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Unite Airlines announced a “new” lottery program to take the place of their normal quarterly bonus program. The airline’s president, Scott Kirby, said the company had listened carefully to feedback from employees and decided to scrap the program. Even if the change might benefit them.

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Is it time to kill bonus programs?


United Airlines recently had what they thought was a brilliant idea: replacing modest quarterly bonuses with a new lottery program that gave a few lucky employees the opportunity to win a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class and up to $100,000 cash.

Delta’s Flexible Staffing: ‘Win-Win’ Or No Win?

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Delta Air Lines is the only domestic airline to use a flexible staffing program. The airline calls it a “win-win,” saying it helps better manage staffing levels. But critics say it’s a not-so-thinly-veiled attempt to simply eliminate full-time jobs with benefits.

The Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019


Following Adobe, we see a few familiar names: social media giant Facebook and Southwest Airlines rank second and third, respectively, with Facebook placing in the top five for the third year running and Southwest Airlines placing in the top five for the fourth year in a row. .

Why Some Companies Are Letting Employees Choose Their Own Perks and Benefits

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If you were to ask a sample of employees what perk or benefit they care about most, chances are you’d get a variety of answers. The point is: there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for deciding which benefits and perks make the most sense for your company.

Best of the Best: The Top-Rated Workplaces in 2018


A semantic analysis of employee reviews shows that people at Facebook most often refer to the “great environment”, “amazing benefits” and “great people” (not to mention the “free food”). Southwest Airlines. Health insurance and holiday benefits are second to none.”.

Employers learn new recruitment strategies at SourceU Hawaii


SourceU Hawaii was co-sponsored by the Prince Waikiki Hotel, Alaska Airlines, Kumabe HR, SmartSearch applicant tracking software, with publicity and promotional support from the Hawaii Employers Council, Success Advertising Hawaii, and TH!NK.

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Recruitment & The Battle to Tackle The Gender Pay Gap

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Airlines seem to be the biggest culprits when it comes to gender pay gaps. And one standout airline is that of Ryanair, with men earning 72% more per hour than women. When looking at the airline industry, the majority of the pilots hired are predominantly men.

Here’s The One Big Takeaway From LinkedIn’s Most Popular Job Posts

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Corporate Sales Account Manager – Southwest Airlines. Or, that companies like HBO, Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Michael Kors, and the BBC made the list? My relative is now employed full-time by Tesla and very happy, making a decent wage with great benefits. ” Yes, companies with big brands pay big benefits for those fortunate enough to figure out a way to get hired by them.

10 of The Best Companies To Work For in 2017

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Usually, they make the top 10 because of their fantastic benefits as well as the culture and enjoyable work environment they provide. Employee benefits and employee experience feature prominently in the employee feedback. Southwest Airlines.

Icelandair: Flying High with Sonru Video Interviewing


The geographical position of Iceland is convenient for one-stop transatlantic flights, which are one pillar of the airline’s business strategy. Among the many benefits enjoyed by Icelandair since adopting Video Interviewing are: Cost savings & higher conversions.

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The Revival of the Staffing Industry Executive Forum

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Virtual reality was going to take their place and put the gropers at the TSA and the airlines with their soaring airfares in their place. I had the chance to have a beer with Staffing Industry Analyst’s Hugo Traeger a few weeks back.

Bitten by the Travel Bug? 15 Jobs That Will Satisfy Your Wanderlust


There are many jobs available that require some travel time—not to mention, traveling for work has a variety of other benefits. Employers can also benefit from hiring people who have traveled as they may be able to think innovatively about ways of operating and bring new ideas to the table.

Top-Rated Workplaces: Culture


Aside from benefits like tuition support and vacation time, these companies offer training and advancement opportunities. Meanwhile Apple (#13) is the highest ranking tech firm while Southwest Airlines (#10)takes the top spot for air travel.

What Are the Top Companies to Work for in 2016?


For instance, airline innovator Southwest Airlines placed second, beating the next highest ranking aviation firm Delta by 15 places. What are the top companies to work for in America? It’s an important question, and here at Indeed we have data that can help answer it.

The Most Transgender Friendly Workplaces In America


This year, half of Fortune 500 companies offered transgender inclusive healthcare benefits, including surgical procedures. Some of the earliest adopters of such health insurance policies include Aetna, American Airlines, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, and Nike. Half of Fortune 500 companies offer transgender inclusive healthcare benefits, including surgical… Click To Tweet.

Chatbots: Instant Gratification for Job Applicants

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According to The Economist , “Users should find bots smoother to use, … and talking to bots may be more appealing than dealing with a customer-support agent of a bank or airline.” You: Do y’all offer benefits? Bot: If offered the position, yes, you’ll receive full benefits.

The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Building an Authentic Hiring Brand


People want to work for companies that not only appreciate and value their contribution but offer the best work environment and benefits. Southwest Airlines does fun-loving customer service.

