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Staffing News Of The Day, January 31, 2012

Staffing Talk

The Eliant awards are presented annually by San Clemente, CA-based Eliant in partnership with Real Estate Temps. MAU Workforce Solutions, a staffing and recruiting firm in Augusta, GA , has hired Laurie Herron as a Recruiter in Greenville, SC. SmartSource will continue to operate as a technical staffing and recruitment organization that works directly with IT solution providers to satisfy staffing requirements.

How to Calculate Your Staffing Agency’s Burden Rate & Bill Rate


If you’re moving into a leadership role at a staffing agency, or thinking about starting your own shop, there are three key terms you need to understand to price your services properly. Some are requirements like workers compensation taxes. Workers’ Compensation Insurance.


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Legal Hiring in 2019: What Managers Need to Know

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The start of a new year is a great time to hire new legal staff. If you’re like many law firms and corporate legal departments in the United States, that’s good news, as litigation and other specialty areas are driving organizations into hiring mode in the beginning of 2019. But 91% of hiring managers said it is challenging to find the skilled legal professionals they seek. Because skilled litigators and support staff are in such demand, their compensation is equally high.

The Evolution Of Recruiters: The Nature Of Hiring Has Changed


Sure, it’s a term generally reserved for real estate transactions, yet it seems to bear striking similarities to the current state of employment. We’re deep in the thick of a paradigm shift where characteristics such as entrepreneurialism, intrapreneurialism, supertemps and the freelance economy have changed the nature of hiring. Similar shifts are taking place in real estate. The same is true of staffing professionals. Human Resources and Hiring

Legal Hiring Expected to Increase Over Next 6 Months

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Like most industries, the shortage of qualified candidates is the greatest hiring challenge, and this holds true for employers in the legal industry. According to Robert Half Legal’s State of Legal Hiring research, nearly half of U.S.-based More than one-third of lawyers (36%) anticipate staffing only vacated positions. Forty-four percent of respondents said that a shortage of qualified candidates is the greatest challenge their law firm/company faces when hiring.

The Stark US Jobs Landscape Transformation – Provoked by the Pandemic

The Staffing Stream

Speak to anybody looking to hire for new staff and they will likely bring up ‘The Great Resignation’. Early on, we saw significant hiring within the logistics and warehousing industry — likely fueled by growing e-commerce and increase in online deliveries.

Build a Global Recruiting Machine Like This Top HR Executive

Spark Hire

Brad discusses their hiring process, from end-to-end, and provides actionable tips that can be applied at organizations of all sizes. 7:37 Bringing Organizational Development into the hiring process. 10:00 Implementing specific new roles into the hiring process. 15:12 Recap of Brad’s hiring system. 17:54 Brad’s goal to improve his hiring process. And then on our Real Estate side, we have a number of initiatives that are growth initiatives.

11 Stats You Should Know If You are Recruiting Contractors in the U.S.

Linkedin Talent Blog

Co-authored by Christopher Lawrence Recruiting contractors has become a popular way to hire: 20% to 30% of the workforce in the US and the EU-15 are independent workers, according to the McKinsey Global Institute , 42% of U.S. executives plan on hiring more of them in the coming years, and some experts are estimating they will make up fully half of it a decade from now. Expect a lot of competition of you’re hiring talent in those areas, along with other technical skills.

Steps to Take Before Seeking a New Job in the Legal Industry

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Furthermore, approximately ninety-seven percent of major law firms in Florida and across the country made a lateral partner hire within the past five years. Contact a Legal Job Recruiting and Staffing Agency Today. Changing firms within the legal profession is becoming more common.

8 Shocking and Thought-Provoking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 29th August 2016

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Shareholder rights litigation firm Robbins Arroyo said it is studying whether Monster’s board “is undertaking a fair process to obtain maximum value and adequately compensate its shareholders.” Introducing LinkedIn ProFinder , a LinkedIn marketplace that connects consumers and small businesses looking for professional services – think Design, Writing and Editing, Accounting, Real Estate, Career Coaching – with top freelance professionals best suited for the job.

Analysis On How Audit Will Change More In Coming Years?

Recruiting Blogs

In this article, we tried to summarise and analyse recruitment trends in the internal audit recruitment market, compensation, and trends of internal auditors, experience in demand and various other related factors. In big companies, internal audit departments are adequately staffed. Vacancies Are Increasing According to the hiring trend of companies and our observation, the number of vacancies in internal auditing is rising.