Using Personality Assessments in Hiring

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Does your organization utilize personality assessments as part of the hiring process? Why Do Employers Use Personality Tests During the Hiring Process? Here are a few reasons employers use personality assessments as part of the hiring process: Personality assessments can assess whether an individual will be a good match for the organizational culture. Personality assessments can help reduce this issue.

Personality Assessments Aren’t Just Limited to Recruiting

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Are you using personality assessments during the recruiting process? While these assessments are great for seeing whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company, you would get more bang for your buck if you were to use them throughout the entire employee life cycle. Using Assessments Outside of Recruiting. Personality assessments can be very useful when building cross-functional teams as well as understanding manager-employee relationships.


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8 Modern Personality Assessment Tools for Your Team

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Today’s recruiters, hiring managers, and Human Resources (HR) professionals know it’s not enough to hire people based only on the skills they have; these potential candidates also need personalities that align with the company culture and the nature of the work. HR professionals may depend on personality assessments for training and onboarding. Here is essential information about eight of the most commonly used personality measurements for both strategies.

How Personality Assessments Decrease Bias in Hiring


Hiring the best candidate can be tricky and employers have to decide which are the best tools, such as interviews and personality assessments, for making their decision. An interviewer’s rating of a candidate will be judged in part by comparison to the performance of other people that person has interviewed. In these cases in particular it is easy to see how a personality assessment might be used to help alleviate certain biases that can be present in interviews.

How Motel 6 Reduced Turnover & Increased Revenue with Traitify

The quintessential brand in economy lodging demonstrates how personality assessments & right-fit employees impact the business, driving not just revenue, but an increase in customer satisfaction while reducing costs related to turnover.

Can Applicants Cheat a Personality Assessment?


Job applicants might try to cheat a per-hire assessment. Personality assessments offer many advantages, but they also seem like they could be easy to cheat. These assessments allow you to freely select your responses—there is nothing to prevent you from selecting responses that might make you look good, even if they don’t accurately describe you. But how often does cheating actually happen, and how does it affect the reliability and validity of assessments?

4 Things To Look Out For When Using A Personality Assessment

What’s Wrong With Using A Personality Assessment? The great news is that use of a personality assessment in the hiring process is growing in adoption. But what’s not so great is how to determine which assessment to invest in to help build your company. Here are 4 key elements to look out for when using a personality assessment: Really Short Tests: A personality test needs to get to who someone really is.

Best Practices: Using a Personality Assessment to Place Co-op Students

I needed this person to have the right personality to be data savvy, hard-working, and assertive. I realized the importance of using a pre-employment assessment to filter through the applicants. Pre-employment assessments have grown in popularity recently. Now, however, organizations can access a quality assessment to assess applicant’s at all levels of an organization – college co-op students too!

Making Better Auto Dealership Hires With Skills Assessments


Personality Assessments Automotive Industry automotive hiring Retail Automotive Dealership Hiring candidate assessment tests

Better Assess Your Workforce Using Group DNA


Losing parts of your team, rearranging responsibilities, or adding more members to your group can all impact the outcomes, and being able to effectively measure and assess your workforce enables you to understand and guide your team to reach their full potential.

Introducing the MyPrint® Assessment


Among those is our soft-skills assessment here at Talentoday! mYti© to MyPrint® If you have been a member of our Talentoday community, then you’ve probably experienced the mYti© assessment, our original personality and motivations questionnaire. If you visit our website today, you will see the latest innovation in Talentoday’s science, MyPrint®, our brand new soft skills assessment. In the same way, the MyPrint® assessment has a lot of the same features as the mYti©.

5 Ways to Spot a Bad Hire Before You Offer the Job


Interviewing Help Personality Assessments Hiring Tips cost of a bad hire

A Strategic Approach to Hiring Assessments

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You need to determine whether someone matches the profile and has the right skills, experience, and personality. Does their personality fit the expectations? What you can do instead is collect candidate data so you can prepare for the personal conversations you will have with them. Preemployment assessments are good predictors of job performance. Fifty-seven percent of companies already use assessments to identify the perfect candidate. Skills assessment.

The Hidden Influencer Behind Your Assessments

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It is especially frustrating when you realize that you should have seen it coming when you made your assessments. We assess people at work all the time, from evaluating candidates to conducting performance reviews and making promotion recommendations. However, there is an invisible force behind your assessments that has a bigger influence than you realize and may be sabotaging your decision performance. The most qualified person, you say?

