Improve Your Job Descriptions for Higher Quality Applicants


Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about how talent acquisition professionals in all industries can benefit from adopting marketing best practices. In fact, in part one of the series we covered how to apply marketing best practices to recruitment , which was followed by the do’s and don’ts of writing effective job titles. In this post, we’re going to move away from best practices and job titles, and discuss the meat and potatoes of every job posting: the job description.

How to Write An Effective Job Description


A well-defined job description can attract qualified candidates faster and speed up the recruiting procedures. Get the job done. Then, you’ll need to know how to write an effective job description. What Are The 6 Parts of a Job Posting? There are a few key parts of a job posting description for every employer and hiring manager working in HR. This section should include basic information about the position, including: Job title.


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How to Make Your Job Descriptions Google and Job Board-Friendly


Today’s job seekers have countless options at the tips of their fingers when it comes to researching and applying to new roles. Between job boards, social media sites, referrals and reading job descriptions on individual company career sites, it can be difficult for employers to break through the noise and reach top job seekers where they’re searching in today’s competitive market. How Changes to Search and Job Board Algorithms Impact Your Hiring Strategy.

Healthcare Staffing: 3 Benefits of Integrating Hiring and HR Systems


Healthcare staffing has never been more challenging. While home health care agencies, long-term care facilities and other healthcare organizations already faced staffing shortages prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic has further increased the demand for qualified healthcare talent. .

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

a job applicant. Job seekers are left feeling like the. person for the job. learning to scrub prior job descriptions and high- performing employee profiles to uncover the most. In theory, applying for a job should be simple. But in reality, the job.

9 Must-have Documents for New HR Teams


Job Descriptions. Articulate this with clear, detailed job descriptions. These job profiles help when you’re recruiting, but are also important to keep updated as roles at your company evolve. . Staffing Plan.

How to Write a Job Description to Attract Top Candidates

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Knowing how to write a job description that is both interesting and informative is one of the most significant skills a hiring manager or recruiter can have. A high-quality job description will help attract top candidates and pique their interest in your position and company.

Is Your Hotel Fully Staffed as Summer Demand Heats Up?


But is your hotel staffed up to the levels required to keep up with this increase in demand? Despite the unemployment rate lingering at roughly twice the pre-pandemic number, there’s an imbalance between the number of open jobs and the number of folks actively looking for work.

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5 Hidden Benefits of Using a Remarkable Staffing Company

COATS Staffing Software

5 Hidden Benefits of Using a Remarkable Staffing Company. Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software. This is key and the first unspoken benefit of using a staffing firm that provides value. That’s why so many employers partner with staffing agencies.

Hiring? Here’s 5 key benefits of using a staffing agency in 2021

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Let’s get right into the thick of it: NUMBER ONE – Finding employees is the biggest benefit to using a staffing agency. . EVERYONE is hiring, there are not many fully staffed companies right now. Second on the list of a huge plus to using a staffing agency?

Top 20 Benefits Of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruit CRM

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System For Agency Recruiters. Every day recruiters are flooded with hundreds of resumes for various jobs advertised. An average of 75-88 % of resumes received is not qualified for the job. ( Easy Job Posting. Source: Google Jobs.

How Staffing Leaders Can Make a Big Win with Innovation

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Technology advancements have a role in every industry, and the staffing sector is no exception. Several vital innovations have enriched the hiring process for staffing managers and candidates. Programmatic job advertising for better reach. Augmented content of job ad.

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How to maximize applications through social media for staffing agencies


Be it via LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Instagram, more and more recruiters have been utilizing these platforms to fill job vacancies. It allows them to easily post job ads on the channels and find more candidates quickly and more efficiently. job advertisements, OT pay, etc.),

9 Benefits of Recruiting Software That Makes It Worth The Investment


Here are many benefits of a recruiting software platform solution. Reaching out to those ideal job seekers during the job search and the hiring process up to onboarding and beyond is important for the growth of all businesses and companies. In this guide, we’ll go through the benefits of recruiting software as well as its importance in a digital landscape like today. Recruiting software holds many advantages and benefits for modern recruitment.

How to win clients as a staffing agency


Establishing good and professional relationships is very important for staffing agencies. 11 Important Tips to Win Clients for Your Staffing Agency. Maximize Job Boards. You’ll be surprised to know that job boards aren’t just to search candidates anymore.

