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5 Common Sourcing Mistakes in 2018

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Here in 2018, things move fast. It’s the age of instant gratification: you get a ‘like’ of your tweet or a reply to your sourcing email, and it’s an instant win. These are the top five mistakes in sourcing that I see today. Candidate Engagement Engagement Human Resources Recruiting Recruiting & Sourcing Types Retention & Engagement Salesmanship Source the Web Sourcing Staffing Agencies Talent Acquisition Talent Management Featured

Talent Acquisition is NOT Responsible for Retention, But Guess Who Is?

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I just finished reading a very ill-informed article by a HR novice/Intern titled Employee Retention Should Be a Talent Acquisition Responsibility. This article boldly asserts that it’s now time for Talent Acquisition to become responsible for employee retention. Candidate Sourcing News Trends employee retention Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt retention TA talent acquisition


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How Workplace Giving Impacts Talent Acquisition Professionals

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Yesterday , Rachel Hutchisson discussed the role that corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs play on attracting talent, and how Blackbaud, Inc.’s Today, Peggy Anderson—Blackbaud’s vice president of Talent Acquisition—explores a few of the findings of the new Workplace Giving Report , commissioned by the Giving USA Foundation and supported by Deloitte, in the following Q&A: Source: lamnee / shutterstock.

Driving Talent Acquisition Maturity


Posted by Robin Erickson on February 22, 2018. Organizations today recognize that to execute their business strategies successfully, they need to have the right talent in place. And in order to have the right talent in place, they need to build a mature, high-performing talent acquisition (TA) function. This necessitates a broader approach to talent acquisition, which includes a commitment to change and the requisite investment in the function.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

RECRUITER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM HARD TO HIRE: 2018 THIRD-PARTY RECRUITING &. THE STATE OF TALENT ACQUISITION SURVEY / 2 /. twists and turns in talent acquisition while. 500 Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Hiring Manager, and. AS SOURCE 49% SOCIAL.

The “Must Attend” Recruiting Conferences of 2018


Conferences are a fantastic way to get up to speed on the latest in talent acquisition, hear inspiring keynotes from thought leaders, and rub elbows with other recruiters and sourcers. With that in mind, which talent acquisition conferences should you attend this year to stay sharp and grow your skills? At SourceCon, you can learn the tools and strategies for more effective sourcing. SHRM Talent Management.

6 Ways to Grow Your Intern Talent Pipeline

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Companies are on the hunt for top-tier talent that can integrate into their organization and ultimately onboard full-time after graduation. While Indeed reported that employers are increasing their open intern positions in 2018, the searches for intern opportunities haven’t followed, meaning companies could face some fierce competition for interns this year. Companies with a weak consumer brand will ultimately have a weak talent brand. Image Source here ].

8 Signs You Are Burning Out

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Engagement Recruiting & Sourcing Types Retention & Engagement Source the Web Sourcing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Workplace Stress FeaturedIt doesn’t matter if you are working as a freelancer, for a small startup or big corporation. Most people live hectic lifestyles, enduring high levels of stress, working overtime, meeting tight deadlines, and so on.

Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies of 2017


In today’s competitive and interconnected job market, HR professionals are working overtime to keep the talent pipeline well-stocked. Attracting and retaining top talent is a major priority right now (in fact, over 83% of recruiting leaders say it’s the #1 priority for their company)—but how can you compete with every other company that needs the same skillset? A strong talent acquisition strategy helps you stand out among everyone else clamoring for top talent.

Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies of 2017


In today’s competitive and interconnected job market, HR professionals are working overtime to keep the talent pipeline well-stocked. Attracting and retaining top talent is a major priority right now (in fact, over 83% of recruiting leaders say it’s the #1 priority for their company)—but how can you compete with every other company that needs the same skillset? A strong talent acquisition strategy helps you stand out among everyone else clamoring for top talent.

