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3 Sources of Data You Need For A Successful Employer Brand Launch

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My name is Chris Fitzner, I’m the Recruitment Marketing Manager at Appian where under the Employer Brand Team I lead the Recruitment Marketing efforts to attract top talent using a multi channel data driven approach. Chris Fitzner, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Appian. Hi Rally!

How to Use Company Reviews to Enhance Your Employer Brand


For example, would you prefer to join a company with a bad reputation among its employers? Monetary incentives are not the deciding factor now; as a recent Gallup survey showed , 87 percent of Millennial employees valued self-development on the job as high as the compensation. Millennials want jobs to be development opportunities. In this guide, I’m going to show how you can use company reviews to create and maintain an excellent employer brand.


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Need Help Building Your Employer Brand? Here's Why You Should Hire Proactive Talent Strategies

Proactive Talent

Employer branding is one of the most powerful recruiting and retention tools a company has, but if yours is underdeveloped or unsuccessful, it can actually be more of a curse than a blessing. We’ve seen time and time again that all the elements that make up an employer brand - online presence, reputation, social responsibility, career website - have an enormous impact on candidates’ decisions to apply or accept an offer.

The 35 Best Job Boards for Employers to Find Candidates

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One of the greatest challenges as an employer is searching for and hiring new talent. Even simply finding people who are interested in a job with your company can be tricky, which is why a wide variety of job boards have sprung up over the years. The Big Name Boards.

Need Help Building Your Employer Brand? Here's Why You Should Hire Proactive Talent Strategies

Proactive Talent

Employer branding is one of the most powerful recruiting and retention tools a company has, but if yours is underdeveloped or unsuccessful, it can actually be more of a curse than a blessing. We’ve seen time and time again that all the elements that make up an employer brand - online presence, reputation, social responsibility, career website - have an enormous impact on candidates’ decisions to apply or accept an offer.

The Top 20 Job Boards for Diversity Hiring

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There’s a lot of well-needed publicity out there about the benefits of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace, but it can be tough to know where to start. We’re about to point you to the top 20 job boards that will help you fill your bench with all kinds of awesome. The benefits of hiring diverse talent Diversity is great for the bottom line. Luckily, there are some proven job boards where you can find exactly that kind of talent.

4 best tech recruitment and employee retention strategies


Recruitment and employee retention is a key challenge for most tech HR professionals. Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated that by 2020 in the US alone, there will be over one million computer science-based jobs without qualified college graduates to fill them. Employee retention is a challenge in tech. Every good software developer receives a dozen job offers a day through their LinkedIn inbox alone. In other words, this makes employee retention really difficult.

Digital transformation of recruitment: How can you benefit?


And while digital transformation sounds like just another buzzword, it’s worth exploring the impact that it could have on your job in recruitment. Technological solutions, such as AI and automation, boost operational efficiency, product quality and customer retention.

Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

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Kelly is responsible for recruitment, retention and employer branding at Northside Hospital , where she manages a team of 40. Jessica helps tell the Advocate Aurora Health employer brand story through social media, employee stories, employer ambassador activation, career site strategy and more. Our Advocate Health and Aurora Health Care brands both have corporate Instagram handles that showcase employees frequently and we see a ton of great engagement.

Know How: Create Job Descriptions to Hire Top-Tier Talents

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In the cut-throat competition of talent acquisition, the job descriptions play a significant role in attracting and landing top-tier talents. As a hiring manager, attracting talents with catchy job descriptions is essential if you want to hire high-performing candidates for your firm.

4 SMB Recruiting Best Practices for 2017


They will look at retention, hiring manager satisfaction, and time-to-fill to measure success. Talent leaders want to focus on branding. Seventy percent of most recruiting budgets goes to traditional methods such as job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies. But recruiters identified “employer branding” as the top area in which they would like to invest more. Employer brand messaging should focus on culture and career growth.

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The 10 Real Reasons Your Recruitment Strategy is Failing

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For example, an objective for your recruitment strategy could be to increase employer brand awareness, while a specific goal relating to that objective could be to increase traffic to your careers site from social media by X%. Little time is put into actually defining the calibre of candidate this job role should attract. Your Employer Brand. Your employer brand is a critical element when it comes to establishing a competitive advantage in the labour market.

