Behavioral Interviewing: The Achilles Heel of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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We've all been on the other side of the table when a hiring manager or recruiter asked us a behavioral interview question. Behavioral interviewing has been the gold standard in hiring and recruiting for decades. Related: Diversity Wins: Why D&I Matters More Than Ever.

8 Ways to Find and Screen Candidates for Strategic Thinking

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A combination of the two may often be necessary until you have more real-world data to use as a basis for your interview question. When interviewing a candidate, the interview process goes both ways. Watch for Signs of Strategic Thinking Throughout an Interview.


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How to Identify Forward-Thinking Candidates

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This includes shaping interviews that vet the most forward-thinking performers who will help steer the company ship forward while also adjusting sails amid changing winds. RELATED: 4 Ways to Make Interviews More Difficult – and Why You Should.

We Need to Change our Behavioral Interview Questions

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On ERE, I recently read an article by John Boring call “ How to Create Behavioral Interview Questions That Don’t Give Away the Answer.” It got me thinking about how vague many of our behavior interview questions are and how the answers could go in so many different ways. Perhaps we are creating that situation with vague behavioral interview questions. For example, a classic behavioral interview questions is….

How to Conduct a Soft Skills Interview in 4 Easy Steps


In this blog article we will take a step-by-step look at how to use soft skills from the very beginning of the employee lifecycle: the interview process. Step 2: Preparation Now that you have determined what the important soft skills are for the position, you need to prepare for the interview.

“We’ve got work to do”: Overcoming the gap in diversity recruiting


As more candidates are open to remote roles, our 2020 State of Remote Work Report uncovered that employers believed the top benefit of hiring remote employees was having more diverse candidates. Diversity & Inclusion Hiring People & Culture

Worth the (Calculated) Risk: Hiring Executives from Nontraditional Career Paths

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If we listened to our gut and invited the candidate in for an interview, we may have been impressed with how her unique career path has afforded her a different perspective and approach. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership, organizations could greatly benefit from CEOs and other senior executives with diverse sets of experiences. Also, examine your interview questions and consider “deep dive” behavioral interviews.

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What Recruiters Can Do to Ensure Every Candidate Has a Fair Shot at the Interview

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Specifically, the access some candidates have — or don't have — to information about interviewing process. When our time came to interview for jobs, they could give us insights into what we’d likely be asked and help us prepare for behavioral interviewing or white-board or role-play questions.

Balanced Teams: Why Atlassian got rid of the concept of cultural fit

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‘’Diversity Hiring’’ series features world diversity and inclusion leaders and their thoughts on diversity recruitment, cultural diversity and equality. Our guest today is Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Belonging at Atlassian. What does diversity hiring mean to you? Let me start there – I think that we need to completely get rid of the concept of diversity and inclusion.

When it Comes to Hiring Algorithms, Be Sure to Check the Math


Expand your insights through in-depth reference checking and behavioral interviews. Audit your program on a regular basis – Look at your hiring outcomes, the diversity of your new hire pool and your turnover rates on a regular basis to ensure that you’re hiring effectively. Hiring and Recruiting all industries diversity hiring trends reference checking talent analytics

Harnessing the Power of Prediction to Attract Top Talent


When done correctly, predictive hiring initiatives expand your talent base by challenging hiring biases and increasing diversity and inclusion he added. (If If you’re interested in this technology, check out Dice’s Likely-to-Switch search filter , which helps you find candidates who are likely to switch jobs, based on past behavior and industry trends.).

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The Top 5 Soft Skills Veterans are More Likely to Have Than the Average Professional

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From entry level to more senior roles - data entry, to industrial designer to marketing product manager, there is a diverse set of occupations that are looking for these valuable skills that veterans already have. In addition, If you’re a recruiter and want a reliable way to screen candidates for soft skills, download the Guide to Screening Candidates: 30 Essential Behavioral Interview Questions. DiversityIn the U.S.,

Employability Skills: How to Hire the Best Candidates [+Lists]

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Most professional recruiters pair cognitive assessment tools with technical skills testing and behavioral interviews. We are talking about: cognitive assessment tools, personality inventories, behavioral interview questions, and more.

5 Recruiting Trends You Can’t Ignore

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The smart folks at Qualigence have published a new white paper identifying five major recruiting trends that cannot be ignored this year: Diversity and Inclusion – Qualigence states that 78% of talent leaders rate diversity and inclusion as a top trend. Watch for improved and increased diversity initiatives that focus on gender, race/ethnicity, age/generation, education, disability, and religion.

