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Organizations understand the importance of sourcing diverse candidates to build an inclusive and innovative team. The numbers support this mentality — diverse organizations are generally. See more on their latest blog: Eliminate Gender In Your Job Postings.

Job Descriptions: How to Eliminate the Hidden Bias Within

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In an era where more people than ever are fighting for social justice, why do job descriptions still contain hidden bias? The post Job Descriptions: How to Eliminate the Hidden Bias Within appeared first on TalentCulture.


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Tools to Optimize and Improve your Job Descriptions


In order to fill a job opening you’ll need to have job description. A well written job description that is SEO optimized will help attract the best available applicants online. It helps rank terms that will improve your diversity/female applications rankings.

5 Ways to Level Up Your Job Descriptions

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This shift is maybe most noticeable in the way that company career pages, and the job descriptions that are housed on those pages, have evolved. Gone are the days where an effective job description consisted of a paragraph or two describing the company, followed by a laundry list of role requirements. Here are five tips and examples you can use to level up your job descriptions: 1 – Put the “what’s in it for me” front and center.

How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples


Writing Job Descriptions Best Practices. If you want to know how to write a job description, our report below is the most comprehensive one on the Internet (we know because we checked!). Writing job descriptions is clearly a skill talent leaders want to know about.

5 Examples of Modern-Looking Job Descriptions


Companies use a wide spectrum of job description designs and layouts. Looking for a more modern job description design template to implement? Check out these 5 modern-looking job descriptions that clean, sharp, and crisp. Diversity and Inclusion video.

How to Write the Ultimate Job Description

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Case in point: job descriptions. Job descriptions are often the first point of entry for candidates, so it’s well worth taking the time to optimize them. The best job descriptions not only give job seekers the information they need to determine whether or not the position is right for them (and vice versa) — they also get them excited to join the company. 5 Keys to Writing a Great Job Description. Conduct A Thorough Job Analysis.

How To Write Remote Job Descriptions


Most hiring processes start by creating a job description you hope will catch candidates' attention. Often a job post is a candidate's first interaction with a company and many decide whether or not to apply to a role based purely on the ad. Add that into your description.

4 Best Practices For Diversity Sourcing | ClearCompany

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The following article discussing workforce diversity was originally published in October 2015. Higher revenue, better job performance, a more trusted employer brand, and an increased customer base are just a few of the benefits of a diverse workforce.

4 SEO Best Practices for Your Job Descriptions


Given the record-low unemployment rate and competitive job market, today’s job seekers are doing extensive research and are highly selective when it comes to making career moves. In fact, 75 percent of job seekers research and take a company’s employment brand into consideration before applying to open roles. One of the most critical aspects of your employment brand is your job descriptions. Keep Job Titles and Descriptions Short and Sweet.

Top 6 Augmented Writing Tools for Job Descriptions


Employers are getting serious about job descriptions and investing more in them. One of the biggest challenges is writing job descriptions that are gender-neutral and free of other bias. Ongig’s Text Analyzer is an augmented writing tool focused on job content.

Recruiting Female Tech Candidates Starts with the Job Description

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The results also identified that women were most drawn to businesses that have: Aspiring leadership; A supportive culture; Managers who mentor and offer opportunities for professional development; and. Having great leadership and a supportive culture are ways to retain female talent, but getting them in the door is completely different. Many companies are unaware that a lengthy qualifications list in a job description deters women from applying.

Creating job descriptions that excite, not bore

For many candidates, job descriptions are the first window into an organization – it is where they first taste what the organization is really like. Job descriptions are the movie trailers, the back cover, the “coming up next” teaser for jobs. Driving diversity.

Creating job descriptions that excite, not bore

For many candidates, job descriptions are the first window into an organization – it is where they first taste what the organization is really like. Job descriptions are the movie trailers, the back cover, the “coming up next” teaser for jobs. Driving diversity.

