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Building a Strong Employer Brand From the Inside Out

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In this second post, I’m going to change gears a bit and talk about where my attention has been focused during the first six months or so of my role as Employer Brand & Social Media Specialist for Indellient. This means that employee experience and employer branding go hand in hand.

3 Sources of Data You Need For A Successful Employer Brand Launch

Rally Recruitment Marketing

My name is Chris Fitzner, I’m the Recruitment Marketing Manager at Appian where under the Employer Brand Team I lead the Recruitment Marketing efforts to attract top talent using a multi channel data driven approach. Chris Fitzner, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Appian. Hi Rally!


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9 Best Employer Branding Examples That Are Unique & Inspiring


A company needs to create a powerful employer brand for attracting and retaining top talent. But how much time do you need to spend incentivizing the brand and its products/services? Why Is Employer Branding Important? Employer Branding Strategy.

The 5 Key Benefits of A Strong Employer Brand


Establishing an employer brand that you and your staff are proud of should be a priority for every company, big or small, because it will set you apart from your competitors. . What is Employer Branding? . Your employer brand is essentially how your company is perceived by others, including your current employees. Here are the five key benefits of creating a strong employer brand. Raise Retention.

How To Solve The Employer Brand Strategy Ownership Debate

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There is a reason that the employer brand ownership is a never-ending debate that has been a topic of concern. This has a lot to do to the lack of understanding behind who controls the brand of a company, both internal and external. For many organizations, employer branding is a shared responsibility managed between HR, Recruiting, Marketing and Internal Communications with an ultimate ownership by the CEO, who sets the tone for the company’s mission and values.

Employer Branding On A Budget

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Brushing up our employer branding is the top initiative of our recruiting team while we pause hiring to evaluate market conditions during the COVID-19 outbreak. My goal in this post is to help you develop an employer brand using your existing team and resources.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Employer Brand


A strong employer brand helps your organization create a reliable, sustainable hiring pipeline. Increasingly, companies are integrating technologies like artificial intelligence to support the work that goes into that brand-building.

6 Steps For Onboarding During a Crisis

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Paperless employee onboarding is now a necessity as many organizations are dealing with work from home requirements, an uneasy workforce and candidate pool, and frequent interruptions. Since COVID has impacted the economy, employers are facing new challenges.

The most important part of onboarding? It’s not what you think…

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When you look at your onboarding process, what do you pick out as being the most fundamental aspect for success? But the reality for organizations who are doing onboarding well is SO much different. When it comes to onboarding, as a manager, you have to enable your team for success.

5 Common Misconceptions About Employer Branding


Employer branding is a phrase that’s frequently thrown around when discussing what companies can do to attract talent to their business. However, there’s still confusion about what employer branding actually means, and why it’s so important in your recruitment efforts. As such, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around (for example, that employer branding is the same as corporate branding or that it’s just a fad), which aren’t strictly true.

5 Recruiting And Onboarding Tips To Improve Retention


You’ve tried the great salary package, the ongoing support, and the amazing staff benefits. Okay, that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but the point is – you’ve done everything you can in terms of employee benefits but still have a high turnover rate. Here are 5 Recruiting tips to help you hire & onboard the right candidates for optimal employee retention! Tip # 2 – Good Buddying Program Is Key To Onboarding.

Why Employee Experience Matters to Recruitment Marketing

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In this second post, I’m going to change gears a bit and talk about where my attention has been focused during the first 6 months of my role as Employer Brand & Social Media Specialist for Indellient. This means that employee experience and employer branding go hand in hand.

Your Onboarding Checklist

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Onboarding is one of those topics that seems to go through waves in popularity in the HR community, and right now I think we’re riding a crest. This makes a lot of sense to me, as you don’t have to go very far to find some impressive statistics on the importance of a solid onboarding program. Most of the studies I’ve seen have centered around three key benefits: Effective onboarding increases retention. Effective onboarding reduces employee ramp-up time.

5 Recruitment Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

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So this summer could be an ideal time to redirect that energy on Recruitment Marketing projects that benefit your longer term talent acquisition strategy. That number is great considering that employer branding hasn’t been around all that long!

