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How to design a fully functional hiring process in IT


According to Global HR Research ,“66% of companies make a bad hiring decision each year”. . As Les McKeown, CEO of Predictable Success argues in a remarkable post How to Hire Great People – Every Time , “ the success of your business is in the hands of your people. In other words, bad hiring affects your organizational outcomes, big time. . Why are so many companies still making hiring mistakes, and can you prevent these mistakes from happening?

Lessons From Current Events: 3 Recruiting Rules To Reduce Bias


If you’ve opened a newspaper, scrolled through your newsfeed on social media or turned on the TV lately, you’ve seen stories concerning racism, sexism, ageism and more in the workplace. While you might not be able to stop racism worldwide, you can stop racism when it comes to your hiring practices. Taking it further, implement steps to reduce gender bias in hiring. Rule 3: Use inclusive language in your hiring. Optimize Your Hiring Using AI.


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Intel Sends a Strong Message to the Tech Industry

JWT Inside

Intel released a study recently that reports their hiring statistics over the past year in terms of diversity. Regardless of mixed results, this kind of transparency in technology hiring practices is unprecedented and sends a strong message to candidates: we care about diversity and here’s the proof. Apple even went as far as to say that they purposefully do not set diversity goals for their hiring strategy.

17 Crucial Recruiting Statistics for 2016


Recruiting statistics. Doesn’t sound like the subject of a particularly exciting blog post does it? Looking at recruiting statistics helps us Understand how our industry is moving forward, pretty essential for guiding your outlook, strategy and decision-making process. Here are the HR and recruiting statistics and best practices that you need to know in 2016: Employer branding matters: the statistics. 2016 Hiring problems: the statistics.

Horrible Bosses: Why Bad Job References Happen To Good People.

Recruiting Daily

I’ve heard hundreds of these bad boss stories by now, and in my experience, they all really just come down to one deceptively simple root cause: a complete and utter disregard for social mores and manners, and seriously unprofessional behavior in professional situations. I mean – 50% of every new hire, statistically, will fail because the hiring manager hired a person who they’d go on and make so miserable that they left the company because of a boss behaving badly.