Launch of LSR Online Learning Center Levels Talent Acquisition Playing Field

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LSR Online Learning Center Provides an Affordable, Easy Way to Attract, Hire and Retain Top Talent . Phoenix, AZ, March 27, 2018: Local Sales Recruitment (LSR), a training program that engages and coaches management teams with proven solutions for locating, attracting, hiring and retaining employees, is now available via the LSR Online Learning Center. NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT .

2018 People, HR, TA and Recruiting Conferences


Here’s a list of top upcoming Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Recruiting conferences, events and expos of 2018. Cool and new tools for recruiting in 2018. Driving successful talent acquisition in a high-growth global digital environment. TATech Leadership Summit on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition (Feb. ERE Sourcecon Spring 2018 (Feb. Tactical sourcing tips.

Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies of 2017


In today’s competitive and interconnected job market, HR professionals are working overtime to keep the talent pipeline well-stocked. Attracting and retaining top talent is a major priority right now (in fact, over 83% of recruiting leaders say it’s the #1 priority for their company)—but how can you compete with every other company that needs the same skillset? A strong talent acquisition strategy helps you stand out among everyone else clamoring for top talent.

The retooled recruiter: Driving talent acquisition value through advanced capabilities


Not unlike HR Business Partners, talent acquisition professionals also need to reinvest in and reinvent themselves in sync with the times. Advances in robotic processing and artificial intelligence solve many “old school” complaints that recruiters just don’t have time to source, consult, or be a partner because their role is too administratively heavy. 1 lever for a high-impact talent acquisition organization is the relationship between managers and recruiters.

Prediction 11: Talent acquisition will tap the power of internal mobility


Posted by Robin Erickson on January 25, 2018. Even though Bersin research reveals internal mobility is one of the top three differentiators of a successful, mature talent acquisition capability, it also finds that fully three-quarters of companies have only rudimentary internal mobility programs. These internal candidates are trusted, talented employees who have already been through the organization’s performance management system.

Prediction: Talent acquisition will use AI and predictive data to become truly embedded in the business


Posted by Denise Moulton on December 5, 2018. For several years, talent acquisition (TA) has been emerging from its silo of filling headcount to become part of an overarching talent strategy. In 2019, we expect record-low unemployment rates and a demand for niche skills to hasten that transformation and make the TA function a critical player in ensuring that organizations have the talent they need to be productive. Bersin Talent

7 Ways to Minimize Cost-Per-Hire


Along with source pipeline, candidate quality, long-term retention, and other key performance metrics, tracking your cost-per-hire will help you to understand the performance of your recruiting initiatives better and minimize your expenses across the board. Employers automation recruitment referring talent acquisitionOne of the most critical KPIs recruiters seek to improve is their cost-per-hire.

The Role of HR in Employee Experience: 9 Ways To Boost Employee Retention Rates


According to statistics that CakeHR compiled, offering regular employee feedback also improves retention rates. However, compensation remains a key driver for talent acquisition, job performance, and employee retention. . Source: Forbes.

By the Numbers: December 28, 2018


Talent acquisition in 2018 was quite the year – we saw the historically low unemployment rate drop even lower, the alleged skills gap get wider, the adoption of technological innovations grow larger, the continued addition of new generations (we’re looking at you, Millennials and Gen Zers), the list goes on and on. 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report. Hard to Hire: 2018 Third-Party Recruiting and the State of Talent Acquisition Survey Report.

What the Hottest Voices in HR Tech Have to Say

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During constant change, it’s valuable to have some influencers in our lives to follow, to act as a source for trends that will help us work on the smartest talent attracting strategies. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite influencers in HR, followed by quotes about their thoughts on the latest trends in HR technology and talent success. It is the most basic area of talent acquisition.

The Top 25 Best Applicant Tracking Systems (Updated for 2018)


– iCims Talent Acquisition. – – – IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite. – SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite. The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service helps companies easily attract and retain top talent. They are the market leading solution for talent management platforms and their software includes everything from social job sharing to offer management. This service relies heavily on social media sourcing tools.

