The HR Famous Podcast: e17 ? Crocs and Compensation Strategy in a COVID World

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In episode 17 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett come together to discuss Crocs, compensation strategy, Facebook’s new location based salary adjustments, and the return of the MLB. 6:45 – Today’s topic: compensation strategy.

Compensation Wins Talent, Recognition Retains It

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After all, he does have three kids in preschool, a mortgage, two car payments, and an unhealthy addiction to golf (the most expensive sport known to man). Compensation as a motivator. Does compensation align your employees to your company’s mission and values?


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Contender or Pretender? Identifying Both in Sports and at Work

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It’s a recurring segment in sports media, and a fun talking point amongst fans, where the debate is whether a team is “for real,” particularly early in the season. Obviously, in sports, there are always upsets and surprises, but the more information you compile the more accurately you are able to predict who will be the top teams heading into the playoffs at the end of a grueling regular season. Identifying Both in Sports and at Work appeared first on Recruiting Daily Advisor.

What If Your Employee Salaries Looked More Like Sports Contracts?

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And you can call me a nut all you want, but there’s probably a thing or two to learn from making employee salaries look more like sports contracts. Every clause, option, and consideration in modern sports contracts materialized for a reason. In the rest of this article, I’ll cover roughly a dozen sports contract concepts that may have some translation to the rest of the business world. The sports world deals with it all the time. Deferred Compensation.

Warming The Bench

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It’s a little hard to feel too sorry for him receiving $17 million in compensation to keep his seat warm until he was finally traded. I see 7 reasons for warming the bench in sports and work alike, and I am sure you could offer up a couple more; however, it is food for thought for every HR and Talent executive to lament and get in front of. So today, I will draw an analogy between sports and business.

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HBO?s Insecure Might Need to Compensate Issa?s Unpaid Intern

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Due to the lack of televised sporting events in the United States, I have recently been reduced to catching up on shows that have been collecting dust in my various watch lists. Warning: The post below includes spoilers for HBO’s Insecure.

CREAM: The Truth About Compensation Negotiation.

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The truth is that most job descriptions – those boring, bullet proof lists – are, in fact, nothing more than compensation documents with a boilerplate bolted on. In the event that a recruiter is allowed to extend an offer at top of range – this almost always only happens because the position is hard enough to fill the other option is going to an agency or because the position’s original compensation requires re-leveling if a standout candidate is somehow uncovered.

History of Compensation: Evolution of Professional Athletes

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Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation. History of compensation. According to a Forbes 2016 report, the top 100 paid athletes in professional sports will earn a cumulative $3.15 All of that changed with the creation of free agency, sports broadcasting, sponsorships, sports marketing and players’ unions. professional sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) start players with a six or seven digit salary.

History of Compensation: Baseball's Move to Big Bucks

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Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation. History of compensation. When other North American professional team sports (ice hockey, football, and basketball) developed leagues, their owners emulated baseball's reserve clause. But once baseball's reserve system was dismantled, other sports soon followed suit. DID YOU KNOW? . In the early 20th century, baseball players in North America were bound to their teams due to a reserve clause.

Time as the Newest and Oldest Currency

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Oh, here are a few still left: Get published in HBR and do a TED talk ( a real one, not the one with the x after it) Write a book ( I know a few of my FOT brethren have already checked this one off or are about to) Visit England and Australia (two places I have not been) Walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding ( no she is not engaged yet) Coach a grand child’s sports team ( I may have to wait a few yrs. Compensation/Cash Money Uncategorized compensation engagement mark fogel

History of Compensation: European Leagues and American Soccer

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Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation. History of compensation. The most notable difference between European soccer leagues and United States professional sports associations (with the exception of Major League Baseball) is the existence of salary caps in America. million with a guaranteed compensation of $7.2 DID YOU KNOW? .

New Access Controls: All You Need and Nothing More


The recruiting process deals with a lot of sensitive information like compensation and interview feedback. Yet, talent acquisition is a team sport that requires myriad involvement from hiring managers, interviewers, and other colleagues not on recruiting teams. So how do you manage getting everyone the information they need and nothing more ? Access and permissions. Product

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The Future of Corporate Wellness: How to Engage Remote Employees in the COVID-Era

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Benefits and Compensation Coronavirus (COVID-19) Technology well being wellness workforceThe COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life indefinitely. While the immediate changes are apparent, less is known about the lasting effects as we embark on the new normal.

The 5 Best Voluntary Benefits to Offer Your Employees

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Burton, a winter sports gear supplier, is an early adopter of these benefits—promising employees complimentary ski passes, or “snow days,” to take advantage of a fresh snowfall and loaner bikes to encourage active, sustainable transportation.

