Employee Benefits: Bringing Back Education Benefits


Why Employers Are Bringing Back Education Benefits. Just a few decades ago, tuition reimbursement or professional development support were among the most common employee benefits. Benefits Are the New Salary. The Benefits of Educational Reimbursement.

Benefits of Automated Recruiting

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Contrary to popular belief, the goal of automated recruiting software is actually not to cut down on costs by replacing human recruiters. Here are a few of the many benefits of automated recruiting: Huge time savings. Automated recruiting software grants recruiters this wish.

The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Recruitment Software

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Spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is expected to reach $160 billion by the end of 2018, and nearly two-thirds of that spending is on software as a service (SaaS) like cloud recruitment software. Cloud computing has surpassed all expectations because it offers several benefits. Cloud recruitment software like ApplicantStack demonstrates the value of software-as-a-service. Why Cloud Recruitment Software Is Best.

60 Benefits of a Recruitment Software


Recruitment Software is designed to automate, streamline and fasten the recruitment. But how exactly can a Recruitment Software improve your whole recruiting process? Here is the list of 60 benefits of a Recruitment Software.

Secrets to Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates!

compensations such as bonus, commissions, equity, benefits, etc (total package). Newton Software | 415-593-1190 | sales@newtonsoftware.com | www.newtonsoftware.com These tips are brought to you by the recruiting. simple, smart, safe applicant tracking software.

5 Benefits of Web-Based Recruitment Software


When it comes to choosing your system, before even thinking about which supplier you’d like to work with, you need to think about whether you’d prefer a web-based system or software that’s physically installed on your computer. Want to learn more about Webrecruit’s Fusion software?

Perk Trends: What’s New in Benefits?


Perk Trends: What’s New in Benefits? Two lifestyle benefits are on the table again. With different spins on the same policy, some of the benefits include: Less tracking: Companies who have adopted unlimited time off save on HR time spent tracking hours and days taken off by employees. Accounting for benefit time, like FMLA, requires tracking. Another benefit being offered by smaller companies is contributions to retirement planning.

Four Benefits to Integrating Background Screenings with Recruiting Software


Because shortening time-to-hire creates a competitive advantage for your company, it’s a wise business practice to integrate background screening services with your recruiting software.

5 Benefits Recruitment Software Can Deliver to Non-Profits


But what are the specific benefits that technology can deliver? As such, HR and recruitment professionals have to be proactive in sourcing talent and this is where recruitment software can help. Want to learn more about the benefits recruitment software can bring to your organisation?

Empowering the Recruiting Process With Applicant Tracking Software


Since the first ATS was introduced in the 1990’s, these recruiting software systems have improved by leaps and bounds and at warp speed. Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems. The post Empowering the Recruiting Process With Applicant Tracking Software appeared first on BrightMove.

Recruiter Talk – Implementing Recruiting Software


Recruiting technology review website Software Advice recently polled 100 recruiters to determine what their thoughts were regarding implementing recruiting software – specifically the accompanying value, benefits and obstacles. The time and energy-saving capabilities of recruitment software far outweigh the initial learning curve required for implementation.

Supporting Diversity with Inclusive Employee Benefits and Perks


For some, investing in sourcing a diverse candidate pool is the most worthwhile investment while, for others, software or training to combat unconscious bias will make the biggest impact. In some cases, investing in inclusive employee benefits and perks can help you attract and retain candidates from underrepresented minorities.

Best Places to Work: Compensation and Benefits


Much more than just a single number, compensation is a package that includes both salary and benefits. Great pay and benefits are relative. So when we say great benefits, what are we talking about? But some companies stand out for certain exceptional benefit offerings.

5 Ways Outsourcing Benefits Administration Saves Your Company Money

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Human resources, or more specifically benefits administration. It may seem counterintuitive, but outsourcing benefits administration and other HR tasks to a professional services firm can actually save your company money. Aggregated Benefits.