9 Steps In The Staffing Process For Effective HR Management


The staffing process is an important factor for the growth of all companies and businesses across industries. Handling all required jobs and activities by yourself is doable in the starting foundation. In this article, we’ll go over what the staffing process is as well as the necessary steps. What Is Staffing and Its Process? Staffing is when you fill a business or organization with the appropriate staff members to take on specific responsibilities.

Future Proof Your Dealership with a Strategic Staffing Plan


Additionally, dealers’ business benefited from, among other things, consumers’ shifting car buying and mobility preferences and favorable OEM financing and incentives. Attracting the right talent starts with writing effective job descriptions.

All Aboard for Fleet Expansion: 3 Tips for Staffing Shipbuilding Projects

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5 million job quits. 130,000 jobs added. until 2023, demands a staffing strategy to beat the odds. Job descriptions matter. Make sure your job descriptions provide candidates with a realistic view of the day-to-day responsibilities.

5 Staffing and Recruiting Trends You Need to Know to Hire Top Talent


The good news is that modern staffing and recruiting best practices are becoming more adept at identifying the right candidates and weeding out the wrong ones. 84% of job seekers report that they consider the reputation of a company or brand as part of their decision before accepting or declining a job. . It isn’t enough to post a job description and wait for applicants to find and reply to it.

Staffing Your Home Health Care Agency: 3 Ways to Prepare for Industry Growth


Demand for home health care services continues to increase, presenting many challenges when it comes to staffing your home health care agency. But many home health care agencies struggle to keep up with this growth from a staffing perspective. .

Staffing Your Home Health Care Agency: 3 Ways to Prepare for Industry Growth


Demand for home health care services continues to increase, presenting many challenges when it comes to staffing your home health care agency. But many home health care agencies struggle to keep up with this growth from a staffing perspective. .

The “Lucrative and Personally Rewarding” Field of Staffing Specialist

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What does a job description really say? Sometimes when looking at the typical staffing specialist job description, I can barely keep myself from laughing. Recently I snagged a typical, run-of-the-mill staffing specialist job description from a well-known agency. You know how it begins: Staffing Agency X has increased the demand for qualified individuals serving in the lucrative and personally rewarding field of Staffing Specialist.

4 Strategic Ways To Market High-End Positions to Land Top Talent


Make sure that when marketing your company and executive-level jobs, you are selling yourself first. In addition, during recessions, your general style of job posting when people were desperate enough to take almost anything will no longer suffice now with so much competition everywhere.

The Virtual Work Space: What Are the Benefits and Risks?

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What Are the Benefits? An employer must also consider all the associated costs with maintaining an office, including heating and cooling, maintenance and upkeep, and staffing. Although attempting to achieve a “work/life balance” has been employees’ goal for decades, employers are seeing increased demands from the current workforce for benefits that will permit them to spend more time with their families, including part-time or flex-time schedules and work-from-home arrangements.

The Top 10 Things Recruiters Must Have with Them

Glassdoor for Employers

Job descriptions. Always have open jobs’ details and descriptions with you. Ask the candidate questions customized for that job to gain better clarity into that “just right” fit during the interview. Be able to explain clearly the benefits of the company, the specific requirements of the job opening and what skills the candidate needs to have. Recruiters should always have mobile access to their staffing software via smartphone or laptop.

3 Keys to Success for the Future of Healthcare Staffing

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At the recent Staffing Industry Analysts’ Healthcare Staffing Summit, one of the top predictions for the industry was that the healthcare staffing shortage will only continue to get worse in the coming years. PREMIUM CONTENT: Staffing Company 2020 Planning Package.

Marketing Best Practices: A Comprehensive Guide for Staffing Firms


Following marketing best practices for your staffing and recruiting agency will be able to help you attract more customers. Read our blog post “Be Willing to Be Different: How to Make Your Staffing Firm Stand Out”. This is a great motto to ensure clients come back to you for new job orders. Be a resource by teaching your candidates how to write resume or advise clients on crafting job descriptions that attract the best candidates.

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What Staffing Agencies Really Want From Corporate Recruiters

Recruiting Daily

After writing about what corporate recruiters really want from staffing agencies , it only seemed fair to turn the tables and discuss what those on the other side of the aisle really want from those of us in corporate. Many of corporate recruiters still seem to think of staffing agencies as some sort of black mark, a red badge of dishonor on an otherwise stellar hiring record, a source of hire best kept secret. 4 Ways To Stop Sucking At Working With Staffing Agencies.

