The truth about great employer brands (that everyone seems to miss)

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Employer brands. Cash, conmen and coffee: the changing face of employer brands. The way I see it, employer brands have been on a bit of a journey. Health benefits. The lesson for brands wanting to attract great talent is simple.

Attract the Best Candidates with Employer Branding


In a candidate-driven market , it’s extremely important to hone in on your employer brand to attract the best talent. Quality candidates seek out employers and organizations that fit their skill set and also their values. Companies with a strong employer brand often attract the best and brightest talent because they clearly communicate who they are, and what they stand for. Make hiring a team sport.


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Use Employer Branding to Build Outstanding Talent Pipelines

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But more important than being able to find the candidates, is having the employer brand to pique their interest. According to a recent poll by Glassdoor – 84% of candidates would leave their current position for a company with a great employer brand. Building a Target Candidate Persona requires quite a lot of research and quite a bit of work, of which we go into detail on in our mission on employer branding. Source: Employer Brand.

5 Steps to a Successful Employer Branding Strategy


Seeing how it’s one of the most effective ways to get lots of high-quality applicants, here are a few great employer branding strategies you can use for your company, coupled with some examples to get you inspired. Evaluating your current employer brand Before deciding on a strategy for the future, you need to assess where you stand at the moment and find out what it takes to move where you want to be. Make your employer branding strategy into a story.

How to Create an Inclusive Employment Brand to Attract Women in Automotive


Below, we’ve pulled together several ways dealers can make employment brands more inclusive to attract quality women in automotive. Your dealership’s employees want to do the best they can at their jobs while still having time to see their children’s sports games, pick them up for school and participate in other activities. And do the same when it comes to posting pictures or employment brand videos showcasing life working at your dealership.

Redemption + an NBA star’s viral post on race + a great employer brand video + a top HR newsletter


I have no clue what it’s like to go to a school where the sports team(s) win titles (unfortunately, in America, soccer still doesn’t seem to count). Read this: Understanding privilege: This piece in The Player’s Tribune , written by renowned NBA star, Kyle Korver, speaks quite openly and empathetically about just how difficult it is to be a person of color in our country, even within the employ of an association as well-integrated as the NBA. So it happened.

7 Ways to Flaunt Your Company Culture in a Job Interview

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A job interview often serves as a candidate’s first impression of your brand and culture — and you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. During an interview, employers should make sure to explain their company’s core values and how this informs their workplace culture. How to highlight aspects of culture that benefit future employees – @BronwenHann #CompanyCulture Click To Tweet. A job interview is a two-way street.

Must follow instagram account + Creative job ads + Making peace with remote work + Discussing race in the workplace + New laws make hiring harder


Why do I keep referencing sport in this email? Leaves & Benefits Coordinator (Remote) – Yelp. Hi there, _. TSA (Tarek Service Announcement): Could you do me a favor? Could you jump on LinkedIn and recommend this newsletter to the universe, linking to [link]. __.

4 Tactics Your Hiring Team Can Learn from Army Recruiters


For Army recruiters, this means participating in community events, sports games, and school functions to demonstrate they aren’t simply robots looking to fill quotas. Perhaps your company would consider sponsoring a youth sports team, or throwing a block party. Get to know your candidates and find out what they want in their career path in order to best sell your organization’s benefits and purpose. Nowhere are the stakes higher for recruiters than in the military.

The Recruiter of the Future

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Part-Time Employer Brand Consultant. Yeah, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of employer branding , but not a lot of action seems to be transpiring out of all of it. Currently, 71% of employees say obtaining an adequate budget is their number 1 challenge in managing an employer brand. In developing and managing an employer brand, the critical aspect would be the development of “Employee Value Proposition.”

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This email is all about doing good. CSR impact & examples. Team building events & examples. Honesty & more.


Recently, Joe launched a new sports-focused non-profit called The Sports Creative. They work on behalf of local organizations to build soccer fields, programs and safe spaces to help at-risk children find security and confidence through sport. The bigger benefit for Google? Tying It All together: Before you head home, watch this TED Talk on the business benefits of doing good and working towards total societal impact that benefits both company and society at large.We

Common Fallacies in a Recruitment Process [checklist included]


Actually, a careers site is a powerhouse for your employer brand. It’s where candidates check first and foremost to get to know you as an employer. It’s great to have a careers site with your logo and photos shining with your employer brand. With a nice careers site AND decent job descriptions, candidates will be impressed with my employer brand and apply – you think – they will have a great candidate experience thanks to my great employer brand.

