidate assessments to help you see which candidates have the skills you need. Choose from an extensive library of over 50 expert-designed, pre-built assessments or build your own to suit your particular hiring goals. Interview Mocha makes it easy to assess multiple skills. The best teams are diverse, so they measure the work environments people thrive in and not personality.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: removing the barriers to finding top talent


Traditional assessment methods don’t work for everyone, so it pays to broaden your mind in terms of how you evaluate skills. To reinforce diversity in the hiring process: Use inclusive language in your job ads and across all your communication. An equal opportunity employer disclaimer on your job ads is a good way to declare that you promote diversity.

WEBINAR: If collaboration was easy…

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Simply put, collaboration is hard for the very reason that collaboration can yield great results – diversity. It’s not hard to find personality assessments, either. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably taken a few of them – DISC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Kolbe, TalentDNA, and a variety of other assessments used for testing your hireability and how you work with others.

A look back at IT recruitment in 2017 – what’s next for 2018

Hacker Earth

And surprisingly, the year 2018 looks to be no different. So here’s a closer look at the lessons 2017 taught us and what we can expect from 2018. . Not just this, more organizations will switch to Talent Assessment and Recruitment tools for ensuring better candidate experience for their prospective employees. Remote hiring and working will see a steep rise in 2018 as Internet-based talent management technology becomes mainstream. The year 2018 belongs to reskilling.

By the Numbers: January 12, 2018


For more on trends in talent acquisition from 2017 that are informing the 2018 market, check out our report, Talent Acquisition Year in Review , available now! Per LinkedIn’s ‘2018 Global Recruiting Trends’ report, 63% of talent and hiring managers surveyed state that the traditional interview fails in ‘assessing candidate soft skills’. CareerBuilder’s job forecast for 2018 finds that more than 50% of employers plan to employ temp workers this year.

By the Numbers: June 29, 2018


The Numbers: ManpowerGroup’s ‘2018 Talent Shortage Survey’ found that 46% of U.S. 60% of these IT decision-makers plan to increase tech hires the back half of 2018. The Numbers: Research from The Creative Groups finds that digital projects will spur an increase in hiring creative professionals within the back half of 2018. Consumers’ assessment of present-day conditions was relatively unchanged, suggesting that the level of economic growth remains strong.

By the Numbers: June 15, 2018


The Numbers: The ‘Dice Diversity Survey and Report’ found that 85% of female technology professionals feel that discrimination still exists in the tech industry while only 62% of males in the field do. Every company today should be thinking about its diversity program and considering the immense benefit to their organization when they are inclusive,” said Kristina Yarrington, VP of marketing for Dice. staffing agencies in Q1 2018. BountyJobs Bites.

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Diversity Recruitment Strategy Guides - Workplace Diversity: What, Why, and How?

Recruiting Blogs

What is “Workplace Diversity”? Benefits of a diverse working environment. Challenges of a diverse working environment. Diversity recruitment strategy: 5 simple steps to a successful workforce. Step 1: Attract a Diverse Workforce. What is “Workplace Diversity”?

Most Complete List of Top Recruiting Software Tools in 2018


Here is the most complete list of top recruiting softwares and tools in 2018. Hired attracts job seekers to their platform and serve them various assessments. Testing & Assessment. Why recruiters use HackerRank: HackerRank boasts a repository of good coding assessments in over 35+ programming languages. You can either choose from HackerRank’s library of coding assessments, or customize your own. Automated assessment, check! Diversity Recruiting.

4 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating on Building Your Employer Brand Strategy

Proactive Talent

LinkedIn’s latest annual Talent Driver survey revealed new priorities for candidates, including a convenient commute to work and an inclusive workplace for people of diverse backgrounds. You’ll first need to assess your weaknesses – partnering with an Employer Branding consultant can help identify these key opportunities. Building a strong Employer Brand is vital to the long-term success of any business.

Diversity and Inclusion Statistics To Transform Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy

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Is your company investing enough in diversity? Well, with the new recruiting season quickly approaching, every company should know best practices of diversity recruiting to attract top talent. Diversity is one trend that companies need to embrace in 2020.

Just How ‘Fit’ Are You? Diversity Recruiting Beyond the Buzz.

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If you’re truly committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, you’re going to have to learn to check yourself at critical stages throughout the recruitment and hiring process to make sure you’re not falling victim to your own unconscious patterns. ?? Why diversity matters For the past couple of decades, there’s been a ton of buzz surrounding the term ‘diversity’. Truthfully, there is a ton of grey area on the topic of diversity at work.

Four Ways to Recruit for the Surprising Diversity Factor You Haven’t Been Thinking About


According to employees surveyed in the 2018 Yello Diversity Study: What Job Seekers Really Think About Your Diversity Practices ,* one of the most important types of workplace diversity has nothing to do with a person’s race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or anything else that might fit with a protected classes category. That diversity type is “personality.”. Here are the top four ways to improve your yield on diverse personalities.