5 Key Trends That Recruiters Need to Know to Succeed in 2017

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But while they beat out job boards, LinkedIn, third-party staffing firms, and internal hires to claim the top spot, very little budget gets allocated to employee referral programs. Improving engagement (a measure not of your culture, but of how happy people are with your culture) can take years, but has many more benefits greater than just employee referrals. 2017 will be the year of the employer brand. And the key to any branding is recognition.

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The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. How to write job descriptions. Workplace benefits and compensation.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Benefits. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Benefits and Compensation.

“Why and How People Change Jobs”–and What It Means for Your Recruiting and Retention Strategies


What if you knew what prompted people to take new jobs and leave their current jobs behind? LinkedIn recently released “Why and How People Change Jobs” , a report detailing the company’s discoveries after analyzing the behavior of 7 million LinkedIn users and 10,000 other people who changed jobs in 2014. What they found just might help you unlock the secret to perfecting your recruiting and retention strategies. The number one motive for changing jobs?

What Is Inbound Recruiting? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Inbound recruiting is a methodology that uses digital marketing strategies to engage targeted groups of passive and active job seekers at different phases of the recruiting funnel. It combines elements of both employer branding and recruitment marketing to attract, nurture and convert candidates as well as to retain current employees. The job market has been no exception. Talent acquisition’s job is to get strangers to become applicants and then hires.

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Get Proactive: 5 Tips for Recruiting Beyond the Job Posting


According to the MRINetwork 2016 Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study , the majority of both recruiters and candidates indicated that we are in a candidate-driven job market, meaning that more roles are open than there are qualified candidates. Quality job seekers have an abundance of opportunities in the current market, and are using this to drive the recruiting process in their favor. Start With Your Job Posting. Manage Your Employer Brand.

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How to Hire: 5 tips to succeed in healthcare recruiting


Post your job ads on niche job boards. After posting your ads to mainstream job boards like and , it’s time for more targeted outreach. Source your candidates through healthcare job boards, such as Health eCareers or

Star People: How To Build A World Class Employee Referral Program.

Recruiting Daily

A recent study from job board stalwart CareerBuilder found fully 82% of employers with formalized referral programs consider this to be their best return for their recruiting investment. Another 88% of employers surveyed reported that candidates generated through referrals consistently outranked all other sources of hire when it came to quality of candidate, too. Not a great move for recruiting or retention, really. Job Seeker Recruiting Advice Tips

What is the Purpose of an ATS? | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Trends are showing that younger working professionals want to see that potential employers are using modernized hiring strategies. In fact, 54% of Gen Z candidates won’t apply for a job if they believe a company’s hiring methods are outdated.

5 Recruitment Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

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So this summer could be an ideal time to redirect that energy on Recruitment Marketing projects that benefit your longer term talent acquisition strategy. That number is great considering that employer branding hasn’t been around all that long!

HR Best Practices for 2020 – a must-see list!


Did you know that 83% of employers believe attracting and retaining talent is a growing challenge? Or that 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay at an organization with an empathetic employer. Employee Benefits and Incentives.

Why the Work Anywhere Workforce Has Changed Recruiting For Good

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Tens of millions of people have proven that their jobs can be done from home, and have come to enjoy the flexibility that this work arrangement brings. But enabling employees to work remotely is good for employers too. To remain competitive, more employers will surely follow suit.

How to reduce new hire turnover


About 20% of employees leave within their first 45 days of employment. Although there’s no explicit definition, “new hire turnover” usually refers to the number of employees who leave a company within their first year on the job. The job isn’t what they signed up for. New hires will feel deceived and might leave if they find out there are discrepancies in working hours, wages, benefits or job duties. Evaluate candidates based on job-related criteria.

Why a Thoughtfully Designed Recruitment Process is Important

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Determining acceptable and realistic qualification levels, past experience and skills needed before opening the role can help you better shortlist the most suitable candidates for the job and reduce wasted time screening and interviewing candidates that ultimately won’t be a great fit. If your hiring process is lengthy and repetitive, or candidates don’t feel like they’re being adequately assessed in the process, your competitors who have a slicker process could be benefiting.

