Candidate Relationship Management: Blackholes are for Space, not HR


Staring at our screen, waiting for a response from a text. Candidate experience can fall flat in a few basic areas : Outdated ATS , luckily if you’re a Jazz customer, this is a moot point. Tips for Assessing Employee Performance. JAZZ notes. Subscribe to Jazz Notes. Learn More About Jazz. Amanda Groves Jazz Don Charlton Lyla Rozelle Bill Fox Jonathan Muller. About Jazz. Jazz Tune-Ups. Need to brush up on your Jazz skills?

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Enhancing the Candidate Experience with Workflows


Jazz customers are able to ensure strong candidate communication by building complete recruiting workflows. The simple act of building a workflow within Jazz helps a hiring team think through and document the key recruiting milestones within their organization. If you organize your recruiting process around hiring workflows within Jazz, top-notch candidates will notice your orderly approach and admire your attention to detail. Tips for Assessing Employee Performance.


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How to Choose the Best HR Software


This will allow you to obtain a big-picture view of candidate profiles as you need, which can continue to be used for performance assessments once a person joins the company. Sifting through applications, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and then wrapping-up the onboarding process all takes time, but good software will seamlessly guide you through each step. The post How to Choose the Best HR Software appeared first on Jazz Notes.

The top 7 task templates that will improve your time to hire


Schedule phone screen. If you have a process that involves a phone screen (and if you don’t, here’s some tips on getting started ), then you might want to set yourself this handy reminder. Assign a due date within 24-48 hours of receiving a candidate profile or passing the hiring manager screen to make sure you’re getting in touch with candidates fast. The post The top 7 task templates that will improve your time to hire appeared first on Jazz Notes.

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How to Combat Bias in Recruiting


In the 1970s and 1980s, for example, orchestras began using blind auditions , where musicians performed behind screens and were not identified as male or female. Researchers found that even when the screen was only used for the preliminary round of auditions, women were 50 percent more likely to advance to the finals. So why not encourage blind resumes and give yourself the opportunity to truly assess candidates on their merit?

How to Build an Employee Wellness Program from the Ground Up


Conducting an organizational assessment and employee surveys will allow you to identify the needs and interests of your workforce as well as any potential risk factors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Wellness Council of America both offer free employee surveys and assessment tools to help get you started. The post How to Build an Employee Wellness Program from the Ground Up appeared first on Jazz Notes.

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ANOTHER BUMPER EDITION: 9 Juicy Recruitment News Stories – 29th June 2015

Social Talent

” option on the sign-up screen, which allows them to create an account for the app using just their name and phone number: All of the same Messenger features, including payments and stickers as well as voice and video calls, will be available to people using Messenger without Facebook. The Resumator Relaunches As “Jazz”. Now, 6 years later, the company has decided that it’s time to reflect this change in its name and it’s now going by the name of Jazz.

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Feature Release: Updated Roles and Privileges


This person is screening candidates, leaving notes, and completing interview guides. This helps reduce interview bias and gives interviewers breathing room to provide an honest assessment of the candidate. The post Feature Release: Updated Roles and Privileges appeared first on Jazz Notes. In the time since JazzHR started, roles in the hiring process have changed. You expect more. Your team expects more.

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The Top 25 Best Applicant Tracking Systems (Updated for 2018)


Jazz HR. JobVite’s system includes an ATS, social recruiting, mobile optimized career sites, on-demand video screening, analytics, onboarding, an seamless integration with other HR systems. The IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite quickly identifies best fit candidates using assessments powered by IBM Watson analytics. Jazz HR. Jazz HR is a customizable recruiting software and applicant tracking system. What is unique about Jazz HR ?

Long Distance Love: How to Create an Awesome Candidate Experience for Remote Employees

Breezy HR

Always Pay for the Screening Task Once your remote candidates have seen your awesomely gripping job description and gotten all jazzed up about your game-changing business values, now it’s time to move into the screening phase. Connect through Video Did the candidate pass your screening task with flying colors? Remote teams can be a dream or a nightmare. It all starts with how you hire. More and more companies are rushing to build their teams of virtual rockstars.

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10 Virtual Recruiting Platforms to Enhance Your Campus Recruiting Process

Recruiting Blogs

Portfolium’s cloud-based platform empowers students with lifelong opportunities to capture, curate, and convert skills into job offers, while giving learning institutions and employers the tools they need to assess competencies and recruit talent.”.

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Outfit your HR Department with Advice from a Chemist Turned HR Leader


Bennett: .

50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]


Why you should follow him: Steve is jazzed by solving talent problems. Why you should follow him: Due to his extensive experience, Kevin is familiar with the HR and recruiting technology marketplace, including talent management, talent sourcing and acquisition, video interviewing, assessment, background screening, and training. To be the best you have to learn from the best.