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15 Tips for Improving Emotional Intelligence in the Recruiting Process

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I love learning more about human behavior’s impact on employee engagement and corporate culture. But specifically, the idea that emotional intelligence is an adaptable skill that can improve—or regress—based on an awareness of one’s emotions is fascinating to me. I recently listened to Emotional Intelligence 2.0 In fact, “self-awareness” is one of the four primary parts of emotional intelligence (EQ): Personal competence.

Forget Interview Questions: 4 Fresh Tactics to Screen Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a hot topic right now. So hot that it caused a lot of controversy on ABC’s The Bachelor, where one contestant told another that she “lacked the emotional intelligence” to be with this season’s bachelor. However, most discussions about emotional intelligence are happening beyond such high quality TV (wink) in relation to job skills. And, emotional intelligence falls into that category.


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How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

Glassdoor for Employers

So it's critical to think about retention as early as when you're interviewing new candidates. Here's what to look for on a candidate's application - and what to listen for in a screening interview: Source: Did the applicant apply through Glassdoor?

Behavioral Questions Help Screen Potential Employees

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Success in the workplace is strongly influenced by a person’s emotional well-being. Determining who you hire for a job not only plays a part in forming your company’s culture , it can help ensure the safety of the workplace and other employees. Most the time the reason is for poor attitude or low emotional intelligence. Certain interview questions are designed to identify whether a person can move past negative feelings including anger, doubt, and anxiety.

Video Interviews and Live Interviews Comparison (with a fictitious case study)


One of these new protocols, inline with recruitment, is video interviews. Video interview technology will revolutionise your recruitment process. Whilst this is the latest recruitment craze, there’s great misconception about video interviews and live interviews.

How Companies Can Help Graduates Adapt to Remote Work Cultures

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Not only are there logistical obstacles such as broken connections and distractions at home, but it’s also harder to integrate new employees into a company’s culture when they aren’t able to interact with their colleagues in person. Building a Healthy Remote Work Culture.

10 Sales Interview Questions + Evaluation Tips to Hire Sales Stars

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An interview is an amazing opportunity for hiring managers to get a sense of who the candidate is, what they’re capable of, and whether their skills and attitudes align with the position. 10 Sales Interview Questions to Ask any Sales Candidate.

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How to Interview a Rock Star Recruiter

Contract Recruiter

Here at, we have over the years developed and refined a successful and repeatable process for screening and interviewing corporate-side, contract recruiters that has served us well. We are looking for an understanding of subject matter content (IT, Sales, Finance, etc), as well as general screening skills in regard to things like job gaps, career progression, job hopping, etc. Step 7: SOFT SKILLS / CULTURE FIT.

Introducing Video-Interview based AI-Talent-Assessment


In today’s technology dominated world, there’s a video for anything and everything- videos are powerful and that’s why they’re becoming increasingly popular and are used for; teaching, research, fun… and interviewing. Spend weeks scheduling interviews and phone screening.

15 Project Manager Interview Questions to Hire Talented Candidates

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For this reason, you have to prepare your project manager interview questions mindfully. How to Prep Project Manager Interview Questions. But, as always, identifying the exact employment skills you need to hire someone talented does not exclude the interview from the equation.

Why Cultural Intelligence Is Increasingly Important—and How to Test If Your Candidates Have It

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And, more and more emphasis is being put on hiring for EQ (emotional intelligence) as well. But, are you screening candidates for cultural intelligence (CQ)? In other words, it’s a person’s awareness of their own culture and ability to adapt to the nuances of other cultures. How to screen candidates for cultural intelligence. To help, we put together this list of six interview questions you can choose from to test for CQ.

How to Interview a Candidate: Everything You Need to Know


As nerve-wracking as it can be for a potential candidate, a job interview can be just as stressful for the employer doing the interview. What follows is a guide for how to interview a candidate, including preparation tips, important questions, and other suggestions for clear communication and a successful interview process. The more preparation you, as an employer, do now, the better the results you will gain from the interview later. DevOps Interview Questions.

Workable partners with Human machine learning provider to bring AI to recruiting


Keen to support this within Workable, we’ve recently formed a partnership with Human , a video interviewing and machine learning provider. Through their analysis with artificial intelligence (AI), recruiting and hiring teams can better understand a candidate’s skills, characteristics and emotional intelligence free from human bias. Culture add, not culture fit. One of the risks of hiring for cultural fit is an increasingly homogenous workforce.

