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The Complete Guide to Recruitment Software


The Complete Guide to Recruitment Software. Recruitment software is one of the new indispensables in hiring that talent acquisition professionals should be using. What is recruitment software? 7 Amazing Advantages of Utilizing Recruitment Software.

Psychometric Talent Assessment: Its history, methods & benefits


Talent Assessment is synonymous with psychometric assessments. Psychometrics is a field of psychology study that develops frameworks and theories related to testing, measurement, and assessment of metal capabilities. So how are psychometric assessments conducted?


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Candidate Experience: The 10 Commandments


With employment at a record high and a growing skills shortage across many sectors, providing a positive candidate experience is more important than ever. If a candidate has a poor experience with your company or you have a bad reputation as an employer, there’s a strong chance that they won’t want to work for you. But what makes a positive candidate experience and how can you improve yours? Thou shalt not take weeks and weeks to assess applications.

3 Effective Ways To Collect Candidate Experience Feedback


Recently, I read an amazing HROS case study by Johnny Sanchez, Head of Recruiting & Onboarding at Hot Topic, on how he and his team completely transformed their onboarding process. With all the attention being paid to improving candidate experience , one obvious strategy should be top of mind: are you collecting feedback from your actual candidates? Here are 3 effective ways you can collect feedback to improve your candidate experience.

No Quick Fix: Why HR Technology Can’t Fix A Broken Candidate Experience.

Recruiting Daily

There are a ton of tools out there that purport to be some kind of silver bullet for candidate experience. From enterprise platforms to point solutions, the concept of “candidate experience” has become increasingly commoditized, an organizational imperative reduced to a software sales pitch. If you can’t get these aligned, then there’s no tech on earth that can fix what’s really broken with your candidate experience.

3 Benefits of Recruitment and Onboarding Software 


Are you considering purchasing a recruitment & onboarding software, but aren’t entirely sure the benefits of doing so? In order to be COVID-compliant, these changes require immediate action, and are made possible through implementing a recruitment software. .

Most Complete List of Top Recruiting Software Tools in 2018


Everyone wants to be kept updated and be in synchrony with the latest recruiting technologies. For every single recruiting conference that I’ve attended, recruiting teams love to share about the various recruiting software and tools that they use. Often, discussing wins and gaps of these tools becomes an important agenda for events connecting the community in the recruiting space. Interview plans, comprehensive candidate reports, they’ve got it all!

What is the Purpose of an ATS? | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Recruitment and hiring can be overwhelming for any human resources department, especially when hiring for many positions at a time. Paperwork quickly piles up, and screening, scheduling, and interviewing dozens of candidates means your recruiters have less time for making connections.

The Best Recruiting Software of 2018


The last six months have flown by, but not without shaking the recruiting industry first. Over the course of 2018, thus far, recruiting automation has shaped and changed recruiting practices making hiring smarter and faster than ever. In fact, at the close of 2017, 62 percent of talent acquisition professionals were planning to spend money on AI-powered recruiting software. These solutions also automate candidate outreach and follow-up to increase engagement.

Recruitment Resolutions: How to Find Top-Quality Talent in 2021


Rather, we’re going to talk about recruitment-specific resolutions to be implemented by HR professionals, to find the top-quality talent you need in 2021. Unsure where to start when setting recruitment goals for the year ahead? Or in this case, target candidate ?

Recruitment Resolutions: How to Find Top-Quality Talent in 2021


Rather, we’re going to talk about recruitment-specific resolutions to be implemented by HR professionals, to find the top-quality talent you need in 2021. Unsure where to start when setting recruitment goals for the year ahead? Or in this case, target candidate ?

8 Recruitment Software Tools That Speed Up Your Day [Infographic]


LinkedIn’s latest recruiting survey reports 77% of talent acquisition leaders are interested in better recruitment software tools this year. With hiring up 11% this January and 56% of recruiters who already find the hiring process takes too long, time-constrained recruiting teams need help coping with increased demands. With the need for speed in mind, here are the 8 best recruitment software tools that speed up your day presented in an infographic.

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How to scale up your hiring process: 13 features for rapidly growing companies


AI Recruiter. When you scale up your hiring in a company that’s growing aggressively, that hiring process no longer involves just the recruiter or hiring manager. Plus, the recruitment process grows in complexity as you’re no longer hiring just to fill a seat. AI Recruiter.

