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If I Only Had A Brain: Why It’s Time To Rethink College Recruiting.

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The Straw Man: The Myth of College Recruiting and Me. Contrary to the belief that there’s little social interaction involved in non-traditional education, in fact, there seemed to be a decided emphasis on group assignments throughout my program. This challenge required the type of commitment that’s rarely required in more traditional undergraduate college programs. A real college? He is currently serves as Technical Recruiting Lead at Comscore.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

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Hired says it screens job candidates through a rigorous process combining algorithms and human curation, so employers don’t need to sift through a giant pile of résumés. Perhaps most importantly, instead of dealing with a recruiter who’s just trying to fill a role to earn a commission, the candidates work with Hired Talent Advocates, and those advocates are judged based on the job seeker’s satisfaction. 61% checked “social professional networks” (LinkedIn’s generic term for itself).


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Bad Influence: Why Industry Lists Should Kick the Bucket.

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If you’re one of those recruiters who’s at all in tune with the conversation happening in closed Facebook groups, niche industry forums or consume content and commentary in the weird little world that is the recruiting related blogosphere, you’ve probably noticed a new trend surfacing on social. 35 Recruiting Influencers Who Actually Influence Me. Mike Wolford ( @Mike1178) : Mike is another one of those rare recruiters who obviously just gets it.

Gen Z: A Major Shift in Goals and Aspirations


Generation Z, those born since 1995 are now beginning to graduate from college. Recruitment and hiring will certainly be changing as 23 million Gen Zers takes their place in organizations alongside 71 million older Millennials who range from about 25 to 40 years old. That’s why you’ll need to be making some changes in how you recruit on college campuses and how you engage with today’s students. Your employer brand: More important to recruiting than ever.

Social Recruiting: You’re Doing It Wrong.

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Here’s the thing about being a recruiter. That’s why when I tell a story, I always feel like I have to point out that it’s true – as a recruiter, some things are just too weird to put out there without putting out a disclaimer. But I’m not going to lie to you – even though, I am a recruiter, as we’ve established. The Social Recruiting Saga: Our Tale Begins. This is a true story about social recruiting.

Talent42: Why The Future of Tech Recruiting Does Not Suck.

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For the second year in a row, I made the trek to Seattle to attend the #Talent42 event, one that stands out among the busy recruiting calendar as one can’t miss talent acquisition conference. The attendees largely drive this show, which is a big part of why this conference lived up to the promise made by conference organizers John Vlastelica, Carmen Hudson and their partners in crime over at Recruiting Toolbox that #Talent42, to quote their hashtag, #willnotsuck.

What Every Talent Team Can Learn from Today’s Best Campus Recruiting Programs


Ask any campus recruiter how challenging it is to attract students to their booth and they’ll tell you campus recruitment is a competitive sport. The war on talent pits employers against each other in a battle for student interest at colleges and universities across the country. The campus recruiting challenge is to build your employer brand amongst college communities while widening your organization’s talent pool. Campus Recruitmen

How To Build a Successful Campus Recruiting Team


With employers facing the tightest labor market in decades, more and more companies are turning to college campuses to source talent for internships and entry-level positions. The current college population of nearly 20 million students represents a valuable opportunity to build pipelines for current and future hiring needs, and with Gen Z entering the workforce , campus recruitment is becoming a popular talent acquisition tactic. Setting campus recruitment goals.

GoldenEye: Life In Clearance Recruiting

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” When selecting a Bond, I can only imagine what the criteria looks like – it’s probably a requisition that would make even the most savvy recruiter’s head hurt. That’s what clearance recruiting is all about. Yep, we are getting into the pretty cool spy s**t of recruiting right now. Clearance recruiting is some of the toughest sourcing and recruiting you can do and the burnout rate is mind-blowing. The James Bond of recruiting.

Building A National Recruiting Association: Why It’s Time To Fix What’s Broken.

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Unlike the UConn Huskies, who Auriemma coached to yet another NCAA Women’s Basketball championship in 2015 (his tenth), recruiting doesn’t have a good thing going, nor is it getting any better, either. Oh, sure – we’ve got all of these cool tools and killer tech all of the sudden, which purport to help recruiters reach uncharted waters and go where no recruiter has ever gone before. Recruiting Has Hit Rock Bottom. Recruiting Deserves Better.

The 25 Best HR & Recruiting Blogs in 2018

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About: Tim is a well known veteran in the HR & recruiting industry. Bringing over 20 years of experience to the table, he offers insight into every area of the HR & recruiting landscape in his popular blog “The Project”. His blog features a fun, conversational tone of voice that makes you feel like you are learning from a knowledgeable friend with years of experience and expertise in recruiting. Recruiting Daily. Social Talent. The Undercover Recruiter.