Why Your Company Needs "Lazy" Millennials


We are moving past the era of pieces of paper to define a person's work experience, you may want to start using a candidates personality and character as useful information to help inform your hiring decisions. If this post wasn’t enough to prove it, it may be time to let a personality assessment do the talking. If you are hoping to find the right millennials for your company, we’re now offering a free trial of our personality assessment !

Top Tools and Resources to Create Pre-Employment Assessments

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This means testing several different aspects of a candidate; their ethics, their personality, their skills, and so on. Determining how much and what kinds of tests are necessary is the first step towards developing a thorough, useful assessment process.

9 Leadership Assessment Tools for Recruiters and CEOs

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Today, we will discuss leadership assessment. Today’s topic is leadership assessment tools, their validity, performance predictability power, and best ways to use them! As a leadership assessment tool, the instrument addresses both recruiters and companies.

Candidate Assessments – Your Hiring Teams Aren’t Ready…Yet

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Hiring the wrong person happens and making those mistakes is a necessary evil as we develop our ability to hire effectively. Over the years of working with growing teams, I’ve often received requests from hiring managers to incorporate assessments. While I’m a true believer in assessments, I only recommend using them once the rest of recruiting process is ironclad. Using an assessment should supplement and solidify your decision making process, not make the decision for you.

Employee Assessments:  What You Need to Know

Brandon Hall

Employee assessments were the topic of the recent Brandon Hall Group Research Spotlight webinar , including how organizations are assessing employees and how that plays into a workforce strategy. Today we’re going to cover some of the key aspects of the employee assessment space and help give you a broader understanding of what these instruments can mean for your organization. Employee Assessment Tools. Employee Assessment Questions: Pre-Hire.

What Kind of Recruiter Are You? (QUIZ)

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Ever wondered what your recruiter personality type is? Cluttered with technology: your tablet, work cell phone and personal cell phone are easily accessible, and at least two computer monitors are up and running. Call the hiring manager to determine what kind of person would be the best fit for the position—do they need a compassionate employee? Matching candidate personality to job personality is key! The right personality.

4 Guidelines On Choosing The Right Candidate Assessment Tool


An accurate candidate assessment tool gives you an opportunity to evaluate candidates based on their skills, knowledge, ability to perform, and behavioural style. It becomes clear then that recruiters would benefit by using a candidate assessment tool before a face-to-face interview. But with all the candidate assessments available in the market, deciding which one to use can be confusing. Decide which types of candidate assessment will best serve your objectives.

How to Conduct a Soft Skills Interview in 4 Easy Steps


Here are a few of the common ones: It is very important that you are using a scientifically reliable and valid method to assess your teams’ soft skills. Email Talentoday at to learn more about our assessment and services!

Personal Growth Using Soft Skills


That’s why gyms are the busiest on Mondays¹ and personal motivation skyrockets around birthdays². I can’t be the only person who has put off a personal goal for a couple of weeks because it’s the middle of December and January 1st is just around the corner.

Why Personality Matters When Hiring.

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Personality is a big factor in determining what makes someone successful in their position. Not only does our personality and behavioral preferences influence how successful we are in any given job, it often impacts our level of engagement and contribution in certain positions as well, especially when we are either a really good or really poor … Why Personality Matters When Hiring. The post Why Personality Matters When Hiring.

How To Use Pre-Employment Assessments to Make Better Hires

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Pre-employment assessments are a valuable tool in a recruiter’s qualification process. Do pre-employment assessments have a place in your hiring process, and if so, which ones should you use? Benefits of Using Candidate Assessments 1.

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

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News The Latest Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests ability tests career choices competency tests personality personality assessment personality tests preemployment assessmentsWas it a firefighter? A doctor? A teacher? I wanted to be a rock star (true story) because I just loved music so much. It’s a question that we’re all asked at one point or another in childhood. Funny thing is, how can we possibly know as a child what we want to be when. Read More.

Do Your Business a Favor & Improve the Candidate Experience


When it comes to your company’s hiring process and the way you treat your candidates, this question of self-assessment is intrinsic to developing your employment branding. Personality Assessments Employee Skills Testing How to Hire Hiring Tips Hiring Candidate ExperienceWhat are you doing to make yourself better today? I know, the last sentence sounds like something a football coach or motivational speaker might say, but it’s applicable to all walks of life.

