PGA’s Chief People Officer Seeks Diversity Gains in Business and on the Course

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When Sandy Cross, Chief People Officer of the PGA of America , focuses on inclusion and diversity topics, she’s not just thinking about employees of the golfers’ association. Get inclusion right, and a diverse workplace is more likely to fall into place, she says.

7 Examples of a Great Commitment to Diversity Statement


What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity? A commitment to diversity statement on your career page or company website is a way to share your position on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 7 Examples of a Commitment to Diversity Statement.


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The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary [A List of 200+ Terms]


Diversity terms are all over the place. I started keeping a list of these D&I (“Diversity & Inclusion”) terms for Ongig’s clients and decided to put them all in one place in this glossary below. Diversity Glossary. Diversity Terms Starting with B.

How to Land The Best Sports Management Jobs through Networking

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Networking is vital for any career field, but when pursuing highly competitive sports management jobs , the value placed on your professional network is even greater. The more people your candidate connects with and maintains an ongoing relationship with, the more opportunities your candidate will have to find new jobs in sports and learn new information. Let’s take a look at some tips for expanding your network in the sports industry: Get In The Right Mindset.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Workforce Diversity


What is workforce diversity and why does it matter? Individuals, companies and indeed the collective culture is beginning to embrace the benefits of having a diverse workforce. The Business case for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

How Atlassian Approaches Diversity and Inclusion with Balance & Belonging


”, tech recruiters and hiring managers have added “Diversity and Inclusion” to their hiring checklist. According to the 2018 Atlassian State of Diversity & Inclusion in U.S. Tech survey , 80% of respondents believe that diversity and inclusion are important. Aubrey Blanche , the Global Head of Diversity and Belonging at Atlassian, believes the decline of D&I efforts and enthusiasm is because companies are taking the wrong approach.

COVID-19 Will Continue to Exacerbate Gender Inequality at Work

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With this in mind, we are committed to expanding the pipeline of diverse talent by providing opportunities not only for growth within Wizeline but also for cultivating talent within the communities where we operate. Diversity & Inclusion COVID-19 DLA employees opportunities

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Corporate Culture Week Exclusive: Improving Employee Engagement (Part 2)

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Ways to improve teamwork could include teambuilding activities, employee outings, or activities like clubs or sports employees can voluntarily join. These can be prioritized through providing related benefits, wellness programs, and health insurance as a start.

Staffing News of the Day, June 16, 2014

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What’s wrong with diversity recruiting ? Canada’s Workplace Safety Insurance Board spies on clients & in some cases cuts off benefits [The Star]. Who’s actually to blame when Amazon, Uber, or Google “ magic” results in injury or death ? Gizmodo]. Jobs that are allegedly permanent are getting less permanent , affecting almost 20 percent of U.S. workers [NY Post]. Missoula County to pay four clinic employees $189,000 to settle wrongful discharge lawsuit [Missoulian].

How You Can Develop a Curious Workforce — and Reap the Benefits

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HBR cited increased innovation, reduced group conflict, more candid communication, and better team performance as benefits of curiosity, and then offered five tactics to bolster the trait. Leaders who champion curiosity will find it has other benefits as well. Curiosity is a magnet for valuable new information and a battering ram for self-imposed limits,” says Molly Fletcher , sports agent turned corporate change agent. Curiosity fares poorly in the business world.

What Is Employee Social Health?

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It’s one of the many benefits beyond a paycheck that most of us derive from the workplace. Encourage interactions outside of the workplace, such as sports teams or other social teams or clubs that meet for nonwork activities. Have you heard the term “social health”?

Must follow instagram account + Creative job ads + Making peace with remote work + Discussing race in the workplace + New laws make hiring harder


Why do I keep referencing sport in this email? Leaves & Benefits Coordinator (Remote) – Yelp. Head of Inclusion & Diversity (SF) – Discord. Hi there, _. TSA (Tarek Service Announcement): Could you do me a favor?

Workplace Training in the Remote Era: Strengthening a Culture of Inclusion with VR

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It also should require putting diversity and inclusion (D&I) at the heart of the conversation. Diversity & Inclusion Learning & Development Technology Culture diversity employees VRFor most businesses, many employees are working from home because of COVID-19.