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If I Only Had A Brain, Part II: Rise Up

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If there’s enough demand created for attending college, they can charge you whatever they want per application. These so-called higher learning centers are desperate to protect their “brand” to the point that they are hiring PR firms to help them navigate through the iceberg filled waters of discontent. But it’s important to consider who’s profiting from it and consider that you might be the one losing by not recruiting from online universities.

A Tribe Called Quest: How To Fix What’s Really Broken In Recruiting.

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It’s this skill, I suppose, that’s helped me build a successful career as a recruiter, despite the constant ups and downs that come with more or less being the professional equivalent of the canary in the macroeconomic coal mine, a never ending series of ups and downs that I cannot control. But the Golden Age of Recruiting has dulled to the point of darkness. But it’s going to mean making some real changes to the way we recruit.

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Respect: Find Out What It Means To Recruiting

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Just like recruiters. But I sell something that people want even more than a brand new car, but I can’t get no r-e-s-p-e-c-t. I’ve dedicated the better part of my life to recruiting. I’m frequently reminded of one of the painful realities of being part of this industry – that no matter how much you’ve proven yourself in the past, you’ve got to constantly and consistently prove that you’re more than just another recruiter.

Stop the Recruiting Spam. Seriously.

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As soon as I open my inbox – no matter what time of the day (or night), I’m inundated with recruiter spam. That doesn’t make me unique – after all, recruiting junk mail is as ubiquitous as those ads for cheap imported Viagra or getting hit up for a bridge loan by a Nigerian prince – but as a recruiter, it makes me a little depressed. Please stop sending out b t e-mails about employment opportunities.

Redemption Song: Why Recruiters Deserve A Little Respect.

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One thing was for sure: I did not miss recruiting. Hey, I’m a recruiter, so it’s just in my nature to be curious – even if, at times, I’ll admit I might have been the teeniest bit sketched out. Respectively, the Kardashians, the Duggars or anyone who paid to be on Top Recruiter (which I think is pretty much everyone) show us that the concept of respect and notoriety have become dangerously commingled in our collective minds.

Recruiters In Name Only: Why Real Recruiters Should Be Hunting for RINOs.

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of recruiting – those “recruiters in name only” who give the rest of us in the business a bad name. See, I’ve dedicated quite a lot of copy to talking about the current state of talent acquisition and the pulse of recruiting. RINO Hunting: Why “Recruiters In Name Only” P**s Me Off. After all, I’m a recruiter, and it’s true what they say. How To Tell If You’re Not Really A Real Recruiter.

The 9 Circles of Recruiting Hell: A Divine Comedy.

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I know it probably sounds kind of weird to hear a recruiter allude to Classic literature, but there’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book – and I mean a really good book, and not, say, some statistically skewed Malcolm Gladwell pop psychology or the kinds of cheesy Penny Dreadful that land authors like Sue Grafton on the New York Times Best Seller List (“ C is for Crap,” coming soon to a Hudson Booksellers near you!).

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Cash Is King: How (And When) To Have That Compensation Conversation.

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It’s appalling how many employers will come in with such outrageously low offers to candidates, and even more outrageous that most of them fully expect the candidate to take a step back in compensation for the promises of maybe someday taking some small step forward. If they make too much, or too little, it’s too much for too many employers to overcome in any offer. Hurt: Why Compensation Is The 1 Thing A Recruiter Needs To Know About You. Turn to a recruiter.

It’s Different for Girls: LinkedIn’s Unprofessional Network

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Bottom line, women aren’t treated with the same lense and equal opportunities in the workplace, in government and now, even on social media sites. I will always advocate on behalf of women on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men. The misogyny I’ve witnessed in the recruiting world blows my mind. They want us to approach our profiles with a certain level of professionalism and not treat the site like Facebook or Twitter.

Wish You Were Here: The Fishbowl Approach to Candidate Sourcing.

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I’m at that strange part of my career where I’m old enough to know better, which is why I find rookie recruiters so damned hilarious – because they, on the other hand, are just trying to figure it all out. I can’t help but laugh watching them, mostly because it’s obvious none of them have the first clue about what really works in recruiting, or how things have always been done around this business. No recruiter is ever perfect.

Without Bias: Pride and Prejudice and Recruiting.

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Yes, recruiters are known to stretch the truth, but if there’s one rule I’ve learned, it’s that the more ridiculous, far-fetched and unbelievable a recruiter’s story might be, the more likely it is to be true. Or at least, provide the rest of you recruiters out there with a cautionary tale of what not to do when working a recruiting desk. Retention is every recruiter’s enemy, if you think about it.