Considerations on Giving and Taking: A TED Talk

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Finding Top Quality Candidates News The Latest Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests givers and takers hiring best practices personality assessments pre-hire assessments ted talksWell, which is it? Are you a giver or a taker? This particular issue of “Givers” vs. “Takers” is one we grapple with everyday for clients. We all love the “Givers” but struggle to help them reach their optimal effectiveness.

Why Your Company Needs "Lazy" Millennials


We are moving past the era of pieces of paper to define a person's work experience, you may want to start using a candidates personality and character as useful information to help inform your hiring decisions. If this post wasn’t enough to prove it, it may be time to let a personality assessment do the talking. If you are hoping to find the right millennials for your company, we’re now offering a free trial of our personality assessment !

Why You Should Consider Personality When Hiring

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Personality is one of those fun topics to discuss, but it does have some real implications for the workplace and it’s wise to consider how personality factors in when hiring a new employee. For example, how will this person fit into your company’s culture and get along with others? The post Why You Should Consider Personality When Hiring appeared first on The HIRE Talent.

How companies use skills assessments


We analyzed how more than 4,000 companies use skills assessments, particularly employer and candidate preferences. Nearly 70% of companies are using a skills assessment at the top of the hiring funnel. The companies most likely to use assessments at the bottom of the funnel are staffing firms. Over 80% of companies use a skills assessment that is uniquely tailored to their recruitments. The post How companies use skills assessments appeared first on Vervoe Blog.

5 Popular Personality Tests and Their Use in Pre-Employment Assessment

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“What a charming personality he has! ” “Her strong, result-oriented personality recommends her for a management position!” How many Fortune 500 companies asked recruiters to apply popular personality tests when assessing job candidates?

Personality In Your Hiring Process

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Personality is one of those fun topics to discuss, but it does have some real implications for the workplace and it’s wise to consider how personality factors in when hiring a new employee. For example, how will this person fit into your company’s culture and get along with others? Why Do We Care About Personality. The post Personality In Your Hiring Process appeared first on The HIRE Talent.

A Job Recommendation Engine for Veterans


The Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment is the first of its kind in the market creating an innovative approach to help veterans find their passion and truly match to job opportunities that fit not only their skills, but their personality as well. By helping veterans discover jobs based on both skills and personality, we’ve created an intelligent job recommendation engine.

More Than Meets the Eye: The Evolution of Personality Testing


If you’ve taken a personality test before, you know it can be a tedious and frustrating process. Recruiters, HR professionals and psychologists use them to assess things like how someone might fit into a company’s culture, people’s leadership styles, areas of potential growth, or simply how groups work together. Indeed, the science behind these applications is well established with models of personality such as the Big Five having 50 years of research behind them.

Three Ways to Identify and Retain the Best Hourly Workers


Take personality into account. When hiring, it's crucial to consider a candidate's personality, focusing on what characteristics are important for that exact position. Consider supplementing the hiring process with a personality assessment to determine 1) how well the candidate matches the role requirements, 2) how he/she fits within the company culture and 3) if there are specific team members with whom the candidate will work with best.

Should A.I. Be Used to Determine Personality Fit?


But should – or can – artificial intelligence be used to determine someone’s personality fit for a job, or even for a company as a whole? The final step to making a hire is still a human interview, with the recruiter or manager making a judgment call on whether the candidate is a good personality fit. One way to solve this piece of the puzzle is to collect quantified personality data. Conflicting personalities tend to be a large cause of employee turnover.

Data 50

Should psychometric assessments be used for hiring?


For what it’s worth, psychometric assessments have been around since the early 20th century. that person’s salary. To complete the data set, one approach is to use psychometric assessments as part of the recruitment process. To gauge whether the candidate’s personality and cognitive abilities match the requirements of an open role. Things start to get a bit tricky because “psychometric test” and “personality test” are often used interchangeably.

5 Tips to pass a Psychometric Assessment


Employers are now becoming increasingly reliant on using personality assessments to find their perfect employee by measuring how compatible a candidate is to the requirements of their available position. If the thought of taking a personality assessment makes you feel a bit anxious, there’s no need to worry.

You Hate Personality Tests, But Do They Work?

Staffing Talk

This is what personality testing is like. The use of personality assessments in the workplace is as divisive an issue as they come. This week I talked with a dozen or so staffing business bigwigs who have used personality assessments for hiring their own staff, candidates for clients, and sometimes both. Personality assessments are neither crystal ball mumbo-jumbo nor are they the end-all, be-all recruitment tool.