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2021 Outlook of Recruitment Marketing Agencies

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The past year has changed a lot of industries and disciplines, and Recruitment Marketing is no exception. While some employers were forced to slow down their recruiting efforts, others saw a surge in hiring and required new marketing strategies to attract talent.

10 Actionable Takeaways from the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Talent acquisition strategy is changing quickly as a result of COVID-19, as unemployment levels soar and remote work goes mainstream. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s become an employer’s job market. Takeaway 4: SEO is a critical marketing strategy for recruiting.

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The 4 C’s of Recruitment Marketing, Part 3: Taking Action Through Job Content


So far in this blog series, we’ve shown you how to orient yourself to think of recruitment as marketing and we’ve shown you how the marketing basics can best be applied to talent acquisition. Understanding how to adopt this marketing mentality is step one to performing proactive recruitment that drives business, but a mentality alone won’t get you to where you want to be.

Cell Counts: Why Mobile Recruiting Matters for Candidate Experience

Recruiting Daily

The concept of candidate experience has become so ubiquitous to the recruiting conversation it’s become something of a cliché, a commoditized, catch all catch-phrase that’s grist for the content marketing and consulting mill. Which means it’s a lot like “mobile recruiting,” that other obnoxiously omnipresent talent technology trending topic. Which makes you wonder why recruiting still sucks so badly at both mobile and candidate experience.

Dialed In: Mobile Recruiting and The Candidate Experience.

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People use mobile for convenience, but for some reason, even in 2015, it’s often still a big pain in the ass, particularly since a surprising amount of sites seem to think “responsive design” means creating such a poor user experience that you can’t help but respond by being pretty pissed off and frustrated. Mobile Recruiting: Can You Hear Me Now? If you’re not asking for mobile recruiting solutions, you’re asking for trouble.

Cell Counts: Why Mobile Recruiting Matters for Candidate Experience

Recruiting Daily

The concept of candidate experience has become so ubiquitous to the recruiting conversation it’s become something of a cliché, a commoditized, catch all catch-phrase that’s grist for the content marketing and consulting mill. Which means it’s a lot like “mobile recruiting,” that other obnoxiously omnipresent talent technology trending topic. Which makes you wonder why recruiting still sucks so badly at both mobile and candidate experience.

How to Tell the Difference Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing


Both concepts are candidate-facing, but your company won’t reach top talent unless you integrate them with your overall TA strategy. In response, businesses are moving away from traditional methods of candidate attraction (public job boards, cold outreach) in favor of more employer brand-focused efforts that target talent before they apply. What is Recruitment Marketing? Know the Difference and How to Use Both When Recruiting.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

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In Recruitment Marketing, getting qualified candidates to apply to your roles is the name of the game. But how do you get more, and if not more, better, candidates to apply? However, none of them is a Recruitment Marketing channel that you have complete control over.

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5 Benefits of Taking a Marketer’s Approach to Your Recruiting Strategy


Best-in-class recruiters know that the talent acquisition process starts long before a candidate lands on the job listing on their website. Content marketing. Recruiting events. Search engine optimization (SEO). SMS and social recruiting.

HR Check In: The Trifecta of Recruiting (Social Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Employer Brand)


Unfortunately, talent acquisition teams that aren’t dedicating time and effort to these three recruiting concepts won’t be able to keep up with modern candidates. Your job seekers expect a positive candidate experience, availability and engagement from you on social tools, and the visibility into an attractive employer brand when they look for positions at your company. 4 Social Recruitment Blunders That Can Cost Your Business (HRN Blog).

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


Last week, we shared a new report from Brandon Hall Group’s Kyle Lagunas on “ Key Components of High-Performance Recruitment Marketing,” available for complimentary download here. The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. The report is packed with best practices that modern recruiting organizations can learn from.

Recruitment marketing: fad or future? The expert review


‘Treat your candidates like your customers’ Recruitment marketing is a multi-faceted approach with huge potential to transform the recruitment process. Today’s candidates are far more subjective. They’re easily influenced by what they hear about your company from friends , what they read about you on Twitter – you need to make sure that you’re providing a great candidate experience. The best marketers know this.

