Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

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There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice. So just how much can a poor employer brand cost you?

Elegant Experiences and Employer Branding

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From the hiring of staff, creating uniforms and even down to the menu design – this is their brand, their name and their experience on the line. In employer branding, it’s common to be considered an appetizer to marketing rather than actual recruiting.

5 Simple Steps to Employer Branding Best Practices


Modern candidates have the freedom to pick and choose which employers and positions to pursue. Employer branding is the process by which a company creates an internal and external face of the company, focusing on a target audience comprised of prospective hires.

How to Build an Employer Brand Ambassadorship Program at Your Company

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If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times: there is no better resource to build your employer brand and show candidates what life is like in your company than the talent you currently have working for you. What is any employer brand ambassador?

4 Guidelines for Optimal Job Application Conversion Rates

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Despite your efforts to write engaging job descriptions, post them far and wide and publicize your amazing corporate culture, your click-to-apply ratio is dismal. Employer thinks: If someone wants to work here badly enough, they’ll jump through whatever question “hoops” we present.

How Negative Employee Reviews Hurt Your Employer Brand – and How to Stop Them


And just as hair salons can’t afford to ignore Yelp reviews, employers can’t afford to ignore Glassdoor reviews. Most people smear their employers with relative immunity, and as the trend continues, companies are at a loss to protect their brand and their reputation.

Checklist: Employer Branding Tools and Tactics Every Modern Recruiter Should Know

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Working for a non-profit in a highly competitive and complex market forced me to find new ways to attract the right talent by sharing our employee experience, culture, and talent - and fundamentally changed how I thought about recruiting. This was my introduction to modern Employer Branding.

How to Create a Winning Employer Brand

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Employer brand is incredibly important in a competitive talent market. Top candidates want to work at a company whose brand is welcoming and inspiring. “If A poorly managed employer brand can cost you access to top talent. . The Basics of Employer Branding.

How To: Unlock The Power of Employee Advocacy

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When it comes to amplifying your employer brand, there are 3 areas that you can invest in: Your brand channels (marketing). Your employees provide ready-made communities for your brand which can help you in attracting and engaging the top talent.

How To Fix a Crappy Company Culture

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Every company these days seems pretty preoccupied with the concept of corporate culture; you can’t simply get away with providing a steady job or living wage for workers, it seems. The Strange Customs of Company Culture. Managing Company Culture By Example.

How to Tell If A Recruiter Can Be Your Next HR Manager

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One strong opinion I have is this—if you aren’t recruiting as an HR Generalist, you’re an administrator, subject to being outsourced at your employer’s whim in the future.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

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There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. If you’re not proactively making an effort to manage and join in on the conversation around your company’s employer brand, you can bet that someone else is.

ANOTHER BUMPER EDITION: 9 Juicy Recruitment News Stories – 29th June 2015

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The new LinkedIn Group member messaging guidelines are as follows: You can now only send a total 15 free 1:1 group messages to fellow group members each month. The employment rate considers the percentage of the UK population aged between 16-64 currently in work.

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The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

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Crystal is a brand new Chrome extension that analyses public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with different individuals. 66% like to consume premium brands. Employer Brand More Important Than Ever in Gaining Job Seeker Interest.

8 Questions With Will Staney On Starting Proactive Talent Strategies & The Evolution Of Recruiting

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Does your company have an employer brand and does it matter? How do you go about building a strong employer brand to help your company attract and recruit top talent? If you’ve been thinking about these questions, read on for his answers and top tips on how you can tackle these challenges to help your company take your recruiting and employer branding efforts to the next level. The candidates are thinking about employers in the same way.

Candidate Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Brand Aesthetic

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that employer branding is a huge part of the recruiting process. Candidate’s today want an employer that showcases its brand in the best possible light. If you had to boil down the feeling of your brand, how would you encapsulate it?

Workplace Wellbeing. Nice to have or a necessity?


It is commonly known that being in employment and having a sense of purpose positively impacts your health and wellbeing, with research showing that employed people tend to be happier and healthier than those out of work. . It is an ongoing goal to create a culture and environment in which our employees will become healthier because of working for us. . This is achieved via education, clear policies and guidelines. Healthy culture.

A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Instagram

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O’Donnell , believes that if companies are to stop their top talent being stolen from them in 2015, they need to start properly investing in employer branding, or as she calls it; “ the single most disruptive recruitment technique we’ve seen in 2 decades ”.

How to Uncover Your Company Values and Use Them to Attract Talent

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Though they have likely had a heavy hand in building the company and hiring the people who form the culture, every individual brings their own set of values to the organization. Questions to ask your people: What are three words or short phrases that describe our culture?

A 5 Phase Guide to Uncover and Activate Your Employee Value Proposition (Project Plan Included!)

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Getting your employee value proposition defined is also vital because without knowing your employee value proposition, your content won’t resonate as well, and you won’t be able to build an effective employer brand that’s rooted in the reality of your employee’s everyday experiences.

Who in Your Org Should Own Glassdoor?

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As an employer, how is your company attracting candidates searching for jobs on Glassdoor? They are also typically up-to-date on new messaging, brand guidelines and approved company stats, which can come in handy when managing a Glassdoor profile.

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CEO Robert Hohman Talks About the Glassdoor Mission

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There was plenty of information online about what jobs were available, but there was almost nothing about the culture of a company, or how much they paid, or how their interview process worked.