22 Ideas to Make You a More Proactive Recruiter


And if new staffing problems arise that you don’t have a strategy for, you will proactively create a new strategy. The main benefits of proactive recruiting are: A more effective pipeline. Job Boards. Recruiters are salespeople selling job opportunities. SmartRecruiters lets you show the name and picture of the recruiter on each job description. Ongig lets you show the name, pic and LinkedIn link of each recruiter on every job description.

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6 Critical Contract Staffing Back-Office Considerations

Top Echelon Contracting

Are you thinking about moving forward with adding contract staffing to your business model? Outsource: Have a contract staffing back-office take on the W-2 employment and tasks. You need to set up Workers’ Compensation and find out which jobs/industries your Workers’ Comp insurance carrier will allow you to place. Remember, rates vary by Workers’ Comp code (job description), so you need to make sure you will earn a high enough profit to justify a steep rate.

Staffing News of the Day, March 13, 2013

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TheLadders is being sued in NY district court for questionable online job-application practices [PBS]. Temp jobs for would-be lawyers are on the rise as salaries in private practice fall sharply [US News]. Contract Staffing Recruiters of CT gears up to launch two new job boards, add staff, and expand overseas [Digital Journal]. Florida’s STS Technical Services acquires Wisconsin-based Advantage Staffing [Biz Times]. Staffing Daily].

How to Write a Job Description That Will Sizzle on Social Media

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How to Write a Job Description That Will Sizzle on Social Media. If not knowing how to write a job description tailored to social media is what’s holding you back from getting on board, we’re here to help. First, we’ll uncover why posting job openings on social media is an effective recruitment strategy, then we’ll give you some tips and tricks for writing an engaging job description tailored to social media.

Diversity and Inclusion: Actionable Steps to Improve Recruitment Strategies

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New research finds that more than half of job seekers (51%) would exclude a company from their search if its values and stance on D&I don’t match their own beliefs. Is our employee referral program a benefit or part of the problem? So, what makes an attractive job description?

Five Strategies to Effective Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Market

Applicant Manager

Determining staffing needs can at times be some of the more critical decisions employers are faced with. The key to successful staffing lies in a strategic plan based upon a clear assessment of long-range business goals, existing skill set, trends in work volume, and evaluating your skills gap. Creating a Job Description. Before you can begin recruiting to fill your position, it’s imperative that you have a quality job description prepared.

Using Your ATS to Find Candidates During the Candidate Shortage

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As the economy gets back on its feet and more Americans become vaccinated, there has been an upsurge in job opportunities available. A recent article from USA Today Money , reports that many Americans are worried about switching jobs during the pandemic due to the health and financial risks.

Key Factors to Evaluate Your Recruitment Process


When it comes to finding talent, hiring managers often stick to a specific routine to fill job vacancies. But, with 31% of new employees quitting their jobs within the first six months, these steps may need some fine tuning. After all, employee turnover doesn’t benefit either party—and may harm your company’s credibility and brand in the process. Gather Job Applicant Feedback. We didn’t give enough feedback about why the person didn’t get the job.

How to Build the Strength of Your Workforce

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How do those you work with like to communicate, for example, and what benefits and pain points do they feel their role has? Yes, every member of staff has probably been hired to fulfill a specific job description. Leadership Staffing Tips

Why Use A Recruitment Agency - Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency for Employers

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Furthermore, it is predicted that 56% of all jobs in 2019 will be filled by recruitment agencies. The bottom line – whether you are a small or large organisation, using a recruitment agency to find good employees has multiple benefits. What are the business benefits of using a recruitment agency. BENEFIT 1 - Ability To Identify Talent. BENEFIT 2 - Recruiters Save Employers Time. BENEFIT 3 - Advertise Jobs (the right way). BENEFIT 1.

I Was Oblivious to Staffing. Are You Shocked?

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Up until a few months ago, I was somehow blind to the entire industry of staffing, recruitment, and temporary employment – not a whiff, a hint, or a clue for 27 years. This troubles me on two levels: as a former job-seeker (because I may have benefited from a stepping stone) and as a citizen of the world (because I like to think I’m worldly and aware). I would definitely go through a staffing agency if I could re-do the project.”.

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Attracting Passive Candidates: 5 Ways To Secure Passive Job Seekers

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One of those strategies is to target passive job candidates. What are passive job candidates? Passive job candidates are people who are not actively looking for a job. Since they are currently employed, they are not desperate to take just any job to pay the bills.