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Social Media in the Workplace: Everything You Need to Know


Learn everything you need to know about social media in the workplace, including: How is social media used in the workplace? Should social media be allowed in the workplace? What are the pros and cons of using social media at work?

Should You Be Using Social Media Screenings for Your Candidates?

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Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram; social media is mainstream. Virtually everyone has at least one social media profile, though how much they use it, how easy it is to find and identify as theirs, and how valuable it is will vary wildly. The Legality of Social Media Screening.


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Why Employment Brands Struggle With Social Media


In industry media and on PR/marketing blogs like this one, we talk an awful lot about “master brand” social media marketing work. All sorts of companies from accounting firms to retail orgs to fast food chains like Chipotle can benefit from a strong employer brand. Without a huge agency behind the work, who’s going to write all those scintillating case study posts? Maybe making partner announcements isn’t the best content for social media channels like Facebook.

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


Social media sourcing involves using social networks to identify, attract, engage and hire potential candidates. Recruiters use social media sourcing to build talent pipelines for future roles and engage passive candidates who haven’t applied for current openings. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use social recruiting to build a strategy that meets your hiring needs: Intro to social media recruitment: Analyzing the data.

3 Steps to Recruiting Veterans with Social Media

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Social media is a powerful recruitment tool. In fact, more than 70 percent of hiring professionals are increasing their investment into social recruiting. Social media platforms offer an ideal way to showcase your brand and find quality applicants. Recruiting via social networks can also help increase employee referrals and reduce time to hire. When it comes to attracting talented military veterans, social media is an especially effective tool.

7 Things Your Candidates Expect To Find On Social Media


We’ve written a lot about how recruiters and talent acquisition can take better advantage of social media as a recruiting tool. From the benefits for employer branding to social analytics, we’ve explored the impacts social media can have. When conducting their job search, research shows that most candidates use social media. In this post, we’ll highlight 7 things that job seekers expect to find on social while researching an opportunity.

Culture Marketing: Creating A Culture That Rocks

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In this one single sentence, Jobs not only defined the importance of matching an employer’s values to an employee, but also laid out the business case behind culture marketing, according to author and L&D expert Jim Knight in his new book, Culture that Rocks. Culture: The ability to accurately and willingly represent the brand. This allows HR to identify and forecast the ways the workforce/organizational culture may be changing.

The 2019 HR Media Study: Hot Topics + Key Insights


If you’re in the talent acquisition world, you could likely rattle off a few recent hot topics — AI, employer branding, diversity and inclusion and company culture all come to mind. . Yello’s 2019 HR Media Study is a comprehensive look at seven leading HR publications: HR Dive , Recruiting Daily , SHRM , NACE , TLNT , ERE , and Human Resource Executive. William Tincup is the most-followed HR media figure on social media, with almost 300K Twitter followers.

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The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


Workplace benefits and compensation. There’s more to social media hiring than just tweeting your jobs. Everything you do or say on social media is building your brand. Use blogging, social media and public conversations to keep speaking to your ideal future hires.

Ready for My Close-Up: The New Rules of Talent Attraction

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” And in our constantly connected, socially savvy society, it’s really all about “me” – with an increasing emphasis placed the individual perspective over the interests of the collective. A recent longitudinal study by UCLA sociologists traced the entomological evolution of expression by analyzing the text of 1.5

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Building a Productive Candidate Pipeline The Five Best Ways to Always Be Recruiting

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The same study, the Conference Board, also found that 82% of companies don’t believe they recruit highly talented people, and for companies that do, only 7% think they can keep them. Spread your net wide Social media has become a de facto recruiting tool—used 84% of companies. Social recruitment decreases the time-to-fill for positions at every level.

How Recruiters and Employers Can Use Tumblr

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Just like any other social channel where a company fails to support content with engagement, the two prong strategy of post and pray didn’t quite work. Tumblr seems to be a little like social’s red headed stepchild, especially when it comes to business use – it’s not like you read a ton of success stories or case studies about brands and consumers flocking to Tumblr – in fact, it rarely merits so much as a passing mention.

Why Companies Are Searching For Employees With Grit

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What are the benefits of gritty employees? This is why companies can seriously benefit from gritty employees. A recent study showed that employees at all levels expect continuous development support. If a company doesn’t have a culture that provides necessary support and encouragement to its employees, the organisation is unlikely to succeed long-term, regardless of how many determined, gritty and eager employees they possess.

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Hiring Through Employee Referral Programs

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More formal programs can pay bonuses for successful hires or offer other benefits to the referring employee. There are a lot of different benefits and drawbacks to running an employee referral program, so let’s discuss them so that you can make an informed decision.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

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The study finds that active searchers aren’t necessarily unhappy with their jobs — nearly half said they were satisfied, while 20% said they were neither satisfied nor unsatisfied. 61% checked “social professional networks” (LinkedIn’s generic term for itself). What this means for you: Social media is now officially as important as job boards when it comes to recruiting, so you need both a presence on and a strategy for social talent acquisition.