Creating an Onboarding Program that Saves Time and Boosts Engagement

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Onboarding. Retention, productivity, engagement… these all depend on making sure that your new employees are onboarded correctly. If you create standardized onboarding processes within your organization, you will experience 50% greater new hire retention. How To Create an Onboarding Program. Build your onboarding program so it begins before the first day. A great onboarding program ensures measurements are in place ahead of time.

5 Biggest Challenges Modern Recruiters Face

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What you can do: Focus on your employer brand. Your employer branding is the sum-total of what potential employees think of you as an employer and the goal is to create differentiation and preference in the minds of these people. Therefore, investing in a strong employer brand will give you a major advantage in attracting top talent. Recommended Reading: 5 Ways Content Marketing Can Dramatically Boost Your Employer Brand ).

Five Onboarding Tips New Hires Will Thank You For


Getting your new hires up to speed takes time, but without a positive onboarding experience, many employees lose interest. You’ve still got to onboard. For new hires, the first few days are hugely important to their future work performance, their job retention, and their overall satisfaction. However, positive employee onboarding experiences can be a crucial first step for everyone you welcome into your organization. Start Onboarding Before Day One.

Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


In a follow up report published this year by Work Institute , they found the following top reasons for employee turnover as stated by surveyed employees that had recently left their employers. These are listed by what contributed the most to an employee leaving an employer in ranked order. .

5 Considerations for Employee Retention and 2 Downsides You Must Not Ignore in 2020

Recruiting Daily Advisor

So employers have the choice to either: Stick with the status quo, or. Be proactive in their efforts to drive better retention within their existing team and/or ramp up their recruitment efforts externally. That’s real money in wasted productivity and onboarding.

The 10 Real Reasons Your Recruitment Strategy is Failing

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For example, an objective for your recruitment strategy could be to increase employer brand awareness, while a specific goal relating to that objective could be to increase traffic to your careers site from social media by X%. Your Employer Brand. Your employer brand is a critical element when it comes to establishing a competitive advantage in the labour market. Handpicked Related Content: 7 Interview Mistakes Every Employer Makes ).

How Glassdoor Can Help You Manage Through Tough Times

Glassdoor for Employers

You can continue to count on us to provide dedicated customer support along with continued employer branding and recruiting services. Here are some useful ways to lean on your strong employer brand to manage ambiguity and uncertainty.

How to Onboard Healthcare New Hires Fast (and Remotely!)

ApplicantStack Recruiting Software

An HRMS with a new hire onboarding portal is quick, easy, and compliant. If you are onboarding multiple healthcare new hires at once, an HRMS is a must-have. In this article, we will focus on the New Employee Onboarding Portal. Benefits enrollment and plan information.

“Turnover” a new leaf with your Employee Retention Rate


No doubt this is a crucial piece in the recruitment puzzle, but employers should keep in mind there is also an often-overlooked piece that is more difficult to address: employee turnover. There is also the financial cost of the time it takes for members of your staff to screen, hire, onboard, train, and manage a new hire. Every company may have their own unique set of turnover drivers, however, there are a few key considerations to be made: Offering competitive pay and benefits.

How to Create a New Hire Onboarding Checklist


While bringing in a new teammate is exciting for recruiters and hiring managers alike, putting together an effective onboarding program can be quite a challenge. In fact, one in three organizations report an onboarding program that’s informal, inconsistent or reactive.

Strategic onboarding


Studies show that effective onboarding can improve retention rates by 52 percent, time to productivity by 60 percent, and overall customer satisfaction by 53 percent 1. For new hires, effective onboarding can increase both job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Despite this, the most common approaches to onboarding often fail. 5 Focusing on strategic onboarding can help organizations combat new-hire attrition and its costly impact.

SEC to Require Talent Metrics Reporting: What’s Your Talent Story?


To this end the SEC has issued a new rule requiring organizations to report any material HCM metrics regarding employee attraction, development, retention, diversity and inclusion, engagement, employee satisfaction, and health and safety. Or benefits satisfaction to retention.

