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At ClearCompany, we know that performance management and onboarding are inextricably linked and we want to make our clients aware of this important detail as well. Reason #1: Onboarding sets the tone. Reason #2: Onboarding introduces the employee to various systems anyway.

Employee Onboarding Guide

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Onboarding By: ClearCompany Updated: January 2018. What is Employee Onboarding? Onboarding Definition. Why is Onboarding Important? What is the Average Cost of Onboarding a New Employee? How to Find the Best Onboarding Software for Your Company.

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5 Steps to Include in Your New Employee Onboarding Process


A poorly executed onboarding experience can lead to “ new hire remorse ,” making workers twice as likely to seek greener pastures. . But if you adopt a comprehensive onboarding process, you can boost retention rates by 82%. Collect feedback on the onboarding experience.

The Business Case for Video-Based Big5 Psychometric Assessments


In the corporate world, the process of recruitment is carried out in this order; call-to-recruit, resumes received, phone screening, live interviews, analysis of candidate’s interviews, final interviews…and then onboarding and training. Assess the interview post completion.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

relationships, assessing fit and onboarding new. his belt, who is searching for entry-level software. my Masters degree in Software Engineering. assessment process for everyone involved: For recruiters — Machine learning analyzes. as a Software Engineer?

How to Choose the Best HR Software


The HR software arena is saturated with new companies, and they all contend to have the best recruiting tools on the market. Of course, this is impossible, but how can you gauge which recruiting software offers more features and customization?

41% of HR Managers Use Talent Assessment Tools to Hire Software Developers, Reveals TimesJobs Survey

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Recruitment & OnboardingAround 24% of professionals think employee engagement policies will play a vital role in acquiring skilled talent.

5 Steps To Assess Employer Brand For Small Biz Owners

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– consider these three questions as a quick and dirty way to assess your employer brand: (Note: These can be used to assess your consumer brand, too, with a few tweaks.). 5 Steps to Assess Your Employer Brand.

Case study: Onboarding & Offboarding – Mailigen’s story


There are many myths and misconceptions floating around about employee onboarding and offboarding. Most managers tend to think that its synonymous to company orientation while in reality, onboarding is broader and more crucial than that. Onboarding is a team effort.

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HR Management Software CakeHR is a FrontRunner for HRIS Software


HR management software CakeHR has been chosen as a FrontRunner for HRIS management this 2018! I’m pleased to inform you that CakeHR is a FrontRunner for HRIS software! About Software Advice. CakeHR is a FrontRunner for HRIS software, according to @SoftwareAdvice !

Cloud HR Software is Now Changing the Workplace


Thanks to the Internet and modern technology, the HR was completely transformed into a tech-savvy department that takes advantage of cloud-based software to hire, manage time-offs and conduct onboarding and offboarding activities. 9 Ways Cloud HR Software is Changing the Workplace. “It

Top HR Software – 2019 Reviews & Pricing


So to ensure performance at full potential, the HR software is designed to combine different human resources and administration processes in a harmonized point. Apart from this, HR software ensures the company a step ahead especially in decision-making in competitive markets.

How Onboarding Technology Impacts First Impressions


An effective new hire onboarding process includes a lot of moving parts, including: Welcoming and socialization. Even for smaller organizations, using onboarding software solutions to automate is critical. See a tool that can create an efficient and effective onboarding process.

Seven Key Remote Hiring and Onboarding Tips For Recruiters


Two fundamental processes that need to pivot urgently are recruiting and onboarding. Interviewing candidates over video using unfamiliar software and potentially dodgy internet connections is your new number one skill. Primarily, the timeline to onboard has increased.

How to Create a New Hire Onboarding Checklist


While bringing in a new teammate is exciting for recruiters and hiring managers alike, putting together an effective onboarding program can be quite a challenge. In fact, one in three organizations report an onboarding program that’s informal, inconsistent or reactive.

Employee onboarding checklist for new employee

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Unfortunate examples of these employers involve superficial employee onboarding programs, unclear communication to new hires prior to the first day, unstructured training, and neglected information regarding the HR’s and hiring department’s responsibilities. 91% of new hires stick with a company for at least one year if the organization has efficient onboarding processes. Steps to creating your employee onboarding checklist for new employee. Recruiter Tips Talent Assessment

8 Recruitment Software Tools That Speed Up Your Day

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Luckily, the advancement of digital technology allows the production of software solutions that facilitate and speed up the recruitment process. Here are the top eight software tools you can use as a recruitment agent. Sourcing software. Auto-Scheduling software.

Texting in Onboarding: From Pre-Hire to the 90-Day Mark


They can be used to connect with and maintain contact with candidates during the hiring process, while also being used to increase the chances of a new hire having a more positive onboarding experience. Candidate Engagement Onboarding



Onboarding is key to it all. Without a robust and supported onboarding experience, your new hire won’t recognise the supports around them and start exploring other opportunities. So, what makes an onboarding process successful? Re-assess everything.

Talent Acquisition Software: An Overview Of The Latest Innovations


Why is talent acquisition software considered so disruptive these days? To provide some clarity on the new talent acquisition software landscape including the latest in AI innovations, here’s an overview to help you choose the right software for you. Onboarding.

5 Onboarding Improvements You Can Make Today

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69% of employees say they're more likely to stick with a company for 3 years or more if they get a great experience during their initial "onboarding" sessions. Giving them with an introduction to their role, including the new software and tools they might be using each day.

