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Examining the Interview Process to Improve Candidate Experience and Employer Brand

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As the SHRM article points out, “The most common impasse occurs when candidates’ resumes sit untouched in a hiring manager’s inbox.” Advertising & Marketing Branding Candidate Experience Employee Branding Hiring Process Human Resources Interviewing Recruiting Recruiting & Sourcing Types Source the Web Sourcing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Featured

33 Candidate Experience Lessons Shared by RallyFwd™ Speakers

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At our first virtual conference, Let’s RallyFwd to Humanize the Candidate Experience , the Rally community was fortunate to have amazing speakers share their hard-earned candidate experience lessons with us. I hope their lessons provide you with the inspiration to continue improving the candidate experience at your organization! Treat candidates like you would treat your mother. Remove what makes it hard to be a candidate.


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How to Sell Your Employer Brand in the Interview

ClearCompany Recruiting

In order to be the best company in your industry, you need to hire the best employees and in order to hire the best, you need to be able to convince those candidates that your company is the best choice for them. In order to do this, it’s crucial to know how to sell your company, team and the specific position the candidate is interviewing for. When you sell a job to a potential employee , you’re effectively selling your company’s brand and what it’s like to work in your company.

Employer Brand Is About the Business (Not Just Recruiting)

Proactive Talent

Think about the recruiter who wrote the job description, screened the candidate, and enticed them into becoming very interested in the role. Think about the department head, who made a special effort to place a five-minute call with the candidate to hammer home how much that candidate was valued. At best, the recruiter might remind everyone that it’s in their best interests to remain engaged with the candidate, even if this wasn’t a great fit. Think about a great hire.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

for tomorrow’s tech tools DICE 2018 Dice Recruitment Automation Report 2 Contents Most Recruiters See AI Not as a Job Replacer, but as a Valuable Helper The Positive Impacts of Automation What Recruiters Want — and Don’t. who source and hire talent. company money 19% Poor candidate.

The Future of Candidate Experience Transformation: A 2025 Outlook

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Rising candidate controlled hiring environments are calling for complete shifts in how recruiters approach hiring. CareerBuilder surveyed companies across the globe to discover roughly 45% of businesses are unable to fill much-needed positions due to the dearth of qualified candidates; this is largely in part to the low unemployment rates coupled with heightened awareness among candidates in their power to examine a company’s employer brand. Candidate feedback.

What Is Candidate Experience, and How Does It Show up Throughout the Recruitment Process?


between February 2018 and February 2020. . Throughout the strong market, recruiting professionals have had to focus on approaching the most qualified job candidates as consumers with plenty of opportunities to choose from. But what is candidate experience?

Practical Ways to Measure and Optimize Candidate Experience for the Long-Haul

ClearCompany Recruiting

If it seems like sourcing qualified teams is becoming an increasingly tricky task, it is. Furthermore, candidates are more brave to share their experiences with a company online through career review sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and FairyGodboss, in addition to sharing experiences with friends and family through social media. Employer branding can only carry you so far if your candidates or employees are having negative experiences, then sharing them.

Bootstrap your Employer Brand


Bootstrap your Employer Brand. The emphasis on employer brand is surging as companies realize that the candidate experience can make or break someone’s willingness to apply. Not long ago, employer branding may have been a fraction of a company’s marketing department, an afterthought of targeting buyers and clients. With or without knowing it, they are evaluating your employer brand. Creating the brand organically.

The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding


Candidates now have a wider choice of employees, and it’s up to companies to persuade them that they have the workplace of their dreams. Instead of reading reviews online, job candidates are looking into what their potential employers have to offer and what makes a company stand out. As a secret weapon for hiring better quality candidates, innovative companies are dedicating time and resources to building a great employer branding strategy.

How to Tell the Difference Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing


Both concepts are candidate-facing, but your company won’t reach top talent unless you integrate them with your overall TA strategy. Today’s job seekers have more employment options that ever before, empowering them to choose the right company based on fit. In response, businesses are moving away from traditional methods of candidate attraction (public job boards, cold outreach) in favor of more employer brand-focused efforts that target talent before they apply.

Are you hiring more for culture or employer brand?

Recruiting Daily

In the last decade or so, we’ve had a lot more research and thought leadership emerge around topics like employer branding, internal culture, candidate experience, and the like. Brand” isn’t a new concept by any means — we’ve been discussing brand as long as we’ve had companies — but as new topics arise around the […].

6 Signs You Need An Employer Brand Refresh

Advance Human Capital

If you’re unsure if it’s time for an Employer Brand Refresh, you’re not alone. But what’s obvious, is if you’re going to attract and compete for the right talent, you need a strong Employer Brand. Employer Branding is not static. If you’re not delivering a good employee experience, there’s a chance your Brand is falling short and is hurting your business. What are the signs for an Employer Brand Refresh.

