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Why Job Boards Are Partnering with AI Recruiting Vendors


For traditional job boards, this has required a real step-change in their approach. While historically these platforms had the sole purpose of connecting candidates with job opportunities, nowadays they offer a whole host of products to help companies boost their employer brand and promote their roles even further. But, that’s why more job boards are partnering with AI recruiting vendors to stand out and ensure they’re the supplier of choice.

How to Use Company Reviews to Enhance Your Employer Brand


For example, would you prefer to join a company with a bad reputation among its employers? Of course not, you would look for companies that learn what their workforce wants and give it to them. Monetary incentives are not the deciding factor now; as a recent Gallup survey showed , 87 percent of Millennial employees valued self-development on the job as high as the compensation. Millennials want jobs to be development opportunities. Employee benefits.


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The 35 Best Job Boards for Employers to Find Candidates

Contract Recruiter

One of the greatest challenges as an employer is searching for and hiring new talent. Even simply finding people who are interested in a job with your company can be tricky, which is why a wide variety of job boards have sprung up over the years. The Big Name Boards.

Do You Have a Strong Employer Branding Strategy?


According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an employer brand is one of the most important parts of the employee value proposition. It’s what the core of your company communicates as its identity to both potential and current employees, and includes your brand’s mission, culture, values and brand personality. A strong employer branding strategy can greatly impact recruiting efforts to attract high-level candidates to your organization.

A painful work reality + An Employer Brand cheat sheet + A must listen podcast + Here’s the bedrock of your 2021 EB strategy


The good, of course, is that so many aspects of our lives have become much easier. THIS WEEK’S POLL: What are your 2021 employer branding expectations for your company? It’s a top priority and we are going to get a bigger budget for employer branding.

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


Due to an unprecedented demand for more foundational candidate experience content, we’ve created the first-ever candidate experience crash course. Candidate experience refers to how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. Some employers have gone so far as to appoint professionals to lead the charge on measuring and improving candidate experience.

#RecruitingHack: 3 Clever Ways to Use Hashtags for Sourcing and Employer Branding

Linkedin Talent Blog

Younger workers, including those in Generation Z , feel at home on social media and use it for everything from watching content to staying up to date on current events — as well as researching prospective employers. Use hashtags to highlight key attributes of your employer brand that candidates really care about. Not too long ago, candidates would scour job boards to find jobs they were a good fit for.

Know How: Create Job Descriptions to Hire Top-Tier Talents

Pragna Technologies

In the cut-throat competition of talent acquisition, the job descriptions play a significant role in attracting and landing top-tier talents. As a hiring manager, attracting talents with catchy job descriptions is essential if you want to hire high-performing candidates for your firm.

Recruitment In A Post-Rolodex World


Of course, these were the days long before the advent of the smartphone. However, LinkedIn and other online Rolodexes have made it so that it’s difficult for job seekers to differentiate between the various recruiters that may contact them. Rolodex was quite a fine invention, wasn’t it?

DIY Hiring – The Top 4 Benefits of Full Cycle Recruiting


Let’s find out what it is and why you can benefit from it, no matter your industry or the role you’re hiring for. From the moment you write the job ad until the moment someone is hired and onboarded – that’s full cycle recruiting and a person who does this is called a full cycle recruiter.

4 SMB Recruiting Best Practices for 2017


Talent leaders want to focus on branding. Seventy percent of most recruiting budgets goes to traditional methods such as job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies. But recruiters identified “employer branding” as the top area in which they would like to invest more. Employer brand messaging should focus on culture and career growth. Here are four tips to get started: Focus on your brand. 2017 is just around the corner.

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3 Reasons Recruitment Marketing is the BEST Way To Attract Great Candidates

Social Talent

But could employers use the same tricks to entice talented new staff to their workplace? Customers are attracted to brand and quality, something they share with jobseekers. Exposure is everything, especially in recruitment, where candidates are inundated with potential job matches every time they check their emails. Appearing in a search engine or job board’s top ten results for a certain keyword places you miles ahead of those languishing on the next page down.