Demystifying Transformation: How to Foster Cultural Transformation Across Your Organization

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Social media has given employees a voice to take their companies to task over flawed corporate culture. But you don’t need to wait for a crisis—or a big social media movement—to transform your company culture. Cultural transformation , the act of reframing what your organization values and the type of behavior it tolerates, can make or break an employee’s experience. How Do You Change a Culture?

5 Tactics to Attract and Engage Millennials

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There is a clear business case to have these discussions and to change the culture in the workplace to attract and retain millennial talent. Get Social. You really need to embrace social media if you want to get the attention of millennials. Millennials spend massive chunks of their day online and consume a huge amount of information, particularly on social which dominates the online experience. Make the Benefits Millennial-Friendly.

4 Best Practices For Diversity Sourcing | ClearCompany

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Higher revenue, better job performance, a more trusted employer brand, and an increased customer base are just a few of the benefits of a diverse workforce. Embrace Diversity in Your Culture and Brand. Use social media to spread the word about your diversity efforts.

Why Employee Experience Matters In Talent Attraction


Recruitment experts from all over North America feel a positive company culture – one that promotes healthy interactions between co-workers, respects the need for adequate work/life balance and compensates fairly – is a highlight for talented individuals who are weighing their options about where to work. The site goes on to champion the use of social media and sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Pay attention to social media.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Fascinating Recruitment Industry News Stories – 15th June 2015

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But to woo non-English speaking Chinese users, the social network will, in his view, have to do more to develop its local services. Yes, you may recall that dating site, eHarmony, announced a few months ago that it was starting work on creating a skill-personality-competency-culture matching tool, for use in the recruitment space. In a new report released last Wednesday, social technology company Brandwatch and jobs site Monster analysed over 1.1

5 Things Recruiters Need to STOP Doing in 2016

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Not once is Deloitte’s branding or cultural message shoved down your throat or forced upon you. It’s about the employee’s journey, not the company’s top-down “why our culture is great” strategy that the previous employer branding efforts we’ve seen, have ended up being. Our aim with our videos, was to show off how awesome it really is to work at Social Talent, which we figured was best demonstrated by the people that work here: our employees.

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5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2014’s Biggest Outcomes

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MRINetwork’s most recent Recruiter Sentiment Study says 83% of the 333 responding recruiters describe the current employment market as candidate-driven. Similarly, Jameson didn’t try to impose their corporate culture or message upon us in their employer branding video. They also went on to show how those experiences benefitted the girls personally. Benefits and compensation.

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4 Post-Easter Recruitment News Stories to Get You Up-to-Date – 7th April 2015

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What LinkedIn had to say: This eye-catching illustration isn’t just fun to look at, it’s also conveying a powerful message about the stark underrepresentation of female undergraduates studying computer science. As a tech employer, Google stands to benefit from raising awareness about this issue. And, as a socially aware consumer (a female one at that), I’m personally motivated to share this message with my network.

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Building a Productive Candidate Pipeline The Five Best Ways to Always Be Recruiting

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The same study, the Conference Board, also found that 82% of companies don’t believe they recruit highly talented people, and for companies that do, only 7% think they can keep them. Social media has become a de facto recruiting tool—used 84% of companies. Social recruitment decreases the time-to-fill for positions at every level.

What Do Jobseekers Want? Culture Is Out, Transparency Is in

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According to the Jobvite report: 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study , employers and hiring managers must reevaluate what makes a “qualified” candidate, indeed “qualified,” and take into account the fact that the recruiting landscape has changed from a linear experience to something that encompasses a continuous cycle of engagement. While many companies have been putting culture on the forefront of their recruiting strategies, it may make or break their chances at recruiting top talent.

Social Recruiting Benefits: Why You Won’t See Many Without Culture Change


Social recruiting is much easier said than done. Although sites like Twitter and LinkedIn may be far down on the top source of hire list in 2015, companies seem to be more interested in experimenting with social recruiting than ever before. An Aberdeen study showed that 73% of Millennials found their last job through a social network. So, why not meet them there, on their own social turf? This requires a cultural shift. It’s part of their culture.

4 Industry-Changing Recruitment News Stories – 23 March 2015

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What makes it even better is that these applicants also tend to be better qualified, because they have a higher level of familiarity with your company culture and values. Using big data, the platform has an algorithm that helps companies match with candidates who have social profiles that indicate they meet gender, race or military requirements. As we’ve seen from high profile lawsuits, workplace culture at many companies does not foster diversity in the field.