Three Primary Benefits of Software Customization


So, why is it that most people don’t bother to make these same customization to software ? Specifically, enterprise software solutions ? With enterprise software, the settings are made to be generic in order to meet the most basic common needs for a wide customer base, which is why a customized solution should always be a preferred option when it comes to recruitment applications. How often does the ATS update their software? Do you customize your software?

Guest Blog: How Analytics from HR Software Can Help Your Organization


HR software analytics uses descriptive techniques and predictive models for the analysis, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Now, let’s see how using your existing HR software’s anayltics can provide growth opportunities for your organization.

3 ways Salesforce Chatter benefits recruiters


One of the many benefits of being built on the Salesforce platform is that Jobscience has access to all the CRM platform's best features. Here are three ways Chatter helps recruiters using staffing software : 1.

What is Onboarding Software and How Does it Work?

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The benefits of an organized new employee onboarding process isn’t a secret, mostly because statistic after statistic prove its value: Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity overall.

4 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Small Business

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But what are the benefits of an applicant tracking system for small business owners, who have more modest recruitment needs? An applicant tracking system offers small business benefits you might not have considered. When 94% of companies who have utilized a recruiting software report that it’s improved the hiring process, you can’t afford not to. This investment in your HR recruiting strategy will have big-time benefits for your small business.

4 Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

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on the dollar as compared to white workers, and women make up a mere 18.75% of software engineers. Below we’ve listed 4 proven benefits of diversity in the workplace: 1. This year, there will be 3x as many software engineer job openings as there will be candidates.

The Benefits of Hiring Boomerang Employees

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The Benefits of Hiring Boomerang Employees. Employer Boomerang employees Software AdviceLook out at the labor economy and you’ll find a dire situation for employers and recruiters entering 2017. The U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest point in eight years.

2 unexpected benefits of the right in-house recruitment software


You really can’t hope to find a better foundation than the right in-house recruitment software. Everything becomes easier and quicker with the most suitable in-house recruitment software. Recruitment technology ATS in-house recruitment software

4 Stupidly Simple Ways to Attract Great Software Engineers

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Owen Murray, Lead Recruiter at Zalando, opened up his office to share his approach to hiring the best software engineers they can find. Owen explains that Dublin was an obvious choice to open an office because of the potential of amazing software engineering talent.

How a Workplace Mentoring Program Can Benefit Your Company

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At small or growing organizations, senior staff benefit too, because mentoring develops coaching and management skills , points out Laura Kukulan Baker, an HR business partner at ClearCompany , who started a successful mentoring program for the Boston-based business transparency software firm.

HR Software User Insights & 2015 Outlook


Most organizations are operating with some sort of HR software for capabilities such as talent acquisition, applicant tracking and succession planning. When the economy took a dive and hiring was at an all-time low, the need for hiring and selection tools and/or the added cost and expense of HR software programs seemed to become less of a priority. With a high user satisfaction rate, HR software should see a spike in business throughout 2015.

Here’s Why HR Cloud Software is the Future


As your business grows, the best HR software can scale up accordingly, taking on more employee data and housing it on highly secure servers. Over time, people have become less fearful about archiving their HR data in the cloud, and are now reaping the benefits with easier recruitment and increased mobility. Without batting an eye, you can log into your cloud-based software, create a new profile for the individual, and instantly start your recruiting process.

Top 10 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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Whether you are trying to “sell” an applicant tracking system to your management team or CEO , or you are looking to find a better way of managing your candidates and resumes, here are the top 10 benefits of an Applicant Tracking System. The post Top 10 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) appeared first on ApplicantStack. Applicant Tracking Blog Employee Onboarding Interviewing Recruiting Best Practices Recruiting Software

How AI Is Transforming Resume Matching Software


Resume matching software as it’s traditionally been used has hurt candidate engagement. So how can you become more effective in your hiring – and use the right resume matching software – while not alienating candidates and harming your brand?

Optimizing Your ATS Software and U/E


There will be a learning curve and with that users need to be supported by management and encouraged to use the software and not judge the product hastily. The initial gap analysis you conducted served as a guide to bring you to the selected software which best suits your business needs.

