68% of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees


These include: Scheduled air transportation (16.7 Sixty-eight percent of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees, and 46 percent planning to increase starting salaries for new employees.

12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change

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Culture. Culture. You can help employees adjust to a new location by providing public transportation tokens, facilitating carpools or van pickups, making sure there is reasonable parking, and allowing some flexibility with start times. Address culture clash.

Holiday Hiring Season Off to a Strong Start in 2019

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Ratings are broken down by the job functions that are most likely to have seasonal hiring needs—retail, customer service, sales, labor and transportation. Table: How Culture Stacks Up Among Companies Hiring Holiday Workers. Retail, Customer Service, Sales, Labor and Transportation Jobs.

Retail Recruiting: How to Navigate the Challenges and Grow Your Team


The videos explored topics like City Lane’s culture and what employees did from day to day. Creative compensation allows retailers to leverage inside information on which benefits employees value most, then find ways to offer those benefits while maintaining their hiring budgets.

How to Design The Perfect Relocation Package for Tech Employees


The 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study revealed that almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting and of those that left, 32% cited company culture as a reason for leaving within the first three months. Consequently, designing a competitive relocation package is an indication of a supportive company culture and a vital part of engaging potential candidates.

6 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Independence Day – 4th July 2016

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When it comes to what candidates want to know most about your company; 66% want to find out more about company culture , 54% want to hear more about the perks and benefits your company offers its employees, while 50% want to learn more about your company’s mission.

By the Numbers: October 5, 2018


Per Amazon, employees will still enjoy a larger paycheck, “Because it’s no longer incentive-based, the compensation will be more immediate and predictable.” retailers surveyed are ‘looking for employees who better align with brand culture.’ BountyJobs Bites.

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Office in an ‘unsexy’ area? Use these 5 talent attraction strategies


The impact on the bottom line is significant: to make it in top-tier locations, businesses must both charge more for services and offer increased salaries to offset living, transportation and other costs borne by their employees. Create a standout corporate culture. New York.

Why the Candidate Intake is Crucial to Boost Job Offer Acceptance Rates

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Their current base salary and any other compensation factors such as bonus, commissions, equity, benefits, etc (total package). Discussions around salary can be uncomfortable, but collecting compensation information is crucial to crafting a successful job offer.

6 Ways to Stop Employee Turnover in Its Tracks


Learn the signs of a toxic work culture and, if you recognize them, take steps to eliminate the problem. . If you can’t afford to offer your employees a raise, you may be able to offer perks that can help them save money and help fill the compensation gap.

Three Companies Who Are Killing It with Their Job Postings


Schneider , one of the largest trucking carriers and transportation and logistics companies in North America, can teach you a thing or two about making an attractive, concise job posting.

By the Numbers: January 26, 2018


Amazon Bans Compensation History Inquiries. For more about this, check out our report, ‘ Ban on Compensation History Inquiries ’ where we take a look at this new legislation, where it’s been rolled out, how employers are handling it, and what folks in the field are saying.

BUMPER EDITION: 10 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Week – 12th October 2015

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In order to offer an insight to their unique internship programme, SpaceX , the aerospace manufacturer and space transport service, has released a YouTube video showing what it’s like to work as an intern at the company. How Google Thinks About Hiring, Management And Culture.

Employee Handbook Template

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Your handbook should be telling of the company culture as well, which will help the employee get a feel for the overall pace and expectations of the organization. Company Culture for your Employee Handbook. It could mean hiring based largely on the right cultural “fit”.

How to Optimize Your Recruiting Funnel for Quality of Hire

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Something like, “Your advanced knowledge of turbulent Mach 1 airflow will help us design the next generation of high-speed human transportation systems,” is a good first step.

How to Ask for a Raise So You Actually Get One


It’s never fun to ask people for money, even if you’re asking for it as deserved compensation for your labor. Maybe they hope to be known for their stellar customer service or amazing work culture.