The Product Specialist Job Description Blueprint


Their job relies on commission, and that has put a bad taste in the mouths of car buyers everywhere. There are two critical factors for attracting qualified candidates to fulfill your product specialist roles: the job post (which includes a job description) and your company’s career site.

Tech recruiter job description template


Our tech recruiter job description template tells you everything you need to know. Essentially, tech recruiters specialize in finding the right people for technical and IT-related jobs in a range of industries. Tech recruiter Job Description. Source: Pexels.


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4 Things Your Job Descriptions Need to do

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Job descriptions are often the first stop in a candidate’s journey. Before a candidate lands on the beautiful careers site you’ve built out, they’re interacting with a job description first. When a candidate lands on your job description, it might be the first time that a candidate hears about, and forms perceptions, about your Employer Brand. To address this, forward-thinking Recruitment Marketing teams are creating enhanced job descriptions.

Recruit Like A Marketer: A/B Test Your Job Descriptions

Fistful of Talent

You’re a recruiter and a new job hits your desk. Only, you have a very involved and opinionated hiring manager who thinks they have drafted the Pulitzer for job descriptions. After you’ve won the battle over why you should not post the job on Friday afternoon, you’re exhausted and agree to give their job description a shot. In our scenario: Variation A “The Control” – Your hiring manager’s job description.

5 Steps to Better Job Description Click-Through Rates

ExactHire Recruiting

In most organizations, marketers don’t own the task of writing job descriptions for new opportunities available within their organization. And even if those folks have marketers review a draft before it posts (at least for marketing positions, that is), many times the urgency of the request prevents anyone from worrying about fine-tuning the job listing’s content. Here are five ways to garner better job description click through rates for your company’s opportunities.

Front-end developer job description template


We have all the answers in this front-end developer job description template. Below you can find a front-end developer job description template. Of course, this template is just a basic starting-point – we strongly recommend that you customize the template so that it fits the exact job which you wish to fill. Front-end Developer Job Description Template. Why is it important to get the front-end developer job description template right?

The Easiest Way to Source Top Talent


It all starts with the job description. To be successful at talent acquisition , you’ll need a job post with a stellar description. It should be chock-full of language that speaks directly to the people you’re seeking out, so they get excited about applying for the job. Of course, you’ll want to break down the position’s responsibilities into bullet points and list prerequisites for employment, but you’ll also want to market the job in an inspiring way.

Recruiter like Marketer: A/B Test Your Job Descriptions

Glassdoor for Employers

During our presentation (hat tip Matt on the heavy-lifting) we introduced the 4-Step Marketing Process and shared some ways you as a recruiter can roll up your sleeves, including A/B testing your job descriptions. You’re a recruiter and a new job hits your desk. Only, you have a very involved and opinionated hiring manager who thinks they have drafted the Pulitzer for job descriptions. Variation 2 “The Treatment” – The job description you really want to run.

Action Verbs for Job Descriptions [The Comprehensive List]


Action verbs are the most effective verbs to use in job descriptions. It’s almost always a good idea to use action verbs for job descriptions instead of helping/linking verbs. Below is a list of 169 action verbs for job descriptions (with their definitions). I’ve found these 169 to be the most useful in writing job descriptions here at Ongig. The Comprehensive List of Action Verbs for Job Descriptions.

7 Controversial Stories About Job Descriptions [With Key Learnings]


Job descriptions are in the news lately. I went back a few years to find stories related to controversial job postings. New Jersey Schools Authority Made Up Job Descriptions for People it Already Hired. Delgado-Polanco then instructed her team, according to, to cover their tracks by writing job descriptions for those hires after the fact. Source: Image from USA Today Network Job Descriptions

Emphasize Exempt Duties in Your Job Descriptions for Exempt Positions

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Job descriptions are important for several reasons, including providing evidence of the exempt nature of positions classified as exempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Source: Sue Harper / iStock / Getty Images. A useful piece of evidence for demonstrating the exempt nature of a position is its job description. A job description should list the duties performed by the person in the position.

Job Descriptions that Attract Great Candidates


Getting the job description perfect is key to hiring the right candidate. The job advert is your opportunity to outline that new position you have available as specifically as possible and to entice exceptional people to apply. This never ends well for multiple reasons, so always be sure to precisely clarify the job expectations upfront from start to finish. You can lose many high quality candidates with a poorly written job description.

Content Marketing and Job Descriptions: A Recruiter’s Guide to A/B Testing

Recruiting Daily

During our presentation (hat tip Matt on the heavy-lifting) we introduced the 4-Step Marketing Process and shared some ways you as a recruiter can roll up your sleeves, including A/B testing your job descriptions. Job Descriptions: The Recruiting Content That Counts. You’re a recruiter and a new job hits your desk. Only, you have a very involved and opinionated hiring manager who thinks they have drafted the Pulitzer for job descriptions.

3 Hiring Challenges That AI Sourcing Can Solve


3 Hiring Challenges That AI Sourcing Can Solve. Of course, business leaders should never take hiring and sourcing talent for granted. Those departments are already balancing other daily responsibilities, making it a stretch to add talent sourcing to their crowded plates.