3 Industries Providing Recruitment Marketing Inspiration

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More and more organizations are hiring Recruitment Marketing professionals and launching employer brand programs. Sports. Many of the students then took a screenshot of their Snapchat acceptance and shared it with the rest of their network, amplifying the school’s brand reach.

Making Metrics Matter: How To Use Statistics In Recruitment


Not only are Canadians prepping themselves to finally enjoy warm weather again, but many sports fans are getting psyched for the start of the forthcoming Major League Baseball season. And your current staff members can make the best advertisements for your brand. Engstrom also points out “that companies benefit from a collaborative hiring process that involves not just HR and the hiring manager, but also all of the team members who will be working with the candidate.

How to recruit on Pinterest


It’s a social platform that can help companies build strong employer brands and attract potential candidates. Promote your perks and benefits. Create boards that showcase benefits you offer or ask your employees to describe their jobs in their own words. Marketing software company HubSpot uses a Pinterest board to show how employees benefit from their unlimited vacation policy. Boost your employer brand.

Borrow the Tactic the San Francisco 49ers Used to Go from Laughingstock to Super Bowl Contender

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When general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan were brought on board in 2017 to right a severely listing ship, John employed a lesson he’d learned in a class at Stanford. The 49ers, of course, are a business as well as a sports franchise. Talent Leadership Employer Brand

Building a culture of hiring

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SocialTalent’s CEO and Co-Founder, Johnny Campbell, has always said that “ hiring is a team sport. ” Boosting employer brand. Every organization can benefit from a more complete approach to hiring. Great hiring is integral to business success.

How to Create a Virtual Internship Experience to Remember

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We wouldn’t be able to have team activities like intern dinners, bowling or going to sporting events together. One section discussed the benefits and resources that would be available to them as an employee.

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Pre-recorded video interviews: 4 best practices for success


Even before COVID-19 introduced itself to our world, video interviews were used by 70% of the employers in the list of Talent Board’s Candidate Experience award winners. The benefits of pre-recorded video interviews. Not a good look for you or your brand.

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How to Excite Your Team Right From the Start


Give them a warm welcome with company merchandise that they can sport around the office, a video message from your team welcoming them aboard, or simply ask a few of your team members to reach out to congratulate them about joining the team.

Don’t Be a Candidate’s Second Choice


Value proposition is as unique for candidates as it is for employers. To connect better, candidates and employers have to align on several points of ‘deep’ value. We all want industry-leading compensation and benefits but what about the harder-to-pin-down values? However, new generations of job seekers are increasingly looking for the intangibles that clearly highlight how employers differentiate themselves. We all experience value differently in our careers.

Top 10 Out-Of-The-Box Recruiting Strategies for 2020


The Recruiting Strategies that you use can either strengthen your employer branding or break the image. Now that we have identified the importance and benefit of a proper recruitment strategy, here is the list of a few hiring ideas that can be instrumental ineffective recruitment.

7 tips to win the war for millennial talent


Build a kick-arse employer brand. Creating an engaging employer brand is your starting point in winning the war for millennial talent, and we could write the whole blog post about this one point. Just as businesses build brand values for customers using research, insights, segmentation, messaging etc., so they must with employee branding. Sometimes you may need unique or risky approaches to convey unique employer brand propositions.

Why You Are Missing Great Job Candidates

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You didn’t think about your employer brand and reputation. With access to so much information online, candidates are turning to the web to find jobs, research companies and negotiate reasonable salary and benefits packages. Note there are 400,000 employer profiles on Glassdoor and more than 36,000 employers have already signed up to claim their Free Employer Account which allows official company representatives to claim their profiles.

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How to Build an Employee Recognition Program

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Think back to the last sports movie you watched. In these systems, employers distribute a set number of points to each employee that they can give to colleagues alongside their recognition. Gift cards are by far the most common form of reward—nearly three-quarters of employers offer it.



Last month was National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. What specific program will have the most benefit? REMEMBER THE BENEFITS When you feel like giving up, remember why you got started. The benefits associated with maintaining a wellness program, for individuals and organizations, are vast. No matter what, wellness programs benefit every party involved. > It was filled with activities like “Bike to Work Day” and “National Run a Mile Day.”