6 Tips for Using Inclusive Language in Job Descriptions


Using inclusive language is one of the top best practices in writing job descriptions. It improves your chances to attract diversity as well as the best candidates because it widens the net to include as many qualified candidates as possible. Diversity and Inclusion

List of Job Description Ideas, Templates, and Samples [Free]

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You need to craft, to sculpt, to create the perfect job descriptions to attract the candidates you want. No one gets job descriptions right the first time they try, but you can start at a more advantageous position and work to optimize from there. A compelling job title.

6 Ways to Create a Killer Job Description for Recruitment ATS


If you haven’t heard, job descriptions are the new landing pages. More than just copy, the job description is your foot-in-the-door. Do you see those texts in job ads? Those are what you call job descriptions. Job ads are 8.4%

A Complete List of Employer Branding Strategies for Job Descriptions


Today I’m going to show you a VERY effective list of employer branding strategies for your job descriptions. So if you’re looking to build powerful, converting job postings you’ll really enjoy this list. Employer Branding on Job Descriptions vs Company Career Page. A lot of your candidates are coming from job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Little to no EB efforts are carried over to their job descriptions where the conversions are made.

How to write a good job description


Your job description is your chance to connect with potential candidates. Effective job descriptions are engaging and inclusive, prompt the right people to apply and help you trim down your time-to-fill. To write a good job description, keep these pointers in mind: Use a clear job title. Non-traditional job titles (like “Rockstar Engineer” or “Unicorn Designer”) are unrealistic and potentially discriminatory. Sell your job.

Top 10 Terms with Bias Toward POC [in Job Descriptions]


Job descriptions are full of bias toward POC (people of color). You can see in the screenshot below from Ongig’s Text Analyzer that there are alternatives to using “brown bag sessions” in your job descriptions. culture fit. Diversity and Inclusio

12 Diversity Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Hiring Decisions

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UPDATE 6/2020: This article has been updated to reflect newer statistics found on diversity hiring. For more articles on diversity in the workplace, take a look at these: Build a Diverse Workforce with These 5 Best Practices in Mind. How to Balance Cultural Fit with Diversity.

15 Reasons Why Technology is Crucial to Diversity Hiring

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Diversity hiring is hiring based on ensuring the process and procedure is free from bias based on age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics that are irrelevant to their job performance. By hiring employees with different backgrounds and beliefs, companies create a culture that enables new ways of thinking, which gives them an edge versus their competitors, and in turn, impacts the bottom line and overall success of the company.

3 Simple Ways To Create Transparent Job Descriptions


The best candidates crave transparency when exploring new jobs. A great place to start communicating more transparency is on your job descriptions. 3 ways to create more transparent job descriptions. The #1 thing in job descriptions that candidates are about is salary (see This Job Description Heatmap Shows You What Candidates Really Care About (and What they Ignore). Company Culture.

Fortune 500 Job Descriptions Are Still Biased Toward Men. That Needs to Change.

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In the business world, diversity and inclusion has become the catch-all term for the approach organizations are taking to build more diverse teams and inclusive workplaces. A wealth of evidence shows diverse companies perform better than their less diverse counterparts.

7 Easy Steps for the Best Job Description Format


What’s the best job description format to attract top talent? Your Job Description Opener. The best job descriptions start strong. Check out 7 Examples of Questions Top Brands Use to Start their Job Descriptions. Start with the job description — Google will send you more traffic if you make your opening content unique. You might be tempted to start your job description with your About Us statement (52.8%

How to Write a Job Description


But, on the other side of the hiring equation, job seekers are scrolling through dozens of job descriptions at lightning speed. On average, a job seeker spends 11 hours a week looking for a new job: reading career sites, clicking on open positions, and evaluating job descriptions. Formulaic job descriptions cause companies to miss out on top talent. Job descriptions aren’t generating excitement about the open roles.

How to Humanize Your Job Descriptions


Most job listings are dull and underwhelming. But today, when talent is increasingly in demand, what is the response to a ho-hum job ad? Your candidates are going on to the next job listing. Meanwhile, a good chunk of your budget is sitting in career site spend and job advertisements on the most popular job boards. If it’s a company specific acronym, leave it out of the job ad. Job seekers won’t relate to the language of your organization.

