11 Must-Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

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Behavioral interviewing uses strategically-composed questions to share how a candidate’s past performance might support a hiring company’s future needs. Focusing in on both hard and soft skills, the questions drill down into several layers of a job seeker’s value proposition, unearthing interview gold. The answers, if articulated well, will convince the employer that the job seeker is a fit — or not — for an open opportunity.

Behavioral Interview Questions: What You Need to Know

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Seasoned recruiters and HR departments know very well the distinction between traditional interview questions and behavioral interview questions. This type of interview helps companies learn whether a candidate is the best fit for a particular job.


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How to Conduct a Soft Skills Interview in 4 Easy Steps


Hard skills will get you the job, but soft skills will make you successful.” - Me, at least 3 times per week However, sometimes this can seem overwhelming. Step 1: The Job Requirements At first glance, you might think you know what goes into a position.

How to Build Smart Job Descriptions

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You post jobs online; track and analyze candidates with AI; measure the pulse of your organization; provide real-time feedback to employees – all in a bid to be more productive, strategic and stay ahead of the huge demands on your shoulders. But here’s something to think about: what’s the one thing that you work on for every job and employee, but you’re probably doing the same way your company did it 20 years ago? Job descriptions. . What is a Smart Job Description?

What Hiring Managers Need to Know About Recruiting Engineers

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List the Requirements Needed to Get the Job, Not Do the Job. When writing the technical section of a job description, far too many companies fill the technical requirements with a list of every technology the software engineer might work with.

Tips on How to Design the Right Interview


It’s time to begin the interview process. Which type of interview should I use? Most studies suggest structured interviews are better at finding the right employee for any given role. Science has shown that unstructured interviews are barely better than flipping a coin on a candidate. It puts pressure on the interviewer to form a gut reaction, and there’s no evidence that a knee-jerk opinion based on experience leads to better results.

8 Key Interview Questions to Ask in the Age of COVID

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Living and working in the midst of a pandemic has affected everyone, which is why it's so important to adapt your interview questions accordingly. Here are 8 questions to consider adding to your interviews for the foreseeable future. Related: How to Interview for Culture Fit.

How to Identify and Interview Results-Driven Candidates

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Fortunately, using a meaty job description that qualifies position fit, alongside a storied, behavioral interview process, can help to achieve these measurable recruiting goals. Jason Alba, entrepreneur, author and job search innovator/owner of the Job Search Program identifies strategic questions employers can ask to ensure a position fit, while also vetting candidates for culture alignment, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills and more.

Must Haves vs. Positive Indicators with Mode’s Director of Talent Acquisition


Longtime listener Bailey Douglass , Director of Talent Acquisition at data analytics platform Mode, joins Hiring on All Cylinders to discuss recruiting recruiters, training interviewers, and how less is more when it comes to job ads. Tune in to hear the team discuss: Why your internal job description shouldn't be the same as your public job ad. How structured interviewing minimizes the impact of unconscious bias.

Interview Tips: Landing Your Dream Job

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A job interview can be stressful even under the best of circumstances but if you are unemployed or have some other factor that increases its importance, it can be absolutely terrifying. List several questions to ask the interviewer about the job, the company and/or the industry.

15 Interview Questions to Ensure Candidate Quality

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On the surface, interviewing a candidate for an available job sounds easy. With the job description in hand describing specific skill sets and experience, the recruiter or hiring manager fires off a dozen questions or so and voila, they are equipped to make a hiring decision. If only interviewing were that simple. As such, three of Goldman’s favorite interview questions to ensure candidate quality include: Interview Questions to Ask Candidates.

15 Tough Interview Questions Candidates Won’t Expect

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As professional recruiters, we know that we have to go beyond run-of-the-mill interviews and draft some tough interview questions to challenge the candidates when we want to hire talent. Why Do We Need to Ask Candidates Tough Interview Questions?

Structured interview – Why they’re the best for your recruitment efforts


In the following article, we’re going to discuss the various interview formats you can use along with their benefits, as well as tell you how to prepare and conduct a structured interview. Structured interview definition. Unstructured interview definition and overview.