Please Just Give Me a Turkey: Employee Gift and Tax Considerations

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Benefits and Compensation HR Management & Compliance employees Gifts income turkeyIt’s the time of year when employers are thinking of creative ways to thank employees and provide a bit of holiday cheer.

3 Realities of Today’s Workforce Affecting All Employers


Adopting compensation strategies to accommodate for skill shortages can be tricky: raise base pay, and you may be forced to continue paying high rates even after the skill shortage passes. Many workers in this age group were brought up playing sports; thus, it’s no surprise they prefer “coaching” management styles to traditional approaches. To learn more about our Compensation Management Software, COMPview, click the button below!

Staffing News of the Day, May 9, 2014

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Former employee sues Dallas-based Genesco Sports, claiming bosses’ lies led to his arrest [Dallas News]. In Ohio, retired injured workers can now receive more access to compensation [National Law Review]. Female “brain drain” can no longer be ignored: employers are starting to woo mothers to restart careers [Boston Globe]. Selling weed is big business: Here are 13 jobs in the marijuana industry [NPR].

The Family That Sweats Together: Wellness Benefits Aren’t Just for Employees

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A good virtual-fitness provider will have content that covers a wide range of interests, whether high-impact interval training, yoga, running, or exercises designed to prepare kids for their next sports season. Benefits and Compensation Employee Wellness wellness Wellness BenefitsEmployees are often the primary focus of workplace well-being initiatives, and with good reason. It’s the employee whose health has the most visible effect on corporate success.

How Can You Attract More Female Candidates and Boost Company Performance?


To attract more female candidates: Avoid using male connotations, such as sports metaphors, pictures that only present male workers, etc. Limit the share of compensation that depends on performance rank. For example, this kind of compensation regime would give a low baseline compensation topped up by a large bonus for the employee who gets the top sales performance. However, women are even more deterred by such compensation regimes than men are.

How to Create a Virtual Internship Experience to Remember

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For those who would’ve received relocation, they were compensated via a cash bonus for their remote housing. We wouldn’t be able to have team activities like intern dinners, bowling or going to sporting events together.

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How New Home Star Builds Remarkable Candidate Persona Campaigns

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Their degrees are mostly in business and sports management. Because we have such an attractive compensation structure with New Home Star, we’re able to attract a lot of folks with MBAs or other advanced degrees. Our offering of high compensation is what attracts these candidates the most. At New Home Star, we’re always on the look-out for the very best sales people to join our rapidly growing team. To help with our mission of attracting the best talent from across the U.S.,

How New Home Star Builds Unique Candidate Persona Campaigns

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Their degrees are mostly in business and sports management. Because we have such an attractive compensation structure with New Home Star, we’re able to attract a lot of folks with MBAs or other advanced degrees. Our offering of high compensation is what attracts these candidates the most. At New Home Star, we’re always on the look-out for the very best sales people to join our rapidly growing team. To help with our mission of attracting the best talent from across the U.S.,

Identifying and Managing the Root Cause of Poor Employee Performance

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Many businesses become so absorbed with productivity and numbers that they don’t attempt to root out the common problems of their workplace and instead compensate with short-term solutions. This article on employee performance and performance management was updated in October 2020.

Ace tech recruiting: advice from recruiters and candidates


A lot of people may think of DraftKings as this ’bro-y’, tech company, all these sports bros out there. We get that a lot, people may be shy from applying because they’re like, ‘I don’t love sports, how can I work there?’,” Bryan explains. “So Finding great employees is never easy.

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Tips for Tackling a Careers Site Revamp Project

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Pro tip : According to research conducted by Aptitude Research Partners , the top factors that influence a candidate to consider joining an organization are: 1) salary and compensation, 2) company culture, 3) company reputation, 4) interviews with managers and 5) a company’s mission and values. Are you ever embarrassed to send candidates to your careers site? Are your pages in dire need of an upgrade, but it seems like too daunting a task to even consider? We’ve all been there!

Did You Know the First Professional Athlete to Earn a $1 Million Endorsement Deal Was.?

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Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation. History of compensation. In 1964, bowling legend Don Carter did something that no one in baseball, football or golf ever did: He became the first athlete in American sports history to sign a $1 million marketing endorsement contract, with bowling ball manufacturer Ebonite. Responsible for bringing the sport of bowling to television, he was a pioneer of marketing who outpaced his contemporaries in the sports world.

Look for the Helpers: Thoughts from Susanna Eiland of Cox Automotive

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Athletes and sports teams are pledging to pay the wages of arena employees during the closures due to the global pandemic. These are crazy times. The last few weeks have been a series of peaks and valleys. I alternate between fear/panic (“No TP!

