How to Address High Turnover With Retail Employees

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Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Retail employees leave their positions at a rate that’s over four times higher than the average turnover rate in all other industries. When you add it all up, retail employee turnover is incredibly expensive. . The takeaway for retailers .

The Benefits of An Open-Hiring Strategy

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An open-hiring strategy is the process of hiring anyone regardless of their background and this strategy benefits people from all walks of life. The Body Shop announced their plan for open-hiring in an effort to reduce bias as they gave people retail jobs on a first come, first serve basis.


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How to Make Your Retail Automotive Roles Attractive to Other Industries


There’s a stigma associated with working in the retail automotive industry that affects who and how you hire. This is a no-brainer — attracting top talent requires competitive compensation packages with benefits, pay, and time off.

5 Ways to Tackle High Staff Turnover in Retail Recruiting


We all know that staff turnover is one of the biggest pain points in the context of retail recruiting. Taking advantage of mobile, social recruiting and smart automation, a specific retail recruiting solution empowers them to source talent more efficiently all year-round, which lessens the pressure of high staff turnover. You can then use it to compare and prioritize different candidates, supporting your retail recruiting strategy. Providing original benefits.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report


Retail Interview Questions

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Whether they’re opening up a new boutique or growing an existing storefront, small business owners of retail shops often have to hire employees for their stores. But even if these potential retail sales associates or assistant managers have resumes with great experience that “looks good on paper”, that doesn’t mean they’ll be a fit for the job. The answer to this question can reveal the candidate’s true reason for coming to work for a retail shop.

How Social Media is Set to Transform the Online Retail Sector


Not only do these platforms allow us to connect with friends and family, but they have become an integral part of the online retail community and some even feel that they have influenced a handful of major elections. What changes are set to take place in the near future, how will these impact the online retail community and perhaps most importantly, are there any platforms which budding entrepreneurs should consider? 4 Benefits of e-Commerce for Companies.

The Top 3 Benefits of Pulse Surveys

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Before diving into the benefits of pulse surveys, let’s first define what they are. Below are the top three benefits of pulse surveys. This was even higher for retail where two-thirds (67 percent) agreed they should be surveyed more frequently. Reap the benefits of pulse surveys.

In the Trenches: Seasonal Hiring with a Retail Store Manager

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a store manager at a popular body care and home fragrances retailer at a mall outside Philadelphia, PA. MB: Our company just started requiring that all candidates fill out an application online, which is great for seasonal hiring, because we ask screening questions like, “Have you ever worked in a goal-driven retail environment?” In a retail environment it’s really important that morale is high, so a bad attitude or poor work ethic on the team is definitely felt.

E-Commerce Giants Are Changing The Retail Landscape


The resulting change in the economic landscape brought new ways of doing business and a new way of looking at retail. Today, online retail plays a major role in the economy of the United States. Some lament how e-stores are slowly reducing the number of available brick-and-mortar retail locations, and with them, retail jobs. Their fear is understandable: retail stores close down, the whole process becomes automated, and employees are simply not needed anymore.

3 Benefits of Collaborative Onboarding


The benefits of collaborative onboarding stretch across all tiers of the company, from the executive leadership to the new hire. The benefits, explain Carstoiu, extend to management as well: “This means a minimized induction effort and a faster, cost-effective onboarding process.”. For example, the online retailer Zappos understands that, while technical aspects of onboarding matter, “the culture piece is even more important.” Guest blog by Jessica Thiefels.

Online Shopping Spurs New Recruiting Trend in Retail


E-commerce forces retailers to elbow into the ever-steepening competition for tech talent. If you look to LinkedIn you’ll see that the number of profiles identified as retail associates shrunk from almost 200,000 in 2013 to just under 116,000 in 2017, and you may be able to guess why. That’s right, the retail industry is now seeking invisible architects to construct your retail experience. percent of retails sales to 11.9

Why Employee Recognition is Important and Key Benefits

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Coborn’s, a retail and grocery chain that employs 9,200 people across the U.S. Start reaping the benefits of employee recognition today. The post Why Employee Recognition is Important and Key Benefits appeared first on Engage Blog.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – The State of the Retail Industry in 2018

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There’s been a lot said about where retail is going ( guilty as charged ), but less about where it is now. What do workers really think about the retail industry in 2018? Below, we take a look at the state of retail in 2018 – the good, the bad and the ugly; and what it all means for the stores looking to hire. Over half of those surveyed believe that working in retail is a job, rather than a career, and expect to be paid accordingly.

3 Benefits You?ll Need to Offer Post-Pandemic

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Have you reevaluated your employee benefits package since social distancing was implemented? You’ll need new, creative benefits to retain talented employees and snag new superstars. A key response your company should have to the COVID-19 pandemic is to examine and rebuild benefits packages. By the time our world hits a post-pandemic stride, the benefits you promoted a year ago will seem antiquated and stale. 3 Benefits to Retain Employees and Impress Candidates.

