Essentials to Finding and Filling the Holes in Your Candidate Experience

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While this creates a competitive challenge, it also brings us an opportunity to better our candidate experience. Think about the last time you gave your candidate experience a jolt of energy. Learn more about increasing candidate flow with these 5 proven strategies.

5 Keys to Driving Candidate Experience

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Many HR and talent acquisition professionals know that a positive candidate experience is critical to attracting top talent. The main challenge companies face today is understanding how to drive the candidate experience. The candidate journey.

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How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

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It’s no secret candidates today are making career decisions with an increasingly discerning, consumer-like mindset. With power shifting away from the employer to the candidate, competition for talent is fiercer than ever. Think about what kind of message this sends to the candidate.

Grocery Shopping and the Candidate Experience


One question we often get when talking to prospects about our online interview platform is, “Is a digital interview too brief to give a good candidate experience?”. Before we get into the answer, I want to be clear that we do not believe a good candidate experience is something that can be purchased, and we aren’t alone. The Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s Experience. The Traditional Grocery Store Experience. Brief and unfulfilling to a candidate.

Moving the HR Tech Needle in 2020

Speaker: Nina Cofer, Product Marketing Manager, Breezy HR

We have heard this phrase time and time again, but it bears repeating. When implementing HR tech, it is important that it is used to supplement our processes, rather than take them over. During times of digital transformation, you want to equip your workplace with the resources they need to speed up their processes, but also ensure the tech is not taking the personalization out of their employee and candidate experiences. Join Breezy HR's Product Marketing Manager Nina Cofer to learn her strategies for incorporating HR tech without disrupting your workforce.

#NextChat Recap: The Candidate Experience & You


One of those tactics finally grabbing attention is the candidate experience. In fact, a bad candidate experience strategy can mean poor candidate attraction and lower employee retention. Delivering an awesome experience to applicants takes thought and energy.

Improve Your Candidate Experience — But Avoid These 3 Pitfalls


Candidate experience is not rocket science. Improving the candidate experience comes down to simple common courtesy. These future talent advisors are about to get their first taste of the candidate experience. What is Candidate Experience?

Voice technology is set to revolutionise candidate experience

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Candidate experience continues to top the recruitment agenda. Now is the time to exercise out-of-the-box thinking; stand out from competitors and respond to the needs of the candidate. But what moves are staffing companies and internal resourcing teams making to improve this?

How Do You Ensure Great Candidate Experience?


But in reality, the candidate’s experience is just as valuable. Imagine your team puts in all the work to really understand candidates as a whole, only to be left with the same leads you’ve always had. Such as – a great candidate walking right past your opportunity.

How to Create a Best-in-Class Candidate Experience

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Gone are the days of forcing candidates to jump through hundreds of hoops to prove their commitment and desire to work for you. It has become a two-way conversation for the candidate and the company and both parties work to impress one another. That means you have to sell candidates on your organization and why they would want to work there. Top talent demands a great experience in the hiring process, as well as the workplace.

Why Should a Candidate Spend Their Energy on You? #TheCandEs 2015


Before I talk about my main takeaways from this year’s Candidate Experience Awards Symposium (#TheCandEs), I just wanted to recognize and express my admiration for how much this awards program has grown over the past four years. Continue Reading → The post Why Should a Candidate Spend Their Energy on You? Candidate Experience candidate experience candidate experience awards candidate experience symposium molly fletcher the CandEs

The Buyer / Seller dynamic and how it affects Candidate Experience


And the same is true in the candidate experience. Candidates are becoming increasingly savvy in understanding their skills and value in the marketplace. In short, candidates are taking charge. Attracting with the Candidate Experience.

If You Build It They Will Come: Are You Creating a Good Candidate Experience?


As an agency recruiter, you’ve worked as a middleman between your clients and the candidates they need. On the other side, candidates are worried that they won’t be able to find the next step in their career. More importantly, you are also a partner to the candidates you place.

Candidate Experience Part III – Tools

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In the first two articles of this series we discussed the role of people and process in the success of the candidate experience. This article is intended to provide a framework for how to think about the tools you use to enhance your candidate experience.

#WeAreHiring MeetUp: What You Don’t Know About the Candidate Experience


I’m looking forward to being a panelist at next week’s #WeAreHiring MeetUp because our topic, “Can Technology Improve Candidate Experience?” For example, ask a dozen people what “candidate experience” means and you’ll get 12 different answers. Candidate Experience

From us to you by Bianca – 5 candidate experience tips by a graduate candidate


Do the majority of jobs require you to have at least five years of experience? Please note these are my own experiences and any mentioned names will be changed for security purposes. But wait, it now states I need years of experience. But I need the experience to get experience.

8 Tips for Creating the Candidate Experience Jobseekers Crave


From writing your job description to delivering your final decision, keeping candidates in the loop throughout the hiring cycle is key to an excellent candidate experience and, by extension, successful recruiting. If you are sent to voicemail, ask the candidate to call you back.

Candidate Experience Best Practices from “The Godfather” Himself


The demand for talent is higher than ever before, which explains why candidate experience has become one of the most buzzed about words among recruitment professionals. However, they won’t waste their limited time and energy with a company that provides a lackluster experience.

How can video make the candidate experience better?


Creating the right impression of your company among candidates is vital, which is why the candidate experience has become such a big area of focus for employers in recent years.