How the Best Companies Interview Top Candidates

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So, how can the every day recruiter or talent acquisition leader learn how to interview better? Glassdoor recently revealed its Best Places to Work award winners, and as a part of the honor, we asked many of the companies’ executives to share with us their tips and tricks for interviewing top candidates in this ultratight labor market. Tip #1: Present a variety of candidates with a case interview. We use case interview techniques for some positions,” says Maceda.

15 Common Phone Interview Questions to Screen Candidates Fast

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Phone interviews are nothing new in the recruitment process. Of course, now we have enough tech tools to conduct an interview from a reasonable distance and still have a satisfactory “live” conversation with applicants. 5 Common Phone Interview Questions about the Candidate.

How to Prepare Candidates for Job Interviews?

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It, therefore, is the job of every recruiter to ensure that every candidate is briefed well before assigning them to any client selection process. Most candidates have one format of resume that they have created painstakingly, and they end up sending it with every job application.

14 powerful interview techniques & tips for employers


Job interviews are the first point of the interview process where you can start piecing things together. And by using specific interview techniques and skills, you’re able to shed a little more light on your applicant. An interview gives you, the interviewer, the first real chance to assess a person and see if they’re an OK fit or a fantastic fit for the applied position. Use these 14 interview tips to discover which applicant is right for the job.

Common Technical Interview Mistakes (and What to Do Instead)


You're perfectly qualified, you've arrived on time, and you're ready for your technical interview. Technical interviews can be a mind wracking experience for job seekers. So make sure that you really understand the question that's being asked by your interviewer.

How to Predictably Hire the Most Successful Candidates Using Structured Interview Questions

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We’ve already talked about what defines a structured interview , and why structured interviews are such good predictors of job performance. Now, we’re going to show you how to run a structured interview – using consistent interview questions that show you the best people for the job, every time. But we’ll be real with you up front: This is not as quick-n-easy as jotting down a few questions before you head to the interview room.

Interview process and strategies: a comprehensive FAQ guide


Interviews are the pillars of recruiting. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you set up an effective interview process: Organizing an interview. What are the typical steps in the interview process? How do I set up an interview? Who should be involved in the interview process? Who should handle interview scheduling, the hiring manager or HR? Interview types. What are the different types of interviews?

How to Interview: The Complete Guide


A job interview is a formal conversation between an employer and a candidate in which the recruiter or hiring manager assesses whether the candidate has the qualifications necessary to perform the open role. . Some common types of job interviews include: . The Interview.

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The Secret of Conducting Great Job Interviews

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What is the secret of conducting great job interviews? What is the secret of conducting great job interviews? A lot has been said about conducting great job interviews. You probably already know that a great interview should have a carefully planned structure and use behavioral interview questions. Conducting job interviews is a complex and demanding process. How should interviewers prepare for a job interview?

Structure Your Interview to Find The Truth

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My job as a recruiter is to help my clients find the best person for their unique hiring needs. Part of that job involves follow-up after every interview to see how things unfolded. In almost every interview I can point out a fatal flaw: the hiring manager didn’t prepare. This failure to prepare stretches back to the start of the hiring process, all the way to the job description. Preparing the candidate for the interview.

5 Ways to Get Intentional with Leadership Hiring in 2020

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What’s worse, research from Gallup found that companies fail to choose the right candidate for management jobs 82% of the time. This means you need to do more than skim the old job ad. Adequately prepare for the interview. Create (and Revise) a Comprehensive Job Description.

12 Interview Questions to Ask Every Sales Candidate

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That’s why many turn to behavioral interview questions (those “Tell me about a time when…” type of questions). While they shouldn’t be your only tool and there are other ways to screen for soft skills , they can still be super useful: according to the hundreds of sales hiring managers surveyed by LinkedIn , behavioral questions are the single most effective way to assess a candidate's soft skills. 3 interview questions to screen for adaptability in sales.

5 Tips to Become a More Successful Interviewer

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Implement these 5 tips to become a more successful interviewer! Unsuccessful interviewers hire the wrong person - don’t be among them! If you’ve ever conducted a job interview, this will probably come as no surprise to you. Conducting job interviews is hard. In order to help you recruit the right people for your company , here are top 5 proven tips that will make you a more successful interviewer. 5 tips to become a more successful interviewer.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. How to write job descriptions. Creating an interview process. Where to post your jobs. Hiring is everyone’s job, especially sourcing.

