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One aspect of your company that needs to be addressed is the process you take for onboarding new hires. Below, we discuss three different metrics you can use to measure whether your company is onboarding new hires effectively. ClearCompany has all the tips for effective #onboarding!

Introducing Video-Interview based AI-Talent-Assessment


In today’s technology dominated world, there’s a video for anything and everything- videos are powerful and that’s why they’re becoming increasingly popular and are used for; teaching, research, fun… and interviewing. Spend weeks scheduling interviews and phone screening.


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Psychometric Talent Assessment: Its history, methods & benefits


Talent Assessment is synonymous with psychometric assessments. Psychometrics is a field of psychology study that develops frameworks and theories related to testing, measurement, and assessment of metal capabilities. So how are psychometric assessments conducted?

5 Steps to Include in Your New Employee Onboarding Process


A poorly executed onboarding experience can lead to “ new hire remorse ,” making workers twice as likely to seek greener pastures. . But if you adopt a comprehensive onboarding process, you can boost retention rates by 82%. Collect feedback on the onboarding experience.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

relationships, assessing fit and onboarding new. interview before employers can really get to know. team can get right to interviewing Tim once the AI recruiting assistant confirms he. Ahead of the interview, the AI recruiting assistant has shared. The next.

How Can Recruiters Assess Candidates Accurately?

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It may be easier to go with the flow whilst conducting job interviews , but sometimes even while following your entire hiring checklist, you might end up making a bad hire. Simply interviewing and deciding is not enough anymore.

5 Platforms That Help You Assess Candidates’ Skills

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Few things are more frustrating for recruiters than discovering late in the interview process that the candidate they thought was a superstar has been exaggerating their skills. But it’s not always easy for recruiters to truly assess how skilled candidates are — often, recruiters hire for positions that they aren’t intimately familiar with, so they have to take candidates more or less at face value. Assessments. How to Conduct Better Interviews.

Helping Employees Understand Their Own Responsibilities in the Onboarding Process

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Employers spend a lot of time planning new hires’ onboarding. Be Active Participants in the Onboarding Process. Onboarding is a two-way street, and employees need to be actively engaged to get the most out of the experience. Onboarding consists of huge amounts of information.

8 Modern Personality Assessment Tools for Your Team

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Keeping that in mind, although there are thousands of assessments to choose from—some significantly more accurate than others and the most successful combining personality, cognitive, and integrity tests—it’s not surprising that the use of personality assessments in the workplace is growing as much as 10% per year , and more than one-fifth of companies use these tools to help predict if job candidates will fit in. Administrators claim this assessment is extremely reliable.

Personality Assessments Aren’t Just Limited to Recruiting

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Are you using personality assessments during the recruiting process? While these assessments are great for seeing whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company, you would get more bang for your buck if you were to use them throughout the entire employee life cycle. Using Assessments Outside of Recruiting. Here are five critical components of the employee life cycle where assessments can come in handy from Tara Gullans, I/O Psychologist at Caliper : Selection.

The ‘new normal’: the future of hiring, onboarding and working


That’s why on June 25, 2020, we hosted a webinar titled: “Working, hiring and onboarding in the new normal”. With Video Interviews you can accelerate time to hire and nail high-volume hiring – while maintaining high-quality results. Skill-based assessments ascending.

What is a competency assessment – all you need to know


In fact, 74% use internal skill gap assessments to identify which skills are lacking. In today’s article, we’re going to explain what a competency assessment is and what are the benefits and risks of running them. What is a competency assessment. Assessing your current employees.

Employee Training & Candidate Onboarding


But candidates can be trained during the onboarding phase, as well as throughout their placement to ensure a healthy balance of company culture, and professional skill. The focus should be on effective onboarding training, as well as transitioning to upskill post-placement training over time.

How to assess human resource skills


Use this HR Officer skills assessment template to evaluate Human Resources candidates in interviews. They may assist with or develop performance management systems, learning and development programs and onboarding plans. What is a skills assessment? How to assess HR officers. The following exercises will help you assess the skills of HR officers in your interviews. Confidentiality skills assessment. Critical listening skills assessment.