How To Avoid One Of The Biggest Recruiting Mistakes


When screening candidates, prioritizing knowledge rather than years of experience can ensure that you find someone who has the skills to get the job done. Turnover due to poor culture fit can cost a company 50-60% of an employee’s yearly salary and it can lead to a dip in morale.

12 Interview Questions to Ask Every Sales Candidate

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Of course, soft skills are notoriously difficult to screen for…and they’re also central to the act of selling. A great salesperson is emotionally intelligent, quick on their feet, and eager to improve. That’s why many turn to behavioral interview questions (those “Tell me about a time when…” type of questions). Culture fit. 3 interview questions to screen for adaptability in sales. 3 interview questions to screen for culture fit in sales.

Does employment history matter when hiring developers?


Another study by the New York Times found that intelligence counted for very little when working in teams. Evaluating the technical skills of potential candidates prior to arranging a face-to-face interview can save a whole lot of hassle. Live coding interview.

What do experts think about the remote work trends in 2020?


Here is Raveena’s take on remote work trends: Recruiters will have to adapt to use remote hiring tools to conduct online interviews and onboarding. Recruiters will have to adapt to use remote hiring tools to conduct online interviews and onboarding.

Trends 122

The Most Popular Interview Questions to Reveal Key Soft Skills

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Over 60% of hiring managers agree that screening for soft skills is tough. In fact, figuring out if the candidate has the qualities you are looking for is often the most difficult part of the interview process. That’s where behavioral interview questions can help. But, what are the best behavioral interview questions to ask? To find out, we surveyed nearly 1,300 hiring managers and created the Guide to Screen Candidates: 30 Essential Interview Questions.

The Business Case for Video-Based Big5 Psychometric Assessments


In the corporate world, the process of recruitment is carried out in this order; call-to-recruit, resumes received, phone screening, live interviews, analysis of candidate’s interviews, final interviews…and then onboarding and training. Prepare for the interview.

Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, Sept. 29, 2017


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic in the recruiting industry lately, as many thought leaders debate the potential ups and downs of emerging technology. FairyGodboss CEO Georgene Huang makes a compelling argument for how digital interviewing and the right ATS system can help hiring teams make more informed decisions and improve their time-to-fill. At ConveyIQ, we’ve seen our clients use digital interviewing to skyrocket their screening process.

Soft Skills the foundation for Success.

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Emotional Intelligence - I cannot say enough about Emotional Intelligence. The ability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others to guide thinking and behavior, has a direct correlation to the achievement of individual and teams’ goals.

4 Unconventional Interview Questions to Hire Original Thinkers

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professor and best-selling author Adam Grant says in an interview with First Round Review. For years, Grant sifted through collected data and countless interviews to build profiles of those he calls “originals.” That way, you’ll start to naturally learn about the people culture of the company.”. Interview Questions

The Most Important Interview Question You Should Ask

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And during that time, over 90% of my hiring manager clients have thought they were good at interviewing. Because of this, I had to become a better interviewer in order to be able to show them that candidates I presented were qualified. And, that’s how I came up with the performance-based interview process and questions that I have found are key to improving interview accuracy and determining candidate fit. Interview Questions

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Creating an interview process. PRO TIP: Include pre-interview assignments in the hiring process. The culture fit. Creating an interview process.

The Business Case for Recruitment Software 


Reason #5 Video Interviews. Live interviews and Video interviews are different. A live interview is conducted through a platform such as Skype or Zoom and is a video chat amongst the candidate and the interviewing recruiter or HR personnel. Phone screening.

The Modern HR Ecosystem—Disruption and Opportunity

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There’s a new approach to an old HR problem: artificial intelligence (AI). Tools and applications with intelligent analysis capabilities are already playing a big role in helping HR teams sift through swaths of data related to employee engagement, performance, and development. Organizations can share their values and culture in an authentic yet relatable way, regardless of who and where they need to hire.

The 7 Key Features of an Applicant Tracking System


Feature #5 – Video Interviews. Live interviews and Video interviews are different. A live interview is conducted through a platform such as Skype or Zoom and is a video chat amongst the candidate and the interviewing recruiter or HR personnel.