50 Great Employee Benefits You Didn’t Know You’re Offering


but marketing your great employee benefits is key. You’re probably thinking: But we can’t afford fancy benefits. This list isn’t about those expensive employee benefits packages. Candidates love these 50 benefits! Benefits for full and part-time workers.

60 web development software specialist interview questions


Today’s Web Development is excruciatingly demanding in technical terms and there is a growing demand for a web development software specialist. For a recruiter or hiring manager looking for a web development software specialist, the task of finding one is a potentially an expensive hire.

The Benefits of an Affordable Care Act Compliance Partner

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How an Automated Software Solution Can Help. An automated software solution for ACA reporting will ensure that you’re meeting all requirements accurately and efficiently. Workplace Insight ACA Affordable Care Act Benefits software

Specific industries require customizable staffing software


First, general business software solutions are often designed for traditional companies selling products online or in stores. Staffing software should provide functionality created to help agencies communicate with candidates, evaluate talent and place people in the proper positions.

Video Interviewing Software [VIDEO]

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In our newest video, “Video Interviewing Software”, we highlight the benefits our solutions can provide you to help enhance your talent acquisition strategies.

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7 Big Benefits of Hiring Through an Applicant Tracking System


The mounting pressure on recruiters to attract high-quality candidates with an increasing shortage of top-choice talent has lead many employers to implement talent acquisition software to tap elusive talent while easing the workload of recruiters. The post 7 Big Benefits of Hiring Through an Applicant Tracking System appeared first on Jobsoid. As the war for top talent continues to intensify, recruiters are compelled to re-think their recruitment strategies.

The Benefits of Using Technology in Your Onboarding Process

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How Onboarding Software Can Help. These technology solutions elegantly interface with applicant tracking systems and other HRIS software, requiring minimal data entry. Finding the Right Onboarding Software. Integration requirements with other HRIS software.

5 Hiring Statistics Proving You Need Candidate Tracking Software

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Candidate tracking software is a versatile – even essential – tool for hiring managers and HR departments, whether you’re a recruiter for a major corporation or a budding entrepreneur with a growing small business. Recruitment automation software takes much of the guesswork out of the hiring process, and in doing so, saves you precious time (and money!). These five statistics demonstrate why every business should be using candidate tracking software to optimize recruiting.

Talent Pipelines: Definition, Strategy, Benefits & Tactics


As a strategy, it takes time to develop and nurture, but the benefits are well worth the investment. The short answer is this: every company will benefit from a pipeline of relevant candidates. Benefits of a talent pipeline.

4 Exciting Benefits of Using Candidate Discovery


Here are the 4 most exciting benefits of using candidate discovery for your sourcing. According to a recent survey, 2/3rds of HR buyers evaluate new HR software based on its ability to improve efficiency and automate processes.

Five Benefits of Having a Millennial Workforce


Five Benefits of Having a Millennial Workforce. Five benefits of having Millennials in your workplace are that they are: Fast learners. Learn more about BirdDogHR’s talent management system , or schedule a demo to see our ATS and Onboarding software in action.

The 28 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2017


With hundreds of recruiting tech companies out there, how do you determine which ones are the top recruiting software tools worth investing in? A big chunk of this market is made up of recruiting software. Kin HR is onboarding software designed for small businesses.

Tools 112

10 Ways to Draw Interest in a Lame Job + 50 Benefits People Love


Maybe it pays peanuts, perhaps there are no real benefits. 10 ways to attract #candidates to a 'lame' job & 50 benefits they'll love: Click To Tweet. Benefits for full and part-time workers. Access to the latest books/games/music/software/tech/movies.

3 Considerations When Buying Hiring Software


The logical way to think of hiring software is considering what product is going to best solve the pain points that your recruiting team has. But what are some different approaches to picking the right hiring software? Here are 3 considerations that would benefit you to keep in mind.