A feel-good story + Big Data & diversity + Being yourself at work + Uptick your employer reputation + Video on employee pay


And I had to feign disappointment at having a real meal substituted for a late-night bowl of cereal (with sliced banana of course). FEATURED JOB: CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER. REMINDER: TO POST AN HR JOB, CLICK THE LINK AT THE TOP. FEATURED HR & TALENT JOBS. Employer Branding.

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The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. How to write job descriptions. Workplace benefits and compensation.

50 Great Employee Benefits You Didn’t Know You’re Offering


Last week, I wrote about lame job recruitment and how marketing for those less than glamorous roles can seem impossible. There are many ways to attract the right person to your hard to fill jobs (have you tried building candidate personas yet?), but marketing your great employee benefits is key. You’re probably thinking: But we can’t afford fancy benefits. This list isn’t about those expensive employee benefits packages. Job sharing.

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

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The decision has since sparked nationwide and worldwide debate on the impact this will have on a variety of issues including employment, the economy and life in the UK. Recruitment & Employment Confederation. We need to ensure that British businesses continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available. A further, prolonged period of doubt will do little to encourage employers who have already delayed making hiring decisions to come off the fence.

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Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Benefits. Employer Branding. Employer Branding.

3 Steps to Create a Digital Job Advertising Strategy

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Even in this employer-driven market, it can be tough to find qualified talent. So, when it comes to digital job advertising, your strategy needs to be on point so that your recruiting budget can stretch further. Leigha Wanczowski, Employer Brand Manager, Covance.

Hiring? Planning layoffs? Struggling with remote transition? Help awaits. Plus a bit of needed humor + active HR & Talent jobs.


And that, of course, makes everything worse. Remote Jobs: We are also building out remote-specific functionality across all of our job boards. If interested in posting remote jobs, please hit reply. LOOKING FOR HR/TALENT JOB? FEATURED HR & TALENT JOBS.

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Common Fallacies in a Recruitment Process [checklist included]


A more detailed one would be “a process with five steps: 1) write a job description, 2) post it to job boards, 3) receive candidates, 4) interview, and 5) hire!” Step 2 – Post job ads. Before you jump into writing any job description, think about how you will display it, distribute it, and get candidates from it. Convincing those candidates to apply for your jobs is your job. Actually, a careers site is a powerhouse for your employer brand.

7 New Ways Videos Can Improve Your Recruiting

Spark Hire

Employer brand videos. A report by Brandemix found 80 percent of respondents believe effectively building an employer brand helps them be successful in a variety of ways — including attracting skilled job seekers. But my company doesn’t have a brand,” you might say. Creating brand videos allows you to craft the message your way and show off for job seekers. Job announcements. Job boards are flooded with new postings every day.

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Recruitment Software – A Quick Guide


Putting candidates first allows you to give them a better candidate experience and the benefits of that are plentiful. It allows you to easily organize your job postings, process CVs and track your candidates from start to finish. With the number of CVs, companies receive for an average job posting it allows for some automation of job applicants through filters or application questions. Rather than just simply documenting tasking and posting jobs.

Star People: How To Build A World Class Employee Referral Program.

Recruiting Daily

A recent study from job board stalwart CareerBuilder found fully 82% of employers with formalized referral programs consider this to be their best return for their recruiting investment. Another 88% of employers surveyed reported that candidates generated through referrals consistently outranked all other sources of hire when it came to quality of candidate, too. Statistically speaking, of course. Of course, we all make mistakes.

How to Jumpstart Your Inbound Recruiting


Inbound recruiting also refers to the practice of attracting and engaging job candidates by creating awareness of your organization and its employer brand. So of course it’s hard to fathom that there are quality hires out there who would actually want to join an organization without being wined and dined first. Even if no one at your organization has ever uttered the phrase “inbound recruiting”, you’re still benefiting from it. Establish your employer brand.

HR Best Practices for 2020 – a must-see list!


Did you know that 83% of employers believe attracting and retaining talent is a growing challenge? Or that 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay at an organization with an empathetic employer. Employee Benefits and Incentives.

