5 Ways MENA Recruiters Can Improve Employee Retention

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As a result, employee retention is now a top priority for many recruiters in the MENA region. 5 Ways to Improve Employee Retention: 1. Which means that in order to improve retention, more recruiters need to start formalising their internal hiring processes.

How Office Culture Should Influence Recruitment


Organizational Culture: “The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.” — Business Dictionary. An anthropology cliché tells us that culture is to humans what water is to fish. Your workplace most definitely has a culture.

How To Fix a Crappy Company Culture

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Every company these days seems pretty preoccupied with the concept of corporate culture; you can’t simply get away with providing a steady job or living wage for workers, it seems. The Strange Customs of Company Culture. Managing Company Culture By Example.

Fit Happens: How To Hack Hiring For Culture.

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Company culture, supposedly the end-all be-all of recruitment marketing and employer branding, the single most critical competitive differentiator when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent, is one concept we all agree is important. There’s No Accounting for Culture.

Why a great candidate experience results in better hires


To sum up, candidate experience results in better hires when: Managers apply branding guidelines to the hiring process. Culture Engagement Recruiting candidate experience company retention engaging candidates hiring making good hires recruiting

Salary Transparency in the Workplace: How it Affects Recruitment and Retention


Companies should also develop satisfactory guidelines for employees to challenge a review decision. Carefully consider your company’s culture, seek input from employees, and decide whether salary transparency in the workplace is the right choice for your organization.

Fireball Fridays: boost to employee morale or a way to get burned?


The show Mad Men may be fictional, but it definitely provides a peek into the workplace drinking culture of the ’60s, where booze and deals went hand in hand. Move into the ’70s and there was a shift that made drinking on the job more culturally taboo.

Why Companies Need A Strong Employee Referral Program


A strong employee referral program can improve quality-of-hire, company culture and retention. Better Cultural Fit. This means most referrals will have already been “screened,” saving you time when assessing for cultural fit. Higher Retention Rates.

All Aboard! The 5 Steps To Successful Onboarding


” If your company is dropping the ball with onboarding new employees, this could manifest itself in lower retention rates, bad worker moral, and a general sense of chaos. Read our comprehensive, five step guideline to successful onboarding to find out!

All Aboard! The 5 Steps To Successful Onboarding


” If your company is dropping the ball with onboarding new employees, this could manifest itself in lower retention rates, bad worker moral, and a general sense of chaos. Read our comprehensive, five step guideline to successful onboarding to find out!

When Should You Hire Internal vs. External?


Culture. Here are some guidelines to follow to help make that decision: Why you should promote from within. They fit in with the culture, have a general understanding of the company and how it fits in the industry, and peers respect them. Culture 23. Recruiting.

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HR Guide: Creating The Perfect Employee Handbook


But they are important an employee handbook not only helps protect your company from legal claims and ensure regulatory compliance, but it can also be beneficial to a companies culture. Employee handbooks are typically boring. They aren’t exactly what we would call page turning.

Tips for Hiring Senior Leaders for Your Small or Medium-sized Business


The bad news is that making a hiring mistake at this level can create employee retention and morale issues, cause negative perceptions of your company, or dramatically slow or even stop your ability to grow and scale your business. According to Hsieh, cultural fit is critical.

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A 5 Phase Guide to Uncover and Activate Your Employee Value Proposition (Project Plan Included!)

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These could include elements such as growth opportunities, brand reputation, your inclusive culture, phenomenal perks, challenging work, etc. Your EVP platform is uncovered by finding out the internal and external perceptions that exist about your brand and culture.

Diversity and Inclusion- Not in my backyard!


These are all important aspects for employees and in turn, lead to the retention of staff. This culture shift will also increase team building and bonding leading to greater well being and productivity amongst staff. Diversity.

Does Onboarding Really Work?


The same survey says clearer guidelines, more effective training, and a friendly environment are the top three things that might have prevented them from leaving. An onboarding strategy that focuses on these factors, then, may be highly valuable in boosting employee retention rates.

Onboarding Developers in 5 Easy Steps


It gives employees the opportunity to learn about workplace culture, process and technology in a systematic way. A good onboarding process is key to improving employee retention and can help employers crystallize the scope of the roles for which they’re hiring.

I Think I’ll Stay Awhile: Why Employees Stay at Their Jobs

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While some factors for employee turnover cannot be controlled, management and professionals in human resources can impact retention by making some strategic changes to how the business is run, and how employees are rewarded for good performance. The Culture Club.

5 ways to fix software entropy for startups

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Good growth provides greater funding and customer retention. . To solve it well, the biggest and foremost leverage is to ace the culture of intentional architectural design. – frameworks over guidelines – with small teams, evangelizing best practices is a slow process.

Trouble Retaining Tech Talent? 5 Benefits will Keep Your Top People

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However, basic healthcare coverage is standard enough, and companies that remain competitive are those that update their healthcare options as part of their retention strategies. A Supportive Culture. How do you go about retaining tech talent when the turnover rate is aggressively high?

Evaluate candidates with a pre-employment assessment process


Deloitte has assembled a process which organizations can use as a guideline for creating, selecting and implementing pre-hire assessments: Step 1: Define — Identify the human elements required to perform the job and how these impact valued business outcomes. It can also determine whether a person is a good fit for your team and culture. In your hiring process, it’s important to accurately gauge the skill level of your candidates as it pertains to their ability to do their job.

FlexJobs Founder Sara Sutton Fell on Hiring Workers for Flexible Jobs


It also helps us retain great people, create a more empathic culture, and to build loyalty. Because we all work remotely, we’ve placed a big emphasis on communication and culture. Our company culture is built on the understanding that we’re all whole people, and we want to encourage people to share what’s going on in their lives at work – pets, kids, hobbies, travel, food, reading, volunteerism – our team is wonderful at sharing their stories.

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Talent Recruitment with Intention: The Roadmap to Onboarding Success

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The following is a guideline for businesses to follow as they look to on-board and diversify their talent pool within a crowded, and somewhat confusing, search landscape. 5) Get the culture fit correct. GET THE CULTURE FIT RIGHT.

4 Hiring Process Style Mistakes: You’re Probably Making One of Them

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To do this, they tend to play by the book — rarely ever straying from guidelines, job descriptions, or even interview scripts. This style makes it difficult to see when a candidate shows cultural fit and the ability to grow and excel in atypical ways. If this sounds like you, add open-ended cultural fit and fun experience questions to your interview questionnaire. As a result, company growth remains stagnant and retention rates deteriorate.

Engaging Employees Beyond the First Six Months

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Even companies that do a first-rate job of bringing employees up to speed – think of Zappos with its legendary four-week “culture awareness” training – may not be giving employees everything they need to get past the six-month marker. About one in four people who leave an organization within the first year say that it’s because they didn’t have clear guidelines about job responsibilities. Here’s the bathroom. Here are your neighbors. Break room is around the corner.

The Experts On How To Hire RIGHT!


Whether they’re knocking down your door for an interview, or it’s like pulling teeth to get them in, the whole process can be made easier if you follow some simple guidelines. Intelligence + Skill + Cultural Fit = Employee Retention. Hiring can be a daunting task.

Social Recruiting Strategy: from Good to Great


When thinking about your positioning, be realistic about who you are as a company: if everything about your culture and values says one thing, but you are trying to sell another, candidates will notice further down the recruiting process.