Deskless Workers Want Better Benefits

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Try offering a better benefits package. According to new survey findings released by Quinyx , a workforce management platform, COVID-19 has created a demand for better benefits. Industries where workers come in regular contact with consumers such as hotel and food services (63%) and retail (53%) were the most likely to go to work sick to make sure they could make ends meet. Even 1 in 5 (18%) who kept their jobs say they plan to leave for better benefits, such as sick leave.

How to Build a Successful Retail Recruitment Strategy


It’s hard to imagine a day in which the average person doesn’t make a retail purchase. And whether you’re buying a cell phone, car or can of paint, retailers depend on qualified employees to assist customers, manage the business, and keep stores safe. Retail workers make up a significant portion of the U.S. According to the National Retail Federation, 42 million jobs, $1.6 GDP directly and indirectly comes from the retail industry.

Staffing Firms Gain Extra FLSA Overtime Protection

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Temporary staffing firms may qualify as “retail or service establishments” and therefore may be able to apply the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) “retail sales” overtime exemption to some of their employees, according to a recent opinion letter from the U.S. The new opinion could provide significant benefits to staffing companies with an inside sales force or commissioned recruiters in their business operations. What Retail Sales Exemption Says.

Event Recap: Elevate 2018, Retail Automotive’s Only Human Capital Management Summit


Elevate 2018 , the only retail automotive summit dedicated to human capital management, is officially a wrap. As profit margins decrease and personnel-related costs increase in retail automotive, dealers need to identify new ways to remain profitable. Think Outside the Box with Employee Benefits. Leading up to the full-day event on October 2, Hireology hosted a Customer Advisory Board with more than a dozen retail automotive customers on October 1.

Retail, Are You Promoting Your Most Important Brand?


Companies involved in the retail sector know the importance of branding. The retail sector is a much sought after industry when it comes to recruitment and creating a strong employer brand really does make a difference. 55% of retail employees rated an employer’s reputation as a great place to work highest, even more than salary (48%) when assessing their next move up the career ladder. It is important to develop a positive reputation as an employer for any retailer.

Why 2019 is the Year of the Job Applicant in Retail Automotive


Below, we’ve outlined several reasons why 2019 is the year of the job applicant in retail automotive – and how your dealership can attract quality candidates to support your business success. Few Job Seekers Are Interested in Retail Automotive Careers. In many cases, this is because they have a misconception of working in retail automotive. Because of this, you need to put in the effort to change the perception of working in retail automotive and secure top talent.

Retail Recruiting: How to Navigate the Challenges and Grow Your Team


The retail sector is one of the largest employment sectors in the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , retailers employ more than 15 million people nationwide, or more than 10 percent of all employed workers. Technology has had a profound effect on retail, notes Steve Blyth , founder and CEO of Engage Works. Online shopping, kiosks and similar tools have changed customer expectations, which in turn changes the expectations and demands placed on retail staff.

Reaching Outside The Industry: The Need to Bring Fresh Talent Into Retail Automotive


During Elevate 2017 , the first-ever retail automotive summit focused solely on human capital management, Hireology and Cox Automotive will exclusively present findings to a new research report, the 2017 Dealership Staffing Study. The findings include research from more than 1,000 dealerships, – getting insights from dealer principals, general managers, sales and technical professionals, as well as members of the workforce outside of retail automotive.

How Retail Businesses Can Hire Great Sales Professionals


As the busy holiday shopping season approaches, retail businesses are gearing up for a hiring spree. In this blog post, we highlight what those skills are and how retail businesses can uncover them when hiring for sales positions. Eye contact, a smile and a general interest in what you’re saying are all signs of an extroverted personality that would make for a strong retail professional.

Why Healthcare Shopping Deserves the Spotlight Now

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If your provider orders a medical test, you can get it done at the hospital outpatient testing facility, a stand-alone testing facility, or even sometimes a retail or an urgent care clinic. Consider urgent care facilities, retail clinics (such as CVS or Walgreens), or a telehealth visit.

Which Industries Have the Best Benefits?

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How competitive is your industry when it comes to benefits, and where does your company stack up? According to a recent Glassdoor survey , three in five people consider benefits and perks among their top considerations before applying for a job. As your company competes for top talent and aims to present a competitive package to candidates, is your benefits package up to par? Benefits by industry. So which industries have the highest-rated benefits?

Are E-Commerce Giants Really Killing The Retail Job Market?


The resulting change in the economic landscape brought new ways of doing business and a new way of looking at retail. Today, online retail plays a major role in the economy of the United States. Some lament how e-stores are slowly reducing the number of available brick-and-mortar retail locations, and with them, retail jobs. Their fear is understandable: retail stores close down, the whole process becomes automated, and employees are simply not needed anymore.