Report 118

2021 Outlook of Recruitment Marketing Agencies

Rally Recruitment Marketing

While some employers were forced to slow down their recruiting efforts, others saw a surge in hiring and required new marketing strategies to attract talent. During 2020, recruiting strategies went digital, the candidate experience went virtual and employer brand storytelling went remote.

9 Benefits of Recruiting Software That Makes It Worth The Investment


Here are many benefits of a recruiting software platform solution. Reaching out to those ideal job seekers during the job search and the hiring process up to onboarding and beyond is important for the growth of all businesses and companies. In this guide, we’ll go through the benefits of recruiting software as well as its importance in a digital landscape like today. Recruiting software holds many advantages and benefits for modern recruitment.

Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System for Recruiting

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However, you can make the recruiting process simpler and more efficient by implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS) to identify and employ the best candidate. If you invest in an ATS, it can offer you a number of key benefits. Improves Employee Retention. The system boosts employee retention as a better matching candidate is likely to stay with you for a long time which is beneficial for both employer and employee.

5 Recession-Proof Hiring Strategies to Put In Place Now

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Build a Magnetic Employer Brand. The benefits of a strong employer brand among knowledge workers have been well documented and include important employee satisfaction metrics like engagement and productivity as well as loyalty and retention and higher candidate quality.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. Workplace benefits and compensation. Building an attractive company: employer branding.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Benefits. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Benefits and Compensation.

8 Talent Trends to Watch in 2019

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Randstad executives and other leaders from the Human Resources services industry shared key insights for employers facing complex challenges, from employees’ changing work preferences to the pressure to stay digitally relevant in a technology-saturated landscape. Employers are also realizing that employees feel strongly about being invested in their companies’ missions, so companies that can connect the efforts of their employees to bigger-picture goals will have a competitive advantage.

When Open Source And HR Collide

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This idea of openness is often applied to areas like employer branding — sharing culture openly to help organizations more effectively draw talent that aligns with their culture and organizational values. a recent global Periscope branding campaign, #FollowTheSun —breaking down where ideas came from, how we pitched and executed, metrics and results, and what we got wrong. The post When Open Source And HR Collide appeared first on Glassdoor for Employers. Transparency.

Balancing Act: How to Prioritize Your Client’s Brand With Your Own

The Staffing Stream

How important is it for staffing firms to understand and promote a client’s brand when it comes to recruiting efforts? And more importantly, for contract hires, how do you prioritize a client’s brand alongside your own? The Powerful Role You Play in Employer Branding.

6 Trends That Will Shape Recruiting in 2020


Look to 2020 for other forward-thinking employers to follow. Even if it’s half days or early release on Fridays, this is a notable benefit for many employees that prioritizes work-life balance. Can you update your benefits offering to add more unique features?

6 Trends That Will Shape Recruiting in 2020


Look to 2020 for other forward-thinking employers to follow. Even if it’s half days or early release on Fridays, this is a notable benefit for many employees that prioritizes work-life balance. Can you update your benefits offering to add more unique features?

The Thrill is Gone: How To Avoid A Bad Recruiting Breakup.

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The launch of Elevated Careers (still in beta) promises to use eHarmony’s proven algorithm to match employers with potential new hires based on stuff like skills, culture and personality fit. While you’re giving chase, your hiring managers and candidates sit wondering why you don’t love them anymore – but inevitably, that honeymoon period comes to an end, the new hire actually onboards, and you promptly drift apart.

6 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle: Excelling in Each

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Every story will involve how the employee heard about your organization, how they were recruited and onboarded, why they’ve stayed with your company, and how their time at your organization has changed them. It begins with the first time they hear about your brand. Market your brand.

The Employer Satisfaction Era


Employee engagement, candidate satisfaction, employer brand affinity. They may evaluate their employer brand cyclically as part of periodic recruiting programs. And sadly, few truly evaluate the experience that all their candidates have while engaging with the employer in the job seeking process. Recruiters are scrambling to get better at finding and hiring candidates that are already employed with other companies. How does that compare post-onboarding?