ClearCompany Partner Spotlight: Checkr

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Using preliminary background screening tests and assessments, you can easily save both time and money for your organization. Read more about how @ClearCompany’s and @Checkr’s partnership is revolutionizing #hiring strategies! How Checkr and ClearCompany Work Together.

Why Your Franchise Needs A Centralized Hiring Process | ClearCompany

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You need to be sure you are sourcing and hiring the right candidate for the right role. To ensure you are sourcing and hiring the strongest candidates, you need to create a clear hiring process that is repeatable and produces high-quality results.


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How Absorb LMS Partnered with ClearCompany to Drive Future Growth

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By empowering amazing learning experiences, Absorb LMS engages learners, fuels content retention, and elevates training programs. Absorb worried that this created a candidate experience that wasn’t up to standard.

Using the Right Technology to Support an Undeniable Candidate Experience

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Nearly four in five candidates ( 78% ) say a company’s overall candidate experience is an indicator for how well they value their employees. A recruiter’s day is often tied up in administrative tasks, leaving minimal, if any at all, time to update candidates on their application status or be available for questions and concerns. First, what establishes a bad candidate experience? Reply to Candidates in a Jiff. Candidate Experience HR Tech

The Future of Candidate Experience Transformation: A 2025 Outlook

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Rising candidate controlled hiring environments are calling for complete shifts in how recruiters approach hiring. CareerBuilder surveyed companies across the globe to discover roughly 45% of businesses are unable to fill much-needed positions due to the dearth of qualified candidates; this is largely in part to the low unemployment rates coupled with heightened awareness among candidates in their power to examine a company’s employer brand. Candidate feedback.

Why Building an End-to-End Candidate Experience Should Be Priority #1

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Creating a great candidate experience used to be nice to have. In fact, when we all had multiple candidates clamoring for our open jobs, we could even expect them to put up with out of date candidate experiences, characterized by things like: Poorly designed, difficult to navigate career sites or pages. Consider the fact that almost every other aspect of a candidate’s life has become easier than getting through the hiring process. Candidate Experience

Practical Ways to Measure and Optimize Candidate Experience for the Long-Haul

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Furthermore, candidates are more brave to share their experiences with a company online through career review sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and FairyGodboss, in addition to sharing experiences with friends and family through social media. Employer branding can only carry you so far if your candidates or employees are having negative experiences, then sharing them. How do you measure an experience? How do you measure an experience that’s not your own?

Become a Hiring Expert with the Best of ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs, and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities. Learn more with The Best of @ClearCompany: #Hiring Edition. Welcome to Best of ClearCompany: Recruit and Hire Edition. ClearCompany offers a simple, streamlined path to starting your text recruiting journey.

Discover The Different Types of Employee Engagement Surveys

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Below we break down what, exactly, employee engagement surveys are and how organizations can utilize ClearCompany’s survey templates better to understand the well-being and engagement levels of their employees. What types of surveys does ClearCompany offer? ClearCompany has you covered!

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The State of HR: Trends and Change in 2019

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We’ve seen a trend towards focusing on the candidate experience ; it’s no longer a one-way street. Employers are making themselves more approachable, personable, and focusing on making candidates feel like they’re not just one in a pile of resumes, that the company is interested in them for their individual strengths. The problem companies are facing now, is how to assess soft skills during the hiring process.

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The New HR Tech Landscape: Best of Breed VS End-to-End

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Assess Your Needs. If you need to make a case to executive management, hold a meeting with all members of your HR team to work on this assessment before you build out your pitch. Candidate assessments. Candidate experience (current or desired). Candidate referral process. For example, after you and your team assess your needs, you come to find you really only need a solution for applicant tracking and onboarding at the moment.

What to Look for in a Modern Recruitment Platform

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ClearCompany has a list of features to look for: Be sure to look past the basic applicant tracking system (ATS) features. Today, candidates expect mobile functionality and a smooth candidate experience. And that’s just the candidate-facing features. Internally, modern recruitment platforms can provide interviewing guides, customized scorecards for interview feedback communications, hiring analytics, predictive performance and pre-hire assessments.

How Modern is Your Recruiting Process?

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From the perspective of candidates and top talent, the way you communicate to the technology you use to recruit sets your business apart from your competitors. They help candidates weed out who’s who in the industry, and what companies they could see themselves working for in the future. Find out if you're a Guru, Bilingual, Wizard, Hybrid or Cyborg with this @ClearCompany quiz: In today’s candidate-facing job market, the more modern your process the better.

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#RedBranchWeekly: 4 Steps for Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent


First, Talent Tech Labs shows you how hidden assessments can help hone in on right-fit talent. Talent Tech Labs: How Hidden Assessments Help You Hone In On Right-Fit Talent . The candidate experience can be majorly disrupted by a lengthy hiring process. After applicants get through the application process, they typically go through a preliminary screening process which may lead to taking some sort of assessment.

5 Onboarding Tips to Win Over New Hires

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To begin a hiring journey, the candidate must woo the potential future employer. For the candidate to stay on the journey, the employer must woo the new hire. Studies show the top reasons employees leave so early in their tenure is due to a poor onboarding experience , a lack of clarity surrounding job duties, unrealistic expectations set in the hiring stages and a manager they can’t get along with. Recent Posts: Checklist for Candidate Experience.

100 powerful hiring & job statistics for 2020


What we do know from the last few years is that the paradigm has shifted int he US and it’s recently been a candidate’s market. There are many questions for candidates and their employers alike to consider when formulating their strategy for the new year. ClearCompany ).

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