Survale Underwrites 2017 Candidate Experience Report


As we welcome 2018, we get treated once again to one of the most compelling research programs in talent acquisition: the Talent Board’s 2017 Candidate Experience Report. This annual candidate experience report started in 2011 and has served to quantify both the value of good candidate experience as well as the cost of bad experiences. Candidate Satisfaction Still a Huge Recruiting Advantage. Show Candidates You Care.

Do You Measure Candidate Experience?


One of the main reasons companies are automating their recruitment process using recruitment software is to give candidates a better experience, after all, they are the “customers” of your recruitment strategy so giving them a flawless journey is pivotal. What is the candidate experience? Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers perceive and react to employerssourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes.

4 Secrets to Improve the Candidate Experience with Digital Tactics

Spark Hire

The candidate experience is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of your hiring process. To deliver an excellent candidate experience, consider all of the aspects involved. When you’re focused on attracting talent , building your employer brand, talent sourcing , and everything in between, you’re directly impacting the candidate experience. It starts with the first interaction candidates have with your company.

Employer Branding Nets Top Talent

Hospital Recruiting

Today’s buzzword for Human Resource professionals is “branding.” While the term branding brings to mind Mad Men-style marketers, effective recruitment branding is not fiction. A strong employer brand equates to a talent pipeline waiting for the chance to join your team. HR is learning more about branding from their marketing peers, and is quick on the uptake. Every communication you send, active or passive, tells a story about you and your brand.



When we think of recruitment and the process it involves we instantly think about the process such as specifications of a particular job, the action of attracting candidates to apply for that job, screening and selection of candidates, hiring the right candidate and the onboarding of those candidates. These processes are changing and are facing new changes in 2018. What will the next HR trends for 2018? Candidate Experience.

Candidate Experience Mapping


Recruitment marketing is, in a way, designed to hold the candidate’s hand and lead them right to your company. A great recruitment marketing campaign is one that finds its way to the most appropriate candidates. In doing that, a good recruitment marketing strategy essentially guides the right candidate towards the role and the company. Why map the candidate journey? What does candidate experience mapping look like? From Lead to Candidate.

Why Candidate Relationship Management IS Candidate Experience


No recruiter likes hurrying candidates through the hiring process, and no candidate wants to feel they’ll never hear from that recruiter again. These kinds of negative experiences directly affect a candidate’s impression of a company’s image, and companies need to take notice. Forty-two percent of candidates claim a poor experience would prevent them from applying to another position at a company, and 22 percent say they’d tell their friends not to bother.

3 Effective Ways To Collect Candidate Experience Feedback


With all the attention being paid to improving candidate experience , one obvious strategy should be top of mind: are you collecting feedback from your actual candidates? Here are 3 effective ways you can collect feedback to improve your candidate experience. Using a chatbot as a candidate feedback tool. Sutherland, an IT service provider, built its own chatbot, Tasha , as a communication tool for their candidates.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Employer Brand


We’ve talked quite a lot about employer brand and employee value propositions lately at Hundred5, and for a good reason. If we’ve convinced you to pay more attention to your employer brand, it’s time to move on to the next step. Now that you’re working hard to become a more desirable employer, you should measure how well you’re performing. Why you should measure the effectiveness of your employer brand. Source?. Employer Branding

Fear and Loathing in HR and Talent Acquistion

Fistful of Talent

EXAMPLE : Your company’s Employment Brand (EB), as manifested by your Careers Site. Let’s say you’ve done some work on your company’s employment brand. If you wanted a 20,000 manual that answers every question in a single source, you’re at the wrong site). Candidates and employees come and use the element, and it’s probably 2-3x as good as what they’ve known elsewhere.

Survale Wins Second Straight Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Candidate Experience Management Technology


Survale named the sole winner of the Silver Award for enabling organizations to optimize recruiting using candidate feedback at each stage of the recruiting process. SAN FRANCISCO, CA December 12, 2018 – Leading Workforce Feedback and Analytics Platform, Survale , announces its receipt of a second consecutive Brandon Hall Group award for Best Advancement in Candidate Experience Management Technology. Improvement in candidate satisfaction.

The Golden Rule of Recruiting: How to Measure Employer Brand and Authenticity


Measuring employer brand has always been viewed as a challenge. Everyone understands the importance of building the brand, but few know where to start when it comes to measuring its success. By clearly defining your goals, you can identify ways to measure your brand’s impact. One of the main reasons you are building a brand is to drive traffic to your careers page. You can even track the source of the traffic. Don’t forget brand authenticity.

This Job Crunch is our Least Favorite Form of Exercise

Fistful of Talent

While LinkedIn now boasts more than half of a billion users , recruiters are simply competing against each other for all the exact same candidates ( who probably already have a job anyway ). To combat this, recruiters have to get more creative with how they reach candidates online, including new strategies for engaging candidates where they actually are. Deploying “brand ambassadors” to websites where candidates hang out, and. Behold the brand ambassador.

Why the pre-application stage is critical to a great candidate experience


Even before candidates fill out an application on your company’s site, they begin to form an opinion of your organization. Building a better pre-application stage is crucial to the development of a great candidate experience. When you discover a new brand, a similar process occurs. The source also revealed that the area of the brain responsible for assigning prices to objects also activates when meeting a new person.