How Top Recruiters Are Applying "The Toyota Way" to Talent Acquisition Part 2

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to talent acquisition to help them deliver the talent that their organizations need in this tight labor market. It’s important to carefully evaluate whether any recruiting technology will actually help you do a better job of delivering high-quality talent to hiring managers. In sourcing, for example, consider the companies that people have worked for or applied for (Hirevisor gives you access to this information).

How Losing Top Talent is Impacting Your Bottom Line & What to Do About it

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If employee turnover has been a persistent problem, leadership is scrambling to hit deadlines while the talent acquisition team tries to fill roles. Unfortunately, this situation is all too real if your organization hasn’t been giving employee retention the right attention. Employee retention demands leadership attention. Pressures Talent Acquisition. Employee referral programs are a great way to bring in talent quick.

Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

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Kelly Piccininni, Talent Acquisition Manager. Kelly is responsible for recruitment, retention and employer branding at Northside Hospital , where she manages a team of 40. If I had time to source more content, especially team member stories, quotes and testimonials, I’d love to do 2-3 posts per day on Facebook and up to 5-6 times on Twitter. Symphony Talent helps us to execute on this from a technology standpoint. Is there a retention component?

4 Trends to Expect in the Year Ahead

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Source: Oakozhan / iStock / Getty Images. As the talent and skills gaps continue to widen, companies and talent acquisition professionals are getting smarter about who they CAN hire and train to create the right workforce. Data will drive recommendations for talent management across the employee life cycle. Retention Takes and HOLDS Center Stage. In 2018, companies began to see a shift in how long their employees were staying with them.

Optimistic Employers Embrace Benefits for Talent Attraction

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What’s driving these renewed feelings is also the key to attracting top talent: robust benefits. Source: GrafVishenka / iStock / Getty. These are two key findings from the 2018 Aflac WorkForces Report (AWR), a national online survey of 1,700 benefits decision-makers and 2,000 employees across the U.S., According to the 2018 Aflac study, 61% are extremely or very satisfied with their benefits, compared with 46% in 2011. 2017 saw job satisfaction among U.S.

7 Must Haves in a Proven Talent Management Solution

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Planning for your organization’s future is what separates a personnel manager from a talent leader. Most experts agree there are 7 components to comprehensive talent management : Employee Planning. Sourcing, Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring (Talent Acquisition). Each piece of the talent management pie relies on other areas in order to work. Want to know the 7 unique components of total talent management? Sourcing. Talent Management

Talent acquisition outcomes: So much more than ?better hiring?


Posted by Robin Erickson and Denise Moulton on June 19, 2018. We’ve been seeing significant evolution in the talent acquisition (TA) function for some years now as companies continue to refine how they attract, recruit, select, and onboard talent in a competitive market. But even we were surprised by how strongly the latest Bersin , Deloitte Consulting LLP research on high-impact talent acquisition confirms TA’s advancement since our last study in 2014.

This Is How To Be More Aware Of The Superior Value Of Neurodiversity In The Workplace


Click To Tweet It sees difference as a source of strength and heterogeneity as a value rather than a challenge to be overcome, and is amongst the most progressive recruitment strategies. Click To Tweet This is especially valuable when determining how to attract top talent. Our emotional intelligence is honed through every day interaction enabled by acceptance, creating an environment that beckons top talent.

Add AI-Powered Talent Management to Greenhouse ATS in 4 Hours


Or you could add a powerful Talent Intelligence Platform to your Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and gain new capabilities you never had before. We’re partnering with Greenhouse because we agree that finding talented people is too hard today. The combination of Greenhouse ATS and the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is making every aspect of talent management better for our customers. What can you do in 4 hours?

