How to Relax Away From the Screen


I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury. For over a year, I was unable to look at active digital screens without suffering vertigo, confusion, or seizures. Too much screen time. When self-care involves screen time.

How to Screen Candidates for Culture Fit


Hiring for cultural fit has become a praised and controversial topic throughout the years. And still others question whether “culture” even exists. Do keep in mind, though, that hiring for cultural fit needn’t – and shouldn’t – mean building a workforce of indistinguishable robots. Entrepreneur magazine defines corporate culture as “a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time.” Screen before you interview.


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15 Common Phone Interview Questions to Screen Candidates Fast

The Hire Talent

Let’s see today X common phone interview questions for fast screening, so we can make better decisions regarding the ones we schedule next for pre-employment assessments, in-person interviews, simulations, etc. Phone interviews are nothing new in the recruitment process.

3 Applicant Screening Tools for Your Contact Center

Employment Technologies

Applicant Screening: Your business needs should always drive the talent assessment process. This exercise may have twists and turns but ultimately, you’ll have clarity about your target. Efficient screen navigators and keyboard operators to avoid “dead air” and extended call handling times that lead to customer frustration. Once you’ve defined your contact center success factors, you can then determine the right applicant screening tools for assessing those factors.

5 Methods for Screening Your Job Candidates Remotely

Contract Recruiter

Companies right now are exercising due caution. Yet with no available cure for the pandemic and a focus on remote work in many areas, a lot of candidate screening needs to be done remotely. Now, there are some drawbacks to using resume filtering as a screening method.

How To Convey Company Culture When Hiring Remotely

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

One aspect of recruitment that’s in particular danger of getting lost in translation—but that’s of high importance to hiring the right fit for the job—is conveying your company culture. Why Conveying Company Culture is More Important Than Ever. Employers Hiring Workplace Culture

Fit Happens: How To Hack Hiring For Culture.

Recruiting Daily

We all understand the inherent importance, and strategic value, of company culture, particularly as relates to recruiting and retention; talking about the inherent importance this amorphous, ambiguous and largely subjective catch-all has become reduced to a tired corporate cliche, and an even more maudlin talent acquisition aphorism. “Culture fit” has become a ubiquitous hiring consideration in today’s world of work. There’s No Accounting for Culture.

Culture Capture Can Kill Your Company

Right Recruiting

We’ve visited most of those clients and have grown to understand their business models and cultures. Company culture is a common topic. Candidates ask, “does your client have a good culture?” Clients also always want a good cultural fit. These questions are important, and we try to both understand our clients’ cultures and accurately express that culture to potential candidates. Since culture is subjective, it’s a difficult concept to precisely describe.

The Fit Bit: Does Hiring For Culture Fit Matter More Than Recruiting For Skills?

Recruiting Daily

Unlike many HR centered constructs, there is actually a clearly established business case for creating a strong organizational culture, and that hiring for culture fit has a direct impact on a company’s performance and bottom line results. The organization culture helps in measuring limitation to overcome performance measurement. The limitations shows that culture and employee performance shows negative correlation as employee performance is badly affected by it.”



With flowers blooming and the promise of warmer weather just around the corner, our team has been reading up on thriving company cultures and fostering wellness with growth. In this month’s roundup, #teamexaqueo has curated 5 articles to get your nurturing wheels turning: HOW TO CREATE A WORKPLACE CULTURE OF WELLNESS FROM THE BALANCE CAREERS Employers are under intense pressure to rein in costs and increase profitability.

The Winning Recipe for Company Culture with HubSpot

Glassdoor for Employers

For many employees, it boils down to the culture—and in a candidate-driven market, culture might be all it takes to differentiate your company from another. According to Deloitte , “culture and engagement” was cited as top challenge by 87% of HR leaders around the world. Companies that get their culture right and communicate it both within and without the organization have an easier time filling positions and keeping employees happy. The Company Culture Cookbook.

Startup Culture: The Benefits and Challenges of a Remote Workforce

Transformify - Recruiting

This range of experiences, beliefs and ideas will make your company culture more dynamic, which can only bring good things. When communicating through a screen, hierarchies seem less intense, and this encourages people to speak up a bit more when they feel something is wrong. You lose out on the opportunity to do team building exercises, and you also miss the informal, day-to-day interactions that help people feel closer to one another.

4 Best Practices For Diversity Sourcing | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Embrace Diversity in Your Culture and Brand. To truly embrace diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you need to evaluate your company culture. Ways to enhance your workplace culture include: Diversity training and team-building exercises.