9 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in Your Recruitment Process

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You cannot directly ask people in interviews about such sensitive topics because it would be illegal. So, reference checks are still your go-to option when you want to select your future talented employees after successful interviews. You Don’t Prepare Enough for the Interview.

Tools for Recruiters: The Complete List

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INTERVIEWING. GreenJobInterview Interviewing. Whether it is face-to-face or one-way interviews, GreenJob offers the solutions you need for your video interviewing needs. Interview Mocha Interviewing. Interview Mocha has over 1000 skills tests that you can use early in your interview process to determine which candidates have the required skills. Interview Stream Interviewing. Odro Interviewing. sparkHire Interviewing.

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Common Technical Interview Mistakes (and What to Do Instead)


You're perfectly qualified, you've arrived on time, and you're ready for your technical interview. Technical interviews can be a mind wracking experience for job seekers. So make sure that you really understand the question that's being asked by your interviewer.

10 Strategic Interview Questions to Ask Candidates in a Tiebreak

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They both may have also passed your behavioral assessments with flying colors and even aced your initial interview. In that case, it is time to use your heavy artillery: strategic interview questions to ask candidates so you can make the best hiring decision!

New Technology Uses Predictive Behavioral Science for Hiring Success

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That is, using observable behavior to determine which role the candidate would be perfect for. As PeopleKeys Managing Director, Dr. Bradley Smith recently explained , observable behavior is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to interviewing talent, relying on the things you can see and hear aren’t enough. This is where predictive behavior comes into play, and fortunately, there’s new technology that can help.

Understanding Conflict Management Styles

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When we discuss different styles of conflict management, we consider the diverse ways in which individuals address, engage in, and solve disputes at any level of the conflict’s stage. Conflict management and resolution are critical in any organization.

Eliminating These 3 Common Tools Will Disrupt (and Improve) Your Hiring Process

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It’s no secret that I consider psychological pseudo-tests like Predictive Index and DISC for assessing candidates as counterproductive, the use of behavioral interviewing as misguided and that the marketing of skills- and experience-laden job descriptions as ineffective for attracting the best and most diverse talent. Behavioral interviews. For different reasons, I find traditional behavioral interviewing also counterproductive and of limited value.

How the Best Companies Interview Top Candidates

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So, how can the every day recruiter or talent acquisition leader learn how to interview better? Glassdoor recently revealed its Best Places to Work award winners, and as a part of the honor, we asked many of the companies’ executives to share with us their tips and tricks for interviewing top candidates in this ultratight labor market. Tip #1: Present a variety of candidates with a case interview. We use case interview techniques for some positions,” says Maceda.

We asked recruiters to give their biggest pains in tech recruitment


Interviews. Finding an interviewer panel for a role. Scheduling technical interviews. Tech interviews. Scheduling interviews. Convincing candidates to do interviews. 4th to 5th rounds of interview. Interview process. Diversity. Diversity.

Interview process and strategies: a comprehensive FAQ guide


Interviews are the pillars of recruiting. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you set up an effective interview process: Organizing an interview. What are the typical steps in the interview process? How do I set up an interview? Who should be involved in the interview process? Who should handle interview scheduling, the hiring manager or HR? Interview types. What are the different types of interviews?

How Your Interview Process Improves with an Interview Logistics Platform


Modern talent acquisition teams now increasingly use interview processes like competency-based questions and behavioral questions to test a candidate’s power skills such as “collaboration,” “verbal communication,” “persistence,” and more. With these new types of interviews fundamentally changing the way we evaluate candidates, an Interview Logistics Platform can give you the flexibility to structure your interview process for a variety of interview types.

ERE Recruiting Conference Fall 2018 Recap: Most Valuable Tweets


Diversity and Inclusion. Inclusion means EVERYONE #diversityandinclusion @torinellis #ererc #recruitment #talentacquisition #Diversity How to beat behavioral interviews shows up 25,300,000 times in a google search. We need to step up as recruiters and call upon leaders to make have the support for Diversity and Inclusion- Leadership needs to be involved ?

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Diversity Insight. 15 Interview Questions to Ensure Candidate Quality. 11 Must-Ask Behavioral Interview Questions. Diversity. Interviewing and Onboarding. Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity.