How to Influence Top Candidates


LinkedIn recently asked 18,000 professionals the most important factor for them when picking a new employer. Employer Brand International’s 2014 survey found that 35% of companies believed that a strong employer brand eased their hiring, reduced recruiting costs (34%), and increased employee engagement (32%). By virtually every metric, employer branding is a crucial part of every organization. What is employer branding?

Talent and HR News Update: Wellness + Health (Physical Fitness Month)


Did you know that May is Healthy Vision Month, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Better Hearing and Speech Month, and Mental Health Month? Over the last few years, more and more organizations are realizing the benefits of encouraging employees to be healthy -- physically, emotionally, and mentally. Research backs up the trend towards more flexible employment options. Employers also increased the size of available incentives from last year, the survey found.

How to Conduct a Virtual Interview


A job interview is when an employer or representative of an employer interviews a job applicant to determine whether or not they’re a good culture fit and have the skills and previous experience required for the position. Hiring works best when you treat it as a team sport.

The Importance of Balance for Today’s Always-On Workforce


At Jobvite, balance is at the heart of our employer brand. Most policies related to rest and balance allow people to unlock greater benefits the longer they’re with the company. What do you get when you combine a career-driven, always-on society with a global pandemic?

Jobvite Partners with Google to Improve the Job Search Experience


It’s about making sure that your employer brand and open positions find the right candidates at the right time. Imagine you’re trying to find your daughter a local sports camp in your hometown. You start with a search engine and type ‘sports camps near me.’ Instead of what you asked for and expected, you receive hundreds of results about sports gear, clothing, tickets, and news—things related to sports—but not at all relevant to your specific search.

Will 2020 Be a Repeat of 2019? Experts Weigh In

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They were some of the most common topics employers discussed throughout 2019 and for the latter half of the past decade. Adam Roston, CEO of on-demand gig worker staffing platform Bluecrew , provides a list of key trends employers can expect in 2020.

9 Great Employers: Why These Companies Made Fortune’s Best Workplaces List


A strong employer brand is vital for success. And few things can bolster an employer brand quite as much as independent recognition of your company on a best workplaces list. The company also offers benefits and perks such as: .

Beyond Hiring & Firing, What Does HR Do?

Jeff Waldman - Recruiting

Through a school project with a professional sports team I discovered that a business idea is just an idea that means nothing unless people do something with it. So how does an organization maximize the employee effort to do his/her best work, for the benefit of the organization? Do you know what your employer brand is? Do you know which channels are the best ones to maximize employe brand awareness? Where oh where do I start?

Five sensitive things concerning the generation of millennials – millennials as employees

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For traders, this is a strategic purchasing power - for employers, it is an interesting human capital. What to think about if you want to be successful in building employer branding amongst millennials? This trend includes travelling, gastronomy, sports and entertainment. Experiences are essential in building brands , because it is experiences which are building relationships not only for colleagues, but also for the development of employer branding.

The Importance of Balance for Today’s Always-On Workforce


At Jobvite, balance is at the heart of our employer brand. Most policies related to rest and balance allow people to unlock greater benefits the longer they’re with the company. What do you get when you combine a career-driven, always-on society with a global pandemic?

Why You Need to Create an Internship Program


Equally important is the fact that recruiting interns—and working towards developing an internship program—can add a lot of value to an overall recruiting strategy, even for small employers. For instance, employers touting internship programs get the opportunity to gain access to campus career fairs promoting not only internships, but full-time opportunities, all while marketing the employer brand to the greater college population.

What do experts think about the remote work trends in 2020?


At companies where the forced remote employment experiment is working, the leadership team will recognize that embracing remote work has its competitive advantages for attracting and keeping talent. . Remote work will give employers better opportunities to find highly-skilled employees. . “I

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Workforce Diversity


Individuals, companies and indeed the collective culture is beginning to embrace the benefits of having a diverse workforce. By placing Diversity and Inclusion at the top of your people agenda, you too could reap a host of tangible benefits.

How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples


Benefits, salary, and perks. Listing benefits and salary information is important. Writing Job Descriptions Best Practices. If you want to know how to write a job description, our report below is the most comprehensive one on the Internet (we know because we checked!).