How Employers are Celebrating Black History Month

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This February is an opportunity for employers to show how they’re fulfilling those commitments to achieving diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace, in how they do business and across their communities.

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Recruiting for Culture Fit? There’s One Big Problem With Your Strategy, and It Starts With the Letter D


Instead of prioritizing admirable working qualities and values, “hiring for culture fit” is actively weeding out diverse talent from our pipelines and suppressing the diversity of opinions we need to drive innovation. I know – it can feel like a bit much, equating recruiters’ sincere attempts to evaluate talent with killing off diversity in the pipeline. Any hope for diversity in your sourcing could end there – completely unintentionally on your part – if you let it.

Jobvite’s New AI Innovation Lab


A couple of weeks ago, we sat down with our CEO, Aman Brar, for a Q&A about diversity, equity, and inclusion. What concerns me is simply not having basic diversity and inclusion (D&I) data in the first place. How will the market benefit from the AI Innovation Lab?

150 Famous Transgender People


We found many famous transgender people as part of our research on successful diverse people. Kellie Maloney (sports promoter and TV personality). As part of this, we try to share best practices on all aspects of diversity. Diversity and Inclusion

Disability inclusion in the workplace: removing the barriers to finding top talent


The benefits of disability inclusion in the workplace are twofold: Recruiters meet candidates in-person, conduct job interviews and match talent to open roles. As we’re a sports betting company, candidates often want to talk about the latest game and we’re more than happy to chat about it. To reinforce diversity in the hiring process: Use inclusive language in your job ads and across all your communication. Is disability and inclusion in the workplace important?

Jobvite’s New AI Innovation Lab


A couple of weeks ago, we sat down with our CEO, Aman Brar, for a Q&A about diversity, equity, and inclusion. What concerns me is simply not having basic diversity and inclusion (D&I) data in the first place. How will the market benefit from the AI Innovation Lab?

Jobvite’s New AI Innovation Lab


A couple of weeks ago, we sat down with our CEO, Aman Brar, for a Q&A about diversity, equity, and inclusion. What concerns me is simply not having basic diversity and inclusion (D&I) data in the first place. How will the market benefit from the AI Innovation Lab?

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

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UK employers have benefitted from the ability to recruit talent from overseas, and many Britons have seized the opportunity to live and work in other EU countries. While it’s unlikely that the shutters will suddenly be brought down on the English Channel, the free movement of workers has clear economic benefits – and it’s essential that British businesses can continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available.

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How to Deal With Homesickness When Living Abroad


Their list includes, for example, spending more time together as a family and practicing winter sports. “We Now, add nostalgia to the mix—songs that remind you of home, for example—and you’ll also have the benefit of becoming more motivated. Talent Talent Stories Digital Nomads Diversity expat life homesickness living abroad Moving Travel And Lifestyle Work Life Balance Working Abroad

Legislation to Protect Unearned Privilege by Tim Gardner


Deal from businesses, professional sports organizations, those who create entertainment in Georgia and prominent celebrities to encourage the Governor to veto the bill. I have come to understand that even though I have worked hard throughout my career, even though I have seen women and minorities have equal or more success in my field, and even though I have earned each new job and opportunity, I have been receiving the benefit of straight, white, male, boomer privilege.

The Many Ridiculous Roles for Women in the Workplace


For men and women who participate in sports or other competitive activities at some point in life, they see men in coaching roles more often than they see women. Let’s use the benefits of our privilege and entitlement for the good of others. Culture Diversity Equality Human Resources Uncategorized Women's History Month A woman's role Sex at Work Sexism at Work The Sexes Women at Work Women in Work

Why It's Important To Maintain An Insatiable Curiosity

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One particular project we are focused on is around diversity and inclusion. I think there are a lot of great ways to build confidence and would like to help all those who could benefit from a boost in their work and personal lives.

How to Create an Inclusive Employment Brand to Attract Women in Automotive


With the automotive industry facing staffing shortages, it’s more important than ever before for dealers to have a strategy in place to attract female and other diverse employees. But the industry still has a long way to go to attract more women and make the workforce more diverse overall. It’s important to regularly review your job descriptions to assess the tone and word choice, ensuring the descriptions appeal to a diverse set of job seekers.

