4 Signs of an Ineffective Candidate Engagement Strategy


Candidate engagement measures a company’s ability to communicate effectively with job seekers. Poor candidate engagement leads to low-quality hires and a negative brand reputation. . Learn how to spot the warning signs of a failing candidate engagement strategy: . In fact, a study of recruitment messages found that highly personalized messages lead to a 23% increase in engagement when compared to impersonal messages.

Candidate Experience vs Candidate Engagement: What’s the Difference?


As the contest for top-performing workers continues to escalate, many recruiters have started to focus on metrics like candidate engagement and experience. Though these terms may sound alike, they are distinct concepts: Candidate experience is how job seekers feel about an employer’s recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes. Candidate engagement is the process of communicating with job seekers in the recruitment pipeline.


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JazzHR Diversifies Technology Partner Ecosystem with TSheets Integration


JazzHR is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with timesheet and attendance software provider, TSheets! JazzHR’s second time and attendance integration. For starters, JazzHR customers no longer have to manually enter new hire data. Kickstart the onboarding process by integrating JazzHR with TSheets to seamlessly sync candidate data between the two systems. Find TSheets in the dropdown menu of the Candidate Profile and click Export.

What Is Candidate Experience, and How Does It Show up Throughout the Recruitment Process?


Throughout the strong market, recruiting professionals have had to focus on approaching the most qualified job candidates as consumers with plenty of opportunities to choose from. Emphasis has been placed on delivering the best possible candidate experience. .

How to Improve the Candidate Experience: 7 Strategies


Most talent acquisition professionals are familiar with the concept of the candidate experience. It’s a holistic view of all the feelings, interactions and impressions a job seeker goes through at every step of their candidate lifecycle. . Increase and Automate Candidate Communications.

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