10 of the Best Job Descriptions in 2019


If you look at the best job descriptions (below) you’ll notice a pattern. Good Employer Branding — Consistent color, font and perhaps even corporate messaging (especially helpful if a candidate comes from a job board and hasn’t seen the rest of your career site yet!). Extra relevant Content (beyond the job description text) — Do you really want to bet the farm on just your JD text? It’s a San Francisco pic for a San Francisco job.

To attract or not to attract great talent – 3 tips to avoid biasing job descriptions

While a rose by any other name still smells sweet, when it comes to jobs a name and description could be the difference between attracting great talent and falling flat. Job titles and descriptions are the first windows into the job.

How to Craft a Job Description Gen Z Will Actually Read


So just when you’ve mastered writing a job description to attract millennials, it’s time to learn a new skill: writing a job description that Generation Z will actually read — and then, hopefully, take the next step and apply to the job. But that also means Gen Z is quick to swipe left at lackluster job descriptions, so employers and recruiters need to be on their toes.

5 Proven Steps Every Diversity Hiring Process Needs


By now, you’ve already heard about the importance of workplace equality for company culture, equitable opportunity creation, and revenue. . Here’s a step-by-step checklist that your hiring team should run through as you refine your diversity hiring process. .

How Diversity Statements Reflect Your Company Culture


Canada is regularly heralded as a country that celebrates diversity. Presenting your company as one that embraces diversity and encourages job applicants from a variety of backgrounds is a huge part of making your company culture unique and admirable. It’s important, therefore, for your company to have a diversity statement. How your diversity statement is composed counts for a lot. What elements are needed to write a strong diversity statement?

Summer Hammons: Finding Her Way into Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

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Seeking Diversity in a Traditionally Homogeneous World. In white-collar industries, it’s generally not enough for companies to sit back and wait for diversity to find them; they need to be proactive at cultivating diversity within their ranks and creating a culture of diversity.

Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Important to Organizational Success?


There was a time when diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was just a group of buzzwords. As it turns out, the people poised to shape the future are more diverse than ever. Here’s a quick refresher on what we mean when we talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Diversity.

5 Ways to Hire a Candidate that Matches your Company Culture

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Company culture is the DNA of your workforce, and is made up of the goals, vision and values of every employee. Depending on the culture fit of your next hire, they can either reinforce your company’s mission, or they can dilute it. As well, because younger job seekers are now placing more importance on company. 5 Ways to Hire a Candidate that Matches your Company Culture.

The Rise of the Chief Diversity Officer


Adding a Chief Diversity Officer to the C-suite is a growing trend in companies of all sizes. In this post, I answer 2 questions: What is a Chief Diversity Officer? What does a Chief Diversity Officer do? What is a Chief Diversity Officer? Anaplan Chief Diversity Officer.

This Job Description Heatmap Shows You What Candidates Really Care About (and What They Ignore)

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You’ve spent forever crafting that job description—and you’d like to think candidates are poring over every single word of your masterpiece. There are whole sections of your job description that candidates pretty much ignore, and other parts where they’re hungry for more details. Read on for the rest of our results and four tactical takeaways that can help you write better job descriptions by understanding what candidates really care about.

Are Your Job Descriptions Compelling Enough to Recruit College Grads?


Consider that your job posting might be the first impression a person has of your company. Does yours stand out among other job postings? Obviously you need to be honest and realistic about what someone can expect from the job, but there are ways you can keep it real while also making it compelling. Treat your job description as an ad, because it is one. Rather than the job title being the first thing people read, think about some ways you can draw people in.

Best Practices for HR Pros Facing Increased Pressure to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Widespread social justice protests in 2020 led to an unprecedented focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at work, requiring HR leaders to ensure they’re following best practices to address the challenges. Develop Diverse Mentor Programs.

How to Build High-Performing Diverse Teams at Work

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Today, businesses are facing immense pressure to build diverse teams at work, with several high-profile organizations compelled to divulge their diversity and inclusion statistics. The benefits of having diverse teams at work. Workplace diversity isn’t exactly a new concept.