4 New Job Post Stats That Will Help You Attract Candidates

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When you’re writing a job post , it’s hard to know what works. One job post might yield a flood of applicants while a similar one only gets a trickle. million job posts on LinkedIn. Without further ado, here are our key insights that can help you improve your job posts: 1.

Video: How To Write Great Job Titles and Descriptions


When it comes to attracting qualified job seekers to your listing, your job title and description are as important as your budget. Indeed is a powerful search engine that uses job details to match individual listings to the search criteria specified by job seekers.

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Employers, Meet the 2018 Summer Internship Experience


However, when coupled with supportive supervision and video chat meetings, virtual internships offer the possibility to give meaningful projects students previously constrained by geography and transportation costs. Writing job descriptions to attract the best young talent : Video time!

12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change

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You can help employees adjust to a new location by providing public transportation tokens, facilitating carpools or van pickups, making sure there is reasonable parking, and allowing some flexibility with start times. The Three Things Your Job Description is Missing.

Three Companies Who Are Killing It with Their Job Postings


When they’re at their best, your company’s job postings can inspire candidates to complete an application or to join your talent community. To help you recognize what makes a job posting really great, we’ve gone out into the wild to find some of the best examples around.

4 Industry-Changing Recruitment News Stories You Must See this Week – 7th November 2016

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Two weeks ago we brought you the news that both ZipRecruiter and Indeed had introduced similar salary checking tools to their job ads. LinkedIn Premium members will also now be able to filter jobs by LinkedIn Salary data. Adzuna’s Jobs Report for September 2016 is in!

How to Hire Good Employees for Your Startup


With financial instability, large workloads and unpredictable working conditions, it’s understandable why many job applicants steer clear from startups. As we’ve written before, it’s not an easy job hiring a developer without knowing how to code.

6 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: This is What Millennials Want From Their Job Hunt (Psst! thing millennials want out of a job is advancement opportunity (67%), narrowly beating out better pay (60%) and challenging work (51%). Male and female Millennials job hunt differently.