Mindfulness at Work: Developing a Culture of Mindful Leadership and Empathy

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It doesn’t inspire creativity, loyalty and retention. Can your message be organized to not disturb the mind and emotions of the recipient? Save your seat by registering for ACE 2020. Creating and developing mindfulness at work has always been challenging.

How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

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So it's critical to think about retention as early as when you're interviewing new candidates. Because attrition can have such a profound effect on your bottom line, it makes fiscal sense to prioritize retention.


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How to manage a remote team successfully pt 3: Compassion and motivation

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With the current COVID-19 crisis leading to more remote working environments than ever before, your emotional intelligence as a manager will be put to the test. . More than ever, you need to check in on the emotional and mental well-being of your team.

How to ensure psychological safety in the workplace


The emphasis of the research was not on professional skills and team members’ expertise, but rather on group dynamics, personality traits and emotional intelligence.

HR Takes Center Stage During the Pandemic

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If there is a silver lining to be found in this year, it lies in the opportunities to positively impact employee morale, well-being, retention, and productivity—all elements necessary for business growth and profitability. But 2020 may be the trigger to change that.

Future Proof Your Dealership with a Strategic Staffing Plan


And if you’re looking for more tips on how to move forward with your dealership, join us tomorrow for Elevate 2020 , the only retail automotive event focused on building your best-in-class people operations, for free! Plus, it can lead to stronger engagement and retention.

Why XR Is the Ideal Tool for Reskilling and New Skilling Your Employees

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The same study found that VR learners were 275% more confident to act on what they had learned during training, which leads to better knowledge retention.

You Have Low Employee Engagement Scores – What Do You Do to Improve It?

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Compared with business units in the bottom quartile, those in the top quartile of engagement realize substantially better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents, and 21 percent higher profitability.

13 HR Trends: The New Workplace

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Companies that advocate for frequent recognition are 41% more likely to see increased employee retention and 34% more likely to see increased employee engagement. And yet, employees’ emotional, physical, and mental health has declined and requires more attention than ever given recent months.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


Even as remote work becomes more of a standard in 2020 and beyond, human interaction is highly valued and appreciated. Focus on the fundamentals: intelligence, personality, diligence. The best companies also give retention equity packages to fully vested employees.

Webinar Recap: Do You Really Know What New-Skilling Means?

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The research involved examining and contrasting survey respondents’ behaviors, practices and attitudes to explore how they influence retention rate, profitability, and innovation at their respective companies. The employment landscape looks noticeably different today than it did in March.

New Data on Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling

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and improved their retention of female leaders by 70%. This report found that analytics and dedication to proactive diversity and inclusion programs helped increase female leadership representation and retention, improve diversity, and address inclusion inequity in all business operations.

Data 74

Getting Started with a Competency-Based Skills Audit


If that applies to you, a recent article in Forbes identified the essential skills every company needs in 2020. These ten skills are data literacy, critical thinking, ‘tech savviness’, adaptability, creativity, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and diversity, leadership skills, judgment and complex decision making and collaboration. Getting Started with a Competency-Based Skills Audit.

5 Ways to Incorporate HR Strategy in the C-suite


The resulting incorporation of HR strategy in the C-suite can hold significant upside in the retention and development of C-suite members, in addition to providing a culture enriched trickle-down throughout the wider organisation and of course, positive financial implications on the bottom line. #1

Has AI revolutionised psychometric talent assessment?


If so, you’re not living in 2020. Psychometric assessment outlines an individual’s emotional intelligence, potential, personality profile, and behaviour. . By knowing this information BEFORE screening the candidate, employers better invest their time in suitable candidates and increase their retention rate. .

The Definitive Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

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Measure these things in candidates can help with identifying the behaviors and natural inclinations of candidates that are linked to job satisfaction, retention, and engagement over long periods of time. Retention. Pre-Employment Testing Predicts Employee Retention Rate.

Why you must have a CHRO in your business in 2020?


Not only this, the conventional responsibilities of managing payroll, analysing employee performance, communicating the company’s goals, along with training and retention, add into the job description of an HR. Yet another trait of a CHRO is to maintain emotional intelligence.

Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent

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Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent. We are a certified Continuing Education provider for. Get Your Credits Now. The FACT-Driven Hiring System includes: Creating the Framework for identifying and attracting your ideal candidates is the foundation of your hiring efforts.

Help Managers Support Newly Remote Employees: 7 Tips From Psychologists & Leadership Experts


The fiercely competitive hiring environment has kept the focus on how engagement improves performance, morale, and retention. Has your company been forced into remote working due to the pandemic? Remote work can be great in normal times. By no stretch of the imagination is this a normal time.

6 Recruiting Lessons From Horror Movies That Are Scarily Good

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Rob Savage’s Host (2020) makes an excellent case for being as thoughtful as possible during video calls. The Shining: An inauthentic employer brand will only hurt retention and employee satisfaction.

Film 32

Building a Team of True Team Players

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Here being smart means having emotional intelligence. A person who has emotional intelligence isn’t afraid to be introspective and speak about who they really are, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Does Your Company Offer Wellness Programs to Attract Talent?

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Because stress in the workplace is becoming a widespread epidemic and is likely decreasing your organization’s employee retention rates while increasing its presenteeism and absenteeism rates, as well as its number of healthcare claims—which is costing your organization a whole lot of money. Emotional Self-Care. As more employees are trained to be emotionally intelligent, they are more likely to get emotionally drained.

Bedside Manners Aren’t Limited to Healthcare Workers

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2020 was a challenging year for many, and it’s brought forth the need for several difficult conversations in the workplace. Naturally, when people approach a difficult conversation, they subconsciously suppress their humanity and emotions to get through it as quickly as possible.

Investing in the HiPo’s (High Potentials)


Where prior to the events of 2020, a report by Luminate into skills shortages in the UK, took data from the Employer Skills Survey, demonstrating some startling findings that included a third of UK vacancies, 33%, being hard to fill. . Emotionally intelligent .

What 5 Horror Movies Can Teach You About Hiring This Halloween

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The Shining: an inauthentic employer brand will only hurt retention and employee satisfaction. American Psycho: recruiting for emotional intelligence is just as important as hard skills. By 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are predicted to change the hiring landscape as we know it —increasing the demand for distinctly human traits, like emotional intelligence (EQ).

How to Lead in Today’s Changing Workforce


Shannon anything that you see interesting from what your what the attendees have voiced their top priority for 2020 .

5 Ways to Create Fluid Talent in Your Company

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Companies can increase employee retention and appeal to prospective employees by employing fluid talent in their career pathways. Furthermore, studies show that soft skills such as problem-solving and emotional intelligence—which aren’t necessarily learned in the classroom—will be in high demand by 2020.