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Social Recruiting Strategy: from Good to Great


And unless you are a household brand or a hot, up-and-coming tech unicorn, you might not expect more of your own social pages. It will impact every marketing decision you make, starting with your employer brand. And what is your corporate brand? Employer Branding

Why Social Recruiting Is Everyone’s Job.

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If you’re like most employers, you’ve probably already set up some sort of social media presence dedicated to careers and hiring. They need to see what makes your company so special, and why you’re an employer of choice worth choosing. Lead With Culture.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – April 2015

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Employer branding is one of the most important aspects of candidate attraction in 2015. The true story behind the girl with the whiteboard and why recruiters and employers alike, need to stand up and pay close attention is revealed! Lynda.com CEO Lynda Weinman described the combination as a “ perfect cultural fit ” and discussed how it should help them continue to rarify the skills gap in the marketplace.

Avoiding the Negative Impact of a ‘Bad Hire’

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60% of organizations that leverage best-practice guidelines for conducting interviews have an optimized recruitment strategy (one that aligns with business objectives), compared to 10% of companies without interview guidelines. Strengthen Your Employer Brand.

Optmizing Your Social Properties for Recruiting

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Fostering a strong employer brand can be new territory for many well established organizations. It’s common for a new team to dedicate significant time and effort into developing an employer brand strategy to only trip at the finish line, which is communicating it to the broader talent marketplace. Seek Resources If employer branding and social media optimization is in it’s infancy within recruitment, set up cross functional meetings to source ideas and resources.

Why Companies Need A Strong Employee Referral Program


A strong employee referral program can improve quality-of-hire, company culture and retention. Referred candidates often come in already knowing a thing or two about your company, and if they’re interested in a position, that means you’re going above and beyond with your employer brand.

The false economy of unpaid internships


They can devalue work, breed monoculture workers and undermine companies’ employer brands. The US Department of Labor lists six guidelines that profit-driven companies need to follow. This guideline may seem ridiculous (and US-specific).

Optimizing Your Social Properties for Recruiting

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Fostering a strong employer brand can be new territory for many well-established organizations. It’s common for a new team to dedicate significant time and effort into developing an employer brand strategy to only trip at the finish line, which is communicating it to the broader talent marketplace. Seek Resources If employer branding and social media optimization is in its infancy within recruitment, set up cross functional meetings to source ideas and resources.

7 Essential Twitter Feeds For Recruiters

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Whether offering you insights into an inspiring individual, fascinating articles or essential industry guidelines, you’ll benefit from reading around and strengthening the foundations of your recruiting career.

HR Guide: Creating The Perfect Employee Handbook


But they are important an employee handbook not only helps protect your company from legal claims and ensure regulatory compliance, but it can also be beneficial to a companies culture. Employers are now finding way of awarding there employees rather than just giving them a pay cheque.

Candidate Coaching Benefits The 3 Most Important People in The Recruitment Process

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Coaching a candidate on the guidelines of recruitment can help put their minds at ease and perform to their best ability. Convey Company Culture. Company culture is consistently quoted as one of the most important factors when choosing a job and indeed choosing to hire.

You’ll Be Amazed What HR and Recruitment Can Achieve When They Work Together!

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Although the imagery of war might seem overly dramatic, it is nonetheless accurate since employers are going toe-to-toe in a virtual battle to find suitable job candidates. A Great Employer Brand.

Is Your Career Site Failing You?


Your career site is the embodiment of your employment brand and your company’s most powerful recruiting asset. Your online presence is a job seeker’s first impression of what you offer as an employer. to gain insight on employer brand identity and company culture.

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Restaurant Hiring: Building a Recruitment Process


Too many restaurants, however, are plagued year-round by the lack of clear recruitment and hiring processes, leading to bad hires, high turnover, and a poor employment brand. Restaurant owners know that their team members are carriers of the restaurant’s employment brand.

3 Reasons You Should Help Job Seekers Up Their Game

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The way you treat a candidate determines how likely they are to recommend you as an employer to someone they know. Most of the time, candidates don’t do as well as they could in the interview process because of one of two reasons: They don’t know enough about your company and its culture.

An SME’s guide to graduate recruitment | Part 1


With less visibility and less budget than larger, better-known brands, how can your small business attract top talent? Getting your name and vacancies out there can be tricky with limited budget and brand awareness. Using social media effectively goes beyond posting jobs though – consider promoting your company ethos and values through images and blog posts to engage graduate jobseekers with your employer brand.

Content Marketing for Recruitment: the Playbook


Content marketing is the medium through which brands educate and build relationships with consumers. Forrester Research suggests it takes up to 8 brand touchpoints to influence a consumer decision – people rarely arrive at your website ready to buy (or ready to apply).

6 Tactical Tips for an Effective Social Media Recruitment Plan

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Do you want to create brand awareness? What social media guidelines have been defined for employee interactions on the social web? Use that to your advantage and turn your employees into brand ambassadors. What employment brands do you respect or would like to emulate?

#FirstInHR: Using the Power of Social to Recruit


Not hiring someone based on their lack of a social media presence could violate some EEO guidelines , depending on the candidate’s economic status, race, gender, or disability status. Make more personable and attractive posts online about the employer brand and company values.

BUMPER EDITION: 10 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Week – 12th October 2015

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In the news this week: LinkedIn Expected to Launch BRAND NEW Employee Referral Product at TalentConnect. According to the rumour mill, LinkedIn are expected to launch a brand new Employee Referral product at TalentConnect next week.


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We’ve built Rezoomo with a very precise objective which is to help companies build and promote their employer brand and company culture to attract the best talent while providing a powerful applicant tracking system to manage every aspect of their recruitment.