Coca-Cola European Partners: Differentiating, Consolidating & Optimizing

CKR Interactive

And, while they are closely aligned from a business perspective – particularly when it comes to products and consumer marketing – they are different companies. So, in addition to traditional Employer Branding efforts, CCEP needed to make sure candidates first knew who they were as an employer before they could even start showing why they’re a great employer. So, keeping the candidate at the heart of the new mobile first design and navigation was essential.”.

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Recruitment Marketing: Important or Illusion? The Complete Expert Review


‘Treat your candidates like your customers. Today’s candidates are far more subjective. They care about what they hear about your company from friends, they listen to the twittering of social networks, they’re interested in intangibles like ‘culture’ and ‘brand’ Recruitment marketing has emerged as a multi-faceted approach to attract, convert and engage candidates. Is Recruitment Marketing important? Marketing

HR Tech Vendors Offering Discounts to Support Employers

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In addition, Talent Acquisition professionals at most organizations have been tasked with reworking their hiring process so that it can be delivered 100% remotely. We launched a no-cost recruitment advertising grant program to support finding talent to fill these essential roles.

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The Important Role Google Cloud Jobs API Plays in Google for Jobs

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In Google’s own words, “The Jobs API gives the industry plug and play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities, enabling company career sites, job boards, applicant tracking systems and staffing agencies to improve the experience of job seekers who visit their sites to find jobs.”. So SEO will still be very relevant. By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of media coverage about Google for Jobs and its upcoming launch.

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Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employee Experience.

The Recruiting Strategy that Will Get You a Promotion In 2017


We don’t necessarily want to be the ones to ever-so-bluntly say that your recruiting team is misallocating money, time, and other valuable resources. They surveyed several thousand talent acquisition leaders across the globe, and something didn’t quite add up. In particular, take a look at the following stats: 57% of talent acquisition leaders report their top concern is “competition for talent”. It’s about time we had a talk.

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4 Major Challenges Marketing & Recruiting Share (and How to Overcome Them)


People often claim that recruiting is digital marketing to some degree. The reason being, now that a vast majority of the candidate job search and application process takes place online, recruiters use many digital marketing tactics and strategies to meet them there. In this post we will discuss similarities among the challenges that they share—and how both marketers and recruiters can overcome them.

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Which HR tool to invest in? ATS or Recruitment Marketing platform?

Recruiting Blogs

Talking with business owners, recruiters and other HR professionals, we have realized that many of them have the same two questions: “ Which recruiting tool should I buy? Recruitment Marketing software or ATS? ” Types of recruiting tools. Not every recruiting software is the same. Moreover, same types of recruiting software differ in their features and capabilities. Recruitment Marketing Software. Recruitment marketing is! .

Employer Branding Content: The Top 10 Topics Candidates Care About


Most recruiting teams have branched into content in some respect. Talent acquisition is now coordinating employee-written testimonials, posting updates on social media, and even hiring writers, designers and videographers to produce stories about their employer brand. But what types of content actually motivate candidates to apply? Recruiters focusing on content want to make sure the materials they produce have an impact. Employee/Recruiter Blogs (15.5%).

Now Google Machine Learning Can Power Your Career Site (No, You’re Not Dreaming)


Career sites, often with outdated user experiences, have been costing employers missed candidates for far too long. For talent acquisition leaders who feel like they’ve been held captive by the limitations of their ATS, Google Cloud Jobs API is the key to your freedom—or rather, more qualified candidates that can find the right jobs faster on your career site. Employers seem to forget that these consumers are also prospective candidates.

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Want to Recruit Better? Write Better Job Ads


Today’s recruiters have so much to do. I know that these more complex solutions are a boon to the recruiters that are working the phones (email?) today but it does seem to add some friction to the process and in doing so, add a touch of frustration to both the recruiter and the candidates they serve. Job advertisements are the first thing your candidates will see. One is designed to inform (you…the recruiter); the other is designed to sell, capture, attract.

You Asked, We Answered: 7 Questions Recruiters Have About Career Sites


It wasn’t always the case that these recruiting assets were so high on the priority list, but things (especially on the candidate side of the equation) have changed drastically in a short period of time. Now, career sites are perhaps the most crucial stop on the candidate journey. And those employers that have taken the time to improve theirs are starting to reap the benefits from mobile recruiting, SEO, employer branding, candidate experience, and more.