The Key to Improving Your Candidate Experience: Focus on the Pre-Application Stage

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As far as I’m concerned too many companies are spending too much time, money and energy on improving the candidate experience after the person applies. In my opinion, a better approach is to rethink the candidate experience before the person is hired.

How This Hot Startup Tackled Its Candidate Experience Challenges

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Interview experiences were becoming less personalized, and the company was struggling to find the rare type of person who could come on board, change the status quo, and provide impeccable customer experiences. “As Prep both interviewers and candidates for on-site interviews.

Must-Read Articles to Reinvigorate Your Onboarding Experience

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Don’t settle for the bare minimum when it has been proven that a great onboarding experience will help to retain top talent. Check out these must read articles on why onboarding is so important and how you can create an experience that will make your new hires thrilled to be working with you.

3 Ways AI is Likely to Transform Talent Acquisition


Here are some of the most dramatic ways that machines could revolutionize the future of candidate engagement: . Increasingly automated candidate sourcing. Heightened candidate engagement. Overall improved candidate experience.

4 Ways to Be a Recruiting Ghost Buster

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Picture this scenario: After investing a lot of time and energy, you’ve finally found an ideal candidate for the job. You schedule an interview, but at the agreed-upon time, your candidate is a no-show.

4 Things Philz Coffee Does to Create a Memorable Candidate Experience

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— strives to make going out for coffee nothing less than a joyful and deeply personal experience. Frey explains how Philz applies its personal, people-first philosophy to its candidate experience. That is our customer experience. Candidate Experience

3 Tips for Recruiting College Graduates


Not only do young grads typically have an extensive knowledge of the latest technology, they also bring an energy that can boost company culture and morale. Here are three tips for hiring and retaining college graduates: Don’t judge candidates right away.

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What do candidates want out of the interview process?


A negative interview experience can mean the difference between welcoming top talent on board and having your No. To make your interview process the best it can be, consider what candidates want most out of the experience: Insight into the company culture.

I’m Getting Too Old For This $

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Thinking about how I am different (and better) than other candidates they are interviewing. I’m way more capable than I was even a decade ago, and I can do twice as much in half the time because of my experience and by working way smarter. But I don’t have the energy for this pomp and circumstance. How many of you have had the recent enjoyment of a similar interview experience? My pre-interview checklist. Hugo Boss suit.

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5 Tips To Create A Winning Candidate Experience

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Did you know 42% of job applicants who had a negative candidate experience say they would never apply to that company again? 78% say they would share their bad candidate experience with their network. 34% of candidates would even publicly share their negative experience on social media for the entire world to see. If you do it right, a positive candidate experience may be the differentiator for top talent to choose your company over your competitors.

3 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process By Showing Off Your Atmosphere

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When we’re trying to attract the right candidates for our culture, or first “meet” them via video interview, they’re not interacting with us face-to-face. Here’s how you can use video to give candidates an insider-glimpse into your company’s atmosphere: 1.

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What Is the Biggest Challenge in Recruitment? Experts Weigh In.


We’ve got to be more strategic and proactive, and engage with our candidates and applicants.”. Challenge #2: Overhauling the Candidate Experience. “I I think talent acquisition is shifting more towards the candidate experience. Candidate Experience

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“I, Too, Am Qualified”: Are Old People The Talent World’s Most Undervalued Asset?

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Probably not – not enough experience and they’re probably valued correctly, even at their low salaries – for their skills and experience. You may love the experience and energy combo, but this segment is not undervalued.

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They’re Not Candidates, They’re Volunteers: A Q&A with James Ellis


Most recently, he’s become a go-to expert on recruitment marketing and employer branding, coaching companies around the world on how to attract talent with storytelling that provides value to candidates throughout the hiring process. What is “candidate experience?”.

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How To Give Candidates What They Want From An Interview

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A 2015 Talent Trends report from LinkedIn found that 83 percent of the 20,000 professionals surveyed said that a negative interviewing experience can change their mind about a position or company. A lot of time and energy went into perfecting your company’s interview process.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job and then choosing the best among the candidates who flow right in. Attract the best candidates – and more of them, too. Recruitment Marketing – find and attract better candidates. passive candidates.

Tips for Tackling a Careers Site Revamp Project

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Are you ever embarrassed to send candidates to your careers site? In this webinar, experienced practitioners share the steps they took and the lessons they learned while updating their sites to provide a more user-friendly candidate experience.

HR Tech Trends In 2019


Have you been wondering which HR Tech trends to focus your energy on? Experience of your people. All that stuff is a major time suck — and, again, you’re doing this around candidates who often aren’t even qualified.

Recruiting through change: A marketing VP shares her insights


Imagine: your company has just landed a star candidate – let’s call him Ethan – and he’s ready to start Monday. Zoe Morin , Workable’s VP of Product Marketing, has been through it as a manager who ultimately took on a new hire, and also in Ethan’s shoes as a candidate herself.

Tech recruitment in London: Luring and sourcing top tech talent


We at Workable wanted to get more insight so we decided to ask the experts – the candidates themselves – on the topic of tech recruitment. David added that candidates will go to their peers before they go to a recruiter: Here’s a life hack for recruiters.

5 Ways to Add Value Using Analytics in HR

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Laszlo Block, former senior vice president of people operations at Google, wrote a book about his experiences at Google and how they drove performance. Pacific Gas & Electric Co, a California energy utility, is a great example of effective strategic workforce planning.