Tech recruiter job description template


Our tech recruiter job description template tells you everything you need to know. Essentially, tech recruiters specialize in finding the right people for technical and IT-related jobs in a range of industries. Tech recruiter Job Description.

English Teacher job description


Use this English teacher job description sample to advertise your open roles. They teach the principles of the English language, using different methods to deliver successful courses. English teacher duties include: Planning course material and activities. Assessing the students’ progress (e.g. The post English Teacher job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.


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4 Things Your Job Descriptions Need to do

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Job descriptions are often the first stop in a candidate’s journey. Before a candidate lands on the beautiful careers site you’ve built out, they’re interacting with a job description first. When a candidate lands on your job description, it might be the first time that a candidate hears about, and forms perceptions, about your Employer Brand. To address this, forward-thinking Recruitment Marketing teams are creating enhanced job descriptions.

ESL teacher job description


Use this ESL teacher job description sample to advertise your open roles and find reliable candidates for your school or educational setting. ESL teachers prepare course materials and design lessons that cover all aspects of the English language, whether written or verbal. ESL teacher job duties include: Organizing coursework and learning materials. Assessing student progress and writing reports. Educator & Education job descriptions Job descriptions

What to Include in an RN Job Description


Creating compelling job descriptions for your agency takes time, especially since many of your positions require certain character traits as well as education and experience. What should be included in an RN job description? Ready to write your RN job description? .

Why Skills-Based Hiring Starts with Your Job Descriptions

Linkedin Talent Blog

And that starts with one of the first steps in the hiring process: writing the job description. Read on to see why skills-based hiring is gaining steam and how rethinking your job descriptions can start your hiring process on the right track. Skills, not schools.

10 Tips for Recruiting People with Disabilities in Job Descriptions


People with disabilities can, of course, be your most productive workers. These exclusionary words are often around the physical demand of the job. Below are the top 10 physical demands that come up in job descriptions along with language I recommend. Avoid these) More Inclusive Words to Use Examples of Job Description Text (with Inclusive Words). Non-Prejudicial Language for ADA-Compliant Job Descriptions by By Kenneth H.

15+ HR Assessment Tools to Use from Us this Year

The Hire Talent

In pre-employment testing, HR assessment tools play a crucial role in screening candidates, differentiating between them, and selecting the ones who match the job profile the best. Best HR Assessment Tools from the Hire Talent. What is an HR assessment?

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


Due to an unprecedented demand for more foundational candidate experience content, we’ve created the first-ever candidate experience crash course. Candidate experience refers to how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. And then that process got taken online to job boards. The further you get from the job description in your questioning, the worse it will be for your candidate experience.

Sales Job Descriptions: 4 Customizable Templates for Key Roles That You Can Use Today

Linkedin Talent Blog

Year after year, sales jobs are consistently some of the hardest to fill. With sales roles playing such a crucial part in your company’s growth, a strong and persuasive job description is vital to attract top sales talent. To help make your next job ad more enticing than ever, we’ve put together templates for the four most popular sales roles that recruiters are looking to fill—and you can download them for free in our new ebook: “ 23 winning job descriptions.”.

Unscientific Assessment: How To Use Phrenology for Screening and Selection

Recruiting Daily

Most of these ideas, of course, were total rubbish, but so too is the pseudoscience being peddled by most of the vendors operating in the assessment space today, too. For the uninformed (or scientifically minded), phrenology is the belief that an individual’s character and mental capacity could be determined by interpreting their cranial structure – in other words, reading the bumps on a person’s head to assess their true potential (or lack thereof).

How LinkedIn’s Skills-Based Hiring Pilot Delivered Jobs to Workers Who Didn’t Meet Basic Qualifications

Linkedin Talent Blog

Ryan Roslansky , then LinkedIn’s SVP of product and now its CEO, floated an idea to put job seekers who didn’t have traditional “must-have” experience through a learning path to see if they could develop the skills needed to do a job. Job Descriptions Talent Leadership

How a New LinkedIn Hiring Initiative Takes 'Skills Not Schools' to Heart and Eliminates Basic Qualifications

Linkedin Talent Blog

Ryan Roslansky , then LinkedIn’s SVP of product and now its CEO, floated an idea to put job seekers who didn’t have traditional “must-have” experience through a learning path to see if they could develop the skills needed to do a job. Job Descriptions Talent Leadership

4 Hints Your Interview Approach Is Pushing Candidates Away

Recruiting Daily Advisor

An overwhelming 73% of jobseekers revealed the job search process is one of the most stressful things in life, according to CareerBuilder’s 2017 “ Candidate Experience From End-to-End ” report. You Read Off of the Job Description ‘Script.’. You’re Too Focused on Job Fit.