IWD 2020: Tips for Engaging and Retaining Female Talent

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In honor of this global day, we’re uncovering new research on eliminating the gender pay gap and speaking with female leaders from across the nation about ways they have helped create an equal and diverse workforce.

45 HR Trends and Predictions to Watch Out For in 2019


This prediction is based on the renewed focus on diversity in the workplace. Diverse organizations work better. Unlike in sports, development as a service is almost non-existent in the business arena. Under people analytics , the benefits of the individual employee get less attention as managers scramble to reduce staff turnovers and boost productivity. HR tech providers can greatly benefit from the experience they’ll get from working with sophisticated clients. #15.

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Transformify: The Sustainable Platform for Remote Jobs

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Digging deeper and researching corporate social responsibility (CSR) and diversity hiring programs took a few months, but it was worth the effort. It’s ironic, but the world needed a coronavirus pandemic to realize the benefits of remote work and distributed teams.

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HR Takes Center Stage During the Pandemic

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The good news is that employers are learning that when structured properly, the benefits of the “new office normal” are many, including the elimination of stressful, time-consuming commutes; the flexibility to manage both home and work demands; and reduced office/overhead costs.

Video Interviewing: Deeper Insights at Lower Cost in Less Time


That diverse network is one that’s highly dispersed, yet still represents more than $1 billion in sales and requires hiring highly skilled talent across the continent. Robert explained how video interviewing, whether live or asynchronous, offers many benefits in addition to saving time and money. Turning hiring into a team sport. And, interviewing should be a team sport. Hiring success doesn’t get you very far unless you can really define what success means.

7 Ways Tech Hiring Will Change in 2021

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Building public goodwill and expanding its own talent pool, of course, are two ancillary benefits. As with expanding remote roles, lowering the emphasis on traditional degrees can help employers broaden their talent pool and foster more diverse teams.

The Importance of Employee Resource Groups for Women

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Employee resource groups (ERGs), which provide a safe space for people facing similar challenges to support one another within a company, are very valuable for any diversity and inclusion effort.

25 New Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Week

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In the spirit of pure creativity and the fine art of recognizing each other’s diverse talents, here are 25 fresh ideas for your 2019 Employee Appreciation Week: Focus on Empowerment. People will appreciate being able to get some errands accomplished, and you may decide that all the benefits mean you should make the change permanent. Be sure to offer some alternatives: Childless workers might prefer tickets to an evening sporting event or film.

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How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples


Benefits, salary, and perks. Listing benefits and salary information is important. EEO and Diversity Statement. Many job description templates include a standard EEO statement , but some companies go further at the end of their job descriptions with Diversity statements.

7 Ways Tech Hiring Will Change in 2021

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Building public goodwill and expanding its own talent pool, of course, are two ancillary benefits. As with expanding remote roles, lowering the emphasis on traditional degrees can help employers broaden their talent pool and foster more diverse teams.

9 Great Employers: Why These Companies Made Fortune’s Best Workplaces List


One major reason why: Hilton scores high on diversity. The company also offers benefits and perks such as: . He found them too heavy, so he had sports apparel company Under Armour design more comfortable workwear. . A strong employer brand is vital for success.

Best Work-From-Home Companies 2020


We've put together a list of the best work-from-home companies for 2020 to help you find a job that will give you the flexibility you crave, while avoiding the common pitfalls of some remote jobs ( scams , limited support/resources/benefits, poor communication, etc.).

AI: Useful in all stages of the HR process, but a digital double-edged sword


A more advanced HR system with AI features would modify the applicant screening criteria based on existing employee track records – if past applicants who were members of sports teams or interest clubs at university did better in some team-intensive jobs than “loners”, this CV item would be given greater weight by the screening software. The chatbot can be tweaked to elicit certain information from applicants by asking about sports teams or clubs in the hypothetical example.

Top 10 Out-Of-The-Box Recruiting Strategies for 2020


Now that we have identified the importance and benefit of a proper recruitment strategy, here is the list of a few hiring ideas that can be instrumental ineffective recruitment. This benefits in providing a diverse pool of talent in the shortest time possible.