5 Quick Ways to Polish Your Company’s Online Employer Brand


Now more than ever, a strong online employer brand is a must. Improving a company’s online brand is a relatively simple task that can be achieved remotely. Decide What Traits Your Brand Will Highlight. Use Your Brand to Find Candidates.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Employer Brand


Why you should measure the effectiveness of your employer brand Even though many business owners think that employer brand is difficult to measure, it’s far from impossible. The main reason for measuring is to establish what is working and what is not and how much the employer brand has an effect on the most important hiring metrics. In this way, you’ll be able to see if your potential candidates belong to your desired age group or location.

Four Big Barriers That Will Impede Talent Acquisition This Year

Recruiting Daily

Candidate Sourcing News Trends Aman Brar candidate experience employer branding employment branding Recruiting talent acquisitionGiven that 2017 marked a 17-year low for unemployment, there will be a big battle for talent this year – especially in technology, health care and professional services.

How HR Leaders Can Future-Proof Their Teams

Recruiting Daily

Blog Posts Candidate Sourcing Employment Branding HR Technology Interview Tools News Recruiting Social Media Sourcing Technology Trends candidate experience diversity and inclusion diversity d&i employer brand future proof HR hr tech hrtech inclusion my ally myally rdaily recruiting metrics Recruiting News recruitingdaily

A brief examination of candidate and employer “ghosting”

Recruiting Daily

Most discussions of ghosting seem to focus on exclusively one side of the dance, i.e. the recruiter side or the candidate side. Blog Posts Featured News candidate experience communication emails employer brand ghosting hiring Recruiting SourcingSeems like “ghosting” has been a hot topic of late in recruiting circles, so it felt wise to cover it, albeit briefly.

Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

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If you couldn’t attend the webinar last week, you can get a recap of some of the key points on our blog post, Top 7 Ways to Attract Candidates to Your Hard-to-Fill Roles. Kelly is responsible for recruitment, retention and employer branding at Northside Hospital , where she manages a team of 40. Jessica helps tell the Advocate Aurora Health employer brand story through social media, employee stories, employer ambassador activation, career site strategy and more.

Modern Digital Onboarding Is At The Heart Of Candidate Experience


Modern and smooth onboarding experience is certainly not everything, but losing a good candidate right the last stage in the process both a disappointing and expensive exercise. Every stage in the recruitment process is important and this includes any of the following stages: Employer branding. Job promotion/sourcing. Well… competitive candidates that is. Very expensive stage to lose a candidate.

How to Build an Award-Winning Candidate Experience


The Talent Board , a non-profit organization whose mission is to build quality candidate experiences, started the CandE Awards in 2010 to recognize and celebrate companies that go above and beyond to ensure candidates are treated well throughout the recruitment process. Both employers and recent candidates participate in surveys to demonstrate each organization’s recruitment process and the quality of their candidate experience.

Candidate Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Brand Aesthetic

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It’s becoming increasingly clear that employer branding is a huge part of the recruiting process. Candidate’s today want an employer that showcases its brand in the best possible light. And jobseekers do not hesitate to consult multiple sources—whether it’s LinkedIn ® , Glassdoor, or family and friends—to get more insight into a prospective employer’s culture, which means your brand is being showcased in more locations than you think.

25 Things to Know About Tech Recruiting as You Plan for Q2


How are you doing on your 2018 goals? 1: Dice’s own 2018 Salary Report showed how specialized skills are driving up the salary market. #2: 4: Hiring processes are increasingly revolving more around the candidate’s previous experiences in addition to the skills noted above. 8: Onboarding will become more important to the overall experience of tech hiring. Hiring managers are not, and they are ‘going with their gut’ to sort through candidates.

Dice 182

How to Evolve Your Employee Generated Content Using Technology

Rally Recruitment Marketing

When it comes to the job hunt, what candidates want from employers hasn’t really changed; however, what they do want is their specific questions answered about what it’s like to work for a company in the specific role they’re applying for. . Candidate Experience Recruitment Marketing

How To 221

Welcome to Employer Brand! How to Learn the Trade and Grow Professionally


Several years ago, I plugged in a simple search for “employer brand” on LinkedIn. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of calls with individuals new to or interested in employer branding. With more than 20 years of talent acquisition, employer branding, and employee communications experience, I am happy to talk shop and mentor professionals new to the field. A great place to start is by reading “ Understanding Culture, EVP and Employer Brand.”

4 Tactics Your Hiring Team Can Learn from Army Recruiters


In 2018, US Army recruiters were tasked with enlisting 70k new recruits by the end of the fiscal year. It’s no secret that high schools are one of the top sourcing-channels for military recruiters, but Myron takes a more proactive approach to finding potential recruits. CRM solutions top the list of 2019’s best recruiting tools for enhancing sourcing so that recruiters can attract and hire great talent ahead of demand.