The Pros and Cons of a Salary Range in Your Job Description

Contract Recruiter

You can spend all the time you like writing a fancy job description, but when it comes to effectively attracting candidates, you need some hard data. Some of this data will make or break whether or not a given candidate wants to apply to a job.

Rethinking job descriptions: How impact descriptions can attract better candidates [Free Templates]


Tailored to temp & contract recruitment; source, place and manage contractors with ease & speed. Share open jobs with recruiters and receive tracked candidate submissions. Talent Sourcing. Job Boards. Job Posting. Rethinking job descriptions: How impact descriptions can attract better candidates [Free Templates]. How do you know your job descriptions are performing well if you’ve only ever used one style and format?

Where Should Beginners Start in Talent Sourcing?


One common question that I do receive is from new Recruiters and Sourcers wanting to learn more about Talent Sourcing and where to start. “Where should beginners start in Talent Sourcing?!” source: Finding a news related source on Google. #.#. Talent Sourcin

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


Due to an unprecedented demand for more foundational candidate experience content, we’ve created the first-ever candidate experience crash course. Candidate experience refers to how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. And then that process got taken online to job boards. The further you get from the job description in your questioning, the worse it will be for your candidate experience.

Facebook’s Hiring Surprise is Good For Sourcing & Recruiting

Boolean Black Belt

What Does This Mean For Sourcing and Recruiting? As George Anders from Forbes pointed out , There’s a bigger message here.Think of Facebook’s job postings as a peek into the next decade’s career options for all of us. We’re in the midst of an age of incredible technological disruption to traditional jobs. Bureau of Labor Statistics updated its 10-year employment projections , listing the fields where it expects the most job growth by 2022.

Crash Course in Talent Sourcing: Employer Branding and Engagement

Recruiting Blogs

Sure, there are some interesting "sourcing" products you'll see sponsoring all of the big events. Let me tell you now that you don't need to pay a ridiculous subscription fee to get your team started with a robust talent sourcing system. This is accomplished by introducing employer branding strategies into your sourcing. But are they worth it? I should know, after all, I was part of the beta programs.

Why Your Job Postings Suck (And What You Can Do About It).

Recruiting Daily

See, recently, my role has focused more on sourcing than recruiting, which has been a recurring theme throughout my career, with the line between these two continuously shifting from req to req, client to client. “Job Description” Doesn’t Have To Be An Oxymoron. Without job postings, sourcers wouldn’t know the minimum or preferred qualifications they should be searching for in the first place. Which is, you guessed it, to describe a job.

Innovative Talent Sourcing Meets Today’s Hiring Needs


The modern workplace has experienced a two-fold transformation that affects talent sourcing. Job-hopping. Our focus today is how to adapt your talent sourcing. How To Adapt Talent Sourcing For Non-Traditional Employees. Non-Traditional Job Descriptions For Non-Traditional Employees. Your job description is the first hiring touchpoint. Rethink Job Requirements In Your Talent Sourcing.

15 Sources for Recruiter Training

NPA Worldwide

And everyone can benefit from an occasional refresher course. Greg Savage – Greg is a “tell it like it is” kind of trainer from Australia who has founded (and sold) several recruitment companies over the course of his career. Johnny Campbell, Social Talent – Johnny and the team at Social Talent will teach you how to be a Sourcing Ninja – they specialize in showing you how to master internet recruiting including a variety of social channels.

How to source developers from Stack Overflow


Top tier software engineers tend to have steady jobs which makes them hard to recruit. of all software engineers are currently employed, but only 33.04% of them are in a job they love. In this post we explain how to source developers from Stack Overflow and how to use the data available on the platform in the recruitment process. You can also purchase individual job slots. Source: Stack Overflow Talent House Rules. Source: YouTube.

Sourcing Candidates In 2020: Where Should You Look?


Finding the right sources to fill the jobs in your talent pipeline isn't always easy. So next time you hire, think about where your candidates are coming from and what you can do to reach new potential job seekers. Where should you source candidates from? Sourcing 3.0.

Why Using Sourcing Technologies Strengthens Your Recruiting Department

The Staffing Stream

Savvy HR leaders understand that without the right tools, it can be difficult for recruiters to source, recruit and hire the talent an organization requires. Today’s technology provides an efficient solution to recruit talent by using AI-driven sourcing.

Nothing Else Matters: Why Your Job Postings Are Your Employer Brand.

Recruiting Daily

While the whole job search is like dating metaphor has decidedly jumped the shark , the fact is that while this aphorism used to be something of a stretch, now, they’re pretty much the same exact exercise, albeit with a distinctly different call to action. Of course, as online dating continues to shed its stigma, it also faces many of the same recurring challenges the much more mature and developed internet recruiting industry continues to have to address.

Ready? Set? Source! WGS 2015 Kicks Off


From now through April 21st, competitors will run the course of the funnel top ranging from building specialized candidate search strings, finding people in a phone sourcing scavenger hunt, and customizing job descriptions and search engines. The runner-up will get 10 must-reads to add to their library, including Free Agent Nation, Hiring Smart, and the Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook – a stellar reading list for all talent rookies, amateurs, and pros.

