Hard skills vs. Soft skills


For example, marketers can learn marketing techniques and tools by attending a marketing course, whereas they could grow their collaboration skills by participating in a sports team. For example, one salesperson might be: an excellent user of X CRM software having used its features on a daily basis for the past 5 years and; a good communicator being able to explain ‘fairly well’ the benefits of a product to a potential customer.

The Thrill of Building a Company from Within HR

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Is HR an extreme sport? I would say when I interview talent, I’m absolutely looking for the skills and competencies to do the work, and I’m looking for that value fit. That means asking behavioral interviewing questions that are probing like, “How are you going to find a better way to do this job? We’re in the process of doing benefits enrollment, and one of our employees came to see me probably my first 2 weeks on the job.


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Interview process and strategies: a comprehensive FAQ guide


Interviews are the pillars of recruiting. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you set up an effective interview process: Organizing an interview. What are the typical steps in the interview process? How do I set up an interview? Who should be involved in the interview process? Who should handle interview scheduling, the hiring manager or HR? Interview types. What are the different types of interviews?

How to Interview a Candidate: Everything You Need to Know


As nerve-wracking as it can be for a potential candidate, a job interview can be just as stressful for the employer doing the interview. What follows is a guide for how to interview a candidate, including preparation tips, important questions, and other suggestions for clear communication and a successful interview process. The more preparation you, as an employer, do now, the better the results you will gain from the interview later. DevOps Interview Questions.

How This Recruiter Prepped a Candidate for an Interview (and Raised the Bar for Recruiters Everywhere)

Linkedin Talent Blog

When coming in for an interview, the majority of candidates are nervous (unless they have the swagger of Harry Potter). All jokes aside, the nerves are understandable - especially for a candidate going in for an interview at Google, which was notorious for tricky interview questions in the past. Knowing this, in August 2015, one Google recruiter took it upon himself to give a candidate everything he would need to prepare and nail a phone interview with a senior PM at Google.

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