SurvaleTM Announces Record Growth, New Capabilities and Awards for 2018


2018 was another year of explosive growth for Survale, fueled by partnerships, strong new product capabilities, and high client satisfaction. “Hiring managers now know we’re surveying these candidates and they’re accountable for what is occurring in these interviews,” added Matt McDonald, Director of Talent Acquisition for Survale client Workiva. “I

No Longer Just an Afterthought: High-Performing Talent Acquisition Teams Influence Organizational Profitability


Posted by Robin Erickson January 29, 2018. I’m excited to announce that we just published Bersin’s latest High-Impact Talent Acquisition (HITA) study, with 1,220 global participants. This study is only our second industry study for talent acquisition—and, yes, the world has changed since our last industry study published in September 2014. We found that talent acquisition (TA) can contribute meaningfully to an organization’s success.

Create the Performance Management of Your Dreams with the Best of ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities. For nearly two decades, we’ve been helping midsize companies transform the way they source, recruit, hire and onboard talent. Bolster Your Talent Management by Focusing on These 6 Areas. Source ).

The Best Recruitment Events in 2019 (Part One)

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Talent acquisition, recruitment and HR are people-person roles, so it makes sense that there are literally hundreds of networking events every year for those in this industry. SourceCon highlight the ‘stories of sourcing’, which ‘are what makes the world go round. Join us in Amsterdam this year for the second European SourceCon and listen to the sourcing stories our speakers have to tell. Strategic Talent Acquisition (HCI).

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies for Talent Attraction

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Source: lamnee / shutterstock. Allowing voice and choice builds engagement and retention. Over time, as we grew—both organically and through the acquisition of other businesses with their own traditions—it became clear that we need to update our programs to reflect who we are today and to allow for more flexibility. The post Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies for Talent Attraction appeared first on Recruiting Daily Advisor.

Survale Wins Second Straight Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Candidate Experience Management Technology


SAN FRANCISCO, CA December 12, 2018 – Leading Workforce Feedback and Analytics Platform, Survale , announces its receipt of a second consecutive Brandon Hall Group award for Best Advancement in Candidate Experience Management Technology. It embeds in the hiring organization’s career site, tracking candidate behavior, gathering qualitative employer brand and candidate experience feedback and combining it with quantitative metrics like career site traffic, candidate sources and more.

Insights from IMPACT 2018: What Is Talent?


Posted by Bersin insights on April 6, 2018. The definition of talent is changing in today’s workplace, contributing to a tumultuous shift in how HR professionals manage their talent. This disruptive environment is forcing leaders all over the world to readjust their settings when it comes to attracting and nurturing talent in their organizations. Source: Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP, 2018. Continuum of Talent Options.

Want to Find Top Talent? Hire Boomerangs


Posted by Robin Erickson on August 8, 2018. 1 Moreover, turnover is likely to continue to rise: The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey found that 43 percent of 10,000 Millennial respondents and 61 percent of 1,800 Generation-Z respondents expect to leave their current employers within two years. Higher turnover means higher talent acquisition (TA) costs. I suggest five ideas in my new article, Hiring Boomerangs: An Efficient Way to Source Top Talent.

Optimizing for the Future: Now Is the Time for Mid-Market TA Strategy


Posted by Denise Moulton on February 28, 2018. Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends 1 indicates a not-so-surprising truth: talent acquisition (TA) sits at the center of the business, as this function is responsible for identifying the talent to propel businesses forward. A standard approach that works for every organization does not exist today; and for TA teams working in the mid-market, determining the best way to engage talent is sometimes a mystery.

In the Trenches: Seasonal Hiring with a Retail Store Manager

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In addition to ensuring the success of the store and managing staff, Michele is also responsible for all talent acquisition, including seasonal hiring, which kicks off the first week of September – yes, you heard that right! She talked to us about how her store sources talent and the challenges and opportunities that come along with hiring for the holidays. Nexxt: What sources or tools do you use to make these hires? But a lot of talent proactively seeks us out.