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Key Considerations for a Pay-for-Performance Compensation Model

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This article discussing the pay-for-performance compensation model and the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy was originally published in May 2015. One area that organizations can customize and personalize their strategies is in their compensation model for employees.

Study: Small Business Struggle to Attract Talent with Competitive Benefits

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Enticing jobseekers with competitive salaries and perks is a struggle many small businesses (SMB) owners are facing in the year ahead, finds a new study by Oasis Outsourcing, a professional employer organization. Oasis’ latest study finds that small business owners believe attracting strong, competent management and dedicated, capable staff plus offering competitive compensation and benefits will be the top two most challenging issues businesses face in the next 12 months.


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Diverse Compensation Plans Are a Win-Win for All

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Despite a recent Gallup poll that found only 55% of Americans reported owning stock, a Rutgers study showed that most Americans report they would prefer to work for a company that gives them a stake in the business. . The Bottom Line on Compensation.

Unlimited Vacation: Worker Exploitation or Dream Benefit?

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Is it a marketing slogan for a system to exploit workers, or is it an attractive benefit that recognizes the changing nature of many workplaces? Even “unlimited vacation” skeptics should acknowledge the potential benefits of adopting such a policy.

Student Loan Assistance Benefits Employers and Employees

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While this benefit eases stress for employees who have student debt, it also provides important benefits for employers. Student loan assistance is an important benefit for both employers and employees.

Employee Benefits: The Only Guide You Need

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The term “employee benefits” is used regularly, but often with a limited, traditional definition in mind. The traditional concept refers to legally mandated benefits plus a few voluntarily added by employers. Employers are responding with a menu of voluntary employee benefits, driven by generational shifts and technology that is dramatically changing the workplace. . What are employee benefits? . Employee benefits are non-salary compensation and perks.

Why HR Needs to Study Psychology – United Idiocracy

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Even if the change might benefit them. And anyone who has done any study in the world of compensation, social psychology or applied behavioral economics would have sniffed this problem out before the CEO got to the “second place is steak knives” part of the internal sell. The post Why HR Needs to Study Psychology – United Idiocracy appeared first on Fistful of Talent. For about 134 years I’ve been suggesting that to be good at HR you should be good at humans.

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Why Culture is the Hot New Perk


While compensation matters, wages alone are generally not sufficient to prevent attrition, according to the ADP Research Institute’s Workforce Vitality Report. Up-and-coming organizations are creating strong, unique cultures that attract and retain tech pros. Here are some of their creative retention strategies and tips for nurturing a magnetic culture: Here’s to Your Health. A strong culture of professional growth endures over time.”.

The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture


This blog post will dissect the opportunities and challenges of unpaid internship culture, hearing from the real-life experiences of university graduates. . Benefits for students: There’s no denying that internships are highly beneficial in kick-starting a student’s career.

The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture


This blog post will dissect the opportunities and challenges of unpaid internship culture, hearing from the real-life experiences of university graduates. . Benefits for students: There’s no denying that internships are highly beneficial in kick-starting a student’s career.

Benefits Trends for Talent Attraction: Meaningful Work, Health Care, and More

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The workforce is changing as Baby Boomers continue to retire and Generation Z starts taking their place, and with a “changing of the guards” comes a change in the types of benefits you use to attract and retain top talent. So basically, workers want a great company culture. Top 6 Ways Company Culture Impacts Employee Engagement/Retention. Employees ranked a toxic work culture as their top choice, followed by race/gender discrimination and physical risks.

Major Studies Detail Correlation Between Employee Engagement and Retention


. Recent Studies Detail Correlation Between Employee Engagement and Retention. The most serious challenge facing Human Resources is not benefits, compensation, or performance management. The result, as the following studies suggest, can be dramatic improvements in both metrics. The study reveals that “Millennials judge the performance of a business on what it does and how it treats people,” rather than on financial performance. Glassdoor Study.

Study 100

Improving Workplace Culture


Any work environment that thrives and promotes real growth needs to acquire a positive and fulfilling workplace culture. As an organization improves their “culture” the productivity increases, morale is lifted, and revenues increase. Workplace culture is implicitly connected with productivity. In order to improve your workplace culture start with a focus on real productivity over hours clocked in. Compensate based both on time and accomplishments. The Benefits.