5 Things Any Company Can Do Right Now to Promote an Inclusive Culture


Our new diversity and inclusion maturity model shows that the most effective way to achieve significant gains is through leadership ownership, strategic measurement, and a culture of accountability for inclusion that is driven from top to bottom,” says Josh Bersin , principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. One of the best ways to begin building an inclusive culture is to begin with company policies on harassment, discrimination and accommodations.

Screening Out the Takers from the Candidate Pool

Recruiting Blogs

The goal is to eliminate Takers from the work environment through effective hiring and screening. So if agreeableness and disagreeableness has no correlation with Givers and Takers, how do we screen out the Takers? A word of caution when trying to screen out Takers, some Takers are previous Matchers or Givers who have been burned one too many times by Takers and decided they needed to protect themselves in the dog-eat-dog world. This makes the above exercise very valuable.

9 Creative Meeting Ideas for Remote Teams

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The enthusiasm in connecting and getting things done soon gave way to fatigue—tired eyes, difficulty focusing, and other challenges from staring at an electronic screen. There are only so many minutes a day we can look at people’s faces in a bunch of squares on a lit-up screen.

Forget Interview Questions: 4 Fresh Tactics to Screen Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

Linkedin Talent Blog

If you’re looking for someone with a proven sales track record, or a master at Excel, there are easy ways to screen for those skills. This allows you to assess job skills, cultural fit, and emotional intelligence in real-time. Some employers use job simulations and role-playing exercises to measure a candidate’s problem-solving and interpersonal skills. For example, Amtrak has potential employees take a 104 multiple-choice assessment called Amtrak’s Culture Fit Assessment.

No Further Questions: Interview Hacks for Hiring Success

Recruiting Daily

At its core, recruiting is more or less an exercise in making a good first impression; from the 6-8 seconds the average recruiter (if such a thing exists) spends reviewing a resume to the reported 35 seconds job seekers spend, on average, reading an online job description , making an immediate impact is imperative for both employers and job seekers.

How to Build an Employee Wellness Program from the Ground Up


Combine that with lower annual healthcare costs and there’s a strong business case to be made for improving workplace health and making exercise a priority. The end goal is to create a culture of health, with company support for health choices and activities. Health screenings, nutrition education, and vaccination clinics are also a great way to engage more people and remind them that your organization is committed to their health.

Jazz 146

6 Easy Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Achievers - Recruiting

They provide a valuable opportunity to blow off some steam, have a laugh with our colleagues, or simply get away from our screens for a bit. My list of six team building exercises (whether virtual or in-person) can make a positive impact across your organizational culture.

Film 60

Global Recruiting: Getting Ahead When Hiring Abroad

Recruiting Daily

That’s because when attracting talent overseas, global employers must navigate the often complicated compliance requirements, dramatically disparate cultural or business norms and a litany of other issues that make attracting and selecting top talent across markets a daunting task for even the most experienced recruiting organization. Pre-Employment Screening.

Essential Questions to Ask When Recruiting Essential Workers

Employment Metrix

Let’s make as much of the interview process as we can virtual—on screens. Maybe we partner with a brand to provide employees with new work boots, or a subscription to a meditation app, or free exercise classes to our team.

From Good to Great: How To Become A Badass Recruiter

Recruiting Daily

I, like most other recruiters out there, hated this exercise; I was afraid not of presenting in public, but rather, of doing something wrong in front of my professional peers or being judged by them. Eventually, after a lot of role playing, I felt more confident in these exercises, and had the whole thing pretty much down pat, but that didn’t stop me from continually finding new ways to close the candidate or successfully convince a hiring manager that they were worth considering.

Almost Royal: How Not to Conduct an Interview

Recruiting Daily Advisor

While Georgie strives to become manlier and learn about American culture, Poppy hopes to break into an acting or singing career—whichever involves the least work while still allowing her to be a “business woman.”. While several applicants attempted these ridiculous exercises (and one even claimed to actually be Jesus), one flatly refused and openly remarked about how offensive their questions were. Screening, Assessment, Interviewing ADA ADEA discrimination FMLA

Finding the Best Candidates

NPA Worldwide

Candidates must meet a certain level of expectation to get through the recruitment process that human resources and independent recruiters set as a multi-level screening exercise. The first screen is typically a “first impression” screen. Those recruiting are looking for confidence, attitude, approachability, energy, and sometimes when done face-to-face, appearance factors into the screening.

Candidate Experience: Recruiters, Stop Making Excuses.

Recruiting Daily

I don’t take applying lightly, but when I do, the superficiality, subjectivity and senselessness of screening and the subsequent subjective feedback I have to endure make feedback an acutely painful experience in a process that has enough of those to go around. Those 15-20 minute perfunctory phone screens. I was recently speaking with a friend who happened to be looking for work as an HR practitioner, too.