Infographic: The Evolution of Retail Automotive Hiring


The retail automotive industry – and the U.S. To kick off the new decade, we outlined several key milestones in retail automotive and the U.S. The Evolution of Retail Automotive Hiring. NADA launched its first Dealership Workforce Study, a comprehensive overview of dealership benefits, compensation, turnover, and other key workforce data. economy as a whole – have seen significant changes throughout the past decade. While the U.S.

How Service Managers Can Benefit from Automated Flag Time Calculations


Following are several benefits of payroll and DMS integration: Help Your Dealership Stay Profitable. Automotive Blog Automotive Industry Hiring Auto Technicians Retail AutomotiveCalculating flag time – also known as flat rate pay – for dealership service technicians can be a frustrating task for any service manager. Most dealerships still use antiquated spreadsheets to track flag time, and service managers spend a lot of time manually tracking and calculating technician pay.

How to Determine What Benefits Your Employees Really Want


My best friend used to work as a warehouse employee at a very large online retailer. Her job had a lot of great benefits and perks. The funny thing was that the benefits that actually contributed to her enjoyment of her job were largely accidental—she got tons of exercise and liked her unconventional shift hours. And the benefits and perks that they did promote and track were things that my friend and her fellow employees didn’t really care for.

New Rule Allows Overtime Exemption for More Workers Paid on Commission

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The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) announced the new rule on May 18, calling it a way to provide greater simplicity and flexibility to retail industry employers. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows employers in retail and service industries to exempt from overtime certain employees who are paid primarily on commission. The other withdrawn provision listed industries that, in the DOL’s view, “may be recognized as retail” and were potentially eligible for the exemption.

The Top-Rated Workplaces for Compensation and Benefits


And in today’s world, compensation is so much more than just a number — it also includes the added benefits offered to you by your company, such as health insurance, wellness, time off, bonuses and more. We analyzed more than 100 million employer reviews on Indeed to identify which firms rated highest on the attribute of compensation and benefits. Retail giant Costco leads the rankings for compensation satisfaction.

Best Places to Work: Compensation and Benefits


Much more than just a single number, compensation is a package that includes both salary and benefits. Ideally, employees will find the best possible combination of salary and benefits that makes them feel valued by their companies and—more importantly—allows them to support themselves and their families. Instead, the results of our analysis reveal organizations from a range of different industries, including retail, telecommunications, automotive, financial services and healthcare.

How Do Your Fitness Center Employee Benefits Compare to the Competition?


With so many employment opportunities available , your fitness center needs to have a top-notch company culture and offer employees a comprehensive list of benefits to attract and hire quality talent. Below, we’ve pulled together an overview of recommended benefits you should offer your fitness center employees. One of the key benefits you should offer employees as your fitness center is free membership, so they can work on getting in shape before or after scheduled shifts.

Recruitment Automation: What it is And Key Benefits


How Recruitment Automation Can Benefit Your Team. Recruitment automation offers a variety of benefits to your team, from streamlining candidate communication to speeding up time to hire. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits in more detail. Take the retail automotive industry, for example. Most qualified talent is already employed in today’s highly competitive hiring market. As a result, 80 percent of job seekers are considered passive and don’t visit job boards.

Retailer Flies Staff In And Out of North Dakota Weekly

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It’s an attractive deal for Eau Claire retail workers who don’t mind air travel. Their recruitment pitch also touted “outstanding benefits.” Service and retail job vacancies have become quite common. The famous labor shortage of the North Dakota oil fields, coupled with a serious lack of housing, has prompted home improvement store Menard, Inc. to quit trying to recruit help locally.

3 Benefits of a Successful Customer Advocacy Program


Whether you don’t yet have a customer advocacy program in place or are looking to improve the one you already have, consider the following benefits of implementing a successful customer advocacy program. To show customers our appreciation, Insider program benefits include: early access to new releases and features, exclusive content, opportunities to network with fellow Insiders, and more.

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


What are the benefits? To answer these questions, first consider the benefits of digital advertising to begin with. With the right kind and quality of content, customers can do a substantial part of your job for you, even without the benefit of a salesperson. In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the benefits. It gives details about titles, salaries and benefits, and it usually provides a vague idea of what the day-to-day is like.

3 Key Challenges in Retail Recruiting (and How to Tackle Them)

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Learn how to tackle 3 key challenges in retail recruiting! Changes in retail recruiting. Retail recruiting is is a term used for finding and hiring the right job candidates in retail industry, from kiosks and small groceries to supermarket chains and large department stores. The technology is rapidly changing the retail industry. Consequently, the retail job positions are changing too. 3 key challenges in retail recruiting (and how to tackle them).

3 Benefits of HR Tech Integration


Integrating these solutions can provide several benefits, three of which we briefly explore below. The post 3 Benefits of HR Tech Integration appeared first on SkillSurvey. Hiring and Recruiting all industries assessments corporate hr healthcare higher education hiring managers hiring trends power and energy reference checking retail and hospitality sourcing passive candidates staffing and recruiting talent analytics