The Advantage of Hiring Growth-Minded Talent


The idea of growth mindset was developed by education researchers to describe how children can be taught to develop their intelligence and abilities through the persistent application of effective learning strategies. Attracting certain kinds of candidates means constructing every part of your hiring process - job descriptions, interview questions, your careers page - to engage them with your brand and your value to them as an employer. Screening for growth-mindedness.

7 Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2017


Below, we have compiled seven of the biggest hiring trends to watch for in 2017, and what each trend means for you and your company’s screening and hiring policies. What will change is what companies do to prevent turnover, starting with the interview process. The first step to preventing firings or departures is to hire an employee who is well-qualified for the job and will fit in with the company culture. However, it’s still important to screen the hire (e.g.

The Definitive Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

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The simple answer: Pre-employment tests can help an employer gain valuable insight on a client that cannot be obtained through resumes or interviews. Using pre-employment testing in the screening and hiring process aims to do much of the same thing.

How Attitude Issues Impact your Team

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Assessments that measure emotional intelligence and emotional competency are critical to identifying those candidates who lack a sense of personal responsibility. Not sure how to spot one of these folks in an interview?

40+ Leadership Skills All Companies Want to Hire For [+ Lists]

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Now we are back to talking organizational psychology and organizational culture! ” Nevertheless, when people talk about “skills,” they also include personality traits; behaviors; soft abilities; general intelligence; emotional intelligence, and so on.

Has AI revolutionised psychometric talent assessment?


Psychometric assessment outlines an individual’s emotional intelligence, potential, personality profile, and behaviour. . The insights offered through psychometrics ultimately uncovers whether the candidate will be a cultural fit to the existing team, and if their soft skills and personality traits are suitable when being matched with the employers ‘ideal candidate profile. This is where a panel of 1-3 psychologists interview a candidate and report their findings.

The most important skills recruiters need and how to cultivate them


Recruiters who are critical thinkers manage biases when screening candidates. Here are some ways to employ critical thinking skills in recruiting: Obscure photos of candidates to manage gender bias in the screening process. Use interview scorecards to ensure you ask all candidates the same questions. Speed up your screening processes by crafting better job descriptions that will attract more qualified candidates.

Different Types of Pre-Employment Tests to Boost Remote Hiring

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Job interviews have gone completely virtual because of the pandemic. How well does this person’s values really align with your company culture? Software solutions have popped up to answer these questions, from coding interview platforms to cognitive ability tests.

Candidate Assessment Guide: Top 11 Methods & Tools Recruiters Should Consider

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Emotional Intelligence Test. Structured Interview. Although suit-and-tie interviews can decently do the work, it is high time for your company to consider making an investment in recruitment technology or adopting new evaluation techniques. Emotional Intelligence Test.

The Importance of Personal Connection in the Age of AI

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Advocates for utilizing advanced technology in recruitment cite its elimination of discrimination: automation of resume screening is noted to be instrumental in diversity initiatives by placing a strict focus on skills and removing the implicit bias of human beings. Many hiring managers and company leaders would instead hire professionals with excellent emotional intelligence, work ethic, and motivation. Assessing culture fit.

5 HR Tech Tools You Didn’t Realize You’re Using Wrong

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As a full-service staffing agency, the pressure is constantly on for them to find the best candidates to bring in for in-person interviews. Even though many of Crawford Thomas’s clients were using Skype for interviews, they were still having trouble finding the right candidates. Realizing they needed to kick it up a notch, company leaders switched to using a video interviewing platform. Not built specifically for interviews. Match language with company culture.

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The Complete Guide to Skill Testing


Other types of job-readiness evaluations deploy validated psychometric assessments to identify those in-demand soft skills : things like motivation, conscientiousness, resilience, and emotional intelligence. More so than resumes or job interviews, a skills test can assess the true potential of a new hire to go the distance with the company. Skill tests should be used to screen candidates in, not out. Resume screenings are bad for three reasons.

7 Unique Ways in Which HR Systems are Creating an Organization of Tomorrow


With the new generation of HR functionalities, the vastly misunderstood Human Resource department is spearheading strategic thinking to cultivate competencies, set the vision for the work force of the future and make the most of teams that are culturally diverse. It started out as Emotional Intelligence. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence take on the most human friendly form in chatbots and virtual assistants.