How to improve your restaurant turnover rate


The numbers, too, confirm that the restaurant turnover rate is a big challenge for employers and recruiters in hospitality. Another survey that digs a bit deeper indicates that there’s both a high number of hires and a high number of job openings in hospitality. You don’t need hundreds of resumes clogging your inbox; you just need to connect with those job seekers who are genuinely interested in a restaurant job. Surely, the job ad itself plays a big part.

Challenges Growing Companies Face and How an RPO Can Come Handy

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Lack of brand awareness will keep you at disadvantage. With expertise in technology, employment marketing and recruitment process designing they present you with cream of the milk in terms of available talent in the market. Improved Employer Branding.

Optimizing Where You Post Job Ads


“With more open jobs than people to fill them and the market at near full employment, recruiters are finding new ways to reach prospective employee[s] where they are—whether that’s on Instagram or via text.” Best Platforms to Post Job Ads. Job Boards.

7 Australian Recruiting Trends Your Company Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

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The value of employer branding. For the last couple of years, organisations of different sizes have been focusing on growing their employer brand. At this point, the employer brand is no longer the responsibility of just a few people. In fact, today Australian talent acquisition teams are working very closely with their cross-functional teams to deliver the best branding possible. Employee retention is more important than ever.

Why Social Recruiting Is an Effective Tactic to Use in The Hiring Process

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The pandemic prompted massive layoffs that sent millions of people back into the job market. unemployment claims reached 26 million , effectively erasing all job gains since the 2008 Great Recession and likely signaling the start of a new historic recession.

10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Custom Hiring System

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We are long past the point when we posted job ads, screened candidates’ resumes, and asked interviewees where they see themselves in the next five years. Gone are the days when we only wanted “the right people for the right jobs.” Improve Your Employer Brand.

5 Key Hiring Trends that will Impact Your Recruitment System


– 114 million jobs were lost globally – Global labor income declined by a whopping 8.3% (equal to 3.7 of employment loss – 3.7% There will be new in-demand jobs now. According to LinkedIn , the most in-demand job as of 2021 is software engineering.

Recruiting strategies: a comprehensive guide for small business


Far too many of us are hiring with borrowed tools, no recruiting strategies and the nagging feeling that we’re losing time that would be better spent on our main job. Effective employer branding. Find employees: social recruiting and job boards. Beyond listing jobs.

The October Jobs Report: Why You Need A Focused Approach to Hiring Talent 


October’s Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report showed once again that we are slowly but surely on the rebound from the first wave of COVID-19. 638,000 jobs were added in October, many of which were in the restaurant and retail industries in preparation for the holiday season.

Applicant tracking system guide: From A to Z


Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems. The first applicant tracking systems (ATS) evolved to help employers take that old standby, the paper resume, and scan it into a database. How are your job ads written? How and where do you post your jobs? Showcase your brand.

11 Solutions to Find Employees More Efficiently

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When you employ your run-of-the-mill talent acquisition strategies , you usually learn that you lose top talent to competitors capable of offering candidates a fast, seamless, and pleasurable recruiting experience. Improve Job Postings and Descriptions.

The Entire Recruitment System Explained


Applicant Tracking System (also known as ATS software) like Manatal) to bolster work productivity – Developing policies that promote company diversity, culture, and cultural fit – Strategizes how to continually improve employer branding. Improves employer branding.

Integrating Candidate Assessments to Your Recruitment System


Part of this is overseeing the end-to-end recruiting process from sourcing down to on-boarding. Benefits of Candidate Assessments. According to Fortune Insiders , such an employment mistake is very costly (about 30% of an employee’s potential first-year earnings!)

Hiring for Small Business: The Best Tools & Strategies

Glassdoor for Employers

As a small business, you can use social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor to promote your openings without spending a cent. Related: 5 Things You Can Do With a Glassdoor Free Employer Account. An ATS can automate your job postings, organize candidate information, and make communication easier, often with reminders, offer letters, and automatic responses built right in. Retention is Critical.