5 Compensation Management Trends Taking Shape in 2017


Keeping an eye on compensation management trends can be helpful for HR professionals as they strategize and develop pay plans for their own organizations. As we head into a new season and make our way through the final quarter of the year, here are a few leading compensation trends to look out for: 1. Improving Benefits Decisions. In doing so, employers can make rewards and praise a more ongoing effort instead of a yearly “event” to support a fulfilling company culture.

Company Culture Top Driver of Employee Satisfaction

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Company Culture Senior Leadership and Career Opportunities Top Drivers of Employee Satisfaction. Glassdoor , one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, released a new survey measuring sentiment around mission and culture in the workplace today, along with the level of importance of both. Culture Is Prioritized. Millennials are more likely to place culture above salary than those age 45 and older in two of the four countries surveyed — U.S. (65

HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics

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In this post, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will shares how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best compensation decisions for both your employees and your organization. . Compensation is one of the key culture-definers for organizations. As analytics become more widely used in HR, I’d like to share a few ways you can use a people strategy platform to make better compensation decisions: 1.

5 Things Job Seekers Really Want in a Company Culture

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To attract the best talent, your company culture needs to stand out. They’re scrambling to provide what they think professionals want, but what do they actually need from a company culture? In the competition to offer the latest and greatest culture and benefits, employers are missing out on the basic qualities job seekers want. To attract candidates, think like a job seeker and align your culture to better address their unmet needs.

Workplace Fairy Tales: Why There’s No Such Thing as “Unlimited” PTO

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As the website notes, “Accrued vacation pay is the amount of vacation time that an employee has earned as per a company’s employee benefit policy, but which has not yet been used or paid. “ There may be other good reasons for going to “unlimited” PTO, but companies just love to avoid paying out money whenever they can do it– even if it does mean ditching a longstanding employee benefit.

HR Famous Podcast: Thoughts on the passing of the Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh

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He also notes studies that show minimum wage increases reduce suicide attempts. 14:40 – KD disagrees and thinks that this may actually hurt small businesses and benefit big corporations since they have more ability to handle that increase.

The Benefits of Offering Employee Benefits Statements


When it comes to compensation, the figure that employees will be most concerned with is almost always base pay. But as you know, there are many other components that factor into employee benefits statements, which are also referred to as a total compensation statements (source: SHRM ). Recently, more and more companies have begun compiling total compensation statements for their employees.

The Business Case for Transparency

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Both employees and businesses benefit from increased levels of pay transparency. The policy improves productivity, diversity, and workplace cohesion, benefiting a business recruitment strategy. Pay transparency builds a cohesive workplace culture, which improves employee loyalty.

Building a Better Benefits Package for Your Small Business


Any HR manager knows that there is a significant cost associated with providing benefits packages to your employees (which is why some employers chose not to offer them). Your company may be in a position where you can provide a luxurious benefits package - but these items can be pricey for small business owners. With these diminishing numbers, it’s easy to see that small businesses often struggle with providing benefits. Developing Your Benefits Package.

Improve Your Company Culture Using Data

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Peter Drucker, the legendary management consultant, once famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”. What is culture though exactly? According to Culture IQ : 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. Employees’ overall ratings of their company’s qualities — like collaboration, work environment, and mission and value alignment — are 20% higher at companies with strong cultures.

Data 83

68% of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees


One major setback has been wage growth, but a new study from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. What’s also encouraging is that employers are predicting they’ll increase wages, according to a separate CareerBuilder study. Sixty-eight percent of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees, and 46 percent planning to increase starting salaries for new employees.

The Benefits of Hiring Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals

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As with any culture and language, it varies from person to person. Deaf people can drive, and varying studies suggest that they’re as safe as any other driver. Benefits of Hiring Deaf or Hard of Hearing Employees. Diversity is important in any workplace.

What Do Jobseekers Want? Culture Is Out, Transparency Is in

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According to the Jobvite report: 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study , employers and hiring managers must reevaluate what makes a “qualified” candidate, indeed “qualified,” and take into account the fact that the recruiting landscape has changed from a linear experience to something that encompasses a continuous cycle of engagement. While many companies have been putting culture on the forefront of their recruiting strategies, it may make or break their chances at recruiting top talent.

