How AI Improves Hiring In Retail Banking


Wait, is AI actual helpful when hiring in retail banking? In short, you will hire more (i.e. Banking is being digitized at a rapid rate, meaning that by 2029, we’re likely to have significantly less employees overall. Optimize Your Hiring Using AI.

Know the Numbers…

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Hires & Turnover. Number of hires were at 5.9 Hires Rate: 3.9% . Projected Unemployment Rate in 2029: 4.7%. Employment & Unemployment. Employment Rate: 60.4%. Unemployment Rate: 3.6% . Underemployment Rate: 12.5% . Youth (16 to 24) Unemployment Rate: 7.9%.

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Tips to Help You Build an Effective Recruitment Plan

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A recent study conducted by shows that over 10,000 Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) will hit 65 and retire daily from now until 2029. A famous person once said, “ Good things come to those who wait.” ” Well, not when it comes to recruitment!

Considering Older Workers For Your Team

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Statistics show that 10,000 Boomers turn 65 every day until 2029. Hiring Managers Recruiting Sourcing boomers Hire based on skill set hire quality canididates hire quality people hiring older workersAre a high percentage of your sellers Boomers?

Talent Mobility: Why it Matters to the Future of Your Organization


A recent study suggests that, through 2029, employers in every state will face significant skills shortages, particularly among employees educated to degree level or higher. The added advantage of those in-house hires of course is that they already understand your organization’s culture and infrastructure. An easy-to-navigate career pathing program enables your company to tap into skills you may not be aware exist, reducing hiring costs.

#10YearChallenge: How Much of a Difference Has a Decade Made in Employment Law?

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With the rollout of the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations January 1, 2020, and other laws on the horizon, I look forward to seeing what the new #10yearchallenge holds in 2029!

18 Examples of “COVID Considerations” in Job Ads [Facebook, Amazon, Deloitte & More]


Now, COVID-19 has pushed many companies to implement “COVID Considerations” into their hiring process. Training New Hires. Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, this hire will start off working remotely and will only visit client sites upon request.

Succession Plans – Beneficial Across All Categories

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It’s estimated that though 2029, 10,000 Baby Boomers will retire from the workforce every day. When hiring this demographic, as well as others, career mapping is important. That conversation can be a strong attraction for potential hires. Katarzyna Bia’asiewicz/

How to Win the War on Talent in the Financial Services and Banking Industry

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Onboarding and Hiring. Onboarding and Hiring. Add this to the fact, that the competition to identify and hire top talent is perhaps fiercer today than ever before. banking , employee engagement , financial services , hiring , recruiting , talent , war on talent.

PIC Reports: The Rise of A.I.


Have you ever hired an electrician at your house? In my first role, I spent a lot of time coordinating interviews amongst hiring managers, I ran reports and analyzed data. Some believe this could happen as early as 2029, others could see it taking another 100 years. .

The Story of This 70-year-old Intern May Be The Next Hot Trend in Recruiting

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It turns out she was right—and hiring managers and recruiters in other companies might want to take note. By 2029, over 20% of the total U.S. When you hear the word “intern,” you probably don’t think of a 70-year-old retiree.

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Transform Your Perspective: Event Activities at ACE 2019 in Chicago, September 10-11

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