The Top 7 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing


Not only are businesses across the globe getting huge benefits from successful recruitment marketing, but it’s contributed to significant improvements for candidates, and their experience engaging with your company. We outlined the main reasons why recruitment marketing is such a hot topic in a recent post, but today we wanted to dig into some of the main benefits that your company can expect if they embark on a recruitment marketing strategy? Stronger Employer Branding. “I’m

The 12 best applicant tracking systems


What are the Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software? For example, an ATS enables faster interview scheduling, easier job advertising, optimized referrals, automated processes, and more. What are the Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software?

How to source top software development candidates during and after COVID-19


With 38 million job claims in the US in the past nine weeks, it would seem as though the COVID-19 pandemic has erased all the job growth from the end of the Great Recession until now. In reality, while the labor market is certainly shrinking, jobs and opportunities are also shifting.

Why Recruiters Must Be Strong Marketers to Reach Today’s Top Candidates


Pre-1950s, recruitment was largely limited to friends and family, or people who wandered into a business looking for a job. During the white-collar job boom of the 1950s and 60s, the first recruitment agencies sprung up and resumes became an essential part of any job search.

10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Custom Hiring System

The Hire Talent

We are long past the point when we posted job ads, screened candidates’ resumes, and asked interviewees where they see themselves in the next five years. Gone are the days when we only wanted “the right people for the right jobs.” Improve Your Employer Brand.

How to use your recruitment ATS to receive more and better candidates


The job of a recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) is to allow you to source multiple candidates easily. You need to learn how to utilize it properly so you can reap maximum benefits. Source via multiple channels (job boards and social media).

7 Australian Recruiting Trends Your Company Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

Social Talent

The value of employer branding. For the last couple of years, organisations of different sizes have been focusing on growing their employer brand. At this point, the employer brand is no longer the responsibility of just a few people. In fact, today Australian talent acquisition teams are working very closely with their cross-functional teams to deliver the best branding possible. What should Australian recruiters look forward to in 2016?

11 Solutions to Find Employees More Efficiently

The Hire Talent

When you employ your run-of-the-mill talent acquisition strategies , you usually learn that you lose top talent to competitors capable of offering candidates a fast, seamless, and pleasurable recruiting experience. Improve Job Postings and Descriptions.

How to Maximize the Number of Candidates You Receive


Recent reports from SHRM mentioned that there is only an average of 12% job application-to-interview ratio. Create a branded career page. It can drive organic web traffic, increase employer branding, and provide better analytics if done successfully.

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Home Care Hiring: 3 Ways to Prepare for Increased Demand


Bureau of Labor Statistics, home care hiring is predicted to be among the fastest-growing industries in terms of job growth over the next decade. In fact, the data projects home health aides and personal care aides will be the third- and fourth-fastest-growing job categories between 2016 and 2026. . In addition to expected job growth, there are many challenges in home care hiring. Maintain a Strong Employer Brand . question for job seekers.

You Asked, We Answered: 7 Questions Recruiters Have About Career Sites


And those employers that have taken the time to improve theirs are starting to reap the benefits from mobile recruiting, SEO, employer branding, candidate experience, and more. ” Over the course of about one hour, we shared our framework for what makes an exceptional career site. The benefits of recruiting landing pages are multifaceted. This also happens to benefit your site from a search engine optimization, or SEO, standpoint.

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Candidate Experience – Measure what you want to Improve!


Candidate experience is the sum of interactions that an individual has with a company, or the company brand, where they might seek employment. In many cases, employers aren’t using tools for measuring candidate experience.

How to attract, hire and retain remote employees


Hiring remote employees can benefit your organization by bringing in skills that are scarce in your location. In turn, remote work benefits employees by offering the option to pursue the job they really want, without the need to relocate. Build a strong employer brand online. Having a good employer reputation will help you attract and retain qualified people. Select the best places to advertise your remote jobs. Here are some options: Job boards.

What You Need to Know About Expanding Your HR Team

Recruiting Daily Advisor

A growing organization indicates not only bigger profits but also rapidly increasing job responsibilities for people working behind it. It’s not enough to recruit more people to do various tasks; it’s important to employ more HR staff to support your new hires. .

Employee Referral Strategies | A Few Things to Consider

The Hire Talent

When an existing employee (or an external partner like a client or a supplier) recommends another person for a job, then the recommended candidate is an employee referral. What Are the Benefits of Employee Referral Campaigns? Some of the best job candidates are passive job seekers.