10 Ways to Avoid Making $100,000 Hiring Mistakes

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You’ll save time, increase assessment accuracy, and close more deals within your budget by only inviting semi-finalists for onsite interviews. Don’t use generic competencies and behavioral interviewing without context. Asking for examples of competencies and behaviors without describing how they will actually be used on the job is a mistake. Hire for diversity in diverse ways. Same old, same old” is a bad strategy for hiring diverse talent.

3 Major Culture Risks When Hiring at Scale — and How to Address Them

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It turned out that they were hiring mostly directors and managers, who would also start to interview and recruit new people within their first few weeks, too, as this company’s hiring goals were aggressive. If diversity and inclusion is a priority, this “sameness mindset” is a massive blocker.

Use the Hiring Manager Maturity Model to Build a Culture of Recruiting

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And that talent doesn’t tolerate passive hiring managers who aren’t engaged in early selling, poor interviewing, slow processes, indecisiveness, job offers that aren’t tailored to their needs, and ineffective onboarding. They’re definitely more than just lead interviewers, right?

Actionable Tips to Improve People Management Skills


Ask your staff to interview job candidates and prepare them with behavioral interview skills. By including your team members in the interviewing process and training them to ask good questions, you help them to feel involved, and you increase the odds of hiring the best candidate and ensuring a good fit. Great people managers help their teams get the job done. They inspire passion, no matter what the job at hand because they manage individuals individually.

15+ HR Assessment Tools to Use from Us this Year

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When we screen candidates to select them for particular jobs and roles, we usually use a diversity of HR competency assessment tools. Therefore, next on our list of popular HR assessment tools to use from our portfolio are personality and behavioral tests! The Power Interview Guide.

The Fastest Growing Skills for Recruiters — and Why They Matter

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Diversity and inclusion came to the forefront. 2020 certainly gave recruiters an opportunity to practice adaptability and develop new skills — from adjusting to video interviews to figuring out how to onboard new hires remotely. Recommended course: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

How to Interview a Candidate: Everything You Need to Know


As nerve-wracking as it can be for a potential candidate, a job interview can be just as stressful for the employer doing the interview. What follows is a guide for how to interview a candidate, including preparation tips, important questions, and other suggestions for clear communication and a successful interview process. The more preparation you, as an employer, do now, the better the results you will gain from the interview later. DevOps Interview Questions.

Today’s Toughest Challenge: Selecting Leaders to Lead into the Unknown


Even in organizations with an heir-apparent, business realities may suddenly dictate new skills and competencies in order to address challenges presented by advanced technologies, global competition, new channels for selling, diverse employees, and more. Executive competencies apply to the C-suite and spell out the skills sets and behaviors of the organization’s senior leadership. Behavioral interview questions based on the competencies and target experiences.

Hiring to Your Values: Transform Your Recruiting & Hiring Process


Do : Select a diverse pool of employees. Don’t : Select employees for the sake of being diverse. This can be as simple as looking for a word match and be as complex as having a version of your values in your interviewing process. Link your values to behaviors.

The 28 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2017


Greenhouse , a startup with a total of $60 million in funding to date, is known for its structured hiring and interviewing approach. Lever , another San Francisco startup, is making a name for its focus on diversity and metric-based recruiting. The average job seeker uses 16 total resources in their job search according to CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behavior study. It also offers an online interviewing tool. Video Interviewing.

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What You Need to Ask the Hiring Manager In Order to Source the Right Candidate

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The biggest benefit of this shift was the ability to expand the talent pool to include more diverse, high potential and passive candidates who could do the work but who had a different mix of skills and experiences than listed on the typical job description. Interviewers just had to ask candidates to provide examples of accomplishments most comparable to the KPOs listed.

The Fastest-Growing Skills for Recruiters — and Why They Matter

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Diversity and inclusion came to the forefront. 2020 certainly gave recruiters an opportunity to practice adaptability and develop new skills — from adjusting to video interviews to figuring out how to onboard new hires remotely. Recommended course: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

10 Things That Still Puzzle Me After Recruiting for 45 Years

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While we all want to hire more diverse people, why do we expect them to have the same skills and experiences and look and sound like everyone we’ve already hired. During the interview , I ask candidates to tell me about their 3-4 major accomplishments most comparable to the real job needs determined when I asked the hiring manager what the person needs to do to be successful.