Conducting Better Interviews with Value-Based Intuition

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Naming your values is an inspiring exercise to take on. There he learned how to assimilate into a multitude of cultures, always with the purpose of building strong relationships at work. Screening, Assessment, Interviewing Articulating Values candidates interviewing interviews

The Airport Test: A Simple Rule for Startup Hiring


Cultural fit. At the early stage of a company, every new hire you make has a serious impact on your fledgling company culture. Culture is organic, it’s the people that you hire that shape it and drive it in a particular direction. Culture is organic, it’s the people that you hire that shape it and drive it in a particular direction. While there are plenty of ways to test competence and screen for skills, there’s no real test for cultural fit. Culture

Evolution of a company retreat: from product updates to breaking bread


This time, “we had fewer presentations and more socializing activities,” Nikos says, going into detail about a team-building exercise where they split the company into 10 teams and each team was given materials to build a raft, which they’d take to the ocean for a test run and a race. “As We are looking at the person sitting in a computer screen. Backstage at Workable Life & Culture Culture Employee retention Employer branding Management & Organization

Cartoon Coffee Break: Working Parents Have Been Hit Harder By The Pandemic

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

As a result, parents are giving into their children’s requests for more screen time while they take work meetings and tend to job-related tasks. In fact, there’s little evidence that screen time can harm kids. Editor's Note: This post is part of our "Cartoon Coffee Break" series.

Training from The journey from bias to awareness

As part of Empyrean’s ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series, Melissa presented actionable strategies to drive awareness and enable more inclusive cultures. Wow, this exercise was intriguing. Empyrean Benefits invited Ms.

Your Comprehensive Guide To Managing A Remote Team

The Execu|Search Group

Celebrate wins: An important part of office culture is celebrating each other’s success. Show your team that you trust them to exercise good judgment, get their work done, and support their team. Employer Insight Hiring Trends company culture employee retention

Employee monitoring: to track or not to track?


Now that a lot of ‘knowledge economy’ work is screen-based, it’s easy to track. How companies answer this question says a lot about about their management approach and their company culture. Now anyone can download RescueTime to see where they’re spending their screen time. He also argues that: “It’s a little myopic to think that a tool that helps you understand your screen-time should only be focused on maximizing your productivity with that screen-time.

Evolution of a company retreat: from product updates to breaking bread


This time, “we had fewer presentations and more socializing activities,” Nikos says, going into detail about a team-building exercise where they split the company into 10 teams and each team was given materials to build a raft, which they’d take to the ocean for a test run and a race. “As We are looking at the person sitting in a computer screen. Blog CultureSome people call it a corporate retreat. Others call it a company gathering. Still others call it an all-hands.

Training from The journey from bias to awareness

As part of Empyrean’s ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series, Melissa presented actionable strategies to drive awareness and enable more inclusive cultures. Wow, this exercise was intriguing. Empyrean Benefits invited Ms.

Experiencing the Candidate Experience: A Recruiting Reality Check

Recruiting Daily

What does it say about your company culture? OK, nice work – you’re actually in the minority of recruiters who have survived this painful – but painfully necessary – exercise in candidate experience. But this is a learning exercise, so humor me and take the time to go through the boilerplate and bullet points. That’s why we’ve got to automate the screening process through adding yet another layer of unnecessary complexity.

LinkedIn: On the Outside, Looking #InTalent

Recruiting Daily

We talk around it, tangentially related topics or piece-meal it, focusing on specific elements needed to get to what that feeling represents: a desirable employer brand, a marketable culture. That one hire isn’t just anyone out of those applicants: that one hire is a carefully screened and well thought out match to Google’s culture identity; someone who will perpetuate their culture of “Googleyness.”.

5 Important Lessons Learned at Social Recruiting Days 2018


Transparency”, “Surfacing”, and “Algorithm” flitted across the screen as the two conference emcees discussed how these terms are quickly becoming part of the modern recruiting lexicon. More than a simple etymological exercise, exploring the ideologies behind these words is important when considering the future of candidate experience, workflow, and technology in the TA industry. Having an LGBT+ friendly culture is in the top 3 criteria of choosing where to work.

RallyFwd Recap: 5 Ways You Can Provide a Future-Forward Candidate Experience

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Kristen Magni, VP of Talent & Culture at Bozzuto, takes this approach in the way she determines what technology to implement and at which stage of the candidate journey. Think about how you can help contribute to an organizational culture that employees love and advocate for.

6 talent assessment methods to use for recruiting in your company


That’s because talent assessments provide an indication about whether candidates can do the job you’re hiring for, and also if they fit well in your company culture and team. Exercises and games. Is your initial screening effective?