6 Millennial Recruiting Techniques You Need to Know About

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According to the 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce study by Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding, Millennials will be the largest generation in the U.S. In fact, the study found that 28 percent of Millennial workers are already at management level. Demonstrate quickly how Millennials can make a significant contribution to the job while they’re there, particularly if you can attach some level of social impact or purpose to the job. Get social with candidates.

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How to: Create Visuals For A Twitter Job Search

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On social media, like the rest of the world. A Few Benefits e.g. Unlimited vacation, Free Macbook or Daily Lunches. There are hundreds of stats and studies that show how important visuals are in social media. I started by using one of Venngage’s social media templates. Also, this is where you can inject a bit of your company culture into the job post. Benefits. I did an entire study about it a few weeks ago.

6 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Independence Day – 4th July 2016

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When it comes to what candidates want to know most about your company; 66% want to find out more about company culture , 54% want to hear more about the perks and benefits your company offers its employees, while 50% want to learn more about your company’s mission. While 30% utilise social networks to find their next role. Virgin Media. In fact, top performers are 10% less likely than other job seekers to be attracted to a job by better compensation or benefits.

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

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UK employers have benefitted from the ability to recruit talent from overseas, and many Britons have seized the opportunity to live and work in other EU countries. While it’s unlikely that the shutters will suddenly be brought down on the English Channel, the free movement of workers has clear economic benefits – and it’s essential that British businesses can continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available.

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Why Culture Fit is Critical in Startup Hiring


But it’s these high stakes and fast pace that make it crucial to prioritize organizational culture in the startup hiring process. A poor culture fit can bring down the entire venture, while a strong fit can strengthen morale, boost productivity and encourage innovation. How does the notion of “culture fit” differ for startups, and how can they optimize hiring processes to preserve a strong culture? Challenges of building a strong startup culture.

7 Headline-Making Recruitment News this May Bank Holiday – 2nd May 2016

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A new study of 598 job finalists from the University of Colorado has revealed the shocking true impact of unconscious biases on the hiring process. CareerFoundry Raises $5M to Make Learning Tech Skills More Social. Flexible working is high up on the agenda for businesses, with its benefits having a positive effect on working parents, helping to prevent presenteeism, accommodating personal needs and improving work-life balance. RELATED: Pipeline or Culture?:

How Employers Can Make Paying It Forward Pay Off

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The philosophy of paying it forward (hereafter ‘PIF,’ for brevity) is rooted in antiquity, with selfless acts celebrated in the culture and traditions of societies throughout the entirety of human existence – the Hebrew Torah, in fact, recognizes ‘anonymous charity’ as the highest form of good deed. If you want employees to have a positive experience, then it’s important to foster a company culture that embraces positivity, too.

BUMPER EDITION: 11 Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st February 2016

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Yes, after studying the tenure and performance of 300,000 hires at 15 different companies, a trio of researchers concluded that “firms can improve worker quality by limiting managerial discretion. With that last news story ringing in our ears, now is the perfect time to mention the results of another study conducted by Resurgo Trust , a charity which helps disadvantaged people into work. You can read more about this fascinating study on Medium.

6 Watercooler-Worthy Recruitment News Stories to Discuss this Week – 18th July 2016

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Well, that’s the rumour, but according to ERE Media’s Brian Blum , “no one has details, no one is willing to talk on or even off the record, and Google itself isn’t saying a word”. Monster Worldwide said “Employers and individuals will always benefit from additional help in connecting people with job opportunities and we encourage that activity.”. More encouragement for women to study STEM subjects (32%). RELATED: Pipeline or Culture?

Why Your Bottom Line Can Benefit from a Better Candidate Experience


Here’s why your brand and your bottom line can benefit from a renewed focus on the candidate experience. A recent IBM Smarter Workforce Institute study reveals that over 60% of candidates talk about their experiences with friends and family. With the explosion of mobile technology and social media, feedback – both good and bad – spreads faster than ever. The post Why Your Bottom Line Can Benefit from a Better Candidate Experience appeared first on IBM Watson Talent.

Using Employee Wellness Programs to Attract Talent

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In fact, earlier this year a study by Morneau Sheppell showed that 60% of employees polled would leave their current employer if they were offered less money but better support for personal well-being. Amplify your wellness benefits externally.

How To Make Twitter Work for Talent Acquisition.

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Why Recruiting On Twitter Doesn’t Work: A Blind Case Study. What Twitter (and, to be honest, most social media) does well is something we can think of as “micro conversions.” You could also incorporate employee quotes and testimonials from those who appreciate or benefit from your employees’ work. Once landing on the content page, followers learned more about the company at hand, including its work culture and the everyday life of an IT employee.

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 9th November 2015

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Though there will still be some hesitation when contacting candidates on Facebook, (as there always is with the more personal focused social networks) the implementation of Facebook Message Requests is a direct acknowledgement from Facebook that people want to communicate with people they don’t know. Identifying and promoting diversity will deliver real benefits for business, both financial and non-financial.