COVID-19 and How Company Culture and Retention Hang in the Balance

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It can be difficult to nail down an exact definition of company culture. But Gallup might just have gotten it right with their simple yet practical statement that organizational culture comes down to “how we do things around here.”. Gallup describes culture as “the organization’s GPS.”

3 DEI Practices Companies Can Implement Immediately

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How you approach job descriptions, performance and compensation reviews, employee resource groups (ERGs), and seemingly small but very important actions like encouraging employees to use pronouns in their e-mail signatures or Slack profiles goes a long way with employees.

Successful Cooperation Between a Start-up and a Corporation: Theory & Practice


Successful cooperation depends on the ability of each party to understand the other’s interests, expectations, intentions and the ethics of culture and work. Benefits of cloud solutions. Benefits for all parties. Corporate benefits are clearly visible.

Study 100

Impacting Wellness: Why Gym Memberships Aren’t Enough

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A 2015 Rand Corporation study determined that while four-fifths of all U.S. Benefits accrue for employers, as well. A happy, healthy, and productive workforce benefits everyone. Benefits and Compensation employees personal information Results workers

Rethink the Power of Primary Care to Meet the Needs of Your Multigenerational Workforce

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It incorporates vital services that benefit all employees, and if done correctly, empowers people to take control of their health. Building a robust culture of health throughout the organization is the best way to ensure that employees of every generation are engaged and active in their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In a recent Forbes study , 85% of business leaders polled considered diversity and inclusivity essential to innovation.

Perk Up: The Best Employee Benefits for Attracting and Retaining Talent

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Money talks, but benefits may do more than salary to help you stand apart as an employer of choice. In a Glassdoor survey nearly 80 percent of people said they prefer new or additional benefits to an outright pay boost. Key categories of benefits. Most unique benefits.

6 Benefits of rehiring former employees – Catching Boomerangs

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Company loyalists are very hard to come by as there are so many interesting opportunities in the market in terms of compensation or role. Here are some interesting finds from a 2015 study commissioned by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and which surveyed 1800+ human resources (HR) professionals, people managers, and employees in the U.S: Benefits of rehiring former employees (ex-employee). They will most likely be culture fits.

The War for Talent Is Here: What’s Your Strategy to Win It? 

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Performance is highly dependent on talent levels, with studies showing that top-tier talent is between four and eight times more productive than average talent — a difference that becomes more pronounced in complex tasks. . Compensation is just the start. Compete on company culture.

How To Promote Your Company Culture To Attract Top Talent

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Welcome to the second part of our company culture series! To learn how you can further develop or improve your company culture to attract and retain talent, please refer to our first post. In the past, we’ve written extensively about the importance of identifying and hiring candidates who are the best cultural fit for your organization as well as the team they would be joining. This is where your company culture (or lack thereof) comes into play.

How To Promote Your Company Culture To Attract Top Talent

The Execu|Search Group

Welcome to the second part of our company culture series! To learn how you can further develop or improve your company culture to attract and retain talent, please refer to our first post. In the past, we’ve written extensively about the importance of identifying and hiring candidates who are the best cultural fit for your organization as well as the team they would be joining. This is where your company culture (or lack thereof) comes into play.

Some Men Get a Pay Bump When They Enter Female-Dominated Jobs — How Can Women Benefit Too?


Studies have found that as women take over male-dominated fields, the pay drops. They shared highlights of their recent study and its findings in Business Insider : "Men who are unemployed are much more likely to switch to a female-dominated job in fields like education or healthcare.

Study 43

How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

Glassdoor for Employers

A 2019 Glassdoor Economic Research study shows that hires that use Glassdoor have higher retention rates. Culture add: Does who this person is inherently complement your company's collective approach to work and collaboration? Compensation: Can you offer a competitive salary?

Separating Extravagant Perks from Those that Yield High ROIs

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According to a recent study that analyzed data from Thomson Reuters’ ASSET4 database, which evaluates several aspects of workplace culture, here are the five real categories employees care about when it comes to perks, benefits, and overall workplace happiness. Employment quality: Employees want fair benefits, compensation, and job conditions. Family planning benefits and resources.

Introducing Our New Total Rewards Solution


The numbers are in, according to a Gallup study , U.S. In fact, compensation is just one piece of the pie. Employees also value company culture, approachable management, work/life balance, and workplace recognition. A breakdown of employer-provided benefits.