20 Creative Sourcing Strategies for Attracting Passive Candidates


Before we get into the creative sourcing strategies, there are two commonly-asked questions that we need to answer. They don’t want a new job anyway. Answer: Here’s the deal - About 85% of the entire workforce is passively looking for another job and they would gladly accept a change in their work environment. There are also some advantages to sourcing passive candidates. Question 2: Why should I use creative sourcing strategies? Source: Aquity Scheduling 2.

Two Timeless Lessons in Sourcing (UK)

Boolean Strings

It brought results, I filled some jobs, and I continued to repeat the process of more cold calls and more searches. However many jobs I did not fill, and after all of those dreaded cold calls it pissed me off. I remember finding out the name of the successful candidate for one particular job and looking him up (pre-LinkedIn or social media of course). I filled the job. Job 1. Job 2. This is a guest post from Martin Lee.

Why Our Job Ads Perform 3x Better


Why Our Job Ads Perform 3x Better. The “secret sauce” in our process is writing remarkable and compelling job ads that target specific candidate profiles. Job seekers read our ads, and see an invitation to apply to a role and a company that’s just right for them. Other candidates say “I’m not applying for any other jobs, but this one seemed perfect for me”. We also get nice emails like this: “I just wanted to send you a message saying I love your job ad.

Fluff-Free Cheat Sheet to Improve Your Sourcing Prowess

Breezy HR

Here are some easy, practical ways to step up your sourcing strategy and fill more positions faster. ?? Identify the target talent Most recruiters and HR pros get sign off on a job description then take right off running. But there are so many things a job description just can’t tell you. A four-page job description filled with confusing minimal requirements and “highly preferred” skills, can be a major bottleneck.

Newton User Insights – Sourcing Top Talent is the #1 Recruitment Priority of 2016

Newton Software

Sourcing Remains the Number One Recruitment Priority of 2016. According to research from our Newton User Insights*, 55% of our respondents list sourcing top talent as their number one challenge. This makes sense, considering that sourcing is the fuel that keeps the recruitment fire burning. So if sourcing is a top priority, one would assume that most organizations have an effective sourcing strategy in place, right? Job Descriptions Matter.

Is Your State Opening Soon? Here are 5 Tips to Safely Spin Up Recruiting Again

ClearCompany Recruiting

Proactively source. This would be a great source for immediately available candidates likely to engage quickly. Job description signatures. Recruiting & Sourcing How to Hire Remote Workers

How To 246

What Pre-Sourcing Is — and How It Will Make Hiring the Right Candidate Easier

Linkedin Talent Blog

Of the 500+ placements I made during that time (mostly mid- and senior management positions), only about a dozen were people who responded to a job posting. I attribute much of this success to a process called pre-sourcing. Simply stated, pre-sourcing means pre-qualifying people who are likely to see your job as a career move and who are also likely to get hired. Here’s how pre-sourcing works. Sourcing Passive Candidate Recruiting

SAP 42

How to Get the Most Out of Resume Search for Sourcing


Efficiently Sourcing Candidate with Resume Search. How proactive are you with your sourcing efforts? Sure, advertising your jobs is one way to get the word out there, but what else are you doing to ensure you are sourcing the right candidates? Especially in terms of being more proactive in their sourcing practices. We’re here to explain how you can get the most out of resume search to ensure you source the right candidates for your roles.

How to Increase Quality of Hire by Only Sourcing Semi-finalists

Linkedin Talent Blog

Separating sourcing from recruiting never made a lot of sense to me. The best people, whether they’re active or passive job seekers, always have multiple opportunities and convincing them your opportunity is worth considering involves just as much recruiting as sourcing. Here’s how to do it: Source semi-finalists by defining the job with key performance objectives. This means the person can do the work described by the KPOs in the job description.

SAP 35

The Best Job Prospecting Sources for Finding Candidates


Job prospecting isn’t easy but the payoff is huge. Taking a proactive approach to recruiting gets the attention of the elusive passive candidate who doesn’t bother looking at job boards or company careers pages. In this blog post, we’ll outline the different sources you can prospect candidates from and provide tips for starting a conversation. Click here to download our short guide on getting started with job prospecting. Job Board Database.

What You Need to Ask the Hiring Manager In Order to Source the Right Candidate

Linkedin Talent Blog

Having just finished a series of meetings with a group of hiring managers and their recruiters, I am more convinced than ever that lack of understanding of real job needs is the root cause of too few qualified candidates. However, my recruiting effectiveness dropped when I started to get assignments for jobs I knew little about. This list of 6-8 time-phased key performance objectives (KPOs) soon became known as a performance-based job description.

Exxecta - Active Sourcing of Female Senior Executives

Recruiting Blogs

Only requests for contact related to a specific Search Project and in combination with a detailed job description take place on Exxecta, there will be no other contact approach towards our Senior Executives. At any stage there our Support Team is at your disposal, who is happy to start own Searches in Executive Pool upon request in order to identify more profiles – at no additional costs of course.