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Recruit Forward: Why You Absolutely Need to Revamp Your Career Site Now


If you’ve been reading our blog and watching our Recruit Forward web series , then you know we’ve been advocating for recruiting teams to adopt a more digitally-focused talent acquisition strategy. How you utilize the web as a recruiting asset will dictate your success in 2016 and beyond. What’s interesting is that at the center of every digital recruiting strategy is the career site.

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Career Site Makeover Contest: Win Your Company a New Career Site


Are you treating your career site like it’s your most important recruiting asset? If not, then you’re setting your talent acquisition team up for a tough 2016. Research from The Talent Board shows career sites are candidates’ number one resource for researching new opportunities, and Bersin by Deloitte revealed last year that career sites were the top source of hire. Mobile: Responsive web design that lets candidates view your site on any device.

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Traffic, Transparency & Talent Technology: The Future of Online Recruiting

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Innovation and competition have always gone hand in hand, and the recruiting technology industry has historically been no exception to this rule. Which might explain why we still suck at candidate experience. And during the dot com days, when job boards were still in their infancy, online recruitment was more or less dominated by three major players. In fact, Monster’s “acquisition” of HotJobs from Yahoo!

The Bad and The Not So Beautiful: Film School for Recruiters.

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They were honestly happy with what was delivered, which in my mind, was 100k worth of wasted marketing spend, but the client was happy (another lesson I’ve learned well). Simply: if you are spending money or effort on recruitment marketing , forget “mobile” or “social” first. Think about that: adding a one minute video that’s more or less free and idiot proof could increase your candidate yield by more than one third.

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What 40 Million Career Site Visitors Told Us About Inbound Candidates


Outbound recruiting—cold calls, LinkedIn InMails, job board ads, career fairs—it’s the art of finding candidates when there aren’t already enough good ones in the pipeline. Some of today’s top recruiters are, in fact, exceptional at converting strangers into applicants, but the reality is outbound recruiting as a strategy has been losing utility for years. Where outbound is becoming less powerful, inbound recruiting has been picking up steam.

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Top 20 Benefits Of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruit CRM

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System For Agency Recruiters. Every day recruiters are flooded with hundreds of resumes for various jobs advertised. Now, they have this huge responsibility of selecting the right top talent for the company and the right company for the candidate.

6 Automation Tools to Make Recruiters’ Lives Easier

Social Talent

The ‘Recruiter versus Robot’ debate is alive and well. Advancements in technology have produced a plethora of marketing automation tools and state-of-the-art ATS and CRM systems for recruiters, so dare we ask the question – is it possible that the human element of placing a candidate in a new job is something that eventually won’t be necessary? If a candidate replies, the system responds with extra info on the job.

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Top 17 Recruiting Software Tools and Hiring Solutions

Recruiting Blogs

What is Recruiting Software Tool? Recruiting software helps in-house recruitment teams and recruiting agencies to manage and streamline the process of the job posting, sourcing candidates, resume evaluation. Most of the tools are aimed to automate the recruitment process. However, with so many options available of the HR tech market, it is a big challenge to pick the most suitable software. Team collaboration over the candidate profile. .

8 Podcasts Every Recruiter Should Listen To

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Recruiting Future. What to expect: Educated insights into the future of the recruitment industry from global industry leaders. This is a weekly podcast dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR. In each episode, HR and Recruitment Marketing expert (and the brains behind MetaShift ) , Matt Alder , interviews industry thought leaders and recruiting practitioners who are currently influencing and changing our industry.

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22 Ideas to Make You a More Proactive Recruiter


Many of you gave a ton of love to our 5 Ways to Be a More Proactive Recruiter article. It was written by my good friend Jason Webster, an expert on proactive recruiting strategy. Since you’re reading this I know you are already a more proactive recruiter than the average bear! First off, what is proactive recruiting? My definition of proactive recruiting is to engage with candidates before recruiting needs become problematic.

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Why LAX TechRecruit 2019 is a recruiter’s paradise

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

In today’s candidate-driven market, recruiters and HRs across the world are facing a tough time in hiring and retaining top talent, and sometimes even both. The battle for talent has become fierce and desperate times call for desperate measures. The conference brings together top industry veterans to discuss the best recruitment practices in the tech industry. Recruitment process and strategy. Technical Recruiter, Rubicon Project.

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