11 Must-Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

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Behavioral interviewing uses strategically-composed questions to share how a candidate’s past performance might support a hiring company’s future needs. Related: How to Conduct Better Interviews ]. Value of this question: Helps determine culture fit.

The Essential “Culture Fit” Interview Questions


After four years of startup life, I’ve come to hate the question, “ is this candidate a culture fit ?”. Now don’t get me wrong: culture is important. A company’s culture is its personality. So how do companies make sure their culture succeeds when they add a new hire to the team?

Do Your Preparation Before Interviewing Candidates


If you’re new to interviewing – or if you’ve hired candidates before, only to feel that you made the wrong choices – then it’s crucial to understand the importance of preparing in advance. Interviewing is high stakes – not just for the job-hunter, but also for the employer.

5 Ways to Determine Cultural Fit


When searching for a new member to join your team, determining cultural fit is one of the most important aspects of hiring, no matter the role level. In addition to considering candidates based on their experience and qualifications, finding a potential new team member who expresses and exhibits your company’s characteristics, values, and culture is essential to the success of any company. Finding employees who fit among your company’s culture can be a daunting task.

Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

lofty respect for culture, diversity, and a passion. methods, and considers cultural and ethical ideals as. will analyze video interviews. intelligence, renewable energy, and the solar industry to name a few.

Must-Ask Interview Questions for Hiring Healthcare Professionals

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Moreover, great interviewers unearth whether a candidate has performed due diligence on the company. My interview with Nichele Wells , Talent Acquisition Partner at CareHere, LLC, was both refreshing and to the point.

Interview Like A Boss–The Prescreening Interview

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Series: How to Interview Like a boss. The Prescreening Interview. Performed via phone or video, a prescreening interview is a great tool to help you streamline your hiring process. General Personality and Cultural Fit Questions.

Hiring for culture fit: The key to attracting and retaining talent


If you wonder why recruiting is a big challenge for most organizations — and why retaining stellar employees often becomes a no-win situation — the answer could be simple: organizations need to be better at hiring for culture fit. First, we should define what culture fit is.

Improving Your Pre-Interview Process

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One of the most overlooked stages is the pre-interview process. While a great deal of energy is often dedicated to ensuring that the in-person interview goes smoothly, the pre-interview process is just as important to make sure you hire the best candidate possible. The Interview Starts Before You Sit Down Face-to-Face. Before an interview even begins, the candidate will be evaluating your company culture and seeing if they feel they would fit in.

Key elements of a great company culture – the story of Proxyclick


We often hear about companies with a great culture. Are there tricks or ways to mimic these company culture examples? Or, better, what lessons can we learn from teams with a great company culture? And that’s how you build a great company culture. Blog Culture

Culture Capture Can Kill Your Company

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We’ve visited most of those clients and have grown to understand their business models and cultures. Company culture is a common topic. Candidates ask, “does your client have a good culture?” Clients also always want a good cultural fit. These questions are important, and we try to both understand our clients’ cultures and accurately express that culture to potential candidates. Since culture is subjective, it’s a difficult concept to precisely describe.

Communicating Culture When Using Third Party Recruiters

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Culture Description Challenges. A strong culture is one of the most important weapons in the war for talent. We talked with Cheryl Krestanowich from Acuity HR Solutions to better understand where culture fits into the overall hiring picture, and how to communicate it when using a third party recruiter. Why do you think it’s important to share culture with candidates during the hiring process? . I guess that depends on how you define “culture” in this context.

How to Use Negative Reviews to Improve Your Culture

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We published a Culture Code that went viral, obsess over our culture as we scale and grow, and invest an inordinate amount of time and effort creating a remarkable employee experience. The tone and candor vary widely, and range from a former employee who worked at HubSpot years ago complaining about his manager to a candidate interviewing last week whose interactions with our team were sub-optimal. At HubSpot, we are incredibly fortunate.

How To Give Candidates What They Want From An Interview

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A 2015 Talent Trends report from LinkedIn found that 83 percent of the 20,000 professionals surveyed said that a negative interviewing experience can change their mind about a position or company. A lot of time and energy went into perfecting your company’s interview process.

5 Unique Interview Questions and Why They’re Important

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You’ve heard of employers asking unconventional questions in the interview , but are they actually important? Although wacky interview questions can seem absurd, they can help you get to know candidates better during the hiring process.

How To Get Honest Answers From Candidates In A Job Interview

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The job interview can be a nerve-wrecking process for everyone involved. Although, it’s hard to predict how well a candidate will perform when the interview itself is something they’re desperate to ace. . MBI is an interviewing methodology for identifying and hiring High Performers.

How to Combine Your Virtual Interview and Employer Branding Strategies

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But once you enter into the hiring process, the company’s energy completely disappears. The questions in the virtual interview are dull and you learn nothing new about the organization. If you want to keep talent engaged throughout your virtual interview process, you need to keep employer branding incorporated in every step. Scheduling a virtual interview. When you invite a candidate to conduct a virtual interview, it’s tempting to just focus on scheduling.