The truth about great employer brands (that everyone seems to miss)

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Back in the day, all that really mattered was compensation. And the appeal is the same – whether they’re about music, art, sport, business – or anything else. Employer brands. Every company has one. What’s it really like inside those four walls?

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Companies To Work For

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35) and sports (the NBA No. 4) does continuous audits of its salary data and has spent $6 million trying to ensure equal compensation across gender and race. LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Companies include some recognizable names. Amazon stands tall at No.1, dethroning Alphabet (No. 2) for the first time since the list’s inception. Following a tumultuous business year for both Uber and Twitter , Uber falls from No. 5 to No. 12 and Twitter dips the furthest in the rankings (No. 17 to No.

Don’t Be a Candidate’s Second Choice


We all want industry-leading compensation and benefits but what about the harder-to-pin-down values? As an innovative technology company that works within the sports entertainment industry, they suffered from outside perceptions that sports were their main priority, when it was really technology. To help them re-position themselves, we suggested a simple headline to lead off all of their hundreds of job descriptions: We’re redefining sports and technology.

4 Ways Employee Engagement Has Improved in the Past Decade


Your employees want to succeed in their roles while still having time to see their children’s sports games, pick them up for school and participate in other activities. Employee compensation consists of far more than simply paycheck and salary. percent of employees’ total compensation.

Four Strategies to Help Your Recruiter Help You Land That Role


Convey your compensation and benefits package expectations. As you grow in your career, moving up the compensation ladder is a reasonable expectation and can be an exciting journey, but your pace has to be within the boundaries of the market. Keep your skill set and experience in mind when talking to your recruiter about compensation, and be realistic about what the market will offer. Mark is also an inductee in the American Sports Jujitsu League Hall of Fame.

Be better at diversity recruiting + Pipeline D&I fails + Unifying your employer & customer brand + Creating remote work boundaries


Oh, and can you guess Brené’s favorite sports team ? Global Compensation Manager (Remote) – Yelp. Hi, Sorry I missed my normal Thursday delivery. I came back to Brooklyn from the farm midday, since that was the only window I could find before an important 2pm call.

Reports vs Analytics: Technology Deep Dive

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An employee’s performance data resides on one record, while their compensation data resides elsewhere, sometimes on multiple records depending on how the employee is compensated. Calculated the actual compensation per employee for the period selected, including variable compensation. Visualized the total compensation, so that anyone can see where there are trends. In an earlier blog post called Reports vs Analytics: What’s the Difference? ,

A Lesson in Employer Brand Authenticity Inspired by the U.S. Soccer Federation


As an organization, it has done amazing things to promote the sport and build interest in a country of spectators more often focused on football and baseball. and just looking at USSF compensation and working conditions, there are significant differences in how the men’s and women’s teams are treated. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has been the governing body of soccer in the United States for more than 100 years. It’s also an employer.

Why Employee Engagement Matters and How Employers Should Foster It

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According to ForceBrands’ 2019 Talent Market Report , an extensive in-depth analysis of hiring trends across the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, benefits and compensation packages proved to be the most valuable tools for talent acquisition and retention. But it’s not only today’s benefits and compensation offerings that matter; employers must also anticipate and prepare for the future demands of the workforce to keep employees happy and engaged.

The Employee Perks That Actually Work

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Admittedly, a sports car or exotic Bentley convertible isn’t a cheap investment. New Survey: Company Mission & Culture Matter More Than Compensation. Ping-pong tables are not a recruitment strategy. Yet some members of leadership and human resource teams think setting up game rooms and throwing occasional pizza parties somehow make their organizations super attractive to potential talent. That’s not the case.

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What I Will Be Looking for in My First Job After Residency

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While the compensation may be less than I could earn independently, I and a number of my peers, place a premium on being able to focus on operating and taking care of patients rather than the small business aspects of managing a practice. Oksana Kuzmina/

Attract Working Fathers with Paternity Benefits

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More money may be important to all jobseekers but for working dads, 69% say childcare costs became a much bigger concern once they have more than one child, meaning more compensation will help them balance out these issues. Employers should allow parents some flexibility to attend after-school activities/sports, cited by 74% of dads. In the war for talent, every strategy must be utilized to stand out among your competition.

As a Physician These are the Qualities I Value in a Recruiter

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I think a fair assumption is that most reading this have been part of a team effort in the workplace: played a sport growing up or participated in a project requiring group cooperation. The email noted a newly remodeled department, seasoned staff, exceptional compensation and a manageable workload. For emergency physicians, the annual census (ER), patients per hour, admission rate, midlevel support, and compensation rate are crucial details.