Evaluating Candidates for Soft Skills – and Why It’s Key


Soft skills are undoubtedly harder to assess, what tips can you give to recruiters and hiring leaders struggling with this challenge? Otherwise, I think when it comes to assessing resumes, it’s about mitigating bias and keeping an open mind. That’s how we can be better at assessing these skills. I think there’s this sob story about how machines are going to take our jobs, and to be completely transparent, I don’t believe it.

How Machine Learning is Actually Impacting the Hiring Process


From a job board provider perspective: There are many factors that are influencing the world of recruitment right now. Improving Job Matches for Candidates. At Resume-Library , we’ve been using assisted machine learning to help improve job matches for candidates. This works by manually rating job search results against popular search terms. Once we complete this stage, this information is fed into the ‘machine’, which goes on to identify patterns for good and bad jobs.

Hiring 184

Preparing for success – Executive interview coaching to ace the executive interview

Executive Search Insights

Where junior-level interviews focus majorly on the applicant’s ability to do their job, it is different for the management roles. Apart from skills and qualifications, executives are assessed on their leadership abilities, decision-making skills and capacity to deal with challenges.

The Mythical ‘Right Fit’ Isn’t Just Possible but Necessary

Recruiting Daily Advisor

But we should be holding out for a long-term fit—someone who is the right person for the role and the company and who also feels that the company and job are right for him or her. With more than 15 million people cycling through staffing companies over the course of a year, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, recruiters are at the epicenter of a very expensive—but potentially lucrative—endeavor. A quarter century ago, finding a job was complicated and frustrating.

10 Practical Interviewing Tips For Recruiters

Recruit CRM

You might have the job descriptions in place and your ATS & CRM software working absolutely well, but you will lose out on candidates if you're not effectively interviewing them.

How to Attract the Right Candidates to Your Jobs

The Staffing Stream

From perfecting your job adverts, to tweaking your hiring process; here are our top tips for attracting the right candidates to your jobs. Double check the job description. The best way to check if it does need changes is to look at job descriptions for similar roles.

How to Make Your Retail Automotive Roles Attractive to Other Industries


The key here is you’ve got to be competitive among those in your industry as well as the industries you’re attempting to pull talent from, so do your research when assessing your offerings. . Be Strategic with Job Descriptions and Interviews.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important When Hiring Top Talent

Social Talent

It not only assesses personality traits but looks at intelligence in general and looks at their key skills also. Use the right language in job descriptions. Every hiring professional knows how important a job description is when it comes to attracting the right candidates. However, did you ever give some thought into what language you’re using in that job description? Many out there might be familiar with the term IQ.

Worth the (Calculated) Risk: Hiring Executives from Nontraditional Career Paths

Brazen Recruiting

We’ve all seen it: that candidate whose resume doesn’t really match the job requirements, yet there’s something about her overall experience that piques our interest. Perhaps she took a “gap year” after school or between jobs; maybe she spent time working in a completely different field. Companies that only consider candidates who perfectly fit certain job specs (aka “cookie cutter candidates” ) are missing out on this: Fresh perspective. Use assessment tools.

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Determining Essential Job Functions

Recruiting Daily Advisor

When crafting good job descriptions, one component employers need to consider is which job functions are considered essential. The important note here is that the individual still must be qualified to perform the job at hand. Essential Job Functions: Why This Matters.

How to Identify and Interview Results-Driven Candidates

Glassdoor for Employers

Fortunately, using a meaty job description that qualifies position fit, alongside a storied, behavioral interview process, can help to achieve these measurable recruiting goals. Jason Alba, entrepreneur, author and job search innovator/owner of the Job Search Program identifies strategic questions employers can ask to ensure a position fit, while also vetting candidates for culture alignment, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills and more.

How To Take Values Into Account When Hiring


We often talk about the importance of hiring for culture fit as well as job fit when bringing in new staff but what does that really mean? Often a company's values are lumped in with it's vision and mission statement which don't often come up through the course of daily work life.