I’m Not Sensitive, You’re Just Wrong

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As part of the broader assessment, they’re going to give you a lot of line of sight into how sensitive the candidate is in a broad range of interactions. The interesting thing about assessments is that significant strengths often come attached with weaknesses/opportunities that must be managed. That’s why it takes a village, and behavioral diversity across your team is key. “I’m very laid back. I only care about two things: 1) everyone on earth and their opinion of me , and.

Essentials to Finding and Filling the Holes in Your Candidate Experience

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See if any duplicate company pages show up that could cause confusion or diversion from your key networks. Our comprehensive and mobile-friendly tools for hiring managers give your team all they need to assess, interview, text and hire the A Players you’ve taken the time to source. Pre-hire assessment - analyze time to complete. Hiring is projected to get a whole lot more complicated. For the first time in decades, there are more jobs open than workers to fill them.

Do You Know if Your Evaluation Methods Are Legal? RightHire Does!


Assessment is an important pre-hiring step, but if not done correctly you could be in a world of legal hurt. According to a recent study, 42 percent of TA professionals felt that negligent hiring practices were the top concern for companies in 2018. Aware of these sensitive legal issues, a diverse team of scientists, business executives, and HR professionals came together in March of 2011 with the goal of building legally-defensible pre-employment assessments for any job.

A Diversity Hiring Platform's CEO Shares 4 Tactics for Building More Diverse Teams

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Like many others, Porter Braswell has a diversity challenge at his company. But, building truly diverse companies isn't easy. In fact, LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 shows diversity to be the No. His nearly four-year-old company has helped firms such as Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and the PGA of America expand their diversity pipelines. Porter concedes that even his company — which has diversity at its very core — comes up short.

The Most Popular LinkedIn Recruiting Stories of 2018

Linkedin Talent Blog

2018, it’s been real. many of you had long days trying to wow candidates – and also find more thoughtful ways to screen for potential and diverse mindsets. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the most popular articles that we published right here on the Talent Blog this year revolved around the trends mentioned above – from data showing you the most in-demand skills and top company rankings for 2018, to new ways companies are evaluating candidates, and more.

6 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Veterans


Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire Soft Skills all industries assessments diversity hiring managers hiring trends reference checking soft skillsFollow these six tips to uncover how you can improve your recruitment and retention of America’s heroes.

Recruitment Events This Summer You Won’t Want To Miss!

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Here are just some of the recruitment and HR events that SocialTalent are looking forward to in 2018. The Direct Employers Annual Meeting and Conference 2018 takes place in Seattle later this month and will address the changing and expanding role of the modern HR professional. Speakers and topics at the event are incredibly diverse, with a heavy focus on the importance of diversity, inclusion and creativity in HR roles. Recfest 2018.

4 Steps to Embed Diversity & Inclusion Into Your Organization


In the last few years, the HR world has seen a shift in perspective when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Creating a More Diverse & Inclusive Workspace. While often pushed together, diversity and inclusion refer to two different things.

5 ways technology can help your hiring process


The Predictive Index methodology utilize analytics technologies and assessments to match candidates to job descriptions with a high level of precision. Combined with the software’s reporting features, an ATS promotes diversity of hiring, an effort that can increase the number of qualified candidates in a time where talent shortages could make it difficult to source quality talent. Manual processes slow down an organization’s recruitment strategy.

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Gamification in recruiting: How and why to give it a shot


Simulation assessments could also count as ‘fun recruitment games’ – for example, using a service like HR Avatar that gives candidates scenarios to handle (such as difficult customers). Usually, gamification will be more useful in the ‘job application’ and ‘assessment’ hiring stages. You can evaluate people who have diverse experience. how a particular game assesses analytical thinking.). Games could complement (or even replace) the assessment stage.

Meet The Woman Who Eats, Sleeps and Breathes Diversity at GitLab


Needless to say, they're an extremely diverse company! Stephanie Garza: I'm the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at GitLab and have been working here for just over four months. I advise prospective candidates to familiarize themselves with our six core values: collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, iteration, and transparency. Technical assessments are administered for various roles. SG: Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental to the success of GitLab.

The Best Recruiting Software of 2018


With the end of June just around the corner, so ends the first half of 2018. Over the course of 2018, thus far, recruiting automation has shaped and changed recruiting practices making hiring smarter and faster than ever. Due to this major shift in the industry, we’re wrapping up the best recruiting software on the market in 2018. Entelo has capability to surface diverse candidates as well as anonymize search results to help recruiters mitigate unconscious bias.

Women in Tech: Hiring Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Here’s how you can fine-tune your organization’s diversity and talent strategies to achieve better attraction of today’s growing pool of female tech talent. Diversity & Inclusion Talent AssessmentStudies have shown that companies are more productive when they have a gender-mixed workplace. In order to attain this gender balance, companies need to devise a flexible recruiting approach that takes into account women’s specific needs and aspirations.