Top 10 Takeaways from the 2019 Talent Acquisition Technology Buyer’s Guide


Earlier this month, JazzHR teamed up with our partners at Verified First to release the 2019 Talent Acquisition Technology SMB Buyer’s Guide , a handbook on choosing the right recruiting solutions based on data from over 600 HR professionals.

5 Talent Acquisition Experts Dish on Their Favorite Tools

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The talent acquisition world has no shortage of tools. So, we’ve gathered talent acquisition experts to share their favorite tools and how those tools are solving their talent-related issues.

Simplify Your Talent Acquisition Software


Building Your Own CRM

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If you’re lucky enough to have a fully effective Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM), you’re ahead of the game. Many sourcers have been bogged down when it comes to a clunky CRM that hasn’t been updated in the past five years, and some of them look for ways to un-clunk their life.

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The New Villain in Town: Why Talent Acquisition Now Likes the ATS & Hates the CRM


The post The New Villain in Town: Why Talent Acquisition Now Likes the ATS & Hates the CRM appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Recruitment CRM candidate relationship management crm hr technology recruitment technology Talent Acquisition technology transform academyA few weeks ago, IDC Research Manager Kyle Lagunas published a post on LinkedIn with a salacious headline — “The ATS: No Longer the Most Hated System in.

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Simplify Your Talent Acquisition for a Better Candidate Experience


The Problem with Standalone Recruiting CRM


More and more organizations are moving toward the use of recruiting CRM to increase their pre-applicant talent acquisition effectiveness. This is a good trend.

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CRM vs ATS: What's the Difference?


A shift in the talent acquisition world from being a largely reactive e ffort to a predominantly proactive one. Talent Pipeline Talent Acquisition Candidate JourneyA huge transformation is taking place.

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What Will the Talent Acquisition Platform of the Future Look Like?

Fistful of Talent

This summer I’ve had a number of great conversations with some really bright people in talent acquisition about talent acquisition technology and the future of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). appeared first on Fistful of Talent.

3 Talent Acquisition Trends You Need To Know In 2016

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Talent acquisition has undergone a significant transformation in the last five years. So, while it's easier than ever to find talent the challenge is in the outreach. So what can a talent acquisition leader or recruiter like you do to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive talent landscape? Last week Kyle Lagunas, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory , and I chatted about this topic in a webinar hosted by Talent Management.

The future of talent acquisition: Two experts talk about recruitment tech in 2020


Now, recruitment tools are an indispensable part of hiring and the future of talent acquisition (TA). But what talent acquisition technology is there and what can we expect in the future in terms of TA automation? The CRM approach.

Solving Talent Acquisition’s Most Pressing Problems


When Craig Shoneman of IBM talked to talent acquisition leaders about the top challenges they’re trying to address, he kept hearing variations of three main imperatives: talent pool development, improving quality of hire and moving to cognitive recruitment. Sourcing top talent.

Building a High Performance Talent Acquisition Strategy

Brandon Hall

Developing a talent acquisition strategy is complicated. It takes on myriad forms based on an organization’s culture, industry, location, business needs – and readily available talent. I’m calling them The Three Pillars of High-Performance Talent Acquisition.

#AskARecruiter: What’s the Biggest Challenge Facing Talent Acquisition?


Today, the talent industry is being disrupted by new generations entering the workforce, technological advances that dramatically impact how we live and work, and changing demands—from the customers our businesses serve to the employees we hire. Let’s look at three of the biggest talent acquisition challenges addressed by the experts at STRIVE 2019: . Recruiting is not set up to succeed in the new world of talent.

Game of Thrones & Talent Acquisition Technology: Who Can Unite the Kingdoms?


Continue Reading → The post Game of Thrones & Talent Acquisition Technology: Who Can Unite the Kingdoms? Candidate Engagement Content Marketing Employee Referrals Employer Brand Mobile Recruiting Recruitment Analytics Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing Platform Social Recruiting Talent Acquisition CRM employee referrals game of thrones recruiting analytics recruitment marketing social recruiting talent acquisition talent acquisition strategy

ATS vs CRM: What’s the Difference and Why You Need Both


Don’t lose great talent to the competition because of bad recruiting software—here’s why your hiring team needs a TA solution that makes no compromises. But what’s the difference between an ATS and CRM? And why should you use both in order to source, attract, and hire the best talent?

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Candid Chat with Tim Sackett About Your “Talent Acquisition Stack”


Last Friday I chatted with the always-colorful talent acquisition analyst Tim Sackett. He had sent me a PDF of his “Talent Stack” (software for ATS’s, recruitment marketing and recruitment operations). Talent Acquisition Analyst Tim Sackett.

Want Your Recruitment CRM to be Effective? Focus on Relationship Building


The post Want Your Recruitment CRM to be Effective? Candidate Experience candidate experience crm recruitment marketing talent acquisitionThis post originally appeared on Cornerstone OnDemand’s ReWork Blog. While applicant tracking systems (ATS) have enabled companies to organize applicants in one system, magnified reach from digital advertising. Focus on Relationship Building appeared first on SmashFly Blog.

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State of Talent Acquisition 2017: 5 Key Takeaways


We’re excited to announce the publication of our inaugural State of Talent Acquisition Report. We surveyed 597 talent leaders to find out exactly what organizations are prioritizing in 2017, and uncover the key challenges and concerns that are keeping recruiters up at night.

Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies of 2017


In today’s competitive and interconnected job market, HR professionals are working overtime to keep the talent pipeline well-stocked. A strong talent acquisition strategy helps you stand out among everyone else clamoring for top talent.

Navigating the complex world of Talent Acquisition technology


With more than 2000 vendors in the space, the Talent Acquisition (TA) technology landscape is large and complex. Make decisions when functionality overlaps —For example, if both your ATS and CRM system can track candidate references, choose which system you will use for that function.

Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies of 2017


In today’s competitive and interconnected job market, HR professionals are working overtime to keep the talent pipeline well-stocked. A strong talent acquisition strategy helps you stand out among everyone else clamoring for top talent.

The Talent Acquisition Vendor Labyrinth

Brandon Hall

A project I’m working on with Madeline Laurano involves advisory work for a talent acquisition solution provider. This continued evolution of talent acquisition technology is bringing buyers back to the same old question: Best of breed or integrated suite?

A Look Ahead at Talent Acquisition 2016 / 2017: Navigating a Complex Function & an Explosive Technology Landscape


Employment Branding Sourcing & Recruiting Talent Acquisition Talent Acquisition Strategy AI candidate experience candidate relationship management CRM employee experience long-term employed Recruiting Sourcing channels talent pools veteransNot worried about finding employees? Maybe you should be—68 percent of 3,314 HR leaders surveyed are struggling to recruit full-time employees across all industries in the United States.[1]

Cielo: Moving the Needle in Modern Talent Acquisition

Brandon Hall

This week, I joined the folks at Cielo for the second annual Talent Rising event in Milwaukee. As Founder and CEO Sue Marks pointed out: “Talent attraction is not just recruiting any more – and it certainly is no longer HR. Kyle Lagunas , Talent Acquisition Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.

The changing of the guard and what it means to recruitment

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Featured News Recruiting Talent Acquisition Technology ATS crmIn March, Acadian Advisory, an independent workplace technology research and consulting firm, showed that old-line tech companies ? Oracle Taleo and IBM Kenexa, which once dominated the recruiting technology market ?

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4 Steps to build your talent acquisition strategy

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While a lot has changed with the way HR department functions, talent acquisition strategy still remains one of its primary responsibilities. Talent acquisition has become such an integral part of an organization’s overall business strategy, that a company’s success rests heavily on it. Talent acquisition strategy vs. recruitment. How to build a talent acquisition strategy. Also read: A complete guide to Talent Assessment Software ).

HCMx Radio Episode 3: Talking Talent Acquisition with Kyle Lagunas

Brandon Hall

Tune in for episode 3 of Brandon Hall Group’s HCMx Radio, Talking Talent Acquisition with Kyle Lagunas. In this show, my guest is Kyle Lagunas , Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group.

13 Can’t-Miss Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Conferences (and 3 Others Worth a Look)


06/28/2018 // TALENT acquisition. Attending recruiting and talent acquisition conferences is a great way to stay current on the trends and best practices of your chosen profession, reconnect with friends and former colleagues, network with the industry’s movers and shakers and even earn credit for your SHRM certifications. Recruiting Conference #5: Talent Connect. Recruiting Conference #10: 2019 SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition.

10 trends in AI recruitment technology for 2019

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Blog Posts Featured News Talent Acquisition Technology Trends AI augmented writing crm employee referrals external referrals interview chatbots job advertising recruitment marketing

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Sneak Peek: The State of Talent Acquisition 2017

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 State of Talent Acquisition Study* is a big-picture look at talent acquisition from sourcing through onboarding. Simply put, your talent acquisition, recruitment, and organizational goals should be in alignment.

There is No Funnel. Or Spoon.

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ATS CRM Futurism HR Tech HRTech marketing Recruiters recruiting Recruitment Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Technology Sourcing Talent Acquisition Talent Acquisition Technology work hiringJob discovery was never really transactional - which makes it challenging to layer a funnel on top of. Real workflows look like pretzel logic, if they're being honestly used. Our prospects come in and out of view, from different directions.

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How to Pick the “Perfect” CRM for Your Company

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In my first New to Recruitment Marketing blog post, How to Create a Recruitment Marketing Role at Your Organization , I mentioned that I’d share the process we took at Appian to find the “perfect” Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform for our new Recruitment Marketing function.

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A Message to Our Clients: Yello Announces Solution Name Change from TRM to CRM


Yello’s Recruitment CRM Will Continue to Empower Clients with Insight at Every Step of the Candidate Journey. CRM was known exclusively for customer relationship management and was primarily associated with sales. Why are we changing to CRM? Talent Acquisition

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Hiring, Solved: Why Every Sourcer Should Be Using A Recruiting CRM

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If there’s one thing recruiters and talent practitioners place a premium on, it’s the tools of the trade. Never bring Excel to a CRM fight. The Case for A Recruiting CRM. Gotta Get ‘Em Integrated: Talent Search Engines & Recruiting CRM.

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Why do you care so much about your system of record?

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Why are so many organisations, both in-house TA teams and agencies, continuously evaluating their ATS / CRM / whatever they use as a core system of record? Blog Posts Featured News ATS chatbots crm hiring Recruiting Sourcing talent acquisition tech tech stack

Symphony Talent Announces its Acquisition of SmashFly Technologies

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“We believe that the experience we’re trying to solve for is the talent experience – from candidates to employees, from interns to retirement.” Blog Posts Featured News Talent Acquisition Technology crm recruitment marketing talent marketing