Testing 1, 2, 3: The Ins and Outs of Job Trial Periods


The trial run should match the position’s day-to-day duties as realistically as possible, or you risk an inaccurate assessment. Since your main priority is to see whether the candidate can handle the position, it’s crucial you don’t make any drastic changes outside of the job description. But of course, the quality of a prospective employee’s work is equally as important. You don’t want to extend a permanent job offer to a dishonest candidate.

Sales Associate Skills: What They Are and How to Test Them

The Hire Talent

In this framework, we have to know the most important sales associate skills, how we assess them, and what decisions we make regarding pre-employment tests. What Skills Are Required for Retail Sales Associate Jobs? What are the Soft Skills in Sales that We Assess?

Reducing Unconscious Bias In The Hiring Process


In a hiring context, this can mean unknowingly sorting out strong candidates because of underlying bias instead of giving each job applicant a fair shot. The Horns Effect, of course, would be the opposite and lead to discounting a candidate because of one negative thing you discover.

Employability Skills: How to Hire the Best Candidates [+Lists]

The Hire Talent

Employees need to master such skills every day on the job. Therefore, the recruiters’ goal is to select the ones that are crucial for the job position and evaluate candidates to find the best possible matches. Why are employability skills critical for job performance?

8 ways to hire a developer [Actionable tips]

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Research shows that context-dependent skills and passion for the job will continue to drive hiring more than ever. Recruiters can post jobs, source talent, and build the company brand easily using LinkedIn Talent Solutions. A good recruiting profile has a friendly profile picture, an interesting descriptive headline, a summary that showcases your professional story and the company culture, goals, accomplishments, and candidate expectations in the best possible light.

Job Seekers: Keeping the Conversation Fresh and Relevant at Every Stage of the Interview Process


There’s no denying it – interviewing for a new job is stressful. Each recruiter handles a number of job openings within the company, and they talk to a lot of people about each job. Speak directly to the content of the posted job description.

The top five pieces of content: The SocialTalent charts

Social Talent

Here are the top courses for July. You know that job descriptions don’t really communicate the real job. Practical steps to defining the hiring criteria and our hiring bar that will help all interviewers assess candidates equally and objectively.

The Multitasking Test: How to Find Superheroes

The Hire Talent

A Multitasking Test Can Be a Job Performance Predictor. With technology taking over every aspect of our jobs, no recruiter or company can ignore the multitasking ability in our modern times. We Could Predict Multitasking by Assessing Personality and Mental Abilities.

What Are Interpersonal Skills and How Do We Test Them?

The Hire Talent

What positions and job roles need high levels of interpersonal skills? Interpersonal skills are job performance predictors and organizational success. So, let’s see some of the most important ones that we need to keep an eye on during the pre-employment assessment stage!

Three Steps to Conducting a Better Skills Gap Analysis


Examining the job descriptions of your employees, your business objectives and company values will help you determine which procedures and processes will need to be in place and what skills you require now and further down the track. In the process, make sure to ask yourself questions like: What skills do our employees need to do their jobs well? The people who are actually doing the job should be able to give you valuable insight into what’s involved on a day-to-day basis.

JazzHR 152

Employer Brand Is About the Business (Not Just Recruiting)

Proactive Talent

Think about the recruiter who wrote the job description, screened the candidate, and enticed them into becoming very interested in the role. The recruiter has too much to do in sourcing, screening, assessing and interviewing to spend much time with HRBPs and Compensation to ensure they are all playing their part in timely manners. Of course not. Think about a great hire. Think about the employee who referred them. Think about the HRBP who approved the req.

Change the Perception of Long-Term Care Careers to Attract Top Talent


Many job seekers have the misconception that long-term care workers are overworked and underpaid, and that there’s limited room for growth in long-term care careers. Despite the low unemployment rate, across industries, 72 percent of adults keep an eye on open jobs no matter their current employment status. Your employer brand should include job descriptions that answer the “What’s in it for me?” question for job seekers.

Basic Computer Skills: Why and How Do We Test Them?

The Hire Talent

As we said on a previous occasion, when candidates send their CVs via email or through a job posting board, it is clear that they have some computer skills. Therefore, today we will discuss computer literacy, computer skills, assessment tools, and more!

What Is Candidate Experience, and How Does It Show up Throughout the Recruitment Process?


Throughout the strong market, recruiting professionals have had to focus on approaching the most qualified job candidates as consumers with plenty of opportunities to choose from. A Crash Course in Candidate Experience .