What to Look for in Recruitment Software

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Any recruitment software you use to acquire talent has to consider an evolving, modern-day workforce and address the challenges outlined above. The recruitment software should make it easy to post open positions across several job boards as well as on major social media channels.

How EVP’s Can Help Talent Acquisition During Assessment and Performance Reviews. With Mike Beeley | Anwar Khalil


This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss how having an effective EVP and employer brand can make it easier to assess candidates. Here’s the scoop… How Can an EVP Make it Easier to Assess Candidates?

MICROLEARNING: An Innovative Approach for Employee Onboarding and Development

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Assessment of Learning. Learning is usually assessed immediately following each unit in the form of a short quiz or other means of demonstration by the learner. To put the difference in perspective, microlearning would be suitable for learning how to load a specific software program, while macrolearning is appropriate for learning more complex skills such as computer programming. It’s long been known that brief, repetitive learning increases long-term retention.

Choosing an ATS Software: 9 Experts Share Their Tips


While this can be a big commitment, it substantially outweighs the negative impact on their internal processes of investing in the wrong applicant software. a candidate assessment provider, integrates with a number of applicant tracking systems.

5 Ways to Decrease Turnover


Assess Your Applicants. Pre-hire personality assessments are the most effective way to measure traits like: reliability, assertiveness, work ethics, trustworthiness and punctuality. See more on the best way to assess your applicants by viewing ApplicantPro’s Assessment Options.

How to Recruit, Hire, and Onboard the Best Employees

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Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding are the three stages in the path to acquiring a happy, productive employee. Assess Job Candidates. Recruiters and managers need to know about any bias they are particularly susceptible to, so that they can avoid flawed logic when assessing candidates. Assess the needs of the position with a critical eye and determine which qualities contribute to success. How to Onboard. Onboarding is an ongoing process.

Testing 1, 2, 3: The Ins and Outs of Job Trial Periods


The trial run should match the position’s day-to-day duties as realistically as possible, or you risk an inaccurate assessment. Treat employees in a trial period exactly as you would any other employee, taking them through the same onboarding process and providing similar levels of guidance.

Google Hire is (almost) Dead. Which Recruitment Software Should You Migrate To?


It’s been half a year since it was announced that the recruitment software Hire would inevitably join Google’s long line of discontinued products. 1- The Right Recruitment Software for Your Needs. We assess your needs to make your transition to our platform simple and hassle-free.

The 28 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2017


With hundreds of recruiting tech companies out there, how do you determine which ones are the top recruiting software tools worth investing in? A big chunk of this market is made up of recruiting software. It’s a result of a 2015 merger of Assess Systems and Chequed.com.

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How to Choose the Best Recruitment Software (The Unbiased Guide)


Companies live and die by the quality of their hires, so having recruitment software in place that helps them hit their goals is crucial. It’s easy to get distracted when you set out to find new recruitment software. The need to create the perfect interview and assessment process.

How Your Recruitment Software Impacts your Recruiting


Talent acquisition software multiplies the outreach of your HR department with the automation, recruitment tools and applicant tracking abilities essential to successful outcomes. Onboarding. Recruiting software is only as good as its measurable results.

Getting It Out Of Your System: The Basics of Staffing Software Selection

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The costs associated with developing, selling and supporting staffing software similarly conspired to ensure that third party recruiters were off the roadmap of almost every vendor out there. How To Find the Staffing Software That’s Right for Your Firm.

5 tips for choosing the best video interviews software


So as soon as you want to assess an application… you can instantly start playing video answers and understand the soft skills and emotional intelligence of the candidate. Recruitment & onboarding software platform Learn more about MyRecruitment+.

Constantly Hiring? 4 Ways To Streamline The New Hire Process Fast

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No recruiting software. Constant onboarding. Assess Current Hiring Practices. Onboarding. Applicant tracking systems with onboarding bring the same efficiency once the candidate accepts the job offer. Managing it with an ATS is called structured onboarding. With ApplicantStack Recruit and Onboard, you can tame the chaos at your company. Do you need to streamline the new hire process? Are you a hiring manager with a mess on your hands?

Here’s Looking at You: The Importance of Pre-Hire Assessments

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Here’s Looking at You: The Importance of Pre-Hire Assessments. Assessments aren’t just another step in the hiring process anymore, they provide a neutral way to screen candidates based on their workplace fitness. Enhance Your Onboarding System in 3 Steps September 13, 2017.

How the Changing Business Landscape has Created a Need for Human Resource Management Software


One solution is human resource management software. The Three Elements of HR Software. Now, however, there are three critical functions for which HR is responsible, and thus, which your HR or talent management software should encompass (source: SoftwareAdvice ): Core HR.

The HR Software Landscape Roundup

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Your HR needs a diverse suite of software to function at its optimum and this article covers all the different kinds of solutions that are conducive to helping your HR deliver on its many responsibilities. Software that simplifies Benefits Management. Software that eases recruitment.

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Choosing an ATS Software: 9 Experts Share Their Tips


While this can be a big commitment, it substantially outweighs the negative impact on their internal processes of investing in the wrong applicant software. There are four distinct stages to the applicant lifecycle—recruiting, managing the applicant workflow and interview process, hiring and onboarding, and then the human resources information system once they are an employee. a candidate assessment provider, integrates with a number of applicant tracking systems.

5 tips for choosing the best video interview software


So as soon as you want to assess an application… you can instantly start playing video answers and understand the soft skills and emotional intelligence of the candidate. Recruitment & onboarding software platform Learn more about MyRecruitment Video interviewing is the 3rd dimension of your resume!