5 Reasons Why One Way Video Interviewing is an Effective Tool

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This blog responds to the following Quora question : Scheduling multiple interviews at a time is challenging enough. They relied on traditional in-person interviews and even phone screening for years. Here’s why one-way video interviewing could save your hiring process: 1.

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How Do Candidates Really Feel About Interviewing?


Interviewing is tough, but it can be easy to forget about that experience when part of your job is getting candidates hired at your company. Currently Interviewing). For my first interview, I sat down with J.S., Generally, how do you feel about interviews?

How to Power Your Company Culture with Data and Feedback Loops


Over the past few years, many organizations have realized how important their company culture is. From the way they treat employees, hire new ones, to how their employees treat each other, culture is a fundamental ingredient to an organization’s success.

3 Ways Online Video Interviewing has Transformed the Staffing Industry

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If your staffing business has been staying up to date with the latest technology, you are likely using video interviewing in your processes. If you haven’t given the one-way video interview a shot, you should definitely consider doing so. Video Interviews

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How Disheartened Staffing Pros Finally Achieve Interview Experience Consistency

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The time when you sit down at your desk and review all the feedback you’ve received from the candidates you interviewed. Hearing all the positive things they have to say about your interview process gives you that bump in confidence you need as a staffing professional.

Cultivating a Culture of Belonging at 33Across


You can't realize the full benefits of diversity without cultivating a culture of belonging. At PowerToFly, we work with a lot of companies that want to ramp up their D&I efforts, but hearing about a company that has a true culture of belonging is rare.

Thanks for not giving me an interview


Applying for jobs and not even getting an interview really sucks. But let’s go with the ”no degree” reason for now and give everyone a pass on cultural bias. While we spend most of lives focused on contributing to ourselves, the military – a bit like parenting – requires us to contribute all our time, energy and skill for the benefit of someone else. Thanks for not giving me that interview. It’s like getting rejected before a blind date.

How To Promote Your Company Culture To Attract Top Talent

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Welcome to the second part of our company culture series! To learn how you can further develop or improve your company culture to attract and retain talent, please refer to our first post. This is where your company culture (or lack thereof) comes into play.

Interviewing Tips Not Enough? Here’s How to Guide Candidates Into Careers

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You gave him interviewing tips and coached him through several video interviews. Then your client postponed the interview. Highlight company values and culture information. He’ll likely assume he’s qualified, so his real ‘in’ is the interview.

10 Interview Questions to assess candidate cultural fit and help avoid a "BAD HIRE"

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What is most interesting in this study was the fact that only 11% of new hire failures were attributable to lack of proper functional or technical skills, yet, traditionally, that is where companies tend to spend most of their time in the interviewing process.

Building Culture: 8 things to lookout for

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Barely a day goes by without the word 'culture' featuring heavily in my conversations. It's also a great get-out-jail-free card when it comes to delivering negative interview feedback; "they're good but we don't feel like they fit our culture".

What I Learned from Interviewing 5,000 Candidates


From responsibilities to salary, location, work environment, company culture, mission, and client base, there are a lot of elements to get right. After interviewing some 5,000 candidates throughout my career, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that hiring is a two-way street. HIRING MANAGERS DON’T WANT TO INTERVIEW YOU. Hiring managers appreciate the energy and enthusiasm you can bring to your conversations. Interview Tips

Building Company Culture: 7 Steps For Every Small Business

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And for small businesses, that means that if you want to fill your open roles, you need to set yourself apart -- and you need to have a great company culture to do that. Focus on your culture as early as you can. Without a defined culture, employees get disenchanted; they move on.

National Entrepreneurs Day: interviewing exaqueo’s CEO + founder


With a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the George Washington University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University, Susan has spent 20 years doing culture, brand, talent, marketing, and communications both in-house, at brands like The Ritz-Carlton and Marriott International.

Communicating Culture When Using Third Party Recruiters

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Culture Description Challenges. A strong culture is one of the most important weapons in the war for talent. We talked with Cheryl Krestanowich from Acuity HR Solutions to better understand where culture fits into the overall hiring picture, and how to communicate it when using a third party recruiter. Why do you think it's important to share culture with candidates during the hiring process? . I guess that depends on how you define “culture” in this context.

I’m Getting Too Old For This $

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My pre-interview checklist. And perhaps most importantly, investing several hours getting to know as much as I can about the slate of people I’ll be interviewing with – CEO, CFO, CRO, CTO, CMO, GC. Thinking about how I am different (and better) than other candidates they are interviewing. That’s what you do when you interview, right? But I don’t have the energy for this pomp and circumstance. Hugo Boss suit.

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4 Financial Services Interview Questions To Ask (And Avoid) When Job Searching

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In fact, it is fairly common to be invited to interview with multiple firms in this current job market. In order to land one of these roles, however, you need to be properly prepared for your next financial services interview. Financial Services financial services interview preparatio

3 Tips for Recruiting College Graduates


Not only do young grads typically have an extensive knowledge of the latest technology, they also bring an energy that can boost company culture and morale. While interviewing college grads, remember that this is often their first time presenting themselves in a professional setting.

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