3 Reasons You Should Track Time-To-Hire (And How To Do It Right)

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

That’s how long the most desirable candidates are on the market before being hired. High-demand candidates are being snapped up quickly in today’s competitive hiring market. Time-to-hire is one of the most important recruiting metrics. The initial contact could be the result of the candidate applying or outward sourcing. The time-to-fill measurement can reveal slowdowns before a candidate applies. Tracking Time-To-Hire Measures Recruiting Efficiency.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job and then choosing the best among the candidates who flow right in. There are 10 main areas of the recruitment process that, once mastered, can help you: Optimize your recruitment strategy. Attract the best candidates – and more of them, too. What is the recruitment process? Recruitment Marketing – find and attract better candidates. Recruitment Marketing.

Simplify your offer letter approval process with Workable


From posting your job and sourcing candidates to screening, assessing and finally interviewing, you’ve spent weeks—if not months—immersed in the process. You’ve identified your winning candidate out of a deep pool of talent and it’s job done. In a candidate-driven hiring market your preferred hire is also likely to be someone else’s top choice. And easy for candidates to accept. Make it easy for your candidate to accept. Send to your candidate.

Talent Acquisition Software: An Overview Of The Latest Innovations


Why is talent acquisition software considered so disruptive these days? To provide some clarity on the new talent acquisition software landscape including the latest in AI innovations, here’s an overview to help you choose the right software for you. Talent acquisition software functions. Talent acquisition software is designed to support a variety of recruiting functions including sourcing, selecting, engaging, and onboarding. Onboarding.

Choosing an ATS Software: 9 Experts Share Their Tips


It’s the dashboard of the recruiter’s day-to-day tracking and communication, and it can be downright tough to pick one applicant tracking system over another. ATS Buying Decision Makers “The biggest factors in choosing an ATS are related to the size and growth plans of your company, how your company recruits candidates, and cost. First, what level of recruiting are you doing? It should be not only a great experience for recruiters, but for the candidates as well.

The Ultimate Talent Management Glossary

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The series of steps between the start of the candidate application until the first interview. Candidate Experience. With a focus on the candidate, how candidates feel beginning at the sight of a job opening to comfortably hold the position they were hired for.

9 Tips to Choose the Best ATS Solution in 2019

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

According to current research, the global applicant tracking software (ATS) market size is projected to grow from $1.21 Besides a robust GDP, the upshot of low unemployment is the premium it places on finding qualified candidates for job vacancies. After all, if a company can grease the gears of its recruitment efforts, finding and acquiring the most qualified talent becomes faster and easier. Can you and your team – and the recruit – easily navigate the screens?

How To Fix A Broken Recruiting Technology Strategy

Recruiting Daily

One of the reasons why talent represents such a critical competitive advantage is a simple one: recruiting isn’t easy. And effective recruiting is even harder, involving a significant investment in terms of time and money for any sized company, from mom and pop shop to enterprise employer. A Recruiting Technology Reality Check. Closing the Recruiting Technology Capability Gap. Recruiting Technology: The Benefits of Being Best in Class.

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Choosing an ATS Software: 9 Experts Share Their Tips


It’s the dashboard of the recruiter’s day-to-day tracking and communication, and it can be downright tough to pick one applicant tracking system over another. The biggest factors in choosing an ATS are related to the size and growth plans of your company, how your company recruits candidates, and cost. While this can be a big commitment, it substantially outweighs the negative impact on their internal processes of investing in the wrong applicant software.

Five Strategies to Effective Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Market

Applicant Manager

This is part one of our five-part series about effective recruiting in a candidate driven market. Recruiting today is not the same as it was even a few short years ago. The market is candidate driven, meaning the talent you’re seeking is receiving multiple offers at a time, being contacted by recruiters regularly, and in the position to change employers easily when their work stops being fulfilling. Assessing Need. Years of Experience.