A “No Shoes” Policy and Other Unique Traditions That Make These 5 Company Cultures Stand Out

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But at Gusto, the payroll, benefits, and HR platform, employees enjoy that same sense of relaxation all day long — because the company operates a “no shoes” policy in its Denver and San Francisco offices. This was the case at Southwest Airlines.

Strengthen Your Staffing Firm’s Brand with Social Advertising


Think “Southwest Airlines,” and you might start dreaming about getting away for a quick vacation. These benefits can help you broadcast and strengthen your brand’s name, and there are many campaign options to consider. The most well-known brands are powerful. Evocative. Instantly recognizable: Think “Coca-Cola,” and you’ll instantly crave a cold beverage. Think “Nike,” and you’ll probably imagine your next workout.

Top-Rated Workplaces: Veterans


Airline giant Delta also receives strong reviews from veterans, coming in at number three. The easier we make it for veterans to enter the workforce and utilize their skills to the maximum, the more companies and vets themselves will benefit.

Best Places to Work Starts With Hiring

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At Southwest Airlines , our world-famous culture and reputation for putting our people first allows us to recruit the best. We know we’re lucky to have inherited this culture from our legendary founders, who entrusted us to maintain what’s special about the LUV Airline.

Top-Rated Workplaces: City by City


Next comes airline giant Delta , also headquartered in Atlanta. A former team leader based in the city said the company is perfect for those who desire “employment that challenges you,” while a former customer service representative said there was “never a dull moment” working at the airline.

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Staffing News of the Day, January 9, 2014

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jobless benefits applications fell by 15,000 last week [Market Watch]. Why the ‘ open office’ trend may undermine the very benefits it’s supposed to uphold [New Yorker]. Fear and outrage over ‘ downward spiral’ after Norwegian airline contracts are moved to staffing firm Proffice [SIA].

The Truth About Older (50+) Salespeople

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The entire sales team can benefit from emulating salespeople who have accumulated a reservoir of experience working with customers. Chances are you are putting your life in the hands of one of the 70,000 airline pilots that are over 50 years old.

Are You Ready to Respond to the End of Employees?

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For example, in the case of Southwest Airlines, use of contingent workers is not just about meeting the present demand, but a long-term strategic consideration.

9 Incredible Employee Perks That Really Exist


Not only does this perk benefit employees, it also helps the bottom line: companies lose an estimated $86.9 Not long ago, Facebook and Apple made headlines when they announced they would start offering egg-freezing benefits as a way to attract recruit female employees.

By the Numbers: January 19, 2018


Enlisted Military Personnel, Firefighters, Airline Pilots and Police Officers, due to the increased risk of physical hazards each day. Compensation History Inquiry Ban. With the start of 2018 comes the start (or continuation) of adopting new legislation.

CandE Awards: An Interview With Kevin Grossman, Talent Board


Fifty companies across the country are taking home honors this year , including KPMG, American Airlines, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and AT&T, just to name a few. That’s the benefit you could reap, even if you only changed a few things.

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How to be Happy – Time to call off the “Engagement”

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” The speaker from a international airline proudly stated his results. There are a great deal of benefits of adopting this approach and adapting it for employees. “Yes that’s right, we had a one hundred percent response rate to the survey.”

The Most Transgender Friendly Workplaces In America


This year, half of Fortune 500 companies offered transgender inclusive healthcare benefits, including surgical procedures. Some of the earliest adopters of such health insurance policies include Aetna, American Airlines, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, and Nike. Half of Fortune 500 companies offer transgender inclusive healthcare benefits, including surgical… Click To Tweet.

Top-Rated Workplaces for Job Security and Advancement


Other industries that make a strong showing for job security and advancement include shipping (FedEx at #9 and UPS at #14) and air travel (Southwest Airlines at #11 and American Airlines at #15). Excellent training, benefits, and work environment,” another employee raves. “[The

By the Numbers: June 15, 2018


Southwest Airlines. Every company today should be thinking about its diversity program and considering the immense benefit to their organization when they are inclusive,” said Kristina Yarrington, VP of marketing for Dice. Companies Not Stepping it Up with Family Benefits Plans.

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300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Companies that have women in leadership roles have traditionally fared better than their counterparts,” – The Benefit of More Women in Leadership Roles, www.womenofhr.com. a , Specialist at SmartLynx Airlines Ltd. Carrie Corbin , Global Head of Employer Brand for American Airlines | Culture |Diversity | Recruitment Marketing | HR Tech. Tatyana Odineca , Payroll and Benefits Administrator at Alzheimer Society of Ontario.

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How to Assess Attention to Detail in Job Applicants (+ Interview Questions)


Small details can have big consequences, as Delta Airlines witnessed a couple of years ago. Having a person like this on your team benefits your company greatly as they can create new and improve existing processes to ensure everyone does a better job.