The Golden Rule of Recruiting: BCU Just Wants To Have Fun


The talent acquisition team currently leverages Convey for Interviewing to effectively and efficiently interview candidates. Candidate experience is the feeling the candidate has from the first time they read our job posting to the face-to-face interview. Where do you feel candidates get the most frustrated while looking for a new job? Candidates see a lot of jobs posted, go through lengthy application processes, get excited and then hear nothing.

Worth the (Calculated) Risk: Hiring Executives from Nontraditional Career Paths

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We’ve all seen it: that candidate whose resume doesn’t really match the job requirements, yet there’s something about her overall experience that piques our interest. Perhaps she took a “gap year” after school or between jobs; maybe she spent time working in a completely different field. If we listened to our gut and invited the candidate in for an interview, we may have been impressed with how her unique career path has afforded her a different perspective and approach.

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7 Best Hiring Practices for Small Business Owners in 2019

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While you may be eager to begin hiring, don’t share job listings or start interviewing candidates until you’re ready to act quickly, said Arlene Donovan, founder and CEO of Turning Point Coaching in Connecticut. Spend less time on the job description. Business owners and hiring managers tend to write lengthy job descriptions that include paragraphs about the company, job duties and responsibilities in addition to a long list of required skills, Markow said.

50 Customer Service Interview Questions to Hire for Talent

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The times when our customer service interview questions revolved around a person’s 5-years career plan are gone. We now hire for hard skills, personality, behavior, and cognitive abilities, among others. What Are We Looking for When We Hire People for Customer Service Jobs?

How to Hire Qualified RNs, CNAs and LVNs at Your Home Health Agency


Create Compelling Job Descriptions. Job descriptions enable you to speak directly to the talent you need to staff your home healthcare agency – and sell them on the benefits of working for your company. Each description should be tailored to the specific role and include the following: Company description. Ask Compliant Interview Questions. Asking the right interview questions is key when it comes to identifying the right candidate.

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Conflict Resolution Skills: Examples and Assessment

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When we hire talent, we need to look beyond job descriptions and focus on finding people who match the organizational culture to become assets and future leaders. Assertiveness is a skill and behavior we can apply on all levels and areas of our personal, social, and work lives.

9 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in Your Recruitment Process

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In the Internet age, getting poor employer branding reviews on reputable career websites can ruin your reputation among job seekers, potential collaborators, etc. You Post Vague and Fluffy Job Descriptions. Involve the team in writing the job descriptions.

Identifying Core Competencies When Hiring

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There are two different categories of core competencies: technical qualifications (skills, knowledge, expertise) and behavioral characteristics (personality, culture fit). Use Structured Interviews – Having a structured interview process is the best place to start for any company in any industry. Structured interviews reduce bias and time to interview by giving you the exact roadmap you need to make the best hiring decision.

Employability Skills: How to Hire the Best Candidates [+Lists]

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Employees need to master such skills every day on the job. Therefore, the recruiters’ goal is to select the ones that are crucial for the job position and evaluate candidates to find the best possible matches. Why are employability skills critical for job performance?

7 of the Biggest Hiring Time Wasters and How to Get Rid of Them


Social media is a fast and easy (and free) way to advertise your job opportunities, communicate with candidates, educate them about your company and build awareness about your corporate culture. The more job seekers understand about your company and what you are looking for, the more likely they are to weed themselves out (if they are not a good match), and the less time you will spend sorting through irrelevant resumes. Time Waster #2: Crazy Job Titles.

What Are Interpersonal Skills and How Do We Test Them?

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What positions and job roles need high levels of interpersonal skills? In a business environment, we describe such skills as a set of aptitudes, behaviors, and personal traits that help people interact, communicate, and work well with others. Does a candidate have good people skills?

Hiring Mistakes Cost – 5 Ways to Avoid Them

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Focus the evaluation of the prospective candidate against how they fit the first year goals and expectations rather than a list of job duties. 1- Better to evaluate the candidate against what you expect them to accomplish rather than a static job description. Interview the candidates for desired intangibles. It is easy to get very focused on behavioral interview questions developed from the job description and key requirements of the position.

We asked recruiters to give their biggest pains in tech recruitment


Interviews. Finding an interviewer panel for a role. Talking with candidates about the details of the job offer. Scheduling technical interviews. Tech interviews. Scheduling interviews. Convincing candidates to do interviews. Unstable job market.