What to Look for in a Modern Recruitment Platform

ClearCompany Recruiting

Recruiting software is highly utilized by talent acquisition teams. In fact, 75% of hiring professionals used either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process. Take a look at the features and tools you should expect in a modern recruitment platform. First and foremost, recruitment software should help recruiters and hiring managers organize applicant information and data. Recruitment HR Tech HR Software

The 7 Key Features of an Applicant Tracking System


Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment Software are becoming vastly used globally due to increasing recognition of the limitless opportunities they create. Today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to run you through the 7 key features your recruitment software MUST HAVE.

6 Best Strategies for Remote Hiring Using Recruitment ATS


As recruiters, more and more employees are expecting to work from home and will continue to do so amidst the gravity of the pandemic. The Growing Importance of Recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Having a recruitment ATS has never been more in-demand. It’s official.

7 Habits of High Performing Recruiters


There are a lot of factors that come into play when candidates make their decision. One of them is their experience and interaction with the recruiters. 7 Habits of Successful Recruiters. Connect with candidates . Use recruitment software.

The Business Impact of Recruitment ATS on the Hiring Process


According to Capterra , 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) or recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring process. In a nutshell, using an ATS helps streamline the entire recruitment process.

The effect of Artificial intelligence on the ATS world


Our research has shown that the majority of modern-day companies do not, in fact, use ATS solutions for their recruitment needs. A good hiring platform can help recruiters find, vet, and assess incoming talent much more effectively than keyword-focused research and LinkedIn browsing. .

11 recruitment time-saving tips for the overburdened recruiter


Your workload is mounting as a recruiter, especially as your company gains a windfall from a new funding round, operates in a high-turnover industry, or is about to enter a new market with a new product. Spoiler: Workable’s recruitment solution can help you with pretty much all of them.

What Is Talent Acquisition and How To Do It Well


Whilst most people know what recruitment is, ask someone “what is talent acquisition?” By the end of this article, you’ll understand what talent acquisition is, the core process, and some top hiring software benefits to set you up. Should Your Company be Recruiting or Acquiring?

How to Improve Your Recruitment Agency’s Productivity Through AI


Running a recruitment agency can be challenging because you have to think about two fronts of the business: the client-side and the candidate side. This includes creating a sound strategy that would satisfy prospects consistently to have them onboard and secure a long-term partnership.

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Recruiting Metrics: 37 Ways Talent Acquisition Teams Create and Measure Success


The right recruiting metrics will help you optimize your talent acquisition workflow, drive budgeting, and inform hiring decisions. In this comprehensive list of recruiting metrics, we’re going to share the metrics that top talent acquisition departments track, and use to drive success.

Five Ways AI Is Disrupting Human Resources Management


The field of Human Resources and its multitude of functions has already begun to experience the influence of AI. The first foray into using AI for HR management, for many companies is in their recruitment and talent acquisition process. Disruption #2️⃣: Onboarding.

The Entire Recruitment System Explained


The entire recruitment system is made out of several components. From the people involved down to the various strategies to map out in this interconnected web, we’ll untangle everything you need to know to fully optimize the recruitment system. Components of the Recruitment System.

Become a Hiring Expert with the Best of ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs, and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities. For nearly two decades we’ve been helping midsize companies transform the way they source, recruit, hire and onboard talent. Quality of Hire is one of the most important metrics for planning your #recruiting process.

Eurobank increases its apply rate by 22% with Workable


Increase efficiency of the recruitment team. Use mobile-optimized hiring software to attract technology-oriented candidates. Identify quality candidates and manage internal mobility using advanced search. Improve strategy using automated recruitment reports. Without a centralized system in place, the recruiting team used different databases and software to manage hiring. This slowed down recruiting workflow. The challenge. The solution.

11 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System to Reap Right Now

The Hire Talent

With today’s talent shortage and high filling times, companies and recruitment agencies go above and beyond to find and hire the best candidates. Those who use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are more likely to attract, identify, and hire elite candidates.

Top 20 Benefits Of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruit CRM

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System For Agency Recruiters. Every day recruiters are flooded with hundreds of resumes for various jobs advertised. Now, they have this huge responsibility of selecting the right top talent for the company and the right company for the candidate.

100 powerful hiring & job statistics for 2020


2019 has come to an end and the magnifying glass on this year’s HR and recruitment trends has already begun to heat up. What we do know from the last few years is that the paradigm has shifted int he US and it’s recently been a candidate’s market. Candidate experience statistics.

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