3 Benefits of Recruitment and Onboarding Software 


Are you considering purchasing a recruitment & onboarding software, but aren’t entirely sure the benefits of doing so? Recruitment and onboarding software allows you to custom build your workflows. This integration should be seen as a necessity for onboarding new hires. .

HireVue Receives FedRAMP Authorization for its Video Interviewing and Assessments Platform

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Recruitment & OnboardingHireVue, announced that the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Program Management Office (PMO) has granted FedRAMP Authorization.

The Importance of Assessment Programs When Employees Hold the Cards

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This pressure creates a heavy burden on HR resources to attract, evaluate, select, onboard, and train new people. It is true that it is critically important to maintain or build an engaging employment brand, but it is not necessarily the right strategy to eliminate assessments that evaluate whether a person is a fit for the organization or the role he or she is being considered for. Why should I continue to use assessment to evaluate talent when candidates are so hard to attract?

From Late Stage to First Day: Onboarding Candidates Virtually


In the past few weeks, many companies have successfully tackled transitioning to a fully remote recruiting process — specifically as it relates to interviewing candidates in their pipeline. Onboarding new hires remotely. Conducting remote interviews .

Montefiore’s secret to successful in-house recruitment and onboarding


In this webinar, MyRecruitment+ and Montefiore teamed up to provide you with uncensored insight on how you can achieve successful in-house recruitment and onboarding! No credit card required and no scam… we’re just here to help elevate your in-house recruitment and onboarding! .

Company Culture: Hiring and Onboarding During a Pandemic

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Some of this reduction in activity allows recruiters and employers the time needed to hire, onboard, and showcase company culture in a completely new way. The challenge has shifted from scheduling face-to-face interviews, to how can one get a good sense of an applicant over video?

Seven Key Remote Hiring and Onboarding Tips For Recruiters


Two fundamental processes that need to pivot urgently are recruiting and onboarding. Tip #1 – Leverage Video Interviews Effectively. Video interviews aren’t an option right now. Conduct a video interview as you would a regular one.

Montefiore’s secret to successful in-house recruitment and onboarding


In this webinar, MyRecruitment+ and Montefiore teamed up to provide you with uncensored insight on how you can achieve successful in-house recruitment and onboarding! No credit card required and no scam… we’re just here to help elevate your in-house recruitment and onboarding! .

Quantitative and Qualitative Tools for Measuring Onboarding Success

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In two previous posts, we’ve been discussing the importance of measuring onboarding efforts , as well as some basic steps toward developing a measurement program. There are two specific types of quantitative metrics that companies might use to measure the effectiveness of onboarding efforts: Kirkpatrick Four-Level Model. These are basically focus groups where new hires can give their initial impressions of the organization and the onboarding process. Stay interviews.

The Future of Hiring:  A “Virtual” Pivot Part 2

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Virtual Interviewing. Prior to COVID-19, in-person interviews were conducted in a wide range of settings, from large job fairs to one-on-one meetings. In a pandemic-affected marketplace, personal interactions, especially screening interviews, are likely to remain online.

5 Interview Formats To Use When Hiring

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For most companies, interview formats look a bit different than they did a year ago. Whether you’ve started using Zoom to screen candidates or you’ve switched to a fully remote onboarding process, you’ve probably made some adjustments to how you hire as a result of Covid-19.

4 Ways to Improve Employee Onboarding


All too often, this is the onboarding process new employees face: It starts with an awkward walk around the office, where they’re put on display and overwhelmed in the process. Here are four ways to improve your onboarding process and engage both new and existing employees: .

The video interview: top tips for employers


A video interview can help you screen candidates more effectively in situations such as: Interviewing across different time zones or with hiring team members in different locations. Assessing candidates’ resumes who oversell themselves to grab your attention. Video interviews help you get past these challenges, and identify otherwise overlooked talent as well as candidates who seem good on paper but lack necessary skills. What exactly are video interviews?

Video 71

4 Reasons Why Hiring Assessments Are Vital During a Tight Labor Market

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Screening assessments at the beginning of your process—right after a résumé review or a short phone screen—ensure you’re only assessing candidates who have met the minimum qualifications of the job. In-depth assessments are sometimes seen as the easiest activity to put on the chopping block during a tight labor market, but we strongly recommend against that. Interviews are still assessments, even if most employers don’t necessarily think of them in that way.

Debunking Four Myths Around Video Interview Software


Amid the proliferation of video conferencing software, another type of video platform has also experienced a surge: video interview platforms. But for all its advantages, there are still a lot of misconceptions and myths around video interviews. Video Interview

Video 60

5 Tips To Improve Your Next Interview


We all know how a typical interview works. You meet your candidate, probably online these days, ask a bunch of common interview questions, and then try to make the best hiring decision you can based on what you've learned. Improving the interview process.

6 Tips on Hiring and Onboarding Remote Employees During COVID-19

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And for better retention and engagement of these employees, a smooth onboarding process can provide them the support and resources required to succeed in their new roles. However, it is not just about the potential employees, it is also about how you, as a manager, conduct the interview.

Interview skills testing: simple mistakes you could be making


How are you assessing candidates’ skills before and during interviews? Are you relying on structured interview questions, or are you bringing interview skills testing onboard as well? In line with best recruitment practices, more and more employers are looking for fair and transparent ways to make better hiring decisions. The focus is shifting f

HCM Talent Technology Roundup April 9 2021

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OutMatch Launches Single ‘Hiring Experience Stack’ OutMatch combined capabilities in assessments, video interviews and reference checking to deliver what the company calls a more “humanized” hiring experience.

Guide to Re-Onboarding: Best Practices for Bringing Your People Back from Furlough

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The promise of communicating face-to-face with your team is an exciting novelty to look forward to - but assessing the right time to do so and making tough choices about who you can bring back is a complicated and stressful process.

4 Commandments for Successful Onboarding


Your onboarding process is the key to not only employee success, but to retaining the new hires companies have invested in. According to Human Resources experts at MIT, most new hires actually decide if they are going to stay with an organization in the first 90 days; a successful onboarding process will help ensure that companies and hiring managers are retaining top talent. Successful onboarding starts from the moment the potential employee begins the application process.

Texting in Onboarding: From Pre-Hire to the 90-Day Mark


They can be used to connect with and maintain contact with candidates during the hiring process, while also being used to increase the chances of a new hire having a more positive onboarding experience. A survey of 1,000 employees across the country indicated that 64% of new hires are less likely to remain with the company if their experience with onboarding is negative. Roughly 10% of all potential new hires do not show up for scheduled in-person interviews.

The 4 Tips You Need to Breathe New Life Into Your Onboarding Process


After going through hundreds of resumes, screening applicants, and conducting interviews, you’ve selected a candidate who is the best fit for your organization. Without a proper onboarding experience, 25% of employees are likely to leave their newly appointed position within a year. To prevent this, HR managers need to ensure new employees’ onboarding experience is smooth, productive, and as welcoming as possible. Finally, you’ve made it!

How EVP’s Can Help Talent Acquisition During Assessment and Performance Reviews. With Mike Beeley | Anwar Khalil


This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss how having an effective EVP and employer brand can make it easier to assess candidates. Here’s the scoop… How Can an EVP Make it Easier to Assess Candidates? That makes every interview – it writes the interview process.

Seasonal jobs interview questions


Use these sample interview questions to evaluate and recruit candidates for seasonal jobs. On the contrary, given that you have limited time for training and onboarding, make sure to hire people who can best manage job duties. Prepare and ask targeted interview questions to gauge candidates’ skills and make objective hiring decisions. Interview questions iq-typeWhen you should consider hiring seasonal employees.

Evaluating Candidates After an Interview

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For many interviewers and hiring managers, choosing the right candidate for an open position can seem like putting ta puzzle together. For most companies, the answer to this question takes the form of a post-interview evaluation. In this article we cover why the post-interview evaluation is so important and how any company can conduct a proper post-interview evaluation